Max Bubble Gun Reviews 2022:  Is it worth your money?

Max Bubble Gun Reviews 2022:  Now you can bring life to parties and photo shoot sessions!

If parties can be more exciting, why not make them be? Champagnes are not the only thing to be popped, air bubbles do well in the air too. They may just add the extra touch needed to dramatically change the flare of the party.

Looking for ways to make your summer more intriguing than it is? Yes, its summertime and everybodys excited. It’s time to hang out with family and friends and play in the cozy weather without the annoying snows that make us all recoil into our homes. Outdoor activities can’t be more fun and we’re bringing you air bubbles to make the summer different. 

Air bubbles don’t only lighten up the party, they can be that difference between a memorable photo shoot and a regular one. Especially when they are colored, air bubbles add an extra effect to the background, creating beautiful and memorable photos you’ll have no option but to love.

We’re talking about air bubbles and we’re speaking of the Max Bubble Gun. This is a toy gun that sends beautifully colored air bubbles into the air. Unlike regular bubble guns, Max Bubble Gun imparts beautiful colors to the bubbles, which are visible not only during the night but in the day. Your kids will love it. It’s fun to use and safe for them too. 

What more can we say about the Max Bubble Gun? A lot! If you came across this product and are looking for reliable information on it, here’s one for you – the Max Bubble Gun reviews; nothing but genuine reviews on this product.

Why do you need the Max Bubble Gun? How does it work? How is it used? These queries and a lot more will be addressed. First off, what’s the Max Bubble Gun?

About Max Bubble Gun (Max Bubble Gun reviews 2022)

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Max Bubble Gun reviews 2022

The Max Bubble Gun is a toy gun that shoots out millions of colored bubbles to liven up any event. It works right out of the box to eject 1000 colored bubbles per second from its 88 bubble holes.

Not in any way your regular type of bubble gun, the Max Bubble Gun is built with a technology nobody has seen in a bubble gun before. This gadget delivers colored air bubbles that can reach sizes of 3 inches and more.

Who doesn’t love bubbles? No matter how mature we try to act, no one can deny the strong effect bubbles have on our minds when they are in the background of a photo shoot or flying high at parties and events. You can experiment on this. Its magical! 

The Max Bubble Gun is battery-operated. Once you fully recharge this gadget, you can use it continuously for up to 8hrs. Recharging it is as easy as every other thing about this toy gun. Simply plug in the gadget using the USB cable found in the package.

You can select from either of two colors, blue or pink. Max Bubble Gun has a colorful and vibrant design anyone can fall in love with.

Made to be watertight, there’s no room for leakage of bubble solution. The only way out is through its nozzle which contains 88 holes that send beautifully colored bubbles into the air. With an ABS plastic design, you can be sure that Max Bubble Gun will resist the trauma your kids throw at it. It’s highly durable.

Whether during the night or in the day, you wont stop seeing these colors, thanks to Max Bubble Guns 4 LED lights that continuously impart bright colors to these bubbles as they are let out.

Easy to use and even easier to clean, the Max Bubble Gun is an excellent choice for bubble lovers who want to take summer fun to higher levels. Its lightweight and portable meaning you can take it anywhere you wish, from vacations to picnics to camping.

There Are no hassle returns. You’ll get a full refund for returns within 30 days of purchase, as the return policy provides.

 Max Bubble Gun Design 

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Max Bubble Gun Reviews

Max Bubble Gun is built with difference, to turn your party or photo shoot session into a livelier event, decorated with air bubbles. Its design has become a prototype for many bubble guns. 

The Max Bubble Gun is made of 100% ABS plastic that imparts great strength to the gadget. Because the manufacturer is aware of the playful lifestyle of kids and the tendency to toss objects about, Max Bubble Guns ABS plastic materials resists trauma thrown at the toy gun.

The gun’s water chamber allows you to fill in the bubble solution. Since the gadget is watertight, there’s no room for leakage. Water can only leave through its 88 bubble holes as beautifully colored bubbles, thanks to the LED lights.

Max Bubble Guns removable lid makes it possible to remove bubbles from the holes.

Product Details (Max Bubble Gun Reviews 2022)

  • Product name: Max Bubble Gun
  • Product material: ABS material
  • Product dimensions: 21.3 cm x 22.3 cm
  • Available colors: Pink and Blue
  • Bubble size: can reach three inches in size

10 Main Features Of Max Bubble Gun

Max Bubble Gun is a trendy bubble gun that has populated the bubble gun market in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and U.K. But what makes it so special? If you’re wondering, here’s what you need to know.

