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Smart Fever Review 2022 – The Newest Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Smart Fever Review 2022: Fever is not a disease. However, it is a symptom that points to an abnormal body functioning of some sort. At times, fever is mild and we don’t worry so much about it that we could merely have some rest and it goes away. At other times, fever is severe and calls for urgent intervention to prevent a life-threatening consequence. Fever is caused by many substances that tend to alter the body’s temperature control mechanisms. These substances are notably bacteria and viruses.

For adults, we can comfortably place thermometers on certain regions of the body such as the forehead, armpit or mouth to get a reading of the temperature. The case isn’t always straightforward with infants, however. You’d like to take the temperature reading of your baby when he/she is asleep but you don’t want to them to be awoken. This is why I introduce you today to a contactless thermometer that uses infrared to accurately measure temperature. This thermometer is called as Smart Fever. It is a high-precision smart infrared thermometer which measure body temperature through an infrared sensor.

Every home should have this device especially when there are children around. However, Smart Fever is for adults too.

Sit tight while we dig deep into this review on Smart Fever.

About Smart Fever – Smart Fever Review 2022

Smart Fever Review 2022
Smart Fever Review 2022

Smart Fever is a portable infrared thermometer that is typical placed close to (but not to touch) the forehead for an accurate temperature reading. It is an excellent choice of thermometer for children because you can use it on them when they’re asleep. Having said this, Smart Fever works for adults too as accurately and precise as in children. Therefore the device is suitable for all ages.

The Smart Fever measures the temperature within 0.5 seconds and brings an immediate result on the screen. At night you can easily read it off the screen without waking your child. But even during the day, when taking a little nap, it is very easy to take the child’s temperature if necessary.

The contactless thermometer also makes it possible to minimise the risk of infection. With this device, you get a quality clinical thermometer that is easy to use, has many functions and has the technical features to make as little effort as possible.

Many disease conditions present as fever. Fever could also be a result of environmental temperature and not necessarily due to disease-causing agents. Whichever be the case, measuring our body temperature is a necessary activity to be sure we’re healthy. 

Smart Fever is a modern-technology thermometer that comes with several in-built functions. It works with AAA batteries and the temperature reading is shown on its LCD screen. 

The temperature read by Smart Fever is displayed in two units – degree Fahrenheit (°F) and degree Celsius (°C).

Smart Fever is a product of Exomerzpro, the reference platform where to get the maximum results for online sales, where the best and most powerful advertisers meet, including the latest and latest trends with the largest and most relevant publishers of the online ecosystem. Ecomerzpro offers a return policy of 15 days, 1 year warranty and free shipping services for Smart Fever.

What is the Package list of Smart Fever? – Smart Fever Review

After unboxing the package, the following will be found inside:

  • Smart Fever portable infrared Thermometer (x1)
  • User Guide/Manual (English) (x1)

What are the technical details of Smart Fever? – Smart Fever Review

  • Brand: Smart Fever
  • Product Name: Smart Fever smart infrared thermometer
  • Model: aostorer-AOSTORE-MD1785
  • Weight – The weight is approximately 220 grams which makes it very light, easy handling and usage
  • Power supply – Only DC 9 volts of energy is required to make it function. 
  • Range – The range of temperature in this thermometer shows the minimum and maximum up to the 30.330.3oC – 500.
  • Measurement mode:Non-contact
  • Relative humidity:≤85%
  • Barometric pressure:70kPa-106kPa
  • Power dissipation:≤450mW
  • Measure distance:3cm-5cm
  • Accuracy:35°C-42°C±0.2°C/±03°C
  • Battery voltage:DC3V(2pcs AAA Batteries)Not included
  • Auto power-off:15s
  • Product size:149mm*77mm*43mm
  • Package size:17.3*10.7*6.2cm
  • Indication Error – An error could be indicated in the Smart Fever thermometer as on it the accuracy of +-0. 20C but this does not happen with another thermometer.

Special Highlights of Smart Fever – Smart Fever Review

Smart Fever is an innovative thermometer that uses Infrared radiation to measure temperature. The striking features of this device include:

  • Non-contact Forehead Thermometer:

 just aim towards your forehead and push the trigger, 1-2s fast measurement, no touch measurement ensures safety operation.

  • LCD Display with 3 Colors Backlight:

 the backlight color will various according to the measured temperature, green backlight for normal temperature,  for paying attention of your temperature, and red for fever alarm

  • Memory Read Function:

 with up to 16 sets of memories function, convenient for you to query the latest 32 groups of measured temperature.

ht-weighted portable thermometer adopts with advanced infrared temperature sensor that has stable and reliable performance.

  • Dual Mode Switchable: 

with body mode and surface temp. mode to measure the temperature of human and objects.

  • For all ages: 

Smart Fever is applicable to all groups of people, and can be used in home, office, school, shopping center, and more. Smart Fever Contactless Thermometer can be used by any age group like old age, young kids or anyone. Every human being has the infrared radiation present in the body as per their body temperature

  • Measurement Time 

Within 0.5 secs, one can have the reading of the temperature precisely by an individual. 

  • Measurement distance

 With this, the temperature of a body could be measured from the minimum 50 mm distance and maximum 150 mm distance. 

  • Automatic shutdown 

 A special feature is there that after the use it will shut down automatically within 5 seconds.

