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Kore ClubCrush Reviews 2022: What Other Reviewers Won’t Tell You! 

Kore ClubCrush Reviews 2022: I always thought regular electric blenders were the best. At least, unlike manual ones, I could simply plug them to a power source and, automatically, they’ll crush my fruits and vegetables. What I didn’t know was that the world of blenders has got even better!

With the regular electric blenders, I had to suspend my cooking whenever power went off – because no electricity, no blending. Plus, the cords always got in my way – I’d have to untangle them every single time! 

Now the narrative has changed and I can make my smoothies and shakes anytime – day or night; whether there was electricity or not. I don’t have to grumble over cords again because there aren’t any. 

What is this revolutionary product that has changed the market of blenders? It is the Kore ClubCrush. 

Kore ClubCrush makes blending easy and stress-free. You can blend just about any kind of fruit or vegetable with this blender to make your favorite shakes, cocktails, and smoothies.

Reviews on this product say it has enough power to handle anything you throw at it. How does it do this? We’ll have to find out.

This review aims to expose every detail you need about Kore ClubCrush – its mode of operation, how to use the product, what you can make out of it, features and product details of Kore ClubCrush, and the pros and cons. Where you can buy this product and the price are also contained in this article.

First off, let’s take the big question out of the way – what is Kore ClubCrush?

What is Kore ClubCrush? (Kore ClubCrush reviews 2022)

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Kore ClubCrush Reviews 2022

Kore ClubCrush is portable, easy-to-use, rechargeable blender for your smoothies and shakes. It is the one-stop shop blender for multiple purposes. Kore ClubCrush is a product of KoreHealth, an American-based company involved in production of home and wellness gadgets and accessories.

Getting a blender that perfectly crushes fruit and vegetable items and makes you juicy beverages is not in the common. But Kore ClubCrush does that for you. This gadget uses a high-power electric motor to give you the best smoothies.

Worried about power outage? Not anymore. I use the Kore ClubCrush at any time of the day to make my fruit juices. Unlike regular blenders, it operates on a rechargeable battery. The interesting part is that a single charge of this gadget takes me through over 15 rounds of blending!

The Kore ClubCrush is built with a sleek and compact design. It is not cumbersome to carry about and will not take up much space in your kitchen. However, it supports as much as 400 mL volume, meaning you can blend a lot of items at a go. I could have my strawberries, mangoes, peaches, all together for smoothies and they’re always perfectly blended.

One special edge Kore ClubCrush has over other blenders is quickness and convenience. In a few seconds, this gadget would blend all the fruits and vegetables contained in the chamber. If you’re in a hurry to make beverages for your friends or family, Kore ClubCrush will be your best pal. It saves you time and gets the job well done.

Many electric blenders in the market today come with several buttons that make the operation of the gadget complicated. You truly may never get to use all these buttons for your blending. Kore ClubCrush, on the other hand, is built to make blending easy and fun. There’s only one button you can push to get your stuff nicely blended.

You can clean dirt and food particles off Kore ClubCrush without any stress. The material of the blender doesn’t have dirt strongly adherent to it and is easy to clean. Making sure your blender is clean ensures the safety of your beverage and prolongs the life of the gadget.

Kore ClubCrush is built to last for years without damage. If, however, you want to return this gadget to the manufacturer, you can do so within 30 days of purchase. The manufacturer offers a 100-% hassle-free refund.

What you get after purchase of Kore ClubCrush (Kore ClubCrush reviews 2022)

  • Kore ClubCrush blender (x1)
  • USB charging cable (x1)
  • User Guide/Instructional Manual (x1)

8 Reasons why you should have Kore ClubCrush (Kore ClubCrush reviews 2022)

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KoreClubCrush Review

The Kore ClubCrush is a big hit to the market of blenders. Many families want to have this gadget at their homes for several reasons. If ever in doubt, these are 8 top reasons why you should have this revolutionary blender.

  1. Long-lasting rechargeable battery

One of the cutting-edge features of the Kore ClubCrush is the long-lasting rechargeable battery. This device uses a 7.4V, 5200mAH Li-ion battery. When fully charged, the Kore ClubCrush can be used up to 15 times to blend your items! Now you can make your desserts, smoothies, shakes; all beverages at any time of the day or night. You don’t necessarily need electricity to operate this blender.

