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Pawsafe Harness Review 2022: Is PawSafe No Pull Harness any good?

PawSafe Harness review 2022: 

Stay in full control on walks without straining and pulling with our two attachments No Pull Dog Harness.

Overall, PawSafe No Pull Harness Reviews has received a lot of positive feedback from a lot of customers. Some customers gave the  PawSafe No Pull Harness a 4.9 out of 5.0 Rating. With  PawSafe No Pull Harness you can : 

  • Trains dogs to heel even if they refuse to listen
  • Keeps your dog from choking on a collar
  • Comfortable, adjustable fit for all breeds and sizes

General knowledge about Pawsafe Harness (Pawsafe Harness Review)

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PawSafe Harness review 2022

Pawsafe is an adjustable harness specially designed for walking dogs. The harness is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into the body of the dog and aid the movement of the dog and the owner while walking. It is comfortably designed for a built-in grip, thereby putting the handler in control of the dog. It is a no-pull dog harness rest with a snug-fit designed to clasp to the front of the dog with its double front clip. The harness has a breathable mesh fabric that reduces the stress for handlers while walking pets; its design is very comfortable for pets and eliminates the cutting or chaffing into the dog’s skin and discomfort to the neck area that collars give. With this, users can effectively control the walk, jump, and general movement of the pet, which reduces the stress in walking pets and helps maintain strength.

Most dog lovers can attest to the difficulty of walking their dogs, especially when hyperactive. The harness helps keep the dog and prevent the continuous pulling and hyper-surge of the dog. The harness is a suitable replacement over collars for dogs as the collars only increase the dog’s discomfort when pulled. Thus, the dog becomes more resistant at the pull of the collar, making them more challenging to control. The  harness allows the handler to have a relaxing and leisure stroll with their dogs or pets and helps pull the dog’s attention back to the handlers. The design of the handlers helps to control the pulling of the dog and their movements. It is perfectly suitable for controlling the movement and muscles of the dog and can be used as a training tool for the dog.

The harness is designed with a clip at the front that pulls the dog towards the owner automatically if the dog draws against the direction of the handler.

The  harness is an adjustable and full-body tool available in different sizes. The saddle is clasped at the dog’s chest and aids in the easy direction of the dog’s attention. The straps can be adjusted to fit the dog. 

Table Of Contents
  1. General knowledge about Pawsafe Harness (Pawsafe Harness Review)
  2. Features of the Pawsafe Harness ( Pawsafe no pull Harness review)
  3. How to get your dog familiar with the Pawsafe No-pull Harness ( PawSafe no pull Harness review )
  4. How to Use the Pawsafe Harness ( Pawsafe Harness review) 
  5. Reasons Why Pawsafe Harness is Better than Collars/Leash Pulling
  6. Guide for Purchasing the No-pull Harness
  7. How to Choose the Appropriate Size for Your Dog
  8. The Credibility of the PawSafe No-pull  Harness
  9. Benefits of using the Pawsafe no pull Harness
  10. Advantages of the Pawsafe No-pull Harness
  11. Disadvantages of the Pawsafe Harness
  12. How to Purchase the Pawsafe No-pull Harness
  13. Shipping, Refund Policy and Warranty of the PawSafe Harness
  14. How much does Pawsafe Harness cost? 
  15. Customers Review and Testimonies on PawSafe no pull Harness ( PawSafe Harness review 2022)
  16. Frequently Asked Questions of the No-pull Harness
  17. Conclusion: Pawsafe Harness Reviews 

Features of the Pawsafe Harness ( Pawsafe no pull Harness review)

