Forever ideal lash serum review 2022 :  Don’t let your lashes pull out anymore!

Forever ideal lash serum review 2022:  Are you tired of having your eyelashes breaking and falling out? Are you fed up with the endless promises of beauty products the lashes of your dreams? Perhaps you’ve tried out strip lashes and felt they’re the best but we all know you’ve got to remove them just as you do your makeup at the end of the day right?

 So many people see lash extensions as a better alternative to strip lashes. However, there’s a caveat. Imagine you have a series of appointments which requires you to make use of these extensions for them all? 

We all know the amount of money you would be spending on them each time in addition to the time involved. Moreover, most people are quite allergic to some of these lash glues especially those with sensitive skin.

Are you doomed then? Does it mean the end of the road in pursuit of eyelashes? Certainly not! This time around we have found a remedy to all the challenges you faced in the quest to get fuller and stronger lashes. Forever Lash is the answer! Forever Ideal Lash serum is a unique blend of powerful nutrients such as Biotin, Caffeine and Vitamin E that stimulate growth and leave you with visibly thicker lashes in no time!

Yes, even if your lashes are not as thick or long as you’d like them to be, there is now a way to get around it – using a good eyelash growth serum like the Forever Ideal Lash serum. 

What would you rather do? Get your Forever Ideal Lash serum or continue with your strip lashes and lash extensions? Before you take any step, this review is for you. We shall see the features and benefits of Forever Ideal lash serum as well as how to use this product, how it works, where to buy and several other things. If you’re ready, let’s dive in.

What is Forever Ideal Lash serum product? (Forever Ideal Lash serum review 2022)

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Forever lash Review

Forever Ideal Lash Growth Serum is an exclusive blend of powerful natural nutrients such as Biotin, Caffeine, Apple Stem Extract and Vitamin E that stimulate eyelash growth and strength.  It is a U.S. – based product of the health and beauty shop category.

For a long time, there were only two ways one could get beautifully long and strong eyelashes: either they were born with it or they had to fake it, either with thick mascaras or fake eyelashes. Using mascaras or fake lashes has their own upsides and downsides. 

However, the cons could be so devastating that it damages your own eyelashes permanently. Thankfully, eyelash growth serums are gaining popularity. This alternative does not ruin your eyelashes. Rather, it helps them grow. Forever Ideal is one of the eyelash growth serums that offers you healthier, thicker, and, more importantly, natural eyelashes.

True to their pure manufacturing practices, Forever Ideal makes zero compromises with the quality of ingredients in their products. That means you won’t find any artificial fillers such as parabens, silicon or fragrance.

This serum is a top eyelash enhancer produced cruelty-free in an FDA registered and GMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant facility in the USA.
When this product is applied regularly, Forever ideal Lash serum will make your eyelashes fuller, stronger and longer in a short time. 

Obviously, a question everyone has when hearing about eyelash growth serums is, “do they really work?”, and we’re here to answer for Forever Ideal buy saying “yes!”. Interestingly, Forever Ideal doesn’t just work but it’s easy to use. 

As the serum also hydrates your lashes you will notice lesser lash fall. It makes each strand stronger so you do not need to worry about them falling out so easily.

The growth enhancing serums strengthens each strand resulting in fuller, thicker hair for both men and women alike. Enjoy replenished, healthy-looking lashes in a few weeks! The magic lies in the special mixture of nutrients that stimulate hair growth by sweeping through your hair follicles. It not only strengthens but also hydrates each follicle.

The company behind Forever Ideal Lash serum provides customers with a 60-day growth guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the purchase you can easily return it and get a refund excluding shipping charges. You can also be given a replacement instead. The company offers a 100-% money-back guarantee.

Features of Forever Ideal Lash serum (Forever Ideal Lash serum reviews)

Forever Ideal Lash Serum is an innovative product of a U.S.-based company. Since its production, it has become popular in the markets of U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australia. You may be wondering how but it’s not much of a surprise given the amazing features of this lash serum. 

  • Natural ingredients

Forever Ideal Lash Serum is made from natural ingredients including vitamins such as Biotin, Provitamin B, and Vitamin E. These organic-based nutrients are effective at promoting hair growth and eye health. They are safe to use and cause no side reactions to the consumer. Moreover, Forever Ideal Lash serum is a top eyelash enhancer produced cruelty-free in an FDA-registered and GMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) – compliant facility in the U.S.

  • Hypoallergenic substance

One worry of many people is the sensitivity of their skin. Our skins are different not only in tone but also in sensitivity. Because of this, the manufacturer of Forever Ideal Lash Serum brainstormed to come up with a product which is hypoallergenic and therefore causes no skin reactions. Whatever be the nature of your skin, go ahead with Forever Ideal Lash Serum. You won’t get any skin reactions.

  • Efficient in promoting lash (re)growth

Forever Ideal Lash serum helps you grow beautifully long, strong, and full lashes within weeks. With Forever Ideal Lash serum, you don’t need microblading or mascaras or fake lashes anymore. This product has been tested and found efficient in promoting the (re)growth of eyelashes.

