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FamilyGuard PRO Review 2022: Don’t spend a dime without reading this!!

Familyguard pro Review 2022- A few days ago, something horrible happened to a friend of mine. His house got robbed, literally. It was the house that got robbed, not him. The TV got removed from the stand and stolen, the furniture was all catered away with, his stereo set was gone, together with the extension! His standing fan too had followed. The only thing that was left was the non-removable asset, the AC. On telling me this I was crestfallen. I asked whether he had locked the door and he replied affirmatively. I asked whether he had allowed anyone in that week and he said no, no one had come in two months, and that was the end of the second month. So how did this happen? Some investigations had to be made. Later he divulged to me that he had been suspecting two guys who lived in the same apartment, but how would he find them out now? They never entered his apartment, but he said that they looked like they wanted to have a good laugh whenever they saw his miserable face. They may have been making fun of him or preventing themselves from laughing because courtesy didn’t demand such, but there was no way for us to know. Luckily for him, he had three good siblings who could contribute for him to buy what he lost that day, but the misery and paranoia of it all have kept him awake long into the night, If you think this would never happen to you, then you aren’t a property owner, because as far as you’re a property owner then you should be worrying about this. If not afraid of it happening, then wondering how to prevent it from happening. 

Do you know that even during the heat of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, this was many people’s fear and reality? As the increase in prices and the worsening hunger situation led criminals to go the extra mile, violating Covid-19 restrictions just to satisfy their stomachs?

If you have a vehicle or someone you know has one and you have experienced theft, break-in or are wondering whether one would happen one day or the other then you are at the right place. 

If what you are worried about is an already existing minor theft or the fact that you are paranoid and suspecting innocent people around you for nothing, then you can be in more than one place at the same time.

What if you were going on a journey and had no dog or security man to keep an eye on your property and children? Wouldn’t you want modern technology to do that for you?

Many burglars don’t waste time with their activities in people’s houses, especially if it has been planned, and some come even if they know that a security camera is somewhere there to watch them, but wouldn’t it be better after they stress themselves covering all the evidence, you capture their faces in a camera? Plus show him covering his evidence? That wouldn’t just be mind-blowing, it would be very hilarious.

You deserve that peace of mind, and if you don’t want to lose your mind like my friend above, then check out this awesome product, it’s called the FamilyGuard Pro. Here’s a complete review:

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Overview of FamilyGuard Pro? (familyguard Pro Review 2022)

FamilyGuard pro review 2022.jpeg
FamilyGuard pro Review 2022

The FamilyGuard Pro is an internal security system that is designed to keep an eye on your family and possessions from as many angles as possible. Its high performance compensated for its low cost. It will help you both alone and as a parent, as a car owner, and as someone that wants the peace of mind of not having burglars in your house. Even in darkness, it has an HD feature that records films with a resolution of up to 1080p that provides a 360° view of the surrounding area. It has an app that is available both on Google Play Store and Apple Store, comparable with Android and IOS smartphones, you will get alerts sent straight to your phone and record hours of surveillance footage, get a video of previous recordings, and through the app, your environment is visible, so which means you have a second eye 24/7.

What is the  importance of FamilyGuard Pro? ( familyguard pro Reviews)

I’ve never seen anyone in this world who doesn’t like security. We all want that sense of peace and inner calm knowing that our environment is secure at all times, especially at night. I’m sure your desire for one has either faded or reduced drastically when you heard of the price of one. You then began to convince yourself that you weren’t some top government official, a criminal on the lookout for security agents or that your neighbourhood has been peaceful anyway. You, the regular human, want something that will accomplish the task of security for half the price. That’s what the FamilyGuard Pro has come to do for you. The FamilyGuard Pro notices motion around the place you have placed it and notifies you. The camera sends you the notice, then you can have a full view of what is going on in the area. It also has a streaming feature that allows you to stream live what is happening. It is a very simple device and is globally reckoned with because of its usability. It can be used in homes, hotels, banks, car parks (both underground and above the ground), offices, and standard conference halls. It is comparable on both Android and iOS devices, cheaper than your usual security camera, and you have the option of either viewing a live feed or obtaining past recordings.