  • Adjustability: The harness is designed to be adjustable. The strap is structured so your pet is not easily choked, and the saddle does not easily slip. The harness has four adjustable straps to allow the handler to customize the fit for the dog’s size. The strap is available in five sizes and allows no discomfort for the dog.
  • Pulling and Choking: This harness is designed to provide the comfort that a pet collar would not offer. It is ergonomically designed to provide natural comfort by featuring dual metal leash rings that improve the animal’s safety during a walk. The constraint also has a no-pull feature that aids in the proper placement of the dog by your side. Using a  harness prevents the dog from choking and helps to keep it in place further.
  • Ease of Use: The Pawsafe Harness is very easy to use. It can be quickly strapped and fitted to your pet. The belly straps and quick-snap can be done in a few hours. The constraint requires no special instruction for use or technical expertise to use. It allows for usage by different kinds of persons. Additionally, the clips are easily fitted to give extra control of the dog.
  • Ergonomic Design: This dog harness is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. It is designed with rugged and riff materials to provide lasting comfort to your dog.
  • The constraint had breathable mesh padding and straps that quickly went off. The ergonomic design allows for easy pulling of the dog without discomfort for both the user and the dog.
  • Training Tool: The Pawsafe Harness is a training tool. It can be used to draw the dog’s attention to the handler. It can also teach dogs tricks such as ‘heel’ and where to go. The tool is a no-brainer and helps balance the dog’s body properly while walking.
  • Comfort: The harness is designed for maximum comfort. It is lightly padded for comfort with a durable oxford nylon soft padding. These materials are suitable for the dog’s skin and cause no harmful reaction. The tool can also be adjusted to suit the dog’s size and has straps that allow for the proper movement of the dog without inconvenience. The tool also does not choke the dog or cause discomfort during use as it has breathable mesh padding.
  • Balance: The strap helps to support the dog and gives an extra balance while walking. Additionally, the technique of the no-pull harness used in the design of the belt is also an element of balance in the tool.
  • Secured Grip:  The  harness provides a more secure Grip over the dog than a neck collar. The strap is perfectly fitted to prevent giving away, hence allowing your pet to run aid freely. It provides more security in a public space and helps in the psychological improvement of the dog. It offers a lasting solution, helps control the movement, and removes the extra stress if forcing your dog to walk, especially when they do not want to. The strap helps make the dog feel safe and improve their willingness to walk.
  • Multipurpose Use: The tool can be used for different kinds of pets. It is suitable for cats, dogs, and other household pets that can be taken on a walk.

How to get your dog familiar with the Pawsafe No-pull Harness ( PawSafe no pull Harness review )

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PawSafe Harness review

The buckling and strapping of the harness on the dog may make the dog uncomfortable. Before placing it on the dog, handlers can make the dog familiar with the sound by showing the harness and creating the buckling sound before placing it on the dog. Always avoid pinching the dog’s with the saddle and giving them rewards when they stay still while wearing the harness.

How to Use the Pawsafe Harness ( Pawsafe Harness review) 

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PawSafe Harness

The Pawsafe Harness is easy to use. The harness is designed to maximize control over the animal when using the leash for increased control over the dog even when using minimal strength. It is structured so that the dog can only keep moving forward when it is by your side. The tool is designed so that when the dog moves faster than the handler, the strap automatically turns the dog back to you, i.e. it faces you. The harness is designed to cross over the front legs and chest of the dog such that the saddle is placed above the shoulder of the dog. It is designed with a clip to allow the user to attach a leash to the harness and improve the dog’s control with little to no effort. 

How to use the pawsafe Harness strap

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PawSafe no pull Harness review
  • Follow these steps to place the strap on the body of your pet/dog
  • Unbuckle the straps on the harness
  • Loosen the opening on the neck of the strap; this can be done by loosening/pulling the sliders.
  • Slide the dog’s neck using the handle facing up and the D-ring through the neck opening.
  • Adjust the strap such that the harness is below the dog’s throat and high on the chest.
  • Lock and buckle the chest straps after positioning the harness correctly
  • After buckling the chest straps, adjust the strap length such that you can fit two fingers into any part of the harness. This ensures that the belt is loose enough to ensure comfortableness for the dog.

Reasons Why Pawsafe Harness is Better than Collars/Leash Pulling

Leashes are chains used in the control of a dog. They are usually attached to the collar worn on a dog’s neck. It can be seen as a form of restraint used on a dog, especially while walking them; it helps control their movement in public spaces, giving them a small amount of freedom to do what they want.

The use of leashes while walking dogs can be very stressful on the handler and the dog. It makes the dog apply more force when moving forward and can go a long way to increase the tension on the dog’s throat while walking, which puts more strain on the dog’s stress. When the dog pulls back and the handler yanks it regularly, the dog may develop unwanted behaviour such bis constant backing and a feeling of uneasiness.