  1. Single-button operation

Unlike regular blenders that come with lots of complicated buttons many of which you’ll never use, KoreHealth thought it wise to make life easier for customers. To operate this device, there’s only one button to push. This saves you time and makes the operation of the device easy for anyone. Adults as well as children can use this gadget because it takes just one button to swing it into action.

  1. High-power blender

Existing reviews say that the Kore ClubCrush can handle any task thrown at it. After reviewing this product myself, I found this to be true. The reason lies on the blender’s high-power motor. The heart of the device lies on the electric motor that rotates at 16,500 rpm to drive the 304 stainless steel six-leaf blades. This feature makes Kore ClubCrush a powerful blender that crushes just about any kind of fruit or vegetable.

  1. Contains a large-capacity ABS chamber

The Kore ClubCrush is designed to be portable and compact. In fact, it is far from cumbersome and hardly takes up any space. However, the ABS chamber is large enough to contain a large volume of items. It has a capacity of 400mL. You won’t have to turn to other blenders when you have to crush large amounts of fruits. Kore ClubCrush is large enough to accommodate them all.

  1. Cordless design

No doubt electric blenders are better than manual ones but the power cords of most regular electric blenders could be a pain in the neck. They could tangle and you have to separate them when that happens. That’s a lot of stress and could be time-consuming! Having to untangle the cord was my worse nightmare! Luckily, you don’t have to do so with Kore ClubCrush because there are cords no more! After recharging this device, remove the USB cord and using the Kore ClubCrush can’t be more convenient.

  1. High-quality material

Kore ClubCrush is made with ultra-sharp, rustproof stainless-steel blades which are strong and antirust. The major body of this gadget is designed with safe non-BPA plastic which is highly resistant to trauma and does not impart taste to your beverages. Using this device, you can be sure to have the most finely-made desserts, cocktails, shakes, and smoothies.

  1. Quick Charge time

Kore ClubCrush is not only rechargeable, it charges up in the quickest possible time. The average time of charge is 3 hours although it could be less or slightly more depending on the input voltage. After full charge, you can use this device up to 15 times without running down. Ensure to charge up Kore ClubCrush to make the most of its functionality.

  1. Sleek and ergonomic design

Kore ClubCrush has a sleek design. It is a blender you’ll love to handle and have in your kitchen. It comes in a bright white color that blends with the interior decor of your kitchen and makes it stand out. Kore ClubCrush will probably be one of the most beautiful gadgets in your kitchen and you’ll always be tempted to use it every now and then.

Specification (Kore ClubCrush reviews 2022)

  • Brand: KoreHealth
  • Product Name: Kore ClubCrush
  • Material: ultra-sharp, rustproof stainless-steel (blade); non-BPA plastic (body)
  • Voltage rating: 7.4 volts
  • Item dimensions: 3 x 3 x 9 inches (L x W x H)
  • Power rating: 14.8 watts
  • Average charge time: 3-4 hrs
  • Motor power: 16,500 revs -per -min
  • Item weight: 1.57 pounds
  • Item Model Number: 30435
  • Battery type: Li-ion Rechargeable battery
  • Battery capacity: 5,200 mAH
  • Date first available: April 11, 2022

How does Kore ClubCrush work? (Kore ClubCrush reviews 2022)

The working mechanism of Kore ClubCrush is similar to that of typical electric blenders. However, the efficiency of Kore ClubCrush is higher.

Kore ClubCrush is battery-operated. When fully charged, the gadget swings into action, crushing down the items placed in the ABS chamber to produce a finely-blended beverage. 

The core component of Kore ClubCrush is its electric motor which rotates to crush your fruits and vegetables. Unlike other products, Kore ClubCrush’s blades revolve at a high frequency of 16,500 revs every minute. The motor produces sufficient power to crush down fruits and vegetables into a paste or juice in a matter of seconds.

Using the Kore ClubCrush, you can now make beverages of any type. This gadget makes delicious cocktails, smoothies, margaritas, mocktails, and desserts you’ll come to enjoy.

How to Use Kore ClubCrush (Kore ClubCrush reviews 2022)

Kore ClubCrush is designed to be used by anyone. Its operation is simple and there are no excess buttons to get you confused. This gadget can be used by adults and by children. You don’t need the services of an expert to operate Kore ClubCrush. If ever confused, a well-written instructional manual is included in the package to walk you through.

