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ILLUMALYTE HEADLAMP Review 2022: Scam or legit headlamp

 It’s a great new day to review the Illumalyte headlamp. The Illumalyte headLamp is one of the groundbreaking technologies of the present age that has started making waves already due to its incredible design. Headlamps are the rave among outdoor and tech enthusiasts, but the Illumalyte headlamp has proved to encompass everyone with its unique features, including students and fishers. Yes, you read that. With the Illumalyte, say goodbye to those heavy bouncy things that call themselves headlamps, and the ones that can’t get 5km close to the water. Some other headlamps are dangerous as they put you at risk by switching off if they fall in a jungle or a mountainous area. Interested in this new technology? I think you should give this review more time.

What is the Illumalyte headlamp? (illumalyte headlamp review)

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Illumalyte headlamp reviews

The Illumalyte headlamp is a new-age headlamp that is making waves among outdoor enthusiasts and people who want new toys. The Illumalyte has made the old, shaky headlamps a thing of the past with its unique holdfast, featherlight weight, wide lightening area, lasting power life, adjustable brightness, sensor activated function and impact resistant feature. Whether you’re studying or searching for something indoors or hunting, hiking, fishing or camping outside, the Illumalyte is a must have for everyone. Illumalyte is a 2 in 1 Motion Sensor Headlamp and flashlight with 230 Degrees Wide Angle illumination

Function of illumalyte headlamp ( illumalyte headlamp Review  2022)

The main function of a headlamp is for you to see in the dark without having to burden your hands with a flashlight, and that’s what the Ilumalyte headlamp has brought to you.

The perfect alternative to the traditional headlamp, Illumalyte headlamp boasts modern technology that makes it very light and comfortable while it offers very long hours of light time. 

The headlamp isn’t just designed for outdoor enthusiasts alone but for anyone that is in need of a clear and concise vision in the dark, owing to its multi-function design and unique technology.

Older headlamps could only be used by people who called themselves specialists in one outdoor art or the other, and when equipped, had to carry a massive load on their head that scared other uninitiated users away. That’s not the case with the Ilumalyte headlamp. It’s lightweight and easy to use design has made it available for everybody. Not just the hikers, mountaineers, mechanics, cyclers, campers, fishers and the military. Have you been going back and forth in search of the perfect headlamp to keep, whether as a mountaineer, engineer, mechanic, a household plumber or just for emergencies and fun, then the Ilumalyte headlamp is your last bus stop.  

Features of illumalyte headlamp 

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Illumalyte headlamp Reviews

Let’s take a look at some of the key features of the Ilumalyte headlamp:

Featherlight weight at only 0.16 Ibs (illumalyte headlamp Review)

  I did say something about older headlamps being too big that it scared people away from touching it. Even looking at it for long is a problem. I mean, how can a human being carry such weight for so long under strenuous conditions like repairing a car?

I’d always wonder why someone else couldn’t hold a flashlight for them while they worked, or why they couldn’t get one that was standing to avoid such stress. Yes they could, but not all of them. I’ve been speaking about mechanics. What about night cyclers, mountaineers, campers, hikers or explorers? Someone like me who desires to have fun in the dark? Carrying giant torch beams everywhere might just get you arrested, and even the said mechanic doesn’t always like having a torch stuck to their mouth when underneath a car. This is the all-important reason why getting the Ilumalyte headlamp will do you great good. In fact, it’s so light you wouldn’t even feel that something is on your head. Anyway, if you enjoy carrying up to 12 ounces on your head then do as you please. Don’t say I didn’t give better advice. 

230° lighting area ( illumalyte headlamp reviews) 

 Ilumalyte headlamp allows for a wide lighting area of up to 230° degrees that exceeds 100 meters. This is for the LED strip on the front. The lightning can be switched between the beam in the front to the ones at the sides. It offers five lightening modes: 

A) COB High mode

B) COB Low mode.

C) XPE High Mode.

D) XPE Low Modeb and 

E) Strobe Mode to give you maximum viewing efficiency, and you can switch between any of these lighting modes with ease.

Lasting power life ( illumalyte headlamp)

Ilumalyte headlamp boasts a powerful battery that has 1 200 mAh worth of power that can last up to 8 hours on time. It has a type C Fast Charging port with a type C fast charger, this serves as a great contrast to some massive headlamps that are battery powered. Unlike other devices that when they are full stand a risk of overcharging and breakdown, the Ilumalyte headlamp automatically shuts off when it reaches its maximum charging capacity. 

However, it doesn’t include a built-in battery, and this is beautiful as something that can be removed can be replaced. This is a feature I especially hate in modern devices, but the Ilumalyte headlamp combines both a modern technology with an easy to use hardware.

Adjustable brightness ( illumalyte headlamp Review 2022)

 The brightness of the different lights associated with the Ilumalyte headlamp can be changed at will depending on your work situation or reason for switching it on. Most importantly, the Ilumalyte headlamp doesn’t have buttons that would spoil with time making it hard or impossible to operate.  

Sensor activated function ( illumalyte headlamp Review 2022)

 Ilumalyte headlamp offers 100% hands free operation, this means that you can turn off and on the gadget just with the wave of your hand. This makes using the Ilumalyte headlamp very easy. 

One size fits all unex design ( illumalyte headlamp Reviews)

t Ilumalyte headlamp provides a flexible design that makes the old headlamps old indeed. The strap is easy to adjust and makes you carry it around to anywhere and at any speed without it falling off.

 IPX4 Waterproof & Impact Resistant (illumalyte headlamp Review)

if you don’t like the Ilumalyte headlamp for anything then you’ll like it for this:

The Ilumalyte headlamps body construction is amazing: It has a durable design that can withstand heavy falls and crashes and, drumrolls, it has a water resistant feature.