Leashes may incite unpleasant experiences or reactions between your dog and other pets. Dogs that constantly pull on the leash can lead to a neck injury and pose serious difficulties when walking your dog. For smaller dogs, excessive pulling on the leash on a dog’s collar, regardless of its size, can put too much pressure on the neck of the dog and further strain their throats. Dragging, jerking, and withholding a dog’s movement using a leash can cause stress and inconvenience during walks. According to dog experts, harnesses are preferred trends over collars as they are considered the norm for most trainers. The harness is excellent for managing behaviour and helps build their physical wellbeing and quality of their life. 

Using a leash for a dog can cause physical harm to your dog as the neck is an important and delicate part of the dog’s body. A dog’s neck is very similar to that of humans; similarly, the pain a human would feel when pulling away from a hook tied on the neck is the same a dog would feel. Although the leash might be an easier and faster means of getting ready when preparing for a walk, they generally pose more harm than good regarding the dog’s health.

Below are some disadvantages of using a leash on the collar of a dog

  • Behavioural Problems
  • Nervous or Forelimb Malfunction
  • Damage of the Thyroid Gland
  • Eye or Ear Infections
  • Neck Injuries
  • Behavioural Problems: Using leashes on collars to walk dogs can cause behavioural problems over time. This behaviour can affect the health of the dog. Issues like constant shyness and aggressiveness might result from using a leash on dogs. This is because there is a correlation between behaviour and physical activities. Often, the constant pulling of a dog on a collar may be the effect of the damage or pain caused by the constant pulling of the leash.
  • Nervous or Forelimb Malfunction: The pull of the leash on a dog’s collar can diversify the dog’s behavioural pattern. The dog may develop habits such as increased sensation on the feet or excessive paw licking. The collar can cause a malfunction in the dog’s nervous system and affects l the nerves in the front legs due to the constant physical impact. When dogs develop such symptoms, owners should urgently look for neck injuries and do away with the collar.
  • Damage of the thyroid gland: The pressure on the neck caused by the collar and constant pulling can severely affect the thyroid gland of the dog’s neck. It can cause a form of inflammation that can consequently affect the dog by inducing organ failure, ear infections, hair loss, skin problems, weight gain, and low energy. The thyroid gland experiences serious injury when pulled, leading to a deficit called hypothyroidism. In this state, the body tries to remove inflamed thyroid cells, consequently destroying the body’s immune system.
  • Eye and Ear Infections: According to research, collars are proven ways of increasing pressure in a dog’s eyes, thus worsening the situation of dogs with eye diseases such as glaucoma or thin corneas. The collar also tends to induce ear infections by restricting the lymphatic abs blood flow to and from the head. The pulling of the leash on the collar also has a possibility of causing cancer infections and endangering the dog’s health.
  • Neck injuries: Pulling and jerking is one of the primary ways a dog’s neck is damaged. Injuries such as fractured vertebrae, larynx injuries, crushed trachea, headaches, whiplash, and bruised necks are often caused by a leash on collars. Most neck injuries in dogs result from couplings and thus, over time, can cause behavioural problems.

Guide for Purchasing the No-pull Harness

  • Strips: When purchasing the  Harness, ensure to choose one with a larger width. The wider the strap, the minor discomfort it gives the dog. Thin straps are flimsy and chafe against the dog’s skin when pulled. Wide straps redistribute the pressure and prevent the belt from cutting into the dog’s skin. The straps also have cushion features that improve the dog’s comfort, especially those with less fur on their body.
  • Clips and Rings: The harness has a back and front clip that helps the handlers control the dog using a leash. It provides leash fixations for younger dogs to help reduce pulling. The front and back ring’s presence increases the handler’s control over the dog using the front and back rings. Users can also attach leashes to these straps and adopt a loose leash walking method using either the front or back ring. Users can also attach the leash to suit the kind of environment they are walking in.
  • Walk control mechanism: The harness is designed to allow handlers to control their dog’s movement by ensuring that the dogs stay on the owner’s side during walks. It helps the user in loose leash walk and improves convenience reducing difficulties.

