ClubCrush review 2022: Interesting facts about this rechargeable blender

ClubCrush Review 2022

ClubCrush Review 2022: Ever been to the beach or on a picnic where you craved self-made smoothies so bad? You most likely must have settled for something else because even if you had the right fruit combination for your smoothie, you couldn’t have possibly operated the electric blender using beach water. *Chuckles. 

Today, good news meets you because a special type of blender is out to enable you have smoothie picnic or a beach party with strictly smoothies on serve, if you want. What blender are we talking about here? It is ClubCrush blender. 

ClubCrush is a rechargeable blender that allows you make your smoothie everywhere and anywhere. Whether you’re having a picnic or on the beach or outdoor trips or camping, take ClubCrush with you. It uses a built-in battery to operate and is highly portable.

Is ClubCrush just for smoothies alone? No! ClubCrush actually has more versatility. It is an ideal blender for baby food as well. You could also use ClubCrush to make your cocktails, protein shakes, milk shakes, fruit juice and dessert. 

Don’t be wowed yet because we’re yet to expose ClubCrush and its several amazing features accordingly. Sit tight and go through this well-written review on ClubCrush blender made just for you.

Overall, the ClubCrush reviews has received a lot of positive feedback from a lot of customers, with most customers giving it a high rating owning to how useful it has been to them. Below are what customers are saying about ClubCrush:

Mavis R. “My infant daughter is so picky with her food it made feeding her a nightmare. But with the ClubCrush I can easily make food that she LOVES to eat. It’s made my life so much easier, and I’m glad that she’s eating only the best and freshest ingredients instead of something that’s been sitting on a shelf at the supermarket for months on end.”

Connor P. “My family calls me the Smoothie King because I make the best smoothies in town. I used to be tied to my kitchen blender if I wanted to make a smoothie, but now I can make them wherever I go – and let me tell you, nothing beats a delicious smoothie you just made fresh while on a picnic or at the beach!”

Raquel K. “My doctor said I’m anemic and should get more protein in my diet. Some of the protein powder I use tastes terrible, but you can’t even notice it when you blend it into a delicious smoothie. ClubCrush makes it easy to get the protein I need, and in a delicious form, too!”

Mark P. “I’m an amateur bartender and the ClubCrush has become my new weapon of choice. It makes it easy to come up with new mixed cocktails, and it’s just SO easy to clean out. It’s a thousand times better than having to deal with a heavy, hard to clean, old fashioned blender.”

About ClubCrush (ClubCrush Review 2022)

ClubCrush Review 2022

What is ClubCrush? ClubCrush is a portable, hand-held blender that can be recharged and is meant to produce smoothies and other beverages quickly and with ease. It is an innovative product with which you make fruit juices anytime and anywhere. Turn the beach party into a smoothie hangout if you want. ClubCrush will never disappoint you. With its 4-leaved 304-hardened steel blades, ClubCrush produces a nice blend of fruits and/or vegetables to impart great taste and satisfaction to your beverages. 

If you’re looking for the blender that gives you convenience, ClubCrush is your best bet. Unlike traditional blenders that must be plugged to a wall socket before they can work, ClubCrush uses a long-lasting electrical battery that allows you to use the device as much as 12 times before it runs down! What’s more? ClubCrush does not come with the numerous buttons as most traditional blenders, many of which you end up not ever using. It has just one button. Yes, you heard right. Just one. 

ClubCrush appeals greatly to nursing mothers as they can now conveniently make baby food with this device whether there’s electricity supply or not. Lovers of cocktails, dessert, protein shake, are all amazed at the performance of ClubCrush and want to have the product already.

Again, because we find ourselves in a fast track world where convenience is of increasing importance, blenders that take time to clean up after use are becoming less appealing. Clever minds behind the production of ClubCrush found this out and made this rechargeable blender very easy to clean. It can be easily disassembled into 3 parts and cleaned. With minimal use of water, you get ClubCrush clean and ready to be used again. 

For ClubCrush to be used for as much as 12 times to blend your stuff, it must have a high-capacity battery. This is exactly the case. This device is built to efficiently serve the purpose of blending and give the consumers utmost satisfaction. 

ClubCrush is made from lightweight materials to support portability. Efficiency is not compromised in the process. ClubCrush just does exactly what you want of it.

ClubCrush company is willing to refund you fully if you return the product within 30 days of purchase as long as no damage is incurred from your end. Replacement can be made instead depending on the agreement terms.

Who is ClubCrush Blender meant for?

ClubCrush is made for just about anyone.  Whether you’re a lover of smoothies or not,  or enjoy fruit juice, or milkshakes or desserts, this blender is multipurpose and can blend whatever you require.

Specifically, this blender is ideal for moms, health enthusiasts, people who want to lose weight, athletes, etc. In fact, if you need and enjoy the savory taste of fruit-based drinks or beverages, then ClubCrush is for you.