Technical Specifications of familyguard pro

  • Max. IR LEDs Length: 12 pieces x F5
  • Video resolution: 1920*1080
  • IR Range: 10 Meters
  • Max. Number of Users:10 users
  • View Angle: 78° (Approx)
  • Image Sensor: 1/2.8″ SONY CMOS sensor with IR Cut filter
  • Day/Night: Auto / Color / B&W
  • B/N ratio: <50dB
  • Smartphone: iPhone, iPad, Android
  • SD Card slot: Max 32GB
  • Model: HD Panoramic Wireless 360° Camera
  • Mount type: MTV mount (Interchangeable Lens)

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Main features of family Guard Pro 

Below are the unique features of family guard pro: 

  • 24/7 Live-Streaming: The FamilyGuard Pro is on 24/7 so you can tune in at any time to watch live-streamed or recorded video footage.
  • This live-streaming happens from anywhere in the world and at any time. This means that people can keep track of what is happening in their homes while being away on a business trip. They can then speak through their mobile devices if something were to come up. The live-streaming feature allows for the use of Day or Night, Colour, or Black and White.
  • Two-Way Audio: Among the features of the FamilyGuard Pro are a microphone and speakers that allows listening in, chatting and sounding alerts. You can startle unwanted guests and catch family members who are doing things forbidden red-handed. This feature can come in handy with those that have pets or children. You can communicate from room to room via the app installed on your phone. Imagine being able to catch the person who always finishes your leftover pancake from a hundred miles away.
  • HD Video: The clarity of the FamilyGuard Pro is one of its most exceptional features. It’s not blurry, it’s not in black and white, and it’s not shaky. You can record and monitor video and photographs in 1080p definition with the FamilyGuard Pro. Forget about the useless black and white videos that don’t even show you the actions and face of the burglar or person in front of the FamilyGuard Pro, you won’t be needing it anymore. The FamilyGuard Pro is the opposite.
  • Night vision: The FamilyGuard Pro can see both during the day and night in the thickest darkness, ensuring genuine and maximum security.A moment of silence for that criminal who comes in the night thinking that you have security cams that can’t see him.
  • Remote control: The FamilyGuard Pro can be operated from a distance from the comfort of your bed, parlour, or even toilet with only your Android or iOS phone in hand. With your smartphone, you can pan and tilt the camera 360° and set automatic angle timers. With the 360° rotation there is no crime on this planet that you will not see, and guess what, you can also tilt the screen up and down, so even if the criminal was to hang in the ceiling then he would also be hanging in the wrong place. There are no restrictions with panning and tilting.
  • Motion Detection: When on, the device sends an alert to your smartphone. It also sends an alarm whenever it detects motion by sending notifications to your phone through the app, that is after you activate the alarm. They will come as updates per motion detected. This will happen the second that it senses motion. Imagine if you were sleeping and then it senses motion and woke you up to check it out? Wow, right? Imagine if you were outside and then you had to get exact evidence when a burglar broke in, then the motion detection will come in handy here.
  • Easy to use: The FamilyGuard Pro requires an easy set-up method, and can be placed around the house and carried around. Have you ever bought an electric appliance that didn’t come with a technician that fixed this and fixed that, leaving you keeping it for days without using it and having to stand and watch the technician do the work that he was already good at? With the FamilyGuard Pro, there is none of this. You buy it and you do the fixing in under one minute and it is all yours for the security.
  • It comes with a free app that (supports both Android / iOS and Windows/Mac): This app helps you to watch everything from the comfort of your phone. It is to be downloaded, and it is completely free. 
  • It comes with an additional Wi-Fi: The FamilyGuard Pro comes with an in-built WiFi that makes connection easier, so you don’t have to worry about no connection or lack of connection thereof.
  • Aesthetically appealing : The FamilyGuard Pro doesn’t need to be hidden from sight for it not to be noticed. It can easily blend in with other home appliances. 

How do I use  the FamilyGuard Pro?

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Family guard pro is easy to utilize, below are the simple steps to follow: 

1) Go to your mobile app store and download the 360Eye S app or use the QR code or go to in your browser, most preferably Google Chrome.

2) After that, open the app and register your camera, you will then be sent a verification code via email to complete the set-up.

Where to get the FamilyGuard Pro

The FamilyGuard Pro can be purchased from their official website. For every unit purchased from the official website, there is a 40% discount and a 30-day money-back guarantee, and free shipping when you order two or more units. 

