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BLXBUDS REVIEW: Does this 5.1 bluetooth wireless earbuds worth the hype?

Blxbuds Review 2021:

Nothing is permanent except change. For that very reason, smartphone companies have been upgrading and transforming their flagship product for years now. As a part of this change, these companies have started to eliminate the 3.5mm earphone ports. So, the new normal for smartphones and other electronic devices now are wireless earbuds.

With the increase of wireless earbuds’ production, manufacturers are able to cut down on hardware. It allows them to fit in bigger hard drives and much more. If you want to experience this change in technology first hand then you need to buy the best wireless earbuds. With that said, let’s take a look at Blxbuds Bluetooth 5.1 wireless  earbuds and find out if it’s the best there is.

Blxbus Design and Quality: BLXBUDS EARBUDS REVIEWS 

As the name suggests, Blxbuds’s wireless earbuds contain modern Bluetooth 5.1 technology. The technology is responsible for stabilizing the connection between your smartphone and wireless earbuds. As soon as you start the Bluetooth function, you will be able to use the earbuds. It is up to you to choose between using one earbud and two.

The Blxbuds Bluetooth 5.1 True Wireless Earbuds are compatible with laptops, iPods, iPhones, etc. 

What is Blxbuds: Blx Buds Review

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Blxbuds is featuring advanced Bluetooth 5.1 and wielding the audio power of full TWS dual wireless stereo, BLXBuds wireless earbuds provide Best-in-Class performance at a price so reasonable you won’t believe it! BLXBuds provide an incredible audio range of 20 Hz to 20 KHz – you’ll hear every sound from the lowest bass drum to the highest pitched singer

It is one of the most popular crowd-funded earbuds out there. The Blxbuds Bluetooth 5.1 earbuds come with a lot of features, innovative techs, and functionalities. It promises to be a better alternative to some high-priced alternatives. These earbuds look sturdy, fully and sold at an affordable price.

The Blxbuds earbuds claimed to be one of the most advanced wireless earbuds. 

If you’re a music lover, these earbuds deliver premium sound and they fit perfectly into your ears. Also, the Blxbuds Bluetooth 5.1 pair of earbuds are compatible with all mobile devices and gadgets with Bluetooth connectivity support. If you’re getting this for yourself, carefully read through this review.

QWhat are the features of Blxbuds: Blxbuds features Review 

In features and functionalities, the Blxbuds earbuds are mostly modern with super exciting features. In addition to the features listed on their website, hereunder are some of the most prominent features of the Blxbuds: 

Ergonomic, custom design for comfortable, stylish, and sustained use:

Look at other earbud-style headphones and then look at BLXBuds. They are designed using the same shape as high-performance hearing aids to ensure maximum comfort and longevity. No aching ears, only clear audio.

Premium audio at an accessible price: Blx buds Review

Featuring advanced Bluetooth 5.1 and wielding the power of full TWS dual wireless stereo, BLXBuds provide Best-in-Class performance at an incredibly reasonable price.

Smart and Advanced: Blxbuds Review

The BLXBUDS earbuds are designed with advanced technologies to offer a truly wireless experience for using an earbud. Also, these earbuds are smart. 

Easy pairing and compatibility: Blxbuds TWS dual wireless stereo Review

Most of us use more than one device. Whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or phone, BLXBuds will pair effortlessly with all of them.

 BLXBuds earbuds are very easy to pair in the sense that they are compatible with all devices that have Bluetooth. The connection is done by just turning on your device Bluetooth and then pairing them together and you can now enjoy all time music and quality sound which BLXBuds wireless earbuds produce.

Latest Bluetooth version of 5.1: 

BLXBuds earbuds are not like other earbuds which come with old versions of Bluetooth which make them difficult to connect to some of these newly produced devices. This can be very annoying when you discover that the earbuds you paid for cannot connect with your phone or tablets because of the Bluetooth version. BLXBuds earbuds come with the latest version of Bluetooth version 5.1 which is compatible with all the devices and very easy to pair.

Dual Speakers

Yes. BLXBuds earbuds have dual speakers. There is no need to worry about poor sounds. The dual speakers give you a clear sound so that you do not complain about anything. 

Silicone in-ear: With the silicone in-ear of different sizes that BLXBuds come with you have the choice to choose which one that is best fit in your ears so that you do complain of painful ears or anything.

