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FloraBrite Reviews: Best solar powered flower lights 2022!!

FloraBrite Reviews

Overall, the FloraBrite lights reviews has received a lot of positive feedback from a lot of customers, with most customers giving it a high rating owning to how useful it has been to them. Below are what customers are saying about FloraBrite solar lights 

“I love solar powered lights especially those that can make my backyard feel more lively after sunset! These LED flowers did not disappoint me.I like how the solar panel can be pivoted to an angle so I can place them towards the sun. The battery had been great so far that they lasted through the night and I found them to be still lit up early in the morning when I woke up.They definitely added another layer of fun in my backyard full of solar powered lights!”– Tony.

“These are so beautiful and I have never seen anything like them anywhere! I had no idea that the colors changed until I was watching them last night. I’m going to get more of these for the side of the house. I have these beautiful colored lilies on the side of a statue of the virgin Mary that I have outside the house and the colors make it look like the statue is glowing!I’m going to get a few more and put them at the side of the house. Thank you for making such a beautiful product!????” – Arianna L.

What is the FloraBrite Brightology light? FloraBrite Reviews

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FloraBrite Reviews 2022

The FloraBrite Brightology lights is an electronic light that uses solar power to change your home’s view from a black nothingness to a magnificent multicolored view at night.

If you don’t want your beautiful gardening to be laid to waste after the world turns dark and you don’t want to waste thousands of dollars hiring someone that would install a potential destruction to your lives and property in the name of electric lights, this is the lights for you. Anyway, if the person were to install the said potential destruction, it would be the bland yellow or white lights that would be put, and if there was any colourful lightning, the charges and stupidity of the look would go up even more, as your yard would just look like you have a police car inside it.

A comment from a young couple says that he and his girlfriend have made their neighbours yard the perfect hangout spot. As their neighbour, who is an old retired pilot, has allowed them to constantly use his yard for their dates. This can be the same for you. The FloraBrite Brightology lights are shaped like flowers and are crafted in a way that would allow you to bend the flowers to your taste. A lily-shaped light with seven colours, crafted in a way that it would be mistaken for real lily flowers, will retain their shape after being bent a 100 times, illuminating your house automatically in the dark.

If you’re interested in having all the hard work that you put outside in your garden make sense, then the FloraBrite Brightology lights are a must for you. Once darkness sets in, your garden, yard and flower beds come to light with the FloraBrite. The FloraBrite is perfect for any yard, intricately crafted to bring life to your little spaces.

How does FloraBrite solar powered flower lights work?

FloraBrite solar powered outdoor Lighting

The FolarBrite Brightology lights are imbibed with solar-powered LED lights and a solar cell rechargeable battery. The FloraBrite should be positioned under the sun for it to charge properly. The FloraBrite should be staked at the location you want it to be when it comes on: in your gardens, among your flowerbed; on beds of soil. At night everywhere gets more beautiful as the photocell activates the battery to turn the LED lights on. The light operates automatically, so you wouldn’t need to turn it on or off.

Features of the FloraBrite Brightology solar powered flower lights 

  • Wireless Solar Powered Battery:

 This is by far the best feature the FloraBrite Brightology lights have. The FloraBrite has a solar panel for charging, this means that there is no need for wiring, plugging into electricity, or changing the battery. All you have to do is to unfold the solar panel and slide the switch to on, and there you have it, the FloraBrite is ready to charge and function 

  • Very easy to set up: 

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars paying a technician to set up the lights. You also don’t have to risk getting electrocuted by the electrical setup. All you have to do is to attach the LED florals to the extendable solar stake, then lodge your FloraBrite into the ground with the aid of the stake. You can also dislodge the lights and put them wherever you want.

  •  Automatic Lighting

 Its on and off feature is automatic, as it switches on during the night and off during the day without any aid. Unlike the other ones that if you dare forget, then the batteries would die or your yard would look out of place with light still on during the day, and you would have to replace the battery or stress yourself trying to recharge, and in the case where it uses your city’s electricity, you would have to switch it off at the wrong time or maybe forget, then have to roll out of bed to switch it on at night, painful. 

  • Stunning Lights

The LED lights of the FloraBrites have seven beautiful colours for you to choose one of them or alternate between the seven in rainbow mood. Much better than the yellow or white lights, right?

  • Realistic flower design

 Its design is realistic enough to resemble that of actual flowers. You even get to bend them anyway you want and they don’t break or get weak.

  • Water & weather resistant

 The FloraBrite lights have a sturdy body that are made to resist harsh weather and rainfall. They are even more beautiful when rain is falling, this would make its wonderful mixture of colours shine in the blurry rain at night and deceive butterflies with its fresh lustrous body.

Benefits of Using FloraBrite Brightology flower lights ( FloraBrite Reviews)

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  • With the FloraBrite, you get to choose the location you want the lights to be in, and not just the location where the wiring can reach.
  • When purchasing the FloraBrite Brightology lights through its website, you get to enjoy the following:
  •  A helpful live customer service team that is always ready to help. 
  •  Free shipping within the contiguous US zones on orders over $50.
  • With the FloraBrite lights there is a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. This means that it has a beautiful return policy of 30 days from the date it was received. 

