QuickCharge Pro Reviews 2022 : Can This USB Charger be trusted?

QuickCharge Pro Reviews 2022 – At last, a superfast charger for your devices!

You have a serious task to complete and there isnt much time left. You’ve cleared your desk, ready to use your smartphone for that purpose, and boom, your battery is draining fast. You must charge it up in no time if you’re going to save the day.

What a bad time to have a defective charger. Your regular chargers are slow and will surely disappoint you. What you need at this time is a superfast charger that’ll drive Joules into your smartphone, charging it up in the quickest time.

Because we’re glued to our phones for the most part of the day, the battery must have to be recharged. Sometimes we forget this entirely until it runs almost flat. Then we start looking for ways to quickly charge it up.

Technology always comes to our rescue, doesn’t it? Now, new chargers have been designed to charge up our smartphones as quickly as possible. How fast are we talking about here? As fast as minutes! Yes, that’s right, you can fully recharge your smartphone in minutes with the new-technology smartphone chargers.

Enough of the suspense already. We’re talking about the QuickCharge Pro, a revolutionary superfast charger that has caught the attention of several smartphone users.

Can this claim be justified? Is there more than meets the eye? You wont know if you don’t check this review. 

This review on QuickCharge Pro was compiled after research and self-testing of the product. In here, you’re find bits of info contained nowhere else. Therefore, if you’re looking for an honest and complete review of QuickCharge Pro, here’s one for you.

Before going further, let’s see why you should discard defective chargers for QuickCharge Pro.

Why you should discard defective chargers for QuickCharge Pro

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QuickCharge Pro Reviews 2022

Are you still keeping defective chargers? It’s about time you got yourself a superfast and reliable charger.

The major problem with defective chargers is charging speed; they take like forever to fully charge up your device. Therefore, they’re a bad choice for emergencies, or situations where you have to briefly charge up your smartphone.

Again, defective chargers deliver low-voltage charges to your smartphone. The consequence is that, in addition to delayed charging, the device, after being charged up, runs down quicker than usual. It makes the entire charging process largely futile.

The QuickCharge Pro claims to put an end to your charging issues. How well does it do this? We’ll find out.

About QuickCharge Pro

QuickCharge Pro is a revolutionary charger that provides superfast charging. It is a USB wall charger built with high-tech features to deliver excellent and effective charging experience.

If you’ve not got all the time in the world, the QuickCharge Pro is sure your best bet. No fuss, just superfast charging to get you back to your task.

QuickCharge Pro works right out of the box. If you’re constantly on your phone, you need it charged up always. Unfortunately, regular chargers cannot do that for you.

Travelers understand how useful having a fast charger could be. The QuickCharge Pro is a better alternative to regular charger. Even power banks are nowhere close to QuickCharge Pro in delivering superfast charging. Add to the fact that you may have to deal with portability issues with the power bank.

Now you can charge your smartphones (Android or iOS), iPads, Smartwatches, Airpods, with the QuickCharge Pro. It is compatible with them all. Additionally, QuickCharge Pro’s adaptive fast charging feature means you can safely charge these devices with the appropriate power output.

QuickCharge Pro not only guarantees superfast charging, every device charged up has an extended battery life. This is so because of the large voltage charges the charger delivers.

Have you got more than one device to charge? With Quickcharge Pro, you can charge them up all at the same time, thanks to the multiple-port system. There are four charging ports, meaning you can charge four devices simultaneously.

The interesting part of this system is that no power is compromised when you connect more than one device. That is, all devices will be charged up at the same (fast) rate as when individual devices are plugged one after the other. This is where the QuickCharge Pro deals a fatal blow to most regular chargers.

With several layers of safety, QuickCharge Pro remains a sought-after product. Its intelligent current recognition means regulated power will be delivered to connected devices, preventing overheating. Furthermore, the power surge safety ensures that current supply is cut off above a threshold. Additionally, QuickCharge Pro has fire-proof protection feature.

QuickCharge Pro is a portable, lightweight USB wall charger that’s so easy to use. It runs on low noise and is compatible with various devices.