Full IPX4: Blxbuds earbuds review

BLXBuds earbuds are fully water resistant. What does it mean? It means that you will never have to worry about water spoiling your earbuds. It is also sweat resistant for those who wear them during exercise or walkout. There is no need to worry about water or sweat spoiling your earbuds. Most of these earbuds you can get in the market today easily get damaged because of water or even sweat. They are not water resistant in fact most do not have any protection at all and that is why they easily develop one fault or the other. Remember, when they begin to crack, just know that you have come to the end of using your earbuds because there will be damage from there. But when you get BLXBuds, there will never be any need for such panic.

TWS Dual Stereo wireless buds

Yes this is also another great feature of BLXBuds earbuds. The TVS Dual Stereo wireless buds are so strong that the clear sound they give is what you can never get in any other earbuds except it is only BLXBuds earbuds.

Super fast charging: You can only charge BLXBuds earbuds for just 1 hour which you can then use for more than a day. So, there is no need to panic about battery drainage. It can charge from 0% to 100% for just 60 minutes.

Good battery lifeBlxbuds wireless bluetooth earbuds Review

Yes before I forget, it is worth mentioning that these earbuds come with a good battery life which last for a very long time for just a single charge

Comfortability: Blxbuds Review 2021

It feels quite comfortable wearing these earbuds. Whether you’re exercising, training, walking, or just sitting at a place, these buds fit perfectly into your ears in a comfortable manner. More so, there are different size options available.

Built-in Mic and Noise Elimination:

It is a common feature seen on headphones – noise cancelling technology. Well, the blxbuds earbuds aren’t designed with noise cancellation technology but a “noise isolation” technology. The manufacturer assures that its noise suppression and isolation technology lets you enjoy your music and calls quietly without noisy distractions.

It is the built-in Mic that powers the hands free calling feature of these earbuds. Also, thanks to the various buttons available on the buds so that users can conveniently customize their experience.

Quick Charge with the Charging Case: 

There’s a charging case that comes with these earbuds. When you charge the earbuds using this charging case, it only takes around 15-20 minutes for the buds to charge completely, and you’ll use them for up to 28 hours or more, depending on usage.

Specifications of Blxbuds: BLXBUDS REVIEW 2021

  • Auto-pairing after initial connection
  • TWS Dual stereo wireless, Dual microphone call
  • IOS, Android, PC Compatible
  • Color: Black with smoke black transparent cover on charging case
  • Charging case: Input DC 5V 300mA Output DC 5V 100mA
  • Earbuds battery capacity: 40 mAh
  • Full charge for Earbuds: About 1 hour
  • Battery of charging case : 5V/300mAh
  • Full charge for Case: About 1.5 hours
  • Play time: 4.5 hours
  • Earbuds: Input DC 3.7V 40mA

My Blxbuds Bluetooth Earbuds Review & Experiences: Blxbuds earbuds reviews 

I have used and tested this unit for two weeks. During these fourteen days, I have paired it with an iPhone, Samsung galaxy note, Android smartphone, and a PC. I ensured that the features advertised for the device were tested thoroughly.

The Blxbuds earbuds are good, sturdy, look durable, and are generally “a good buy” for every sport/music lover. While the buds have a lot of good things to their credit.

All in all, the Blxbuds Bluetooth 5.1 earbuds is a piece of good music and sports gadget for everyday u

How to Utilize BLXBuds? ( Blxbuds Reviews)

Here is a step guide on how to use BLXBuds. Charge, Pair, and Enjoy your BLX wireless headphones

  • CHARGE – Plug into any USB port and recharge quickly and easily
  • PAIR – Connect with any iOS/Android device via Bluetooth.
  • ENJOY – without any discomfort or annoying ear pain, you’re free to experience crystal-clear sound.


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Blxbuds Earbuds Reviews

BLXBuds is a high quality painless earbuds with a dual stereo system and with the latest Bluetooth 5.1 which do not have any sound fluctuations just as most of the AirPod Pro. BLXBuds just hit the market recently. This is not most of the earbuds you have been seeing in the market. BLXBuds actually has proven to stand out to be the best in the market currently. Yes this is very true. Most companies are just copying what other companies have already produced without adding anything new to it and that is why most of them do not last. 