To use the Kore ClubCrush, simply do the following:

Step 1: Unbox the package to take out Kore Club Crush

Step 2: Make sure the gadget is fully charged. Plug in Kore ClubCrush to a power outlet through the included USB charging cable.

Step 3: Fill the ABS chamber with the contents you wish to blend. This could be your fruit, vegetables, or protein powder.

Step 4: Push the single button of Kore Club Crush to get it working. You can find this button at the lower part of the device. It is conspicuous enough

Step 5: Allow Kore ClubCrush crush your fruits and vegetables into perfectly blended smoothies and shakes in just seconds

Step 6: Enjoy the best shake blender for easy and quick recipes

Step 7: Clean up the gadget after use 

What can I make out of Kore ClubCrush? (Kore ClubCrush reviews )

Kore ClubCrush is a multipurpose blender for various types of beverages. Using Kore ClubCrush, I can make any type of fruit juice of my choice. Kore ClubCrush is perfect for baby food, protein shakes, delicious cocktails, fruit smoothies, fancy margaritas, tasty mocktails, and several other beverages.

What are the benefits of Kore ClubCrush? (Kore ClubCrush review)

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KoreClubCrush Review

Using the Kore ClubCrush has very much changed the way I go about my blending. It has become a big utility product for me because of the benefits it offers. 

  • Quickest and most convenient blender of all time

Kore ClubCrush makes your smoothie and shakes in just seconds. When you run into the situation of making beverages for your friends on a sudden visit, be sure Kore ClubCrush got you. To turn every situation to your favor with this gadget, always ensure it is charged. Once this is done, Kore ClubCrush will be at your beck and call. 

  • Portable and Lightweight

A perfect example of take-anywhere blender would be Kore ClubCrush. This blender is portable and lightweight. It weighs only 1.57 pounds. You can fit Kore ClubCrush in your luggage, backpack, or purse. Take this blender to school, your office, to the gym, park … just anywhere. It’ll be your best buddy and will never let you down!

  • Make Beverages at any time

The days of manual blenders are gone. Electric blenders that operate solely on electricity are becoming infamous. Rechargeable blenders like the Kore ClubCrush are the talk of the town. Now you don’t have to put aside your blender when electricity goes off. Once fully recharged, you can use this device several times to blend your fruits and vegetables.

  • Easy to clean

Cleaning up Kore ClubCrush is important to ensure your smoothie is exactly what you expect. Additionally, it prolongs the life of the product. Because the manufacturer has this in mind, Kore ClubCrush with materials dirt doesn’t adhere so strongly to. Cleaning up Kore ClubCrush is therefore a painless process. Ensure to carry out this step each time you use the product.

  • Make several beverages for yourself

In need of a blender for all types of beverages? Kore ClubCrush is sure your best bet. Kore ClubCrush is a multipurpose blender for various types of beverages. Using this product to make any type of fruit juice of my choice. You can use Kore ClubCrush for baby food, protein shakes, delicious cocktails, fruit smoothies, fancy margaritas, tasty mocktails, and several other beverages.

  • Affordable 

You may expect the Kore ClubCrush to be of the high-end because of the slew of features and benefits the gadget offers. However, Kore ClubCrush is far from being pricey. This is so for every family to have this product and make smoothies, shakes, and desserts of their choice at any time. 

Pros of KoreClubCrush

  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery
  • Single-button operation
  • High-power blender
  • Contains a large-capacity ABS chamber
  • Cordless design
  • High-quality material
  • Quick Charge time
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • Affordable product
  • Easy to clean up
  • Make beverages at any time
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Hassle-free return policy

Cons of KoreClubCrush

  • The product is only available on the official website. KoreHealth does not commission the sale of this product through any third-party retailers.
  • Kore ClubCrush is limited in stock. Make an order on time before it runs out of stock.

Where to buy Kore ClubCrush (Kore ClubCrush reviews 2022)

The Kore ClubCrush is available for sale only on the official website. I’d recommend you getting this product from here alone because it comes at juicy discount and you can be sure of the original product. KoreHealth does not commission any third-party retailer to sell this product because the price could be hiked. If you want the most affordable price, be sure to head over to the official site and make a purchase.

What is the price of Kore ClubCrush?

Kore ClubCrush is sold at $49.99. 

There are several payment options for you. You can pay via credit and debit cards, direct debits, digital wallets, and Buy Now Pay Later options.

