Nexfan Evo Air Cooler Reviews: Read before hitting that order button!

 This Nexfan Evo Air Cooler Reviews is rated 5 out of 5 stars. Staying indoors is often difficult in summer. Yeah, summer brings life to all the outdoor games and activities — you can invite your friends for a family picnic, play hide-and-seek in the garden, or go see a movie with loved ones. 

However, we can easily extend the fun indoors. But why not? Because it’s freaking hot!

A day filled with energy and vibes could easily turn into a sweaty night where sleep becomes nearly impossible. What a shame.

You might want to consider turning on your fan or the home air conditioning system to douse the heat. Sadly, these come with their own pitfalls. A fan would only circulate the air without actually cooling it while an air conditioning system would take up so much energy that you begin to worry about electricity bills again. 

Again, regular, home ACs tend to draw moisture from the air, giving you cool but dry air which isn’t very healthy for you.

Are you stuck? An Australian company says no, because it is offering an innovative product you can use to beat summer heat for good.

Without further ado, we’re talking about the Nexfan Evo Air cooler, your only escape route from this summer that blows hot and red.

With 5-star ratings and several positive customer reviews, we couldn’t say no to this promising product. So, we decided to review Nexfan Evo Air cooler for you by self-testing the product and carrying out extensive research.

Sit tight because this review contains information other reviewers may not give you. We’ll delve into the Nexfan Evo Air cooler, looking at its peculiarities, working mechanism, how to use, benefits, upsides and downsides, and other important details. 

Let’s start by taking the big question out of the way — “what is Nexfan Evo Air cooler?”

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What is Nexfan Evo Air cooler?

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Nexfan Evo Air cooler Reviews

Nexfan Evo Air cooler is a portable, advanced-technology air conditioner to overcome the heat of summer. It is a multi-purpose AC that cools your personal space while drawing minimal energy from your power socket.

When using Nexfan Evo Air cooler, the last thing to worry about is electricity bills. Unlike regular air coolers, Nexfan Evo Air cooler gives you cool, refreshing air at the barest service cost, allowing you save up for things.

Nexfan Evo Air cooler is a single device that combines the functions of there separate gadgets. You can use Nexfan as an air cooler, a fan, or a humidifier. Additionally, the replaceable filter within the device does the wonderful job of trapping dust and harmful particles, purifying the air in the process.

Are you planning on beating summer heat with electric fans? You may need to plan otherwise. Electric fans only circulate the air and do not, in the actual sense, cool air. Therefore, if your room is super hot as is typical of summertime, you’ll have a continuous cycle of hot air with electric fans. Moreover, you wouldn’t want the draught of air to blow off your neatly-arranged papers, would you?

Nexfan Evo Air cooler allows you cool your personal space in the quickest possible time. In less than a minute, Nexfan fills a large area of your room with cool air. You won’t have to face the dryness of skin or respiratory problems associated with reduced moisture because Nexfan, unlike regular ACs, adds moisture at the same time it cools air.

Nexfan is portable and therefore easily mobile. It is lightweight and does not take up much space in your room. Anywhere in your home — your bedroom, the living room, your children’s room — or in your office, you can have Nexfan.

Nexfan Evo Air cooler makes it possible to enjoy cool air even without electricity supply. The gadget comes with a 1000-mAH rechargeable battery with an average running time of 8 hours. Once you recharge Nexfan with the included USB cable, you can be sure to drive the heat away for several hours. 

There are 4 fan speed levels for you to adjust to your comfort. In addition, the adjustable vent lets you direction the air the flows out of Nexfan. 

Addded to the above description of Nexfan Evo Air cooler is the fact that the device has a quiet operation, is aesthetically appealing, features an easy installation process, and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Nexfan Evo Air cooler Specifications

  • Name of the item: NexFan Evo Air cooler
  • Product: Ultra Portable Air Cooler
  • Fan Speed: 4 fans speeds – Low, Medium, High and Turbo
  • Compact construction dimension of 6.69”(L) x 5.71”(W) x 6.30”(H)
  • Colour: White
  • Power interface: Micro USB
  • Tank capacity: 550ml
  • Wind speed: 80CF/2.4-3m/s
  • Running Time: 8 hours
  • Power indicator and charging: LED Light
  • Input voltage: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
  • Charging takes place via a USB-C charging port

10 Amazing features of Nexfan Evo Air cooler

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Nexfan Evo Air cooler is a state-of-the-art gadget every home should have this summer. These are the ten unique features of Nexfan you can’t all find in any single product.