In the case of BLXBuds, it is totally different. There is a high quality sound which you can never find on any earbuds in the market. The dual speakers are nothing to write home about, they are the best so far I have ever come across. The base is so deep that you can hear everything very clearly. There is an active noise cancellation where you do not have to worry about noise from outside. The stereo quality sound from the earbuds is so strong and clear that you will hear every combination of beats used in producing the your favorite songs you are listening to. The company is one of a kind in the sense that they are not chasing the shadows just like most of these companies are busy doing. They carefully produced these earbuds so that their customers do not have to complain about anything. 

I understand that most of the problems users of earbuds are facing is that they do not know the right one for them. Ok. Let me carefully give you the list of things to look out for while looking for good earbuds to buy. One, you should check the Bluetooth version of such earbuds. Second, you should check if it uses dual speakers. Third, does it have noise cancellation technology? Fourth, is it a fit-in-ear earbud which means it causes pain to your ears while listening to music or in fact while using it? Is it  compatible with all devices? What are other users saying about the earbuds? What is the sound like? And few other things you yourself want see before you can go for such earbuds

If you are able to access both qualities, then you can actually go for such earbuds. By doing so you have carefully looked out for the kind of qualities you want. The good news I have for you is that BLXBuds wireless earbuds come with all those qualities and even more. The company did a great job to be honest with you. BLXBuds passed all our tests and there is nothing remaining. The sound is not like most of these fake products you can see in the market.

These beautifully designed earbuds come with a compact charging case. The charging case of BLXBuds is very fast to charge. You do not have to spend so much time waiting for the case to fully charge. Just plug it in and wait for a few minutes and you will see that your earbuds case is already fully charged. There is support for super fast charging.

BLXBuds wireless earbuds are lightweight earbuds which means that these earbuds are not heavy at all while wearing them on your ears. I have discovered that some of these earbuds you can see in the market are too heavy. They are not comfortable in your ears while wearing them and that is why they keep scratching you in your ears while listening to music or listening to whatever you are listening to.

BLXBuds produce a stereo quality sound you have never heard before. We did our comparison with samsung galaxy earbuds and even iPhone earbuds and discovered that those companies are just noise makers. They are selling not because of the quality they give but because of their names and nothing more. This is what some people do not understand. They only think that because earbuds are coming from Samsung or iPhone that means that they are of good qualities. This is not true. In fact after testing BLXBuds wireless earbuds, we discovered that they performed better than Samsung and Apple buds. Do not be carried away by their names, there are more good and better earbuds that perform better than Samsung and Apple buds. BLXBuds wireless earbuds have a quality sound, dual speakers, Bluetooth version 5.1, deep bass and the price is very affordable too.

Most people are music lovers and I myself, I am a music lover too and I will never go for earbuds that will not give such quality sound that I want. Personally I have experienced a lot of disappointments due to lack of quality that I want and I was spending money on different earbuds so I could discover that one earbuds that I can trust until BLXBuds wireless earbuds were introduced into the market, then I decided to go for it. That’s how I stopped wasting money on earbuds. In case you want to see what other customers are saying about BLXBuds wireless earbuds, you can simply use the link in this review so you will see what some customers are saying about BLXBuds although I will give some of the customers review here later. But the truth is that BLXBuds is the best I have seen.

What are the benefits of using BLXBuds?

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Blxbuds Review 2021
  • Highly affordable: BLXBuds wireless earbuds are so affordable as you can see the price ranges above. 
  • High quality sound: There is a high quality sound which BLXBuds wireless earbuds give which no other earbuds can give.
  • Easy management and usage: You can easily use and manage BLXBuds wireless earbuds anywhere you are no matter whatever you are doing.
  • Lightweight: These earbuds are not heavy. They are very light and are also compatible.
  • Active noise cancellation: There is no need to worry about noise from outside while using BLXBuds wireless earbuds. This is because they come with noise cancellation where you do not get distracted by outside noises.
  • It is completely water resistant: With the IPX4, BLXBuds wireless earbuds are water resistant and can stand any water without damage.
  • Ergonomic design: You can enjoy your comfort while using BLXBuds wireless earbuds because there will never be anything like pain while wearing your earbuds.

What are the Technical specifications of BLXBuds Earbuds?