How to Choose the Appropriate Size for Your Dog

Here are the steps necessary for choosing the right size of the  Harness. It is essential to choose the right size when buying a harness as this helps to improve the dog’s comfort and convenience when walking them.

Consider these steps;

Girth Measurements: Before purchasing any harness, buyers should measure the dog’s ribcage correctly. i.e. the deepest part of the ribcage.

Chest Measurements: Measure the dog’s chest width. This measurement can be done by starting and ending the size behind the dog’s front legs.

Choose the Size: After measuring the dog’s chest and girth, choose the size that fits the dog using the measurement. Remember that the smaller size between the two measurements always fits the dog better.

The Credibility of the PawSafe No-pull  Harness

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PawSafe Harness Reviews

The  no-pull harness is a harmless and ergonomically shaped strap for dogs and other pets. The harness has high-rated reviews that set it above different saddles. They help to reduce/eliminate the pressure on the neck of the animals and prevent the development of neck-related injuries. This harness provides an improved and secured grip and is suitable for dogs with breathing and spinal related issues. They are generally ideal for all breeds of dogs and help to improve the control over the user over the dog. They are usually easy to use and provide unlimited convenience during walks. Their design helps keep the dog directly by your side, thereby preventing unwanted dog movements. It also eradicates the discomfort associated with pulling, such as the chaffing of the dog’s skin and the prevention of neck-related injuries.

The Pawsafe Harness is available in different sizes and helps to perfectly git the body of the dog when the appropriate size is chosen. The harness is made of comfortable materials that support usage for long walks. It is also very durable and less stressful to use.

Benefits of using the Pawsafe no pull Harness

  • Training tool
  • Safety
  • Increased Control
  • Reduced Pressure on the Neck
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Versatility

Training tool: The harness can be used as a training tool for your dogs. It can be used to teach dogs how the heel and poses eases for getting dogs ready during car rides. The Pawsafe harness supports training such as guiding the disabled, tracking, mushing, and cartinge. It is a suitable means of training and walking dogs as suggested by trainers

Safety: The harness serves as one of the easiest and safest ways to walk your dogs and hook your leash. It also helps to guarantee the safety of the health of your dogs and reduce the stress while walking the dogs. This special no-pull harness helps to prevent thendogs from slipping unlike collars where dogs can slip.

Increased Control: Harnesses provides an improved control over the dog and helps to prevent or reduce constant jumping. It is the most suitable item for walks, hiking, and other hyper activities. The harness allows the dog to always stay by the side of the handler and automatically directs the dog back to the handler when they try to overtake the handler. Hence, this harness can be seen as a better way to walk aggressive dogs 

Reduced pressure on the neck area of the dog: The harness reduces/eliminates the total amount of pressure on the neck of the dog and helps to reduce the development of spinal misalignment.

Ergonomic Design: The Pawsafe No-pull Harness is ergonomic designed to prevent fatigue and discomfort for the pet. It is shaped to allow for easy movement of the dog without placing constraints on any joint or body part. The harness also has an ergonomic handle for dogs of higher weight that helps to improve control over the dog.

Versatility: The harness is suitable for different breeds of dogs. It can be used in any ride and can be used on other animals other than dogs. Animals like cats, hamsters, pigs, and giant rabbits can also make use of the harness. This versatility makes it a suitable tool for users with different kinds of pets or animal servicing organizations.

Advantages of the Pawsafe No-pull Harness

Elimination of pulling behaviours: The no-pull harness is an effective means of controlling the pulling behaviour of dogs. They give the user more control over the dogs and help to reduce any strain. It improves the dog’s cooperation during walks and is highly suitable for dogs who often pull on leashes. It helps to control the dog’s reflex opposition behaviour and is an effective tool in eliminating the tendency of dogs pulling their owners around.

Prevention of Choking: This harness provides a safer and healthier means to cater to the dogs by removing pressure from the dog’s neck and preventing discomfort. The Pawsafe No-pull harness creates enough room around the body and is not tightly fitted around the neck of the dog. This helps eliminate choking and prevents neck and other related injuries.

