Zap Ninja Review 2023

Zap Ninja Review 2023: Don’t Buy a Mosquito Zapper Before Reading This

Zap Ninja Review 2023: Don’t Buy a Mosquito Zapper Before Reading This

Zap Ninja Review 2023 – The struggle with mosquitoes and flies is not what you want to experience every night. If you do, what it means is that these insects deprive you of quality, healthy sleep. But you’re not alone because I experienced the exact same thing for months unknown to me that I’ve been using the wrong strategies. Now I found the solution, I’ll share with you so that your nights can become calmer and sleepier.

But before that I want to admit that I’ve used various insecticides and chemicals against bugs? Did they work? Essentially no. While some brought down a few bugs, others simply failed. Add to the fact that those chemicals had an irritating smell. They are not good for your health, in short.

Since I found the game-changer, not only my sleep but my day-to-day activities improved because I could sleep better at night without any disturbance. 

They call it the ZAP Ninja, a product of Japanese engineering that has sought to create the most effective, compact, and hassle-free mosquito zapper possible. And judging by the customer reviews, we’d wager they succeeded.

With the innovative bionic technology and many, many benefits, ZAP Ninja is shaping up to be the standard that all other mosquito zappers measure up to.

The ZAP Ninja is so revolutionary that it’s easy to see why backyards, bedrooms, patios and many others in need of a pest control device are adopting it very quickly.

Did the Japanese do it? Did they actually solve the problem that is a mosquito-infested summer night? We got one to find out…

Introducing ZAP Ninja: Why People are talking about the bug Zapper

Zap Ninja Review 2023
Zap Ninja Review 2023

When I first heard about the bug zapper, I was a little skeptical about buying it. “Another ineffective product?” I thought. But ZAP Ninja works totally differently from other insect controlling products. It works in a natural way by using a high voltage core to kill insects after it has trapped them.

Essentially, ZAP Ninja attracts, traps, and zaps all insects from the very small to the larger ones. The bug repellant is a must-have for every home that wants to put an end to mosquito and bug attack especially at night.

But ZAP Ninja isn’t just for your home. You want to take this zapper to camping and vacations too. Whatever indoor and outdoor activity you are engaged in at night, rest assured that flies will come around to disturb your peace. Luckily, not anymore when you have ZAP Ninja.

The advanced-tech bug zapper is also famous for its dual use. Yes, you can use ZAP Ninja as a bug repellant lamp and also as an ordinary lamp for lighting purposes. Toggling the lightness modes allows you to use ZAP Ninja in a more customized way than any other bug zapper.

We all know how deadly some of these flies could be. And their effect is not limited to malaria. Zika fever and Yellow fever are some other infections caused by mosquitoes. Now add this to the host of conditions other insects can bring about and you’ll have an idea of how indispensable ZAP Ninja is to any person conscious of their health.

But it gets better. The prize of zap Ninja says so. Rather than spend regularly on chemicals that do not offer you a lasting solution, ZAP Ninja is a one-off option that can keep mosquitoes away for the longest.


What is Special About ZAP Ninja?

Zap Ninja Review 2023
Zap Ninja Review 2023

Everybody is looking out for summer. But when summer arrives with its alluring weather and we all want to chill outside, all sorts of bugs attempt to ruin the experience. And while you may be lost in between the exciting activities of summer, the dangerous bugs could get the better of you and cause serious problems. That’s in addition to the constant disturbance by the less harmful ones.

ZAP Ninja could be your savior in times like this. This gadget is an insect-killing machine that generates high voltage electricity capable of killing insects instantly. It functions by attracting insects because of its blue light. Then it draws them into its core at high suction pressures and zaps them by electrocution.

Before you freak out, ZAP Ninja is entirely safe. Even if you have kids and pets, you won’t have to worry about them coming in contact with the high-voltage core which is protected from direct touch. The blue light is also safe for you and your family to comfortably use.

The bug repellant lamp ensures all insects around it are trapped and killed off. It provides protections for an area as wide as 375 square feet. You can place this next to your bed or your reading table and be secure all night.

You won’t have to worry about power as ZAP Ninja is solar powered. It stores enough power from the day for night use. Additionally, it has a built-in rechargeable battery which can be charged up using the universal USB cable. It has a USB port.

For a portable gadget, small in size, traveling with it becomes really convenient. Campers and Vacationers can easily get ZAP Ninja stowed away in their traveling bag and used for however long they’ll be away. You will be assured of a peaceful night by using the portable insect-killing machine that comes with a handle.

