Kn95 Mask Review 2022 : Genuine or another wack product?

kn95 Mask Review 2022:

Since its emergence in the late months of the year 2019 (more than 3 years ago), the Corona virus disease (COVID-19) has been a major threat to the present human society. The death toll, recorded in the COVID-19 pandemic, is on the history books and what a significant number that is. Several efforts have been made to curtail the spread of this virus ever since. These range from social distancing (that considers a minimum of 2 meters distance between any two persons ideal) to the acquisition of an arsenal of personal protective equipment including hand sanitizers and face mask. 

While measurable success has been recorded in this challenging task of curbing COVID-19 spread — even after the loss of thousands and thousands of lives particularly in the western world (U.S. inclusive) — the picture is further tainted by the surfacing of a more contagious and virulent strain of the virus : the omicron variant of Corona virus.

Hence it is not a time for humans to lay down their guard in a purported victory over the virus. Rather, it is a time to tighten up our efforts to see the end of the pandemic.

Part of this battle lies on reevaluation of our personal protective equipment. More specifically, installing a higher-performing face mask than what used to be the recommendation or common type.

This review is on the product, KN95 face mask, a high-filtration face mask and the Chinese alternative to the U.S.-based N95 face mask.

While KN95 face masks — as we shall see in the course of this review — remain a far better alternative to the rather commonplace cloth masks and surgical masks — it is important to bear in mind that these latter masks are better worn than no masks at all.

What is KN95 face mask? (Review of KN95 face mask)

KN95 face masks are a disposable, high-filtration face masks with the capacity to filter out air-borne droplets to as much filtration efficiency as 95%. The 95 simply points to this efficiency and is in fact an average value; hence filtration could be slightly less or slightly more. 

Being made from a multilayered non-woven polypropylene material, the NK95 face masks do a much better job at filtration than the surgical masks and cloth or fabric-type masks.

The NK95 face mask has similar material make-up and filtration properties to its U.S. equivalent, N95, which is a slightly older face mask in terms of production date. The Korean-based product, KF94, is another face mask that’s been highly tested and whose performance compares comfortably with KN95 and N95. Indeed, all three face masks are examples of the respirator type of masks and work on similar mechanisms to achieve filtration and protection.

That KN95 face masks are multilayered — with some mask models having up to 6 layers — means they’re especially effective at what they claim to do — filtration. Typically, KN95 blocks 95% of droplet particles whose diameter is 0.3 microns (micrometers) or more.

This may begin to raise the question of why it is said to be effective against Corona viruses when it’s been said that these viruses are 0.1-micron-sized. 

Fortunately, these viruses don’t travel alone; they must bind to water droplets that increase their size to 0.3 microns or more.

KN95 face masks have a beak-like shape. While this architecture may tempt people to call it aesthetic, the conical design is actually imperative to the full integrity of the face mask. It creates a better deal around the nose and mouth when compared to a basic cloth or surgical mask. In addition, the design offers more breathability than the flat ones.

To be effective as a face mask in accordance with the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) one of the mask guidelines is a snugly fitting face mask that leaves no room for air escape parallel to the mask.

KN95 face masks meet this condition as they lap against the face, leaving no gaps between. Even for larger-sized KN95s, the ear loops or twists can be tie knotted to achieve the desired fit; otherwise, there are straps and accessories that can be purchased online to adjust the fit.

Production of KN95 face masks hastened secondary to the surge in omicron variant of Corona virus, and, just like multiple virus strains exist, models of the KN95 face masks are refusing to be intimidated by number. And so there exists a reasonable number of KN95 face mask models.

Unique Designs of kn95 Mask ( kn95 Mask Review 2022)

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kn95 Mask Review 2022

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kn95 Mask Review 2022
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kn95 Mask Reviews
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kn95 Mask Review 2022

General features of KN95 face masks (Review of KN95 face mask)

KN95 face masks are a novel face mask with features that collectively give them a high performance and filtration efficiency of 95% for which they were named.

1. Multiple-layered construction

All KN95 face masks have multiple layers (typically 3-5 layers of material). Therefore, when you put on these masks, there are 3-5 barriers separating you from the outside world.