  • Easy-to-use product

Fixing eyelash extensions requires a beauty expert to get it right. Their removal has to be carefully done also to avoid damage to the eyelids and other problems. In contrast, Forever Ideal Lash Serum is a very easy product to use. You don’t require the assistance of any professional to use this product.

  • Immediate-acting serum

It takes an average of 2-3 weeks to get the desired result with the use of Forever Ideal lash serum. However, the active ingredients start working as soon as you apply the serum.

Ingredients of the Forever Ideal Lash serum (Forever Ideal Lash serum review)

The Forever Ideal products come with its best eyelash serums with a good number of premium ingredients such as Biotin, Provitamin B, Vitamin E and Apple Stem Cell. All-organic nutrients clinically tested and proven to revitalize your lashes.
Its smooth texture provides vital hydration to the dry eyelash areas as the nutrients awaken damaged hair follicles and inspire new growth.

Below are the ingredients that make up the Forever Ideal Lash serum: 

Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, MCT Oil, Glycerin, Panthenol, Malus Domestica (Apple Stem Cell) Fruit Culture & Xanthan Gum & Lecithin, Organic Salix Alba (White Willow) Bark Extract, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Myristoyl Hexapeptide-16, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Hyaluronic Acid (Vegan), Organic Simmondsia Chinesis (Jojoba) Oil, Organic Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Seed Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Biotin, Caffeine, Disodium EDTA, Polysorbate 80, Phenoxyethanol

How does the Forever Ideal Lash serum work? (Forever Ideal Lash serum review 2022)

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Forever ideal Lash serum powerful active ingredients start working immediately. The conditioning treatments in lash serums contain ingredients like peptides to promote healthy hair follicles, vitamins like biotin to strengthen lashes, and amino acids, plant extracts, and oils (such as pumpkin seed extract and castor oil) that may prevent existing lash hair from falling out. 

These ingredients work by moisturizing and strengthening existing lashes and the surrounding skin, which in turn helps promote healthier and fuller-looking lashes.

The special blend of nutrients seeps through your eyelid and hair follicles instantly.
Apart from hydrating and strengthening your lashes, Forever Lash also significantly enhances their length.

With this forever ideal Lash serum you can be sure to forget about all those damaging products you used before! With regular application, your lashes will soon be fuller, thicker and bolder than ever.

How to use the Forever Ideal Lash Serum (Forever Ideal Lash serum reviews)

Forever ideal lash serum

Forever Ideal Lash Serum is ridiculously easy to use unlike its alternatives. No more running around looking for a professional for your eyelash. 

You can choose to apply the serum to your eyelashes once or twice a day with a morning and bedtime application. Expect to start seeing visible results in as little as two to three weeks!

To gain longer, fluffier eyelashes, follow these steps:

  1. Remove your make-up and cleanse your face

It is a general procedure to clean your face in order to wash out dirt and oils that accumulate on it. You can use warm water with a mild soap to cleanse your face.

  1. Only apply serum to clean, dry lashes

For absolute best results, always apply your eyelash serum to clean and dry eyelashes – preferably right before bed, when your face is free of any makeup that could prevent the serum from absorbing.

  1. Target the base of your lashes, not the lengths

The key to a successful lash serum is strengthening the hair at the root. While there’s no doubt that serum applied to your lash lengths will make them less brittle, the nourishing serum needs to be applied to the follicle root for lasting, dramatic results.

Only apply once a day. Applying the lash serum more than once a day isn’t going to make your eyelashes grow faster, and you’ll end up going through your lash serum way too quickly.

General ways to apply Lash serums (Forever Ideal Lash Serum review 2022)

Skin must be clean, dry and makeup-free for effective application, and while some products can be applied to both the upper and lower lash lines, a patch test is recommended as some lower lash application can cause redness and irritation to the delicate skin below the eyes. 

The three general ways to apply lash serums include:

  1. Brush application

The aim is to penetrate lash follicles with the serum without leakage onto the eye. All that is needed is a simple, one-swipe application drawn across the eyelid very close to the lash line above each eye. 

  1. Wand application

This is applied directly from top to tip of lashes like mascara to condition, nourish and strengthen lashes. 

  1. Serum Dropper

 This is typical of serums and is designed to carefully drop serum to the eye area to be massaged in. Avoid oil-based eye makeup removers while you’re undergoing the lash growing process as some impact the potency of serums.

Benefits of Forever ideal Lash serum (Forever Ideal Lash serum review)

  • Enhanced Eyelash growth

Forever Ideal Lash Serum provides a natural way to grow your eyelashes without side effects. This product stimulates the growth of long, thick lashes that’ll give you the look you’ve always desired.

  • Stronger hair follicles

There is no doubt that when you start making use of Forever Ideal lash serum, your lashes tend to become so much stronger and you overcome the challenges of having to deal with weaker lashes that easily sheds off.

  • Fluffier lashes 

One thing for sure about the lash serum is fluffier and fuller lashes. This puts the eyelash extension that people normally go for over. Just with the lash serum, being consistent enough to apply day and night as required. Your eyelashes would become much fuller than ever.