ZAP Ninja’s IPX6 rating confirms that it is waterproof. So, don’t get scared when it falls inside a pool. You can quickly take it out and it still works fine.  The gadget is noise-free and hence very supportive of sleep and night study. It also comes with a warm color that easily blends with your interior decors.

Hurry now and purchase the eco-friendly mosquito zapper before the discount offer ceases.


How does ZAP Ninja Kill Insects and Bugs?

Zap Ninja Review 2023
Zap Ninja Review 2023

ZAP Ninja uses an interesting technology to kill insects in a natural way without causing harm to us. Insecticides will suspend in the air longer than you expect and pose a threat to our health. But ZAP Ninja is entirely safe and it works by attracting, trapping, and zapping insects including mosquitoes.

  • Attract insects with blue light

Insects love light, explaining why they always cluster at light bulbs. And the manufacturer employs this knowledge in the construction of the ZAP Ninja. ZAP Ninja emits blue light which the insects see and think of as food. They quickly fly towards it and get trapped.

  • Traps and draws in insects with high pressure

As soon as the insects get to the zapper, they become trapped permanently. ZAP Ninja generates large suction pressure up to 6000 PA thanks to its internal fan that whirls at high speed. The result is drawing into the bug’s core the insects of different sizes.


  • Zaps insects with high-voltage electricity

Next the insect is killed by high-voltage electricity generated by the coils of the zapper. You will see several killed insects collecting at the tray of the zapper by the next morning. The core is protected from direct contact and so the zapper is safe for home use.


Is ZAP Ninja Any Good?

I know everyone wants to spend time outside in summer. But you can’t ignore the existence of deadly insects and the havoc they could cause. That’s the very reason ZAP Ninja is designed; to provide protection at home and for families especially at times when people stay outdoors more often.

Here’s why ZAP Ninja is a must-have:

  • Great for Indoor and Outdoor use

Insecticides will work to some extent in enclosed spaces but are not useful for outdoor purposes. If therefore you are on the lookout for options to finally get rid of flies wherever you are, ZAP Ninja is your best bet. ZAP Ninja is great for indoor and outdoor use. 

You can use the insect repellant anywhere in your living room, kitchen, or balcony. It’s also perfect for outdoor use at any time of the day and night.  You definitely don’t want to miss the ZAP Ninja for a peaceful night free from insect and bug attack.

  • Highly Affordable

ZAP Ninja is one of the cheapest insect-repellent gadgets on the market and you only get to spend once on this gadget. Rather than spending regularly to renew your insecticide stock knowing fully well that the chemicals won’t give you value for your money, ZAP Ninja stands as a much better decision economically.

Again, you get up to 60% discount when you purchase multiple units of ZAP Ninja. You will buy multiple products: you get protection from insect and bug attack and you can save more by buying for your friends and family purchasing this product at a budget-friendly price. 

  • Works Naturally (compatible with environment)

ZAP Ninja uses a natural and safe method to kill insects. It employs high-voltage electricity generated by the zapper coil. Chemical methods are unsafe for us and for the environment. They introduce harmful substances to the air, making it unsafe for our breathing. 

Additionally, the insecticide containers eventually end up in the oceans and landfills and grossly pollute the environment there, putting in danger aquatic life.

  • All bugs are killed by ZAP Ninja

The activity spectrum of ZAP Ninja is quite wide. The bug repellant lamp works on all flies, even the small ones. The blue light attracts the insects and the air draft generated by the fan draws them the bug into its high-voltage core. If you want to get rid of mosquitoes, wasps, and all sorts of insects and bugs, ZAP Ninja is what you’ve been looking for.

  • Perfect for Camping and Vacationing

Not only is it small-size, ZAP Ninja has a handle that makes it portable. You can use it in any room of your house whenever you want to but it is also great for camping and vacationing. The gadget will hardly take up any space in your knapsack or traveling bag. Don’t leave ZAP Ninja behind if you desire to enjoy your vacation.

  • Easy and Fun to use

One reason people love the ZAP Ninja bug repellant is its ease of use. Anybody can use the gadget without having to read lengthy manuals or how-to handouts. All that’s required is to charge up the device and turn it on. It is powered by solar energy and can be recharged electrically too.

The zapper has several modes that enable it to be usable as a zapper at one instant and a lamp for lighting at another. Look no further if you want to protect yourself from bug attack and have a peaceful sleep all night.

  • Customizable

The adjustable operating modes means that you can use the mosquito zapper exactly how you want. You can toggle between the light mode that turns on the super-bright LED for lighting purposes. Otherwise you want to turn on the zapper mode to attract and kill insects right away.