What are the Specifications of ClubCrush? ( ClubCrush blender Review)

The technical details of ClubCrush include: 

  • Battery – 5200mAh, 7.4V Rechargeable battery
  • Blade – 302 stainless steel four-leafed blade
  • Blending Chamber – 300ml/10oz Capacity
  • Rotating speed –16500 rpm
  • Available settings – Only one button
  • Cordless
  • Blends 12 times before recharge

ClubCrush review 2022: What are the features of ClubCrush?

What makes ClubCrush special? Actually, ClubCrush is not the only blender or blender type out there. There are many of them and examples include immersion and stick blenders, countertop blenders, the ones that fit in a stand, blenders that just hold enough for one person, heavy-duty commercial blenders and hand-held blenders (where ClubCrush falls into). So what makes ClubCrush stand out? It is the features.

  • Portable

ClubCrush is very convenient to move about. It is a compact, lightweight blender that’ll add a special experience to your outdoor trip if you like to have some blending. ClubCrush is used by beach lovers and in picnics. They’re very portable. Because the gadget uses a rechargeable battery, you don’t stress over an electricity outlet to plug it in. Throughout your picnic time, ClubCrush continues to supply delicious and nutritious beverages.

  • Rechargeable battery

This is one of the cutting-edge features of ClubCrush – a built-in battery that can be recharged after rundown. ClubCrush has a 5,200mAh, 7V rechargeable battery that can blend your fruits and vegetables up to 12 times before you ever need to recharge. You don’t stress over buying batteries after rundown because you can recharge instead. The charge up time is also short so you won’t be spending long hours recharging. 

  • Multiple-purpose device

Although we talk so often about smoothies, ClubCrush is also used for other beverages and fruit-based drinks. It can be used for your desserts, cocktails, protein shakes, milkshakes, fruit juices, and lots more.  In addition, ClubCrush is used for making and mixing baby food and is hence very beneficial to both new mothers and their babies.

  • Lightweight design

ClubCrush is not meant to be cumbersome to carry about. It is portable. Part of this is achieved by the lightweight design of the product. Because it is lightweight, you may think of it as an inefficient blender. Reverse is actually the case. ClubCrush is one of the most efficient blenders to use in the present time.

  • Easy to use

Traditional blenders aren’t just cumbersome to carry about. They come with numerous buttons too. You may never use some of these buttons for however long you have the blender. With ClubCrush, the story is different. This rechargeable blender has only one button which  is used to set the device into action. There are no complicated controls. Moreover, a well-written instructional guide comes with the package to assist you with the proper use.

  • Easy to clean

Blending is one thing. Ceaning up is another. Blender have to perform highly in blending and be easy to clean up, to worth the buy today. We’ve already stated that ClubCrush does excellently well in blending fruits and vegetables to make your smoothie and other beverages. It may interest you to know that is it very easy to clean as well. The device can easily be disassembled into 3 parts and cleaned up without breaking a sweat. 

  • High-quality and safe materials

ClubCrush is made from food-grade train which is free of toxic substances such as Bisphenol-A and Bisphenol-S. These substances are known to be carcinogenic; that is, cancer-causing. Since ClubCrush lacks these, it is safe to use by both adults and children.

In addition, ClubCrush is FDA Approved –Safety is an issue of growing concern and ClubCrush did not skimp on that aspect as well. This blender has been approved by the FDA to show that it’s safe to use. It is also compliant with the RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances).

  • Durable and powerful blending blades

The blades of ClubCrush are made of 4-leaved 304-hardened steel blades with sharp cutting edges. It is of high quality and resistant to rusting. Therefore ClubCrush is meant to last for a long time.

  • Large capacity blender

The volume of the blending chamber is about 300ml or 10oz.ClubCrush blender can blend enough drinks or beverages for you because of its large capacity. 

How To Use Club Crush (Review of ClubCrush)

Club Crush is very simple and easy to use. Morever, it’ll come with a well-detailed instruction manual. To use the device, take the following steps:

Step 1 –Assemble all the parts of ClubCrush if it’s disassembled. That means to attach the blending chamber to the engine unit.

Step 2 – Put your preferred ingredients into the blending chamber. It can be fruits, vegetables, yogurt, etc.

Step 3 – Press the blend button which is the only button on ClubCrush.

Step 4 – Wait till your beverage arrives at your perfect consistency, then you can switch off the blender.

Step 5 – Now pour whatever you’ve blended into a cup and enjoy.

Step 6 – Flush the blending chamber with water to clean it out.

With ClubCrush, all you need to do is flush it out with water immediately after use. As easy as that. If you want to go for a more thorough clean, you can dismantle it into three parts and clean them individually.

Be ready to enjoy your smoothie or fruit juice made in the best way!

How does ClubCrush blender work? (Review of ClubCrush)

ClubCrush Review 2022
ClubCrush reviews

ClubCrush is a portable blender that functions similarly to other portable blenders. A motor is located in the base of the device. The stainless steel blades that eviscerate everything in the plastic container above are turned by this engine.