I mean, if you’re going to be fishing, hiking, climbing, jogging, you will need a powerful and water resistant headlamp, right? Just in case. It’s light but topgrade and military-grade alloy can withstand any form of pressure or wetness. An amazing fact about the headlamp is that the amount of IPX rating indicates how well it can withstand being submerged in water, and the Illumalyte headlamp boasts an 1PX4 rated construction, a durable body ready to withstand a hearty amount of stress. The Ilumalyte headlamp is indeed ready to take you on an adventure to the sea and back. 

Power indicator ( illumalyte headlamp reviews)

 Oh how annoying it is when you put on your headlamp for a while and then suddenly it starts to dim little by little till it’s nothing but a big fat burden on the head. I’m sure this is nothing compared to the fact that in scores of headlamps you don’t get to see the battery life or power indicator. Say goodbye to your worries as the Ilumalyte headlamp has come to stay. With the green and red indicators the Ilumalyte headlamp tells you when it’s safe to use it(it shows a green light) and when it would disappoint you if you do so(by showing a red light).

30 day money back guarantee ( illumalyte  headlamp reviews )

After purchasing the Illumalyte headlamp through its website and it has a factory default, there is no need to fidget. Simply send it back within a space of 30 days and it will be replaced. This guarantee isn’t limited to specific types of purchases but to all purchases. To get your refund you have to put it back in its original packaging. You can also contact the Phone: (603) 696 3293 and the Email: to expedite the process.

Illumalyte headlamp compare to other headlamp 

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Illumalyte headlamp Reviews

The main thing that distinguishes a product from others is that when put to the test against other products of the same family, they still have an edge. 

When put to the test against other headlamps the Illumalyte headlamp does exceptionally well. Such things as the beam range, which is the range of light a headlamp can foresee, the battery life; how long it lasts after being fully charged, its light modes; that is the number of available lights available for switching, light coverage; this is the beams luminance capacity and capability, and money back guarantee.

In contrast to the ragular bouncy headlights with only one beam, no rechargable battery, no power indicator, the possibility of getting destroyed if it hits the floor or a drop of water falls on it, and a propensity to slip from your head and hold your arms to your body, the Illumalyte headlamp has the following:

Weight: Illumalyte headlamp is a comfortable lightweight strip that easily wraps around your head and allows you various activities in different locations. Its weight is at 0.16 Ibs.

Others: other headlamps weigh between 0.35Ibs and above. 

Controls: The Illumalyte headlamp: the Illumalyte possesses a motion activated sensor.

Others: they don’t possess a motion activated sensor.

Battery life:  The Illumalyte headlamp: The Illumalyte boasts an amazing batterylife of 8 hours.

Others: other headlamps last for about 3–4 hours, which is half or a little more than half the amount of time for the Illumalyte.

Lightening modes: The Illumalyte headlamp: the Illumalyte has 5 Lighting modes

(A) COB High mode

B) COB Low mode.

C) XPE High Mode.

D) XPE Low Modeb and 

E) Strobe Mode.

The Illumalyte headlamp also has a 230° beam at its front.

Others: Some headlamps are poor in this area possesing only 2; high and low, or 3; high, medium, and low.

Lightening coverage: The Illumalyte headlamp: the Illumalyte goes as far as 230M.

Others: some as low as 160 M only, and when dim, go as far as 100 M.

Frequently asked questions(FQ&A):

What else comes with the Illumalyte headlamp package? 

Included in the package is 1 × USB Type C Cable.

Is the Ulta wide 230° area beam dangerous enough to blind someone?

You can limit your coverage by switching to the side beam when around others. All the available beams are also dimmable as well.

Does the Ilumalyte fit on hard hats?

The headlamp is adjustable to fit any shape and size of hat and head available. It possesses an adjustable headband at its rear.

Do I need to remove the battery before charging it?

That’s not necessary, as the illumalyte headlamp comes with a type C charger and can be charged with any other USB type C.

Is it possible to disable the motion sensor?

Yes. You can do this by pressing the deactivate button by the side of the headlamp.

Where to get the illumalyte Headlamp

This of course serves as its major con, I’d rather prefer a product that was outrageously costly to one that is limited to purchase through its website. However, anything that is in excess loses its value, and this is what makes the illumalyte headlamp keep its glow. Anyway, when it comes to finding the headlamp through its website you will need to Click on the official website links below to purchase and claim up to 50% discount before purchase. Take note, Moe purchases means more discounts. In the page you click order now, a display will appear asking for your information. Your preferred method of payment will be available after you’ve selected your preferred package. Your headlamp will be made available in 3–5 business days.

If you see another person selling outside the official website then, that’s a no-no, except if you don’t want to get something that is authentic.

Conclusion: illumalyte headlamp Review 

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illumalyte headlamp review 2022

The illumalyte headlamp is a must have for those who are interested in outdoor adventure, those who want some indoor brightness to their lives and if you’re interested in sustainable technology that would last for years to come.

It’s featherlight and no-bounce technology makes it stay strong on your head and doesn’t put you at risk by falling off. It’s 230° lightening provided by the headlamps curved LED at the front will give you unparalleled vision. You can comfortably go into the jungle, go hunting or fishing because its power will last 8 hours when fully charged. Its adjustable brightness will leave you with different grades of vision. Its sensor activated function will allow you to work freely without having to click this or click that or find where to click. It is water resistant and wasn’t created for you to purchase new versions but is durable enough to last for years, and worrying about changing the battery is a waste of time, as the type C USB changer and power indicator on the side of the headlamp got you covered.

These are incredible features any user wouldn’t want to miss. Anyone looking for an authentic, affordable and long lasting gadget should consider this one. 

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