QuickCharge Pro Construction

QuickCharge Pro’s construction is a combination of technology and art. The gadget looks like a block. One face of the charger has two pins that go into the wall socket, while the other has the four USB ports.

The USB connectors are the most conspicuous on the body of the power bank, as the rest of its surface is smooth and free from any other regular components. 

It is just smooth everywhere, except for where the plugs and USB ports are located. There are no physical controls or cables.

Quick Charge Pro Specifications

  • Product Name: QuickCharge Pro
  • Amount per unit: One charger per unit
  • Dimensions: 7 cm by 5 cm by 3 cm
  • Weight: 8g
  • Technology: QC 3.0
  • Min power: 18 Watts of power output (total power of about 40w)
  • Total current: 5V/3.3A
  • Input voltage of 100-240 V 

QuickCharge Pro Features

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QuickCharge Pro Reviews 2022

The following features of QuickCharge Pro make it stand out from its competitors.

  1. Superfast charging – This is the most important feature of this charger. In fact, if you’re looking for reviews on QUickCharge Pro, it’s most likely to (in)validate this claim. Interestingly, QuickCharge Pro is four times faster than regular chargers. 

QuickCharge Pro can charge up your smartphone to full capacity in a few minutes. Its new QC 3.0 technology offers it this advantage. However, QuickCharge Pro is also compatible with QC 2.0 and Q.C. 1.0.

  1. Extended Battery Life – Charging speed affects battery life. However, slow or fast charge doesn’t always affect battery life in a reciprocal manner, meaning both slow and fast charging could relate to shortened battery life. 

However, QuickCharge Pro offers the two benefits – devices are charged up faster and they have extended battery life after recharge. 

  1. Multiple-port system – You no longer need separate chargers for every smartphone of yours (or for other USB rechargeable devices) if you want to charge them up at same time. 

QuickCharge Pro’s multiple-port system features 4 USB ports with which you can simultaneously charge 4 devices.Not only that, its construction ensures there’s no drop in power output even when all its ports are connected to loads.

  1. Adaptive Fast Charging – QuickCharge Pro has an adaptive fast charging/intelligent current recognition feature. As a result, you can safely charge both low-power (e.g. airpods) and high-power devices (e.g. smartphones). 

QuickCharge Pro’s adaptive fast charging is made possible by its smart integrated circuit which adjusts current flow according to the device plugged into its ports.

In addition, QuickCharge Pro has power surge safety and fireproof technologies for extra safety.

  1. Compatible with several devices – QuickCharge Pro is compatible with all Smartphones (both Android and iOS versions), iPads, Smartwatches, airpods, and other devices that can be charged up with a USB cable.
  1. USB support – QuickCharge Pro is compatible with both USB-A and USB-C connectors. 
  1. LED lights – Each port of the multiple-port system has LED lights that show the charging status.

How exactly fast is QuickCharge Pro?

QuickCharge Pro Reviews 2022

QuickCharge Pro provides incredibly fast charging even to high-power devices. For a typical smartphone, QuickCharge Pro charges it from 0-70% in half an hour (30 mins). Most chargers, including the QuickCharge Pro, have the fastest charge in this range.

However, regular chargers show marked decrease in charging speed beyond 70%. The story is different with QuickCharge Pro. It maintains superfast charging until the device is charged to full capacity (100%).

Averagely, the QuickCharge Pro charged up your smartphone from 0 – 100% in 50 – 60 minutes.

QuickCharge Pro is available at 50% discount

How to use QuickCharge Pro 

Using the QuickCharge Pro hasn’t been made easier. To do so, take the following steps:

  • Step 1: Unbox the package
  • Step 2: Plug in your phone or other device using its USB charging cable
  • Step 3: Turn on your QuickCharge Pro by pressing the power button. A blue LED light shows that it is working. The smart LED indicator will show the current progress of the charging process.
  • Step 4: Enjoy super-fast charging.

QuickCharge Pro’s Device Protection layers

QuickCharge Pro is built to safely deliver power to connected devices irrespective of fluctuations in power input and capacity of the load. Its protection layers ensure maximum safety for you and your device.