This offers more protection than the cloth face masks (1 layer) and surgical fave masks (2-3 layers)

2. Non-weavable polypropylene material

KN95 face masks do not have a weavable construction. Therefore, there are no meshes like the ones found in the cloth face masks. This is especially important given the small-size Corona virus particles that must be hindered from passing through the layers of the face mask, whether from an infected user or from the contaminated air.

3. Duck beak-shaped construction

While it is easy to think of the conical shape of the KN95 masks as a company design to achieve a distinct brand or just be different or perhaps for aesthetic purposes, the duck beak-shaped construction of KN95 has important effects to its functionality.

Because the mouth (lip) and nose are protruded, it is sensible to make face masks bearing these in mind. The advantage is that the peripheral parts of the face mask now have a better seal against the face when room is made for the protruding mouth and nose. 

This increases breathability by a great deal and ensures air does not escape from the sides, in between the face and the mask.

4. Adjustable fasteners 

Since a tight fit is the goal irrespective of mask size or shape of user’s fave, KN95 face masks have adjustable fasteners (ear loops or headbands). Cloth face masks and the surgical face mask have non-adjustable types. Although there fasteners can be elastic and attempt a nudged fit, the masks can be really uncomfortable — too tight or too loose — for a number of users.

How does the KN95 mask filter droplet particles? (Review of KN95 masks)

The filtration mechanism behind the KN95 masks is very different from that of cloth and surgical masks.

The latter masks block air-borne particles when they merely stick to the fibers or the fibers of the masks and do not find their way through the meshes. 

In addition to this physical barrier which is more or less general, the respirator type face masks — in which KN95 belongs to — use electrostatic charge to attract tiny particles, much like the action of magnets on metallic materials.

By combining these two mechanism — physical barrier and electrostatic attraction — KN95 face masks have become highly successful in preventing the spread of Corona virus, including the omicron variant.

How to get authentic KN95 face masks (Review of KN95 face masks)

While it is easy to come by hand sanitizers that meet CDC’s recommendations, the case is different for KN95 face masks. 

This is further complicated by the fact that KN95 masks do not have regulatory agencies that ensure that KN95 meet the required standard, unlike what obtains with N95 (regulated by NIOSH,

National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health) and KF94 (regulated by KFDA, Korean-Food and Drug Adminstration).

The consequence is the bastardization of the KN95 market with counterfeit products.

However, to increase your chances of getting the genuine products, the following should be considered:

1. Buy KN95 masks from reputable sites (our blog contains links to these sites)

2. Check for labelling that describes the product. (This is a less useful way as counterfeits also bear such labeling recently) 

3. Avoid masks with decorative fabrics or sequins

CDC Guidelines for face mask production (Review of KN95 face masks)

For the integrity of every face mask to be guaranteed, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reeled out guidelines for face mask production.

1. Every face mask must have a minimum of 2 layers

2. Construction of face masks must be one that ensures that the mask snugly covers the nose and mouth

3. Masks should have fasteners (nose tie, ear loop) that ensure a proper fit and that air doesn’t get in

KN95 face masks — the majority of them — have 5 layers in contrast with 1-layered cloth masks.

The one-sided performance of cloth masks (Review of KN95 face masks)

Cloth face masks are particularly used because of their cheap price and also they’d prefer reusing it perhaps after washing. It is important to note though that cloth face masks offer more protection to other people from getting infected by the user than they offer the user from contracting the virus from other people. 

Air from the user is better filtered than air to the user. This is the one-sided performance of most cloth masks. 

Respirator type masks like KN95 prevents spread in both directions.

Having said this, it is always better to wear a mask — cloth or surgical type, KN95 or N95 — than nothing at all. No mask means no protection.

Benefits & Performance of KN95 face masks (Review of KN95 face masks)

KN95 face masks are the talisman for the fight against COVID-19 which has presented a deadlier omicron variant. 

Through the special features of the mask, protection is better guaranteed. 

The benefits of using the KN95 masks to ultimately ensure protection include:

1. Increased filtration efficiency

KN95 face masks are highly efficient in filtering airborne particles of 0.3 microns or more. Hence it successfully stops all corona virus strains from passing through it.