  1. Multifunction gadget

Nexfan Evo Air cooler combines the functions of 3 separate devices. It can function as an air cooler, a humidifier, and a fan. This deals a fatal blow to competitors which have fewer features than Nexfan. Additionally, Nexfan’s replaceable nanosilver filter traps dust particles and therefore makes the air pure.

  1. Large capacity water tank

Nexfan Evo Air cooler features a water tank at the top of the gadget. Interestingly, this tank can hold up to 550 mL of water. Once you fill up the tank, Nexfan Evo Air cooler can supply you cool, humid air for several hours. You can always top up water as the level goes down. The temperature of water relates to how cool the air Nexfan supplies. Use colder water for cooler air. Additionally, an optional ice box is available for super cool air.

  1. Long-lasting rechargeable battery

Whether electric power goes out, it’s not time to have a panic attack because Nexfan Evo Air cooler got you. This gadget has a high-capacity (1000mAh) battery that can keep it running for as long as 8hrs which should be sufficient to have a healthy sleep. An included USB cable is available to recharge Nexfan. The recharge is completed in just few hours and you’ll be ready to enjoy cool air again.

  1. Adjustable fan speed

Summer can be hot but particular days or nights could be hotter or cooler. You certainly won’t want your air cooler to come with a fixed fan speed because because you may need more or less. The manufacturer of Nexfan understands this and built 4 fan speed options for you. You can adjust Nexfan between Low, Medium, High, and Turbo fan speeds all for your maximum comfort. 

Note, however, that the battery life is affected by the operating fan speed option.

  1. Adjustable vent 

Nexfan Evo Air cooler has vents (slit-like openings) through which cool air is discharged. The size of these vents can be adjusted by pulling the bars up or down. By so doing, you can direction the cool air which is important especially when you share your space with someone else.

  1. Hassle-free installation 

Nexfan Evo Air cooler is amazing for its stress-free installation process. Nexfan is so easy to set up that anyone can do so. What you don’t want is extra service charges for installation. Luckily you don’t have to do that because Nexfan can be installed by you. We have provided easy installation stepa in this review. Additionally, a well-written instructional manual comes with the package. Consult it anytime you’re confused on Nexfan’s operation and usage.

  1. Portable air cooler

Make sure to carry cool air everywhere you go because you actually can. Nexfan is everything but cumbersome. You can easily move this gadget closer to your bed without help or to your office table. You can move Nexfan from one end of your room to another or between rooms.

  1. Compact and light-weight

If there’s anything you have to worry about in using Nexfan Evo Air cooler, it certainly won’t be space. Nexfan is small-size and weighs only a few pounds. You can have Nexfan anywhere in your room without complaining of space. Install it in your bedroom, your children’s room, or the living room without any problems. You can also have it in your office without any big adjustments for space.

  1. Noiseless operation

Noise is one big downside of regular ACs. Although this may not be an issue for some, it is for many. For a healthy sleep, you need not just a cool environment but a quiet one. Unfortunately, neither fans nor regular ACs can give you both. 

Nexfan Evo Air cooler comes again to salvage the situation. This device runs almost noiselessly while blowing cool air to douse summer heat.

  1. LED lights

In addition to its cooling effect, the NexFan Evo also delivers an array of LED lights that are soft on the eyes and creates a soothing atmosphere for restfulness. You can select a hue or let the device automatically alternate between the seven color options — Purple, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Red, Green, and Aqua.

The LED lights also serve as power indicator and help you see the water level in the tank at night.

Package list — Nexfan Evo Air cooler

After unboxing the package, the following will be found inside:

  • Nexfan Evo Air cooler (x1)
  • User guide/instructional manual (x1)
  • USB-C cable (x1)

What is the science behind the working of Nexfan Evo Air cooler?