  1. ABS Plastic Design

To account for its durability property, the Max Bubble Gun is made of 100% ABS plastic material. This not only makes Max Bubble Gun resistant to trauma, the gadget is easier to clean as a result. Additionally, ABS plastics are recyclable, meaning they won’t contribute to environmental hazards.

  1. Runs on rechargeable battery

Max Bubble Gun is operated by a long-lasting rechargeable battery. You can use this gadget continuously for 8 hours before recharging it. Whenever you need to, the included USB cable should be used to charge it up to send colored air bubbles into the air again. 

  1. Colorful and vibrant design 

The first thing you’ll notice about this bubble gun is its design. Whether the pink or blue color variant, the Max Bubble Gun appears very colorful and vibrant. Your kids will love to have this gadget with them every time.

  1. Safe and Environmentally friendly 

Is Max Bubble Gun safe for your kids? Every concerned parent wants to know before buying this product. Because kids are difficult to monitor, having dangerous object around them could impact their lives and health. 

The Max Bubble Gun is built to be safe for kids. It has no sharp edges or rough contours that can physically harm the kid.  Additionally, the air bubbles are ejected with low velocities. 

Furthermore, Max Bubble Gun is an eco-friendly gadget. Its ABS material is easily recyclable and the soap solution is biodegradable.

  1. LED color lights

A major contributor to the aesthetic property of Max Bubble Gun is the LED lights. Built with 4 LED color lights, the bubble gun discharges beautifully colored bubbles which are visible both at night and in the daytime. You won’t have a reason to miss out on any special memories whatever be the time of an event.

  1. Watertight 

One common thing seen in regular bubble guns is defective sealing of the gadget so that water starts to leak from its bubble solution chamber. Because this typically happens after repeated use, it isn’t easy to detect on time. 

The Max Bubble Gun is built to be better. It is watertight and can be used however long without leaks.

  1. Two discharge modes

Depending on the desired pattern and pressure of released air bubbles, you can select either of two operating modes for this bubble gun. The Burst mode is ideal for children who love to play with bubble guns as it releases several rapid-fire shots. 

For larger field and lower ejection velocity as is needed in photo shoot and parties, the Continuous laser mode is more preferable.

  1. Lightweight and portable

You won’t have a reason to leave the Max Bubble Gun behind when you embark on journeys. It is lightweight, supporting portability. Simply fit this into your knapsack and you’ll be glad you did. Add more life to your camping, tourism, picnics, beach parties, and so on.

  1. Easy to use

Max Bubble Gun is targeted at both adults and children. Accordingly, its operation is hassle-free. Anyone, including your 5-year old, can use the Max Bubble effortlessly.

  1. Easy to clean

Its ABS plastic material not only makes Max Bubble Gun durable, it makes it easy to clean as well. You can clean this using the included cleaning brush.

What’s in the Package? (Max Bubble Gun Reviews 2022)

  • Bubble gun (x1)
  • Cleaning brush (x1)
  • Bubble tray (x1)
  • USB battery charger (x1)

How Max Bubble Gun Works 

The Max bubble gun works by ejecting from bubble solution beautiful air bubbles which can get as big as 3 inches. There are two operation modes – the burst mode and continuous spray mode. 

  • Burst mode: Use this to shoot several rapid-fire shots without needing to wait for compressed air to recharge. Kids enjoy bubble guns more in this mode. The Max Bubble Gun can fire up to 12 shots per second. 
  • Continuous laser mode: When switched to the Continuous laser mode, bubbles last longer than burst bubbles, making them ideal for creating large fields of bubbles around guests at your wedding.

Additional bubble liquid will need to be purchased from time to time to keep using the device.

How to use Max Bubble Gun (Max Bubble Gun reviews 2022)

The Max Bubble Gun is so easy to use that it causes no trouble even to a 5-year old.

Take the following steps to use this bubble gun.

  • Step 1: Plug in the Max Bubble Gun using its USB cable to fully recharge it.
  • Step 2: Dip the mouth of the gun into your bubble solution.
  • Step 3: Now pull the trigger. This gives you a beautiful splash of colored bubbles that add more life to any event.

Is Max Bubble Gun safe?

Definitely. Since the Max Bubble Gun is used by kids/in the environment of kids, it is made free from any harmful/injurious agents. It has no sharp edges. It also ejects air bubbles at low velocities so nobody gets hurt.