95% efficiency or more is guaranteed by KN95 masks and result due to the multi-layered construction and the non-weavable polypropylene material. 

2. Snug fitting

KN95 masks provide a right seal for the user of the mask. A well fitted mask is a mask that satisfies two conditions: efficient at preventing the passage of particles between the mask and body and comfortable for the user.

KN95 masks snugly fit the face of the user because of the beak-like construction of the face mask and also because of the adjustable fasteners.

3. Comfort and breathability

While face masks must provide a tight seal and barrier from the rest of the world, they have to be comfortable to the user. The user must also be able to breathe normally else they’ll be tempted to constantly tug on the face mask until it’s off.

High breathability of the KN95 masks is due to the beak-shaped construction and also the material of the mask.

4. Recyclability

Although disposable, the KN95 masks  — some of them actually — can be sent back to the manufacturer for recycling. This contributes to more availability of the product and also ensures a safer environment, free from contaminated face masks.

5. Availability

The KN95 masks are readily available and can be purchased online from trusted sites. Stocks can be exhausted however depending on the forces of demand and supply. There isn’t too much delay in resupply nonetheless.

6. Authenticity

KN95 face masks are one of the genuine respirator-type face masks out there. Although there isn’t a tight regulation as seen with N95 and KF94, purchasing the masks from trusted vendors reduces the risk of carting counterfeits.

Where do I buy KN95 face mask? (Review of KN95 face mask)

KN95 face masks can be purchased from trusted sites whose link is given below. 

It’s easy to run into counterfeit products so one has to take extra caution in going through the purchase path.

How much does the KN95 face mask cost? (Review of KN95 face masks)

KN95 masks do not have a fixed price. The cost depends on the model and also varies slightly with the shopping site.

The masks are purchased in packs. Typicality packs of 10 pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions (Review of KN95 face masks)

Are KN95 masks reusable?

KN95 masks are disposable face coverings, so you can’t wash and reuse them like you can a cloth mask. However, you don’t have to toss a KN95 mask after a single use. A KN95 mask can be worn multiple times If you remove and store it properly.

How to wear a KN95 mask

Regardless of the type of mask you wear, it won’t protect you or the people around you unless you wear it correctly. The CDC recommends making sure it completely covers your mouth and nose and fits tightly against your face to prevent gaps around the sides of the mask, nose and chin.

How should my KN95 mask feel on?

Your KN95 should feel snug and fit over your nose and mouth, and when properly adjusted, there should be no gaps of air flowing near your nose or the sides of the mask. (You can check for any pockets of air by cupping your hands around the sides of the mask.) Once you’ve fitted the nose wire, you should be able to feel warm air come through the front of the mask and may be able to see the mask material move in and out with each breath.

Do I need to double-mask with a KN95?

No! According to the CDC, more is not more in this scenario, and it’s not recommended to layer more than one KN95 mask at a time.

Why wear a face mask? Do face masks protect others against Covid or just the wearers?

To recommend when Americans should wear face masks, the CDC determines an area’s Covid-19 Community Level on a scale of low, medium or high. To do so, it factors how many Covid-related hospital beds are in use, hospital admissions and the total number of new Covid cases in that area. Each Covid-19 Community Level corresponds to a masking recommendation — suggested precautions increase alongside the level. To determine your area’s Covid-19 Community Level, use the CDC’s Covid-19 county check.

Final Verdict and Recommendation (Review of KN95 face mask)

KN95 face masks are necessarily the face masks for maximum prevention against corona virus whose omicron variant has been proven to be more infective and virulent.

Manufactured from non-weavable polypropylene material and having multiple layers, the face mask has a high filtration efficiency.

The beak-shaped construction ensured breathability which is essential for all face mask wearers. Together with the fasteners, the conical design of the mask also provides a tight fitting sufficient to block escape of air through the sides. Air must therefore necessarily pass through the layers of the mask between the user and the outside world.

As the hopes that corona virus disease flattens out begin to grow, we must, for the time being, protect ourselves in the best possible way. KN95 face masks are there to help out. Everybody needs the help.

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