Why should I buy FloraBrite solar powered flower outdoor lights

The FloraBrite lights are very affordable, Excluding the cost of paying a technician for the wiring and the cost of repairing if one of them was to spoil, the FloraBrite lights are very affordable to purchase. You can purchase several units from the website and do the installation yourself, no hassle. Again, you don’t have to fix the whole yard if one of them spoils as they aren’t interconnected. You could just rearrange them, or purchase an extra unit. 

Specifications of the FloraBrite Brightology Lights  

Battery: 1.2V/Ni-MH 600mAh rechargeable battery

Solar Panel: 2V/ 40mA

Working hours: 8 hours fully charged

Charger time: 8 hours in the daylight

Light Bulb Type: RGB LED

Weight: 12.8 ounces

Power Source: Solar powered

Dimensions: 3.35 x 3.35 x 18.11 inches

Material: plastic, stainless steel, and fabric

Switch: On/Off

How to use the FloraBrite Brightology Lights (2022): 

• Choose a strategic area where the FloraBrite will receive direct sunlight. 

• Unfold the solar panels on the lights and turn the switch to the on position. • Attach the florals to the extendable solar stake. 

• Lodge your FloraBrites into the ground using the stake.

Note that if the FloraBrites don’t receive direct sunlight then they may not charge fast or to their fullest.

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Pros of the FloraBrite Brightology lights ( FloraBrite Reviews )

The pros of the FloraBrite are nothing but unmatched. Below is a list of some of them: 

1) You’re left with the choice to make your outdoor space look the way you want it to: with the FloraBrite lights you would have very little garden work to consider while still maintaining beauty both in the morning and at night.

2) The FloraBrite possesses seven (7) stunning lights: If you’re not tired of the usual warm white and yellow lights that attract insects that have nothing to do with your property then you must be an alien. Thanks to the FloraBrite, the madness associated with those yellow and white lights are now a thing of the past. The FloraBrite boasts seven wonderful colours which can be used individually or alternate between all of them in a rainbow mood.

3) The FloraBrite Brightology lights are eco-friendly in nature: It supports the green initiative. There are no batteries, wires or unnecessary sparks and smoke. Most of all, you don’t have to put pressure on your electricity bills when you’re using the FloraBrites because it doesn’t use electricity at all.

4) It’s easy to set up the FloraBrite lights: The FloraBrite set up is as swift as possible. All you have to do is to open the solar lights, insert the florals to the stake and insert the stake into the ground. That’s it.

Cons Of FloraBrite brightology flower lights

• The FloraBrite Brightology lights are running out of stock due to their rapidly increasing popularity. I recommend you check if there are some available in order to properly position yourself for purchasing before they run out of stock.

• Currently the FloraBrite has a 55% off deal and this deal comes on and off so if you don’t hurry you could be missing out.

Where to buy the FloraBrite Brightology lights 

The FloraBrite Brightology lights are only available online on their official website through the link in this reviews.

FloraBrite Brightology lights price listing/cost

The price of the FloraBrite Brightology lights is very affordable, considering its pros. Here are the different price listing for various numbers of lights: 

• 2 packs of FloraBrite  $24.99 per light.

• 4 packs of FloraBrite  $20.99 per light.

• 6 packs of FloraBrite  $18.99 per light.

• 8  packs of FloraBrite  $16.99 per light..

• 10 packs of FloraBrite  $14.99 per light

Frequently asked questions(FQ&A) about the FloraBrite Brightology Lights:

How many colours are available in the FloraBrite lights? ( FloraBrite Reviews) 

The FloraBrite lights come in seven colours. Each of them have a unique mode that when turned on allows the lights to continuously cycle between all seven colours. This is known as the rainbow mood. Also, each of them come with a special fade feature that makes it more unique. 

Is there a return policy for the FloraBrite lights?

The FloraBrite Brightology lights have a 30-day money-back guarantee that helps you out in case the units do not meet desired specifications. This policy is only applied to unused units. Customer service information is available on email:  And Phone: (949) 502 0150

How many FloraBrite lights are recommended for my home?

You can buy as many as you like. The common purchase is the eight-pack FloraBrite. 

Are the lights capable of staying on one colour or are they set to move from one colour to the other per time?

The FloraBrite Brightology lights are capable of staying on one colour, but it also has seven (7) unique colours and a fade mode that moves from one colour to the other.

How do I charge the FloraBrite Brightology lights?

First of all, you must lodge the FloraBrite stake into the ground where there is direct sunlight. Then attach each FloraBrite unit to the extendable solar stake. Next, you unfold the solar panel and move the switch to the ON position. The FloraBrite lights will charge during the day and switch on automatically at night. 

Can the FloraBrite lights be twisted to suit a different position? 

The lily-shaped flowers of the FloraBrites are made from strong weather-proof materials that make them last throughout the year and beyond. The design lets you bend the FloraBrite flowers to suit the shape you like.

Conclusion: FloraBrite Reviews 

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FloraBrite Reviews

If you are tired of the white and yellow lights that you have and that you see commonly on people’s street, then know that you need the FloraBrite Brightology in your life.

The FloraBrite lights are easy to set up, are perfect for any yard’s outdoor space, are not prone to harsh weather, and with its eye-catching beauty, your yard would become the centre of attraction to the whole neighborhood, and you may also have a new couple wanting to use it as their dating location. 

Now that you know that advanced technology will make your life easier, why don’t you do the needful; purchase this five star equipment, and give your home the beauty it deserves. 

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