NexFan Evo Air cooler operates on the principles of evaporative cooling technology, where moisture is put to work to cool down one’s surrounding air.

Nexfan air cooler draws in hot air from the room, into the gadget through the back side. 

The hot air then passes through a water-soaked water filter curtain and  causes water to evaporate and carry with it cool, moist air.  

This cooler and humid air is then blown out by the fan through the front side of the device as cooler, wetter, more refreshing air recirculated through the room. 

As Nexfan operates, it draws water from the water tank into the device to replace water lost from the filter water.

You can adjust the fan speed level to any particular rate of cooling and also direction the cool air by adjusting the vent size.

Unlike regular air conditioners that suck moisture from the air, Nexfan adds moisture while cooling. By so doing, you’ll be saved from dryness and itching of the skin and other problems that come with low air humidity. 

nexfan air cooler instructions

Nexfan Evo Air cooler is simple and straightforward to use. You don’t need to employ the services of any technician to use this gadget. 

You only have to take the following simple steps.

Step 1 — Unbox the package 

Step 2 — Place your Nexfan Evo Air cooler on a flat surface

Step 3 — Plug the USB cable into the provides port on the device and then plug the other end into a Usb-enabled wall outlet or outlet.

Step 4— Remove the filter from the drawer, immerse it in water and then put it back into the device.

Step 5 — fill the tank with water, then turn on the Nexfan Evo Air cooler

Step 6 — You can make tweaks to the functionality by adjusting the fan speed (there are 4 different settings) or changing the direction of the fans to your taste.

Step 7 — Enjoy refreshing and cool air in no time, anywhere.

Is Nexfan Evo Air worth the buy? — See benefits of this air cooler

nexfan evo reviews

Nexfan Evo Air cooler offers users plenty benefits not found in any other air conditioning device. It is completely worth your money. Some of the benefits of Nexfan Evo Air cooler include

  • Saves cost on utility bills

Wall air conditioning systems don’t only draw moisture from the air, they use up a lot of energy! You may not notice this until you discontinue using the device — the change will become apparent. 

In summertimes, air conditioning is needed round the clock. You can’t afford to waste so much money on just one gadget and that is why you need Nexfan Evo Air cooler. Nexfan delivers cool, humid air while using minimal electric energy.

  • Reduced cooling time

One thing you don’t want to experience is turning on your air conditioner only to wait like forever before the air actually gets cool. You’d prefer your electric fan in that case. Luckily, you won’t face that situation with Nexfan because the device cools air rapidly as it’s turned on. In a matter of seconds, Nexfan supplies your personal space cool air to make you comfortable while in your room.

  • Humifies and purifies the air 

In addition to cooling the air, Nexfan Evo Air cooler serves as a humidifier, delivering cool, moist air and saving you from health problems of dry air such as dry skin and difficulty in breathing. Again, the Nexfan AC  comes along with a filter so far you purchased the gadget newly. The filter helps in filtering off dust particles from air so that you can inhale very fresh air that is free of dust and allergens

  • Aesthetically appealing

Nexfan’s compact and sleek design make it aesthetically appealing. Additionally, it comes as a beautiful white-coloured gadget that matches the interior decors of your room. Nexfan AC is, in fact, something you’d like to flaunt.

  • Affordable

Nexfan is far from being pricey despite its numerous features and benefits. The goal of the manufacturer is taking cool air to every home this summer. Hence, Nexfan is affordable. Additionally, you can get as much as 50% discount on Nexfan by buying multiple units.

  • Saves you from skin problems and respiratory challenges

While summer heat can be uncomfortable or even life-threatening, dryness of air can be equally dangerous. Air with reduced water content has a low humidity and presents as difficulty in breathing and skin dryness and itching. Because Nexfan Evo Air cooler supplies water to the air as it cools it, the device saves you from skin problems and respiratory challenges

  • Can make for a perfect gift

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your friend or loved one? Only few items will be appreciated more than air conditioners this summer. And Nexfan, being a cutting-edge AC, will surely make a great gift. 