High-quality Materials: The manufacturers of the harness use high-quality materials in the production of the harness. The harness is padded to ensure maximum comfort and promote suitability for the dog. The harness is designed with soft yet sturdy and durable materials that are not easily prone to wear and tear and can be easily maintained. The strap has a built-in grip that improves the grip over the dog and has a clasp design that allows for improved control. The materials used in the creation of this harness are breathable mesh fabrics with 

Design: The harness is designed with top-notch styles that help enhance your dog’s posture while walking. It is artistically designed to fit the dog perfectly and create an elegant look when worn. Another critical area is that it adds finesse to the pet using it and makes a classic look.

Availability different sizes: The Pawsafe no-pull harness is available in different sizes to suit different types of dogs. The saddle does not adopt a one-size-fits-all design. This helps owners to buy the appropriate size for their dogs and eliminate the chances of misfits.

Extra Padding: The harness manufacturers use additional padding to prevent the discomfort that may result from long term usage. The harness is padded in specific areas prone to causing pain to the dog. With this, the harness is more suited for long hours of use.

Easy to fit: The Pawsafe No-pull harness is one of the most accessible harnesses to fit. The clasps and straps are conveniently placed and easily come on and off.

Vet Recommended: Trainers and veterinarians recommend this harness for use. This is because the harness helps to reduce the amount of pulling and the stain on the neck of the dog as well.

Disadvantages of the Pawsafe Harness

Limited Stock and buying difficulties: Since the product can only be purchased online from the official website of the company, the manufacturers may run out of the product when there is a high demand. Additionally, users who are not friendly with the provisions of the internet or do not have access to the internet may not benefit from the purchase.

How to Purchase the Pawsafe No-pull Harness

The harness can only be purchased on the official website of the company. This purchase form helps ensure that the buyers buy the original product and not a counterfeit. This direct purchase also provides that all customers purchase the products along with the discounts and other bonuses associated with the warranty and refunds.

Shipping, Refund Policy and Warranty of the PawSafe Harness

Shipping Policy ( PawSafe no pull ha review)

The delivery of the product depends on the location of the buyer. For buyers outside the United States, shipping may take up to five to fourteen business days, although the order is processed in one business day.

For buyers within the United States, delivery of the orders can be between two to five business days, although the order is processed in one business day.

Refund Policy ( PawSafe Harness review 2022 )

The manufacturer of the Pawsafe harness permits a 90-day return policy of customers that are not satisfied with the offers of the product or dogs that do not get along with the saddle. When returned within the stipulated number of days, the customers are eligible for a full refund. This extended return period indicates that the product is credible and excellent for use.

Warranty ( PawSafe Harness review )

The product is under a 12-month warranty. This warranty is available in defects relating to artistry and materials used in the production of the product; however, it does not apply to damages resulting from unintended use or accidents. Buyers can also opt for a lifetime warranty which costs about $11.98.

How much does Pawsafe Harness cost? 

One Pawsafe No-pull Harness costs $34.95 when bought from the company’s official website.

Two harnesses cost $69.90

Tree harnesses cost $104.85

Customers Review and Testimonies on PawSafe no pull Harness ( PawSafe Harness review 2022)

Hope B

“This is my Beagle, Emile Pierre, a total puller. This is the only harness that fits and actually works.”

Erin R

“This makes a great gift for anyone that has a dog. Everyone needs one of these. It’s a no brainer. It’s great.”

Tiana B

“I love the fact it doesn’t tug at his neck and gives a balanced way of supporting his body while walking.”

Hyun L

My Lola is a 10lb mix breed with an odd body shape. It’s been a long search for a good harness that fits properly and lasts. I’ve only found one prior but it didn’t last very long- the Velcro gave out within a year. The fit is good and it looks sturdy. Looking forward to using it.

Frequently Asked Questions of the No-pull Harness

What makes the harness better than a collar?

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PawSafe Harness review

The harness provides a more secure grip over the dog. It is not easy to pull out, unlike the collar. Moreover, collars are not always very functional as they give dogs the freedom to pull. The collars also impair the ability of the dog to breathe and may go further to cause neck injuries and behavioural problems to the dogs. Dogs can not easily pull out of harnesses, unlike

How can a  buyer choose a size that perfectly fits their dog?