You may keep pressing the button as long as you like to combine the ingredients. You should be able to blend whatever fruits or veggies you like as long as there is enough liquid within. Sip on the blend straight from the BPA-free plastic cups after you’re done. Alternatively, you may dump it into a different container and clean the blender cups separately. After rinsing the blender cup in the sink, it’s ready to use.

A standard power cord is used by most smoothie makers, including the Magic Bullet and comparable blenders. To use it, you must plug the power cable into an electrical outlet. ClubCrush, on the other hand, runs on a rechargeable battery. You charge the gadget using a common micro-USB cable (the same one you’d use to charge any phone or tablet) and then use it for several hours each charge.


What are the benefits of using ClubCrush? (Review of ClubCrush)

Best portable blender in 2022

Below are some of the benefits of using this blender.

  • Enjoy Smoothies Or Fruit Juice Anywhere

Whether on a camping trip, picnic, or beach outing, you can have your smoothie or fruit juice.

  •  Affordable

Compared to the traditional blenders, ClubCrush is very affordable. You don’t have to blow your savings just to get a blender. This blender is cheap and goes easy on your pocket.

  • Blend Anything

Many blenders tend to be all big for nothing. Not being able to blend some firm fruits or vegetables. This just adds to your frustrations.

However, ClubCrush is the total opposite of that. At first sight, it might look like an incapable device but that’s no the case.

  • Safe To Use

There is a growing danger of chemical toxicity from products, especially those that our food goes into. Most of them include plastics and rubbers.

However, ClubCrush has made sure that won’t be the case. For its blending chamber, BPA- and Bisphenol S- free material is used thereby making it safe to pour your food into.

  • Clean It In Less Than A Second

Cleaning can be a frustrating experience for blenders that are difficult to dissemble. 

With ClubCrush, all you need to do is flush it out with water immediately after use. 

ClubCrush Review 2022- What are the Pros of ClubCrush?

Comes with a money-back guarantee

  • It’s cordless, so you can take it with you everywhere you go – picnics, the office, or on vacation.
  • Blades made of stainless steel are robust enough to combine any substances you choose.
  • The unit is easy to clean and can be rinsed out in an ordinary sink in seconds. It has a rechargeable battery, so you can prepare smoothies wherever you are.
  • Making your own smoothies instead of purchasing them in supermarkets saves you a lot of money.
  • It’s so little and light that you may take it with you everywhere you go.
  • It is quite simple to use.
  • Design that is simple to maintain and can be cleaned in any regular sink
  • It is presently available at a 50% discount, making it a viable option.
  • It can be used for many things
  • Does not depend on electricity
  • FDA-approved
  • Long battery life
  • Powerful blade
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable

What are the Cons of ClubCrush? (Review of ClubCrush)

  • Stock is limited due to an increase in demand
  • Shipping might be delayed a bit
  • It can only be bought from its official website

Where do I buy ClubCrush? (Review of ClubCrush)

The recommended place to buy ClubCrush is through its official website. There are several payment platforms such as Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.

ClubCrush Review 2022-  How Much Is ClubCrush?

The pricing of ClubCrush is as follows:

  • 1 ClubCrush: $69.95 + $8.95 S&H (original price: $107.62)
  • 2 ClubCrushes: $109.95 + $9.95 S&H (original price: $215.23)
  • 3 ClubCrushes: $129.95 + $10.95 S&H (original price: $322.85)
  • 4 ClubCrushes: $159.95 + $11.95 S&H (original price: $430.46)

Return Policy (ClubCrush Review 2022)

If within 30 days you find this blender to be unsatisfactory, then you’re free to return it for a full refund. Although remember to return it undamaged and in its original packaging.

You can contact the company Online via the following:


Phone (North America): 844 847-0660

Phone (UK): 03308 180344

Phone (Australia): (02) 5133 6504

Mailing Address: 62543, G/F Bamboos Centre, 52 Hung To Road, Kwung Tong, Hong Kong

Frequently Asked Questions (Review of ClubCrush)

How is ClubCrush different from other blenders?

Due to its portability and rechargeable battery, club crush is ideal for those who live outdoor and on-the-go life. It brings convenience to the table.

How many smoothies can I make on a single charge?

With its 5200mAh battery, you will be able to use ClubCrush about 12 times before you’d have to charge again.

Is ClubCrush only for smoothies? ( ClubCrush Review 2022)

No, it isn’t. ClubCrush can also be used for milkshakes, vegetable drinks, protein shakes, baby food, and even cocktails.

ClubCrush Review 2022: Bottom line

ClubCrush blender Review

ClubCrush is an innovative rechargeable blender that allows you to have your smoothie or any beverage anywhere. It stands out from its competitors in several ways. 

Indeed, it’s different. This blender has been used worldwide by hundreds of people and has received positive reviews and testimonials. It’s no wonder that it keeps getting a demand surge.

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