Return Policy (Kore ClubCrush reviews 2022)

KoreHealth offers Return Policy that lasts 30 days. This takes effect from the time you receive your purchase. The product cannot be returned if you take more than 30 days. You’ll not be refunded and have your item changed. 

  1. KoreHealth has certain conditions for return and refund. 
  2. Product must be in brand new condition, unused/unworn and its original packaging. 
  3. Product packaging must be intact and returned to us in an appropriate shipping container.
  4. Product must be returned to the return facility address provided by our customer service. 

Rating of Kore ClubCrush

Easy to clean – 4.2

Easy to use – 3.8

Blending power – 4.0

KoreClubCrush Customer’s Report and Experience 

Mavis R. –

My infant daughter is so picky with her food it made feeding her a nightmare. But with the Kore x ClubCrush I can easily make food that she LOVES to eat. It’s made my life so much easier, and I’m glad that she’s eating only the best and freshest ingredients instead of something that’s been sitting on a shelf at the supermarket for months on end. Yes, I recommend this product.

So easy to make smoothies!

Connor P. –

My family calls me the Smoothie King because I make the best smoothies in town. I used to be tied to my kitchen blender if I wanted to make a smoothie, but now I can make them wherever I go – and let me tell you, nothing beats a delicious smoothie you just made fresh while on a picnic or at the beach!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Helps me get protein into my diet!

Raquel K. –

My doctor said I’m anemic and should get more protein in my diet. Some of the protein powder I use tastes terrible, but you can’t even notice it when you blend it into a delicious smoothie. Kore x ClubCrush makes it easy to get the protein I need, and in a delicious form, too!

Yes, I recommend this product.

Upgraded my cocktail game!

Mark P. –

I’m an amateur bartender and the Kore x ClubCrush has become my new weapon of choice. It makes it easy to come up with new mixed cocktails, and it’s just SO easy to clean out. It’s a thousand times better than having to deal with a heavy, hard to clean, old fashioned blender. Yes, I recommend this product.

Frequently Asked Questions About more ClubCrush

Do I have to wait for too long before I recharge Kore ClubCrush?

No. Kore ClubCrush is built with a fast-charge feature. On the average, it takes 3-4 hours to charge up this gadget. Depending on the input voltage, Kore ClubCrush could be charged up at a shorter or slightly longer time. Ensure the gadget is charged up at all times.

Will KoreClubCrush make a good gift?

Yes. Kore ClubCrush will make a perfect gift. You can gift this product to your friends, siblings, colleagues. They’ll love it.

Any special advantages of using Kore ClubCrush over other blenders?

Yes, using Kore ClubCrush offers you several advantages over regular blenders. This blender is special for the long-lasting rechargeable battery, single-button operation, high-power blender, a large-capacity ABS chamber, Cordless design, high-quality material, Quick Charge time, Sleek and ergonomic design

For how much is Kore ClubCrush sold?

Kore ClubCrush is sold for $49.99. You can buy this product from the official website at the cheapest price. Also, for the original product, head over to the official website.

What is the return policy for Kore ClubCrush?

According to the manufacturer, Kore ClubCrush can only be returned only within 30 days of purchase. If this allotted time is exceeded, you won’t be able to return Kore ClubCrush any longer. Additionally, you will only be able to return the product if any damages don’t come from your end.

How can I pay?

KoreHealth provides customers with local payment options, including credit and debit cards, digital wallets, direct debit, and Buy Now Pay Later options.

Do I need expertise to be able to use Kore ClubCrush?

No, you don’t. Kore ClubCrush is an easy-to-use product. To use Kore ClubCrush involves six simple steps as discussed in the article.


KoreClubCrush Review: Final Verdict and Recommendation

Blenders are a necessity for every lover of smoothies, shakes, desserts, and cocktails. Getting the right blender for these beverages isn’t always an easy task. Manual blenders dominated the market at some point in time until they gave way to electric blenders that have to be plugged in to an electric wall socket to be used. 

Though a better option, there was one major downside: you can’t use the blender in the case of power outage.  This was the major inspiration for KoreHealth, the American-based company behind Kore ClubCrush. 

Kore ClubCrush is a portable blender that is operated by a rechargeable battery. Since the invention of this product, the market of blenders has become better.

Several families now use this blender to make their smoothies, shakes, cocktails, and several other beverages. The product is rated high and has received a lot of positive feedbacks from customers because of how useful it been to them.

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