  • Easy-to-use buttons:

Up Button – With this feature, the temperature reading could be raised, or changes can be made in it. Even for choosing various options displayed there in the product could be used through this. 

Down button – Used for decreasing the temperature and to make the settings change. 

Menu button – Used for resetting the temperature and different features could be displayed like battery left, etc

How does Smart Fever work? – Smart Fever Review 2022

Smart Fever Infrared Thermometer is not just like the normal thermometers as it is based on the modern invention which works in a different way. When one does not want to be in contact with the person and still want to give treatment to that person, this product makes it possible.

Depending on our internal body temperature, we discharge varying levels of infrared through our skins. This thermometer works by detecting such radiation and converting it into temperature units (°F or °C) readable on the LCD screen.

With this, one can measure the body temperature with infrared radiation present in the body of the person without being in physical contact to that person. Mostly the infrared radiation, which is present in the body keeps on changing with body temperature.

Check the temperature of the body of any individual, this works with precision and efficiency. The precision of this is product is high, which makes it more useful.

Also, with the use of infrared thermometers, one can measure the temperature of numerous refrigerated equipment with the almost same efficiency.

Who should use Smart Fever? – Smart Fever Review

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The Smart Fever is aimed at all people who have a possibility to measure fever at home. It does not matter how old they are, because the Smart Fever can be used to measure fever in both children and adults. As a contactless thermometer it is easy to use and allows easy reading on the LCD display.

Smart Fever is also recommended for those who do not have children. It doesn’t matter whether you are male or female, Smart Fever works equally well for both men and women.

By the way, a contactless thermometer proves to be a good alternative not only for children, but also for older people who need care. Depending on the level of care, they have the same problems, and a contactless thermometer can be a great help here. Even if you already have a thermometer at home, a contactless thermometer can be a good purchase. Smart Fever helps in every age group, regardless of gender. Therefore, its target group is very broad.

What are the Pros associated with the use of Smart Fever? – Smart Fever Review

  • High precision infrared temperature reading.
  • LCD display to show results
  • Measure temperature in degrees Fahrenheit ºF and Centigrade ºC
  • The front thermometer is easy to use, just press the button and hold on the forehead until you get the results.
  • It works with AAA battery, easy to carry and very manageable.
  • The most accurate infrared thermometer on the market
  • It is ideal to take the temperature in children and for trips.
  • Measuring mode with contactless temperature measurement
  • Alarm function with preset alarm value and reminder
  • Automatic switch-off after 30 seconds
  • clear screen with LCD backlight, clearly visible at night
  • Quality goods made of durable material that is non-toxic and safe
  • Good price-performance ratio

What are the Cons associated with the use of Smart Fever? – Smart Fever Review

  • Product can only be purchased online from the official website.
  • Product is limited in stock. You have to place an order before the stock runs out. Otherwise, you’ll be able to do so after restock. 

Company profile – Smart Fever Review 2022

Smart Fever is a product of Exomerzpro. Ecomerzpro is the reference platform where to get the maximum results for online sales, where the best and most powerful advertisers meet, including the latest and latest trends with the largest and most relevant publishers of the online ecosystem.

All this with the best technology and using the most effective and innovative formats, allow us to achieve results that you have never been able to imagine.

Where can I buy Smart Fever? – Smart Fever Review

The Smart Fever is best purchased directly from the manufacturer. They have their own internet site on the internet, where they sell their products. The clinical thermometer is simply ordered via a form in which you have to enter some data. Then you will be forwarded to the payment. This is done by means of uncomplicated and risk-free methods. Among them Paypal and credit card.

Return policy and Delivery period – Smart Fever review

Ecomerzpro offers a 15-day return policy within which you can return Smart Fever and get a full refund or a replacement.

The delivery period of the products is a maximum of 30 calendar days from the conclusion of the contract.

You can also contact us via email at

  • +34 936 07 15 65– English language
  •  +34 936 07 15 66 –Spanish Language
  •  +34 936 07 15 65 – French Language

Frequently Asked Questions – Smart Fever Review

Does there is any accuracy of forehead portable infrared thermometers?

The body temperature measured through infrared will show the complete, accurate result. 

Can the infrared thermometer be used on the children?

Yes, on children also the Smart Fever thermometer could be used. In other thermometers, it is difficult to take the body temperature, but it is of great help as the temperature can be taken within seconds if they are still.

Does the product have a battery inside?

It requires two AA batteries.

How do you open the battery compartment?

Push down a bit and slide with your finger opening on the back of the thermometer.

Is there a way to force the thermometer to forehead mode, no matter how many times I take it off the cap?

When the forehead cover is in place, our unit auto switches to ear mode.

Bottom line (Smart Fever Reviews )

Fever is an indication of an underlying health condition or, more generally, a problem of body’s temperature control mechanisms. Whereas conventional thermometers require direct body contact to be able to read temperature, Smart Fever portable thermometer doesn’t. Instead, it makes use of the infrared liberated from the consumer’s body to tell what temperature the person runs. Because babies and children usually don’t find the bulb of conventional thermometers touching their body comfortable, a contactless thermometer becomes ideal. This is where Smart Fever comes into play. However, this thermometer accurately measures temperature even in adults and therefore has a widespread use. Since its invention, it has been reviewed by many editorial reviewers and tested by many customers. The device appears to perform well and is therefore recommended for everyone to use.

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