Electric Wand Lighter

Electric Wand Lighter, Plasma Arc Electric Lighter, Reviews 

Electric Wand Lighter, Plasma Arc Electric Lighter, Reviews


Are you tired of your thumb becoming numb from pushing down and trying to light a grill lighter at the same time? Not pleased with the costs of repeatedly buying a barbecue lighter? Lighters are essential to

A dynamic, high-tech, and rechargeable lighter that suits any need and never runs out of fuel. Electric Wand Lighter is the next generation of lighters; from fireplaces, candles, or grills, this lighter makes it easier and safer than ever to spark up a flame. The best part is you only need to buy one since it never runs out of fuel and is quickly recharged in under 60 minutes.

Discover the Convenience and Efficiency of Electric Wand Lighters

Electric Wand Lighter
Electric Wand Lighter

An electric wand lighter, also known as an electric arc lighter or plasma lighter, is a type of lighter that uses electricity to produce a high-intensity electric arc instead of a flame. This type of lighter is commonly used for lighting candles, cigarettes, campfires, or other combustible materials.

Electric wand lighters typically work by utilizing a rechargeable battery that powers an electronic circuit. When activated, the circuit generates a high-voltage electric arc between two electrodes, creating a small but powerful plasma discharge. The arc produced by the electric wand lighter can reach temperatures high enough to ignite flammable materials.

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Versatile Applications: Lighting Candles, Grills, and More with Electric Wand Lighters

There are several advantages to using electric wand lighters over traditional flame lighters. They are windproof, as the electric arc is not affected by wind or air currents. Additionally, they are often rechargeable via USB, eliminating the need for fuel or disposable lighter replacements. Some electric wand lighters also feature safety mechanisms such as auto shut-off timers or child-proof designs.

It’s important to note that electric wand lighters should be used with caution and kept out of reach of children, just like any other ignition source.

Features of Electric wand lighters

Electric Wand Lighter
Electric Wand Lighter

Electric wand lighters, also known as electric arc lighters or plasma lighters, come with various features that can vary depending on the brand and model. Here are some common features you may find in electric wand lighters:

  • Electric Arc Technology: Electric wand lighters use a high-voltage electric arc to produce a flameless and windproof ignition source.
  • Rechargeable: Electric wand lighters are rechargeable and come with a built-in battery. They can be charged via USB using a cable provided with the lighter.
  • Long Battery Life: Electric wand lighters typically offer long battery life, allowing for multiple uses before needing to be recharged.
  • Safety Features: Electric wand lighters include safety features such as auto shut-off timers to prevent overuse, child-proof mechanisms to avoid accidental activation, and lid or switch locks for added protection.
  • Windproof and Weather-Resistant: The electric arc produced by these lighters is not affected by wind, making them suitable for outdoor use. They can be used in various weather conditions without the flame being extinguished.
  • LED Indicator: Electric wand lighters  LED indicators to show the battery level or charging status, making it easier to monitor the lighter’s power status.
  • Environmental Friendly: As electric wand lighters don’t require fuel or produce flame, they are considered more environmentally friendly compared to traditional lighters.
  • Multipurpose Applications: Electric wand lighters can be used for various purposes, such as lighting candles, cigarettes, grills, stovetops, campfires, or any other combustible materials that require ignition.


The Future of Lighters is Here, and it’s Electric

Since the Electric Wand Lighter hit the market, hardware stores are finding it increasingly difficult to sell their standard barbeque lighters. The quality is not even close, and not only are people finding the Electric Wand Lighter significantly more cost-efficient, but they also love how it looks and feels. Designed by some of the top engineers in the world, the Electric Wand Lighter combines Tesla Coil technology with a lithium-ion battery to create a consumer-friendly version of the legendary device.

No gas or butane is required. The Electric Wand Lighter produces a 180-degree windproof and waterproof flame that can be used in the harshest and most devastating climate conditions, even under running water!

The built-in lithium-ion battery is easily recharged using a microchip USD. All you need to do is plug it into a laptop, car, desktop computer, or any other USB outlet, and the Electric Wand Lighter will be good to go for over 500 uses. For comparison, with standard barbeque lighters, you’ll honestly be lucky to get 100 uses of just one.

Electric Wand Lighter has Unlimited Uses, Both At Home and Outdoors

Inside your home, outside, in a rainstorm, or in a blizzard in Antarctica, the Electric Wand Lighter has endless uses, regardless of location. Whether you’re trying to light simple birthday candles or deep in a barbeque pit to spark a roaring bonfire, the Electric Wand Lighter has you covered.

Because the Electric Wand Lighter is both windproof and waterproof, you can safely and effectively use it outdoors in the wind, rain, or snow. Plus, it is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for keeping in a beach or picnic bag.


How to purchase Electric Wand Lighter

Currently, it’s only available from the Electric Wand Lighter official website.

With their full market release scheduled for later this year, Electric Wand Lighter is destined for big things and will be a huge hit nationwide. For a short time, the company is offering limited quantities of this product at a deep discount for the next few weeks. Select your state below to see if they’re still available in your region And if you’re not satisfied, a full 30-day money back guarantee also protects your Electric Wand Lighter!

A Gift that Every Home Needs!

No matter what the size or location, every home needs a trusted and reliable source for fire, which makes Electric Wand Lighter an amazing gift for practically everyone in your life. Share the power of plasma arc technology and your friends and family will never turn to butane lighters again.


Final Verdict on Electric Wand Lighter

Electric Wand Lighter
Electric Wand Lighter

The Electric Wand Lighter isn’t really a “lighter,” and calling it such does a disservice to this technology’s value and uniqueness. In fact, I would go as far as to say that every home should have the Electric Wand Lighter. You may ask why? The answer is easy, generating consistent flame has been an essential part of humanity since the Stone Age. Today, we no longer have to hit rocks together to get fire; we don’t even need to use those ancient and obsolete barbeque lighters; in the 21st century, we have the technology to do better, and better, in this case, is the Electric Wand Lighter. With a perpetuating power generator, this lighter provides a near-unlimited, inexhaustible, clean-burning plasma arc flame.

Now with such a special piece of technology, you may be worried about the price; so were we. Since the Electric Wand Lighters are specially engineered and made from high-grade materials, we assumed it would cost a top dollar and be inaccessible to retail buyers. It turns out we were wrong.

When we first discovered this lighter, we were sure it would go for at least $100 or maybe even $150.

You might be as surprised as we were to find out there is currently a special introductory sale where you can get the Electric Wand Lighter at a 60% discount. It’s a mind-boggling deal and one you won’t come across every day.


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