The harness is adjustable; thus, users can adjust the straps to suit the body size of their pets. While changing the straps, users should ensure that the saddle does not cause much pain to the dog. Additionally, the vests are designed in various sizes to suit the needs of different dogs. Users should carefully choose the vest that fits the body and type of their dog.

Is the No-pull Pawsafe harness practical?

Yes. The Pawsafe harness is a good idea when seeking to take increased control over your dog’s movement while walking. The harness is designed to prevent dogs from pulling on their own while providing discomfort from constant pulling. It provides support and balance to the dog’s body posture and helps keep the dog safe during walks. 

Is the no-pull harness suitable for all kinds of dogs?

Yes. The harness is suitable for all kinds of dogs. It is ideal for dogs of varying sizes, ages, and breeds. It is a convenient tool for walking dogs new to walking and developing good habits.

Would the PawSafe harness hurt the dog during usage?

No. The harness is specially designed with comfortable materials to provide maximum comfort to the dog. It is made of breathable and lightweight materials that are suitable for dogs and do not chafe into the skin nor cause pain during use. The vest does not cause strain on the dog’s body and helps prevent neck injuries and behavioural problems. 

Is there a lifetime warranty available for this product?

Yes. There is a lifetime warranty on the product, which costs about $11.98

What is the maximum amount of harnesses that can be bought at a discount?

No The manufacturers of the harness manufacturers allow for a purchase of up to four harnesses at a discount price of $125.16. This gives about a 53% discount.

How can I correctly measure my dog when buying the harness?

Take measurements behind the elbows of the dog and around the dog’s barrel. The harness is also designed adjustable and is available in about four sizes.

What are the kinds of straps available on the Pawsafe harness?

The straps are designed to fit appropriately on the dog’s body. The straps run across the sternum, back, barrel, and chest.

How can I position the straps on the body of the dog?

The straps should be positioned so that it doesn’t chafe into the dog’s skin. The straps should be positioned comfortably to allow the dog to sit, lie or stand appropriately and without discomfort. The straps should not be placed directly below the armpits of the dog. The harness can be positioned to put the handler in total control by clasping the saddle in front of the dog’s chest.

How many ways can I position the harness on the dog’s body?

The harness can be positioned behind the neck for dogs that require more control. For other dogs, the harness should be tied above the midsection; at the back of the dog.

How many colours is the harness available in?

The harness is available in a variety of colours. Buyers can visit the site to choose the colour of their choice.

How many sizes are available for the Pawsafe Harness?

The harness is available in five sizes; XL, L, M, S, XS. The company also has a size chart that helps buyers choose the size that perfectly fits their dog.

Is there a seatbelt available with this Pawsafe Harness?

Yes. The harness is designed for convenience, and as such, the manufacturers created the product with a seatbelt to keep the dog in place while in a car. Users can also purchase the seatbelt from the official website of the company. There is also a car seat cover available for the product. All items can be purchased from the official website of the company.

Conclusion: Pawsafe Harness Reviews 

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PawSafe Harness Reviews

The Pawsafe No-pull Harness is an ergonomically designed strap designed for walking pets, especially dogs. The product is designed to provide maximum comfort and aid convenience for the handler and the dog. It is an easy to use and adjustable strap available in five sizes. It helps prevent chafing of the dog’s skin and eliminates neck-related injuries resulting from leashes and collars when walking dogs. This versatile product improves the handler’s control over the dog by using a technique that automatically pulls the dog back to the handler when it attempts to overtake the handler. 

The harness is designed with front and back rings that are easily strapped on the dog. The harness hugs the dog’s body and creates an excellent look on the dog. It can be used as a training tool to provide balance and practical support to the dog. It provides a secured grip over the dog to prevent unwanted movements. It helps to eliminate neck Injuries caused by using a leash when walking dogs. It is safe and recommended by trainers and vets. The harness is a better, safer, and healthier tool for walking pets.

This Pawsafe harness can only be purchased on the company’s official website through the link on this reviews. This helps to eliminate the purchase of counterfeit products and help buyers partake in the discounts available. A lifetime warranty is available for $11.98. A refund policy of 90 days and a 12-month warranty plan is available on the harness. 

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