Just as I told you before, BLXBuds wireless earbuds are fully prepared. They come with lots of mind blowing specifications that you cannot afford to miss. Anybody who wants to enjoy a high quality sound will never want to miss these earbuds.

  • Dual Speakers.
  • Comes with the latest version of Bluetooth i.e version 5.1 which is compatible with all devices.
  • Easy pairing and compatibility with iOS and Android and even with other devices like laptops and tablets.
  • Comes with a TWS Dual Stereo wireless buds.
  • IPX4 which is water resistant.
  • Comes with an Ultra-fast Type-C charging port which charges very fast.
  • Solid, deep bass and reverb.
  • Comes with a 10 m connectivity range.
  • Had an incredible audio range from 20Hz to 20KHz.
  • An hour charge.
  • Hand-free calling.
  • Up to 60 hours of use or 4.5 hours of playback and talk time with just a charge.
  • Comes with a comfortable high grade silicone in-ear which is available in different sizes like small, medium and large where you can use the one that is most comfortable with your ears.
  • Very affordable.
  • Classic design.

What can you see inside the box when you buy BLX Buds Earbuds?

Blxbuds Reviews.jpeg
Blxbuds earbuds Reviews

When you buy BLXBuds wireless earbuds, you are going to see that it is fully packed with everything you need in order to enjoy good quality sound. They include;

The charging case which you charge for just an hour you can then charge the earbuds with it.

One  BLXBuds earbuds with silicone in-ear which protect your ears from hurts or pains from the earbuds.

1x Micro USB to USB-A charging cable which can simply be used in charging your earbuds.

Different sizes of silicone in-ear tips which include small size, medium size and large size.

The instruction guide.

Warranty guide.

And you can get 100 percent money back in case you do not like what you are seeing.

Is Blxbuds Unique from other earbuds? 

Yes! BLXBuds are really special and good. And the features it offers when compared to other competitors make it stand out!

Everybody wants to switch to wireless earbuds – BLXBuds makes that audio upgrade affordable, comfortable, and easy to use!

Advantages of BLXBuds (BLX BUDS Review)

For a complete BLX buds review, we considered both the pros and cons in this BLXBuds review.

  • Guaranteed High-Quality Earbuds – BLXBuds are made to sound great, feel great, and last…
  • No-Hassle Returns with BLXBuds- If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.
  • Fast & Easy Setup with BLX Buds – BLXBuds pair effortlessly with any phone, tablet or PC using BlueTooth.!

Disadvantages of BLX Buds

  • BLX Buds aren’t wired earbuds.
  • Not available in retail stores Limited in stock

How Much is BLXBUDS (Pricing)?

One (1) unit of BLXBUDS costs $49.99, which is a discounted price from the Regular Price of $76.91. Two (2) units of BLXBUDS cost $91.99, which is a discounted price from the Regular Price of $153.82. Three (3) units of BLXBUDS costs $124.99 which is a discounted price from the Regular Price of $230.72. Four (4) units cost $159.99 which is a discounted price from the Regular Price of $307.63.

Note that these are discounted prices from the official website, which can go up at any time. Take advantage of it today!

Where to Buy BLX EAR BUDS?

Now, one can only buy the BLXBUDS from the official product website. This is the ideal and safest place to place your order. It as well gives you the assurance and opportunity to make a choice from the available buying options and to qualify for bonuses and discounts. The most accessible and hitch-free mode of facilitating a purchase for blx earbuds is by visiting the official website of the company.

30 DAY GUARANTEE: If you are not completely thrilled with your BLXBuds — the company is offering you a 30-day guarantee on all purchases. Simply send the item(s) back to us for a full refund or replacement, less S&H.

Why should you buy them?

They have the best combination of brilliant sound, excellent noise cancelling, long battery life, competition-beating connectivity, a comfortable fit and a compact case.

Buy if: you want comfortable and compact noise cancelling earbuds

Blx Earbuds Customers Reviews: Blx Ear Buds Review 

FRANK G. — VANCOUVER, BC Reviewed from Canada :

says, I’m not a super vain guy, but the headphones with the little dongle thing sticking out of them just look dumb. And they don’t even sound good. BLXBuds are shaped like your outer ear, so you don’t even notice you’re wearing them, and neither does anyone else!