  • Long-lasting results

After applying this lash serum, you just have to see for yourself such growth and outcome you would get from the 4th week till as long as you keep using this product. Forever Lash’s smooth serum includes nourishing vitamins and peptides that effectively revitalize broken and brittle eyelashes.

The hypoallergenic ingredients ensure that even the most sensitive eyes won’t be irritated by a regular use of the product. When applied regularly, Forever Lash Eyelash Growth Serum will make eyelashes longer and stronger while providing vital hydration in the process. Enjoy naturally thicker, fuller eyelashes in less than a month of use!

Why should I go for Forever Ideal Lash Serum? (Forever Ideal Lash serum )

The Forever Ideal lash growth serums are amazing because they ensure that the gorgeous lashes that you want are actually your own in the sense that they are natural and don’t disappear when it’s time to take your makeup off at the end of the night.

Although they do take a little bit of time to work – usually about four weeks for first results – but the end results of full, natural lashes are so worth it.
Our lash serum contain some common ingredients like m peptides, prostaglandin, and hair conditioning ingredients that all work to support healthy lash growth.

The shipment of Forever Ideal Lash Serum is also fast. The company delivers this product worldwide.

In what forms do eyelashes come? (Forever Ideal Lash serum reviews)

Generally, eyelashes come in the form of:

  1. Strip lashes 

Strip lashes only last as long as you wear your makeup – which means bye-bye, lashes at the end of the night.

  1. Lash extensions

Lash extensions are an option too, but keeping up with appointments every four weeks (not to mention what you can and can’t do with lash extensions) just eats up too much time and money. There’s also a risk of an allergic reaction to lash glue, for those with more sensitive skin.

  1. Natural lashes

Growing your own lashes, of course. Yes, even if your lashes are not as thick or long as you’d like them to be, there are ways around that – with a good eyelash growth serum. They’re so easy to use too – one swipe (just like you’re putting on eyeliner!)

Pros of using Forever Ideal Lash serum (Forever Ideal Lash serum )

  • Clinically researched and tested
  • Promotes Lash strength
  • Repairs hair follicles
  • Fuller and Thicker eyelashes
  • Provides vital hydration
  • 100% organic formula
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Free shipping system

Cons of using Forever Ideal Lash serum (Forever Ideal Lash serum reviews)

  • Can only be purchased via the official website.
  • Might not really find it in stock sometimes because of its high demand
  • Available in only one size

Company profile (Forever Ideal Lash serum reviews)

ForeverIdeal is the company behind forever ideal lash serum. The brand’s main focus, as the company says, is to make you feel more confident and empowered by not covering your skin but by enhancing your natural features. 

The company says:

“We offer exclusive Eyelash Growth Serum and Eyebrow Growth Serum to enhance your natural beauty. Forever Ideal handpicks the best natural ingredients to nurture your looks. All our beauty products are cruelty-free, paraben-free, and made in the USA.”

Where do I Buy Forever Ideal Lash Serum?

The only legitimate way to purchase the Forever Ideal Lash Serum is to visit the company’s official website. Check it and fill in the order form. You will get the delivery in a couple of days as well as an attractive price. The authentic product lash serum is available at an affordable price only on its website.

Refund Policy (Forever Ideal Lash serum reviews)

The company offer it’s customers with a 60-day growth guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the purchase you can easily return it and get a refund excluding shipping charges.

Contact company

Frequently Asked Questions (Forever Ideal Lash Serum Review)

What happens when you stop using lash serum?

The answer is that there is no effect. Just as your eyelashes grow without using lash serum, they will also undergo the growth cycle as per normal when you stop using the serum. 

Are eyelash serums worth it? ( Forever ideal lash serum review 2022 )

These formulas contain ingredients designed to condition and strengthen lashes, which will lead to less breakage. Therefore, trying out Forever Ideal Lash Serum really worths it.

How often should I apply lash serums?

Only apply once a day. Applying the lash serum more than once a day isn’t going to make your eyelashes grow faster, and you’ll end up going through your lash serum way too quickly.

Can I wear mascara over lash serum?

When used as directed, Lash Serum should not interfere with mascara use.  As a helpful reminder, we recommend that you are careful not to over-saturate the Lash Serum application brush.

What should I look for in eyelash serum?

The two ingredients you’ll want to look for are biotin and peptides. Forever Ideal Lash Serum contains several vitamins including biotin,  botanical extracts, peptides, amino acids, etc

Are eyelash growth serums safe? ( Forever ideal lash serum review 2022)

Forever Ideal Lash Serum is a safe product to use. This lash serum is made from organic-based ingredients and work to thicken eyelashes.

Final verdict and Recommendation: (Forever ideal lash serum review 2022)

Before After Lash
Forever ideal lash serum review 2022

We can be sure to have beat the challenges we face to having to keep longer lashes or seat down for hours to just fix an eyelash extension that we would discard later on. The best product is here now. When applied regularly, Forever Ideal Lash serum will make your eyelashes fuller, stronger and longer. As the serum also hydrates your lashes you should notice a reduction in how easily they fall out and enjoy thicker lashes that are easier to apply makeup to. You just have to watch out for amazing results in as little as 2-3 weeks! This product is recommended for anyone who wishes to grow beautifully long, thick and full eyelashes.

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