QuickCharge Pro is safe to use owing to its:

  1. Adaptive fast charging – regulates current flow according to capacity of connected device
  2. Power Surge Protection Technology – cuts off the current supply after a setpoint (usually around 33W)
  3. Fireproof protection – adds extra security to power surge safety.

Who is QuickCharge Pro for?

QuickCharge Pro is for:

  1. Anyone who wants superfast charging
  2. People who regularly make use of their phone
  3. Travelers
  4. People who often go on camping or sightseeing

Is QuickCharge Pro worth the buy?

Tons of positive reviews from customers who use the QuickCharge Pro means they’re getting value for their money. The QuickCharge Pro is the trending new-technology superfast charger in the U.S.  and other parts of the world.

You won’t want to miss out on this if you want superfast charging of your smartphone and other devices.


Pros of QuickCharge Pro

  • Portable
  • Simple to use
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • Affordable
  • Time saver
  • A smart integrated circuit (IC)
  • Surge protection feature
  • Safe to use
  • Compatibility
  • Equal Voltage through ports
  • Noiseless operation
  • It can charge several smart gadgets, including smartwatches, smartphones, and earbuds.
  • It also can charge eBooks quickly.
  • It works right out of the box
  • Both USB-A and USB-C devices are supported.

Cons of QuickCharge Pro

  • Available only on official site
  • Limited in stock

Where to Buy QuickCharge Pro 

QuickCharge Pro can only be purchased from the official site.

How Much Does the Quick Charge Pro Cost?

  • 1 unit of QuickChargePro costs $32
  • 3 units of Quick Charge Pro at $25 each for a total of $75
  • 5 units of QuickChargePro: $19 each for a total cost of $95.

Return Policy

Get a secured purchase directly from the manufacturers site at a massive 50% discount via the links in this review. Also, your 30-day money back guarantee is secured. You can return if not satisfied with the product. 


Phone (U.S.): +1 (800) 594 0221

Phone (IE): +353 1 800 903 214

Main Office: Balou Management Limited, 53 Wilkins Court, Dublin 12, D12VY9T, Ireland

Returns Department: Attn: Returns Processing PO Box 0538, Toah Payoh Central Post Office, Singapore 913119

Frequently Asked Questions (QuickCharge Pro Reviews)

Does the QuickChargePro work with all devices?

You can use it with or charge any device, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. You just need a USB cable.

Is the QuickChargePro safe?

Yes, it is safe. There are so many safety features built into these chargers that theyre almost impossible to damage. Just to mention, the fireproof materials, smart integrated circuits, power surge protection, etc.

Whats the power output (watts) of the QuickCharge Pro?

At default, the Quick Charge Pro provides a minimum of 18 watts of power, which can be adjusted depending upon the device. It can output as high as 33 watts or less depending on the device plugged in.

Whats the best place to buy the QuickCharge Pro charger?

You can buy it online, from the manufacturers website. You should buy from them because theyre reputable and you can be sure of a 30-day money-back guarantee if satisfied with the QuickCharge Pro. It is not available at physical retail stores.


Stephen L.

“I was honestly super impressed with the quality of this thing. It’s really light, but seems strong. Most importantly, my phone doesn’t even get hot after it’s been charging overnight. If you have an expensive smartphone, you’ve got to try it.”

Karen K.

“I use the QuickChargePro for my Samsung A70. and it works super, super well. My son has an iPhone and we charge that one at the same time. Overall, this is incredibly convenient and versatile. Once you start using it, you’ll be thrilled to throw away all of your old, junky chargers!”

Philip T.

“I have a QC 3.0 device as well as two QC 2.0. I heard you can fast-charge them all at once, but I was worried about overheating. Turns out there was nothing to worry about! The charger does everything it says it does, and more. I love it.”

Final Verdict: QuickCharge Pro Reviews 2022

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QuickCharge Pro Reviews 2022

QuickCharge Pro is a multiple-port system USB wall charger built to provide superfast charging. This charger gives an edge to regular chargers. It has the ability to charge smartphones to full capacity from zero level in a few minutes.

In conclusion, the QuickCharge Pro remains an excellent choice for anyone who wants fast charging. Several positive feedbacks from customers suggest QuickCharge Pro gives them value for their money.

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