JEN Y. — SYRACUSE, NEW YORK Reviewed from the United States says, I love to jog, and I also love to listen to music while I jog. It pumps me up, keeps me. But my old headphones, the big-brand earbuds, fell out constantly. And nothing ruins a run quite like having to stop and pick up your headphones all the time. I made the switch to BLXBuds and WOW! Not only do they sound way better, I haven’t had a fall-out even once.

DARRIN C. – ST PAUL, MN Reviewed from the United States says, For me it was really simple. Every pair of wireless headphones I tried hurt my ears. It just wasn’t worth it. But I can wear my BLXBuds all day long and my ears feel great. I’m back to enjoying music, podcasts and streaming on my phone, and am loving it!

Buy It Now

Mostly asked Questions About BLXBUDS: 5.1 wireless earbuds bluetooth Review

We have discovered that consumers have frequently asked the following questions online about the BLX EARBUDS

Only One BLX Earbud Is Working! What Do I Do?

First, verify that both earbuds are charged. If this is the case, then you may have activated “single earphone mode.” To fix this, double-click the right earbud to put them into pairing mode. Then re-pair with your device and the problem should be resolved.

How Do I know How Much Charge My BLXBuds Have?

It’s easy! Place them in their case with the lid open. If the light is red, then they need to be recharged. The white lights indicate how much charge is remaining. Four white lights and you’re fully charged!

Can I make Use of My BLXBuds For Phone Calls?

Yes! Just press the side button once to answer an incoming call, and press it again to hang up.

How Long Will A Charge Last for BLX Buds?

If fully charged, your BLX Buds will last for about 4.5 hours.

Are BLXBuds Waterproof?

We don’t advise wearing them while swimming, but if you get them wet, they won’t be damaged, as they are rated IPX4 (resistant to water splashed from any direction).

Do BLXBuds Have Active Noise Cancelling?

BLXBuds has the latest high-tech noise-canceling abilities, so you can filter out unwanted background noise.

Is the USB Charging Cable Included?

It sure is! BLXBuds comes with everything you need to charge your device using any USB port.

Will BLXBuds Pair with My iPad?

Yes! BLXBuds will pair with any iOS or Android device. Just open the case, and then select BLXBuds from your device’s Bluetooth settings. After your initial pairing, they will pair automatically with that device from then on.

BLXBuds Contact Address 

If you want to reach out to BLXBuds, their award-winning customer service is ready to hear from you.

US & Canada (Toll Free):855 756 5448

Australia & New Zealand:(02) 5133 5672

United Kingdom & Ireland:033081 80842

Send a mail to BlxBuds through this link – Email BLX BUD

BLXBuds Disclaimer: 

All the content, images, reviews, and products on this page are in no way affiliated with AirPods, AirPod Pros, or Apple. BLX products are entirely original in the design and model as well as technology. We are not responsible for the assumption of product association


blx buds reviews
Blxbuds 5.1 bluetooth earbuds review

Earbuds are not only good for listening to music, there are many things which you can do with them that is why people feel better with them than normal wired earpieces. Some people like personal time with just enjoying whatever they are listening to, be it a podcast, watching movies, answering phone calls, on a walkout exercise or even in their working place. With the use of earbuds you can comfortably enjoy your good time with your favorite sounds you wish to listen to. The only reason why I personally do like using wired earphones is because they are a source of distraction. They are not good to be used while on workout because those wires can easily be cut unknowingly while on such duty. But with the use of earbuds (BLXBuds) you can easily do whatever you are doing without obstruction from any source.

The truth is that in this generation where everything seems to be done technologically, science and technology has so much improved to the extent that our daily needs are gradually being satisfied. BLXBuds is no doubt one of them in the sense that it gives us the comfort we need anytime we want to listen to good sounds. I know that BLXBuds is not the only earbuds in the market but one thing about this particular earbuds is that it is of a high quality to the point that no earbuds according several tests I and my team have carried out can beat the kind of quality sounds this earbuds can give. Yes this is true. All you have to do is to carefully follow this review so you can know everything about BLXBuds and why everyone is talking about it. In this review I have discussed everything you need to know about these earbuds. 

The Blxbuds Bluetooth 5.1 True Wireless Earbuds have a simple design and great connectivity. If its features can fulfill your need then this is the right pair of wireless earbuds for you.

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