FamilyGuard Pro pricing

Each purchase comes with 1 FamilyGuard Pro, bolts and tools for secure setup, a USB wire, a plug, and a manual that outlines the steps for arranging everything. Great news, the prices decrease based on the number of quantities purchased. The following is a breakdown and price listing before any tax and shipping fees: 

1 FamilyGuard Pro unit: $79.49 each

2 FamilyGuard Pro units: $72.99 each

3 FamilyGuard Pro units: $66.33 each

4 FamilyGuard Pro units: $63.75 each

5 FamilyGuard Pro units: $59.80 each

Benefits of Using FamilyGuard pro 

MONITOR YOUR HOME 24/7: Live-stream your home straight from your own phone


The FamilyGuard Pro is an indoor security system designed to keep a watchful eye on your home and belongings when you’re away. Get alerts sent straight to your phone and record hours of surveillance footage!


Talk to your family when you’re away from home or check up on your business with live-streaming and two-way audio.


The FamilyGuard Pro provides pan & tilt, night vision, and motion detection for full monitoring capabilities.


By Amy 

A watchful eye on my playful pups!

I have two puppies at home that are constantly tearing my furniture apart. When I’m at work I use the two-way audio feature to tell them to ‘stop!’. They both get really startled and focus on other things rather than eating my couch cushions.

2 users found this review helpful

Primary use: Personal

Was it a gift?: No

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

By Amir 

All about my business

I often leave my office for out-of-town trips. I have about 10 employees and although I trust them, it helps to have peace of mind when I can’t be there.

6 users found this review helpful

Primary use: Business

Was it a gift?: No

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

By Chase 

Not home for the holidays

Best home security system I’ve tried so far. It has a pan tilt so you get a full scope of what’s happening around your home. I even got a huge discount on my insurance premiums just for having it.

4 users found this review helpful

Primary use: Personal

Was it a gift?: No

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

Frequently asked questions(FQ&A):

Can I continue to live broadcast while travelling?

You can live stream from your device to anywhere in the world at any time.

Can I get a 360° video recording?

Yes, you can. The FamilyGuard Pro can slide around to provide you with the perfect 360° view. It can also tilt up and down. 

What if the FamilyGuard Pro is submerged in water? Will I still be able to use it?

No. Sadly, the FamilyGuard Pro is not water-resistant and so you are advised to ensure strategic placing of the device, or risk buying another one.

Where is the best place to secure the FamilyGuard Pro?

There is no particular location to place the FamilyGuard Pro but it should be put in a place that can be hidden from criminals, intruders and even people in the house, or it should be kept with other devices so that it would camouflage in such a way that people wouldn’t suspect that it is a security device. It shouldn’t be obscured by other objects so that it would do its work, it also shouldn’t be too visible.

Does the FamilyGuard Pro have a return policy?

Yes, its return policy takes effect from the time it was received and lasts for 30 days. The product is supposed to be returned in the packaging it was received and in the same condition. However, customers in the European Economic Area have the legal right to change their minds within 14 days and receive a refund for most online purchases. This return policy is only applicable to unused items. To clarify the conditions of the order and return, contact the following: 


Phone: +1 (551) 587 7530

Company Address: 10024 N Taryne St., Hayden, ID 83835, United States

Return Address: 13507 Van Nuys Blvd #4906 Pacoima, CA, 91333-4906

Can live-streamed videos be recorded or saved?

Yes. On the FamilyGuard Pro app, live streams can be recorded by using the icon for recording videos and changing video quality, setting automatic angle timers, muting/unmuting, and taking photos saved straight to one’s mobile, holding to talk, etc. The manual outlines everything about setup and usage.

Where to place the FamilyGuard Pro

The FamilyGuard Pro should be placed in a strategic location that doesn’t let people know it’s a security device; a good place to do this would be placing it next to home appliances or on a bench between furniture. 

Conclusion: ( FamilyGuard pro Review 2022) 

In conclusion, from the aforementioned analysis, the FamilyGuard Pro is the ultimate surveillance equipment that monitors a person’s environment. You can keep it in a place and have the option to look at the environment from anywhere and at any time you want, whenever you want. Other family members, workmates and friends can be granted access to the FamilyGuard Pro, you get a two in one combo of a security camera and a view from any location, it has amazing ways of relaying information to you about what is happening in and around your property, and it provides you with either a real-time view or a recording of the person committing the act. An added wonder is that you get all these wonderful features for a fraction of the price of the regular one. Other home security features are for the wealthy and don’t give you a discount per purchase, most aren’t clear and don’t give you a live stream or an alert when it notices movement. That’s why I’m giving the FamilyGuard Pro four stars out of five, it indeed is a great product for anyone wishing for genuine security.

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