Is Max Bubble Gun worth my money? 

If you want a bubble gun that gives you value for your money, the Max Bubble Gun is a good choice. Max Bubble gun customers continually send positive reviews showing they are happy to part with their money for this gadget.

Benefits of Max Bubble Gun 

Perfect For Daytime and Nighttime Use

Max Bubble Gun Reviews

For many children, nothing is more fun on a summer day than a Max Bubble Gun. However, when it gets dark out, kids may still want to play with their bubble guns and be disappointed about the lack of light after sunset.

This is a perfect opportunity to introduce your child to the Max Bubble Gun which not only dispenses thousands of bubbles but lights up the night with color changing LEDs built in where the bubbles shoot out!

Light Up Your Next Event

Max Bubble Gun Reviews 2022

Max Bubble Guns are fun for people of all ages! Our bubble gun offers an endless stream of bubbles – ideal for adding a magical touch and pop of color to your next event or photoshoot.

Perfectly Portable

Max Bubble Gun Review

Traveling for the summer? No problem, the Max Bubble Gun is perfectly portable and rechargeable. Don’t let anyone burst your bubble – you can take your Max Bubble Gun everywhere you go!

Where can I use the Max Bubble Gun? (Max Bubble Gun Reviews 2022)

Bring Max Bubble Gun to any photo shoot session. The difference is glaring. It is also perfect for parties, whether birthday parties and pool parties, and for weddings as well. All outdoor activities can be given a splash of colors by the air bubbles of Max Bubble Gun. Never miss out.

Max Bubble Gun makes a perfect gift for your kids and loved ones.

What I like about the Max Bubble Gun (Max Bubble Gun Review)

  • High quality ABS plastic
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Hassle-free operation
  • Two operation modes
  • Eco-friendly bubble gun
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Watertight; no room for leakage
  • 4 LED colored lights
  • Durable
  • 30-day return policy

What I don’t like about the Max Bubble Gun

  • Only available on official website
  • This product sells out quickly.

Pricing and Where to Buy Max Bubble Gun

You can purchase the Max Bubble Gun from the official website.

  • One bubble gun at $49.99
  • Two bubble guns at $94.99
  • Three bubble guns at $124.97
  • Four bubble guns at $149.96


Email: info@bubblegunstore.co

Phone: (603) 696 3293

Return Address: Attn: Best Bubble Gun Return PO Box 448, Atkinson, NH 03811

Frequently asked Questions (Max Bubble Gun reviews)

What Is the Material Component of Max Bubble Gun?

The Max Bubble Gun is made from high quality ABS plastic. Each unit is durable and easy to clean, leak-proof and reusable, economic and environmentally friendly.

How Many Holes Does the Max Bubble Gun Have?

The Max Bubble gun has 88 bubble holes.

Is Max Bubble Gun durable?

The Max Bubble Gun is highly durable. This bubble making gun is made with green materials that are thickly bonded to form an anti-fall shell that assures you many more play times when gifted to your toddlers.

Will Max Bubble Gun make a great gift?

Absolutely. Gift Max Bubble Gun to your kids and loved ones. The Max Bubble Gun is completely safe for both children and adults to use. 

What Can The Max Bubble Gun Be Used For?

The Max Bubble Gun is excellent for photo props, for fun decorations, can be used at parties, weddings, all adult and toddler outdoor activities.

Can My Kids Use The Max Bubble Gun?

Yes, the Max Bubble Gun is completely safe for both children and adults to use. It also makes a wonderful gift.

What Is The Max Bubble Gun Made From?

The Max Bubble Gun is made of high quality ABS plastic. Each unit is durable and easy to clean, leak-proof and reusable, economic and environmentally friendly.

What’s Included In The Max Bubble Gun?

Each Max Bubble Gun package includes: 1 bubble gun, 1 bubble tray, 1 cleaning brush, Battery and USB battery charger. Please fully charge before usage.

Max Bubble Gun Bottom line

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Max Bubble Gun Reviews 2022

Pool parties, birthday parties, photo shoot sessions and in fact all outdoor activities can be made livelier when you have a splash of colored bubbles. Luckily, the Max Bubble Gun gives you that.

This state-of-the-art bubble gun has features that make it a better option compared to competitors. Customers who have discovered this can’t be happier and hence Max Bubble Gun continues to receive accolades by way of positive reviews and high ratings.


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