Spread love this summer by gifting people Nexfan Evo Air cooler.

Who is Nexfan Evo Air cooler for? ( Nexfan Evo Air cooler Review)

Nexfan Evo Air cooler Reviews 2022

If you want to stay cool all day long this summer, Nexfan Evo Air cooler is for you.

Nexfan is ideal for a small space, such as a dorm, bedroom, office, or studio apartment.

Specifically, the following people would benefit from using Nexfan Evo Air cooler.

  1. Those who want a less pricey air conditioning system and hassle-free installation 
  2. Those who work from home and need to cool their offices, desks and other workspaces.
  3. People who live in a small apartment or other small place and want to stay cool this summer
  4. If you want to prevent the dehumidification and dryness of conventional air conditioning systems and the associated conditions
  5. Dormitories or school hostels which are usually congested with students
  6. Those who are sensitive to dry air and want to prevent dry skin, eyes and nasal passages and to prevent them from becoming inflamed or irritated

Upsides of Nexfan Evo Air cooler

  • Multifunction gadget — it can be used as an air cooler, a fan, or a humidifier
  • Easy-to-use — Nexfan can be used by anyone without any expert assistance
  • Saves cost on utility bills — It lowers your monthly power bills for your offices and homes
  • Since it adds moisture to air — Nexfan is effective in relieving respiratory difficulty from blocked sinuses
  • Adjustable vents to direct cool air where you want it.
  • Reduced cooling time — Nexfan rapidly generates cool air in as short as 30seconds
  • Adjustable fan speeds — Set it to your optimum comfort level.
  • Noiseless operation — Nexfan operates with essentially no noise. You won’t be disturbed when it runs
  • LED lights — emit beautiful glow and indicate water level in the water tank
  • Very easy to refill with water when it runs low. 
  • Large capacity 550 ml tank
  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Company offers a hassle-free, 60-day return policy.

Downsides of Nexfan Evo Air cooler

  • The device can only be acquired online at the official website. You cannot see it in physical retail stores anywhere.
  • It is currently selling out fast and may go out of stock anytime soon. 
  • Nexfan cannot cool large spaces like big rooms or halls. It only cools the area around you, so it is made for personal use.
  • It is not suitable for outdoor use.

Where to buy Nexfan

Nexfan Evo Air cooler can only be bought from the official website. There, you’ll be provided with several methods to make your payment.

Nexfan Evo Air cooler pricing

  • 1 for $79.95
  • 2 for $129.95
  • 3 for $159.95

Contact details

The manufacturer has published the following contact details on their website so you can reach them directly:


Ecompromedia SL

C/ Dublin 1 28232 Las Rozas Madrid, Spain

E-Mail: info @ ecompromedia . com

Nexfan Evo Air cooler Reviews- FAQs

Do I have to replace the filters?

 It is advisable to replace the cooling filtee approximately every two to three months depending on usage. The Nexfan EVO air cooler does not have an indicator system. Thus, you must remember to replace the cooling cartridge of the device yourself.

What material is the cooling filter made of?

The cooling filter is made of high quality nanosilver material.

Does Nexfan need to be filled with water?

Yes! Fill it with water and it will release fresh air throughout the house to keep you at the temperature you want.

Does it make a lot of noise?

Not at all! In addition to cooling the room, Nexfan Evo is quiet and unobtrusive. It has an almost noiseless operation

What happens if it runs out of water?

It will just work like a normal fan.

Does Nexfan take up space? ( Nexfan Evo Air cooler Reviews)

No! In fact, it’s the perfect size to place on a table near you. It doesn’t take up much space and it’s portable and lightweight.


Final Wrap up ( Nexfan Evo Air cooler Reviews ) 

Nexfan Evo Air cooler Reviews

Summer is great for outdoor activities because there are no snows and frosts unlike wintertime.

Summer isn’t perfect, however, because of the scorching heat indoors. 

This review is about Nexfan Evo Air cooler, an innovative, multi-purpose air conditioner that offers customers a lasting solution to the hotness of summer.

Nexfan is a 5-star rated product with several reviews from happy customers who now enjoy cool air in the midst of summer heat.

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