  • Multiple Purposes

ZAP Ninja can be used as a lamp particularly for people that love sleeping with a warm light in their room. You can also use it as a mosquito zapper to get a more comfortable sleep all night long. Additionally, ZAP Ninja filters air by drawing in dust particles alongside flies which all eventually settle at the base.


How do I use the ZAP Ninja bug zapper?

There’s no pain in using this gadget.  The device is incredibly simple to operate. You don’t need any lengthy manuals to understand how to operate the device or how it works. Simply charge the device and position it in an environment where there are a lot of airborne bugs/mosquitoes. 

To use ZAP Ninja, first use the provided micro USB cable to charge the ZAP Ninja. The LED indicator turns red when the battery is charging and orange when it is fully charged.

After this, turn the top rotary switch to turn on the device. After you hear a “click,” the purple LEDs will turn on.

Next, place the ZAP Ninja in the desired location and leave it running for at least 2 hours. 


What are the features of ZAP Ninja?

Eco Friendly

ZAP Ninja uses a natural and safe method to kill insects. It employs high-voltage electricity generated by the zapper coil. Chemical methods are unsafe for us and for the environment. They introduce harmful substances to the air, making it unsafe for our breathing. 

Additionally, the insecticide containers eventually end up in the oceans and landfills and grossly pollute the environment there, putting in danger aquatic life.



ZAP Ninja is not a give-and-take device. It does not generate any background noise that could distract you from activities. As an electronic gadget, you may think that zap Ninja will produce a lot of noise but it doesn’t. 

You can therefore have this device close to you when you sleep or when you watch your favorite show. It is perfect for all times and conditions, whether in the day or at night.


Compact and Portable

You don’t have to worry about the gadget taking so much space in your traveling bag because it is compact. It is also lightweight and portable and has a handle. Carrying ZAP Ninja is hence not a difficult task. You can easily move it between rooms without feeling tired. It’s also perfect for camping and vacations.


ZAP Ninja uses a built-in long-lasting battery that can be recharged. The battery can power the gadget for several days before you get to recharge it. It has a USB slot. Simply plug in a USB cable to its port and connect to a power source. It doesn’t have to be directly into a power socket. You can charge up ZAP Ninja from your computer or power bank.


ZAP Ninja is entirely safe. The blue light is of low-energy radiation and poses no harm to users. ZAP Ninja also has a safety net that protects kids and pets from coming in contact with the high-voltage zapping core. Every home can have the ZAP Ninja without the fear of accidents.

Wide coverage

Any mosquito or fly within a 375 square feet area will be attracted and killed by the insect-killing machine. Its blue light strongly attracts insects that fly towards it. They are trapped, sucked in and zapped. You will see the killed insects collected at the bottom of the gadget, in the dust tray.

Dual use

ZAP Ninja can be used as a bug repellent lamp which is its primary function. It uses its high-voltage core generated by the coil system to zap insects. Additionally, you could use the gadget as a lamp too. The blue light is bright enough to provide illumination particularly for people that love some warm lighting when they sleep. There are adjustable modes in which you can run the electric mosquito zapper. You can choose the light bulb mode or the zapper mode.


The mosquito zapper is IPX6 waterproof rated. You may forget your zapper outside after a long evening but you won’t have to worry about damage. ZAP Ninja is water-resistant and does not rust. The protective cover prevents the seepage of water into its high-voltage core.

Easy-to-clean dust tray

At the base of the zapper is a dust tray that receives all the killed insects. As the zapper attracts and electrocutes the flies, they fall into the receptacle at the bottom. You will see a lot of mosquitoes in the dust tray the following morning. Good thing is that it’s removed, cleaned off, and replaced with the dust tray.

Places you can use the ZAP Ninja

You can use ZAP Ninja both indoor and outdoor.  Indoor, it works perfectly well in the nightstand in your Bedroom or the countertops in the Kitchen. You can also use it outside in the Gardens, during camping and caravans, and outdoor trips. In your office ZAP Ninja will surely boost your productivity.

Why should you order ZAP Ninja?

Mosquitoes can spread a variety of dangerous diseases that many people are unaware of:  The Zika virus causes symptoms such as fever, rash, joint pain, and pinkeye, among others. It*s also dangerous for pregnant women because it can cause birth defects! Encephalitis causes brain and spinal cord swelling and is extremely harmful!

Bugs are annoying and can be a health hazard. Bites can cause skin irritation, red, itchy swelling, and keep you awake at night. Bug sprays and repellents are ineffective and contain chemicals that keep bugs from biting.

In summary, ZAP Ninja:

  • protects you from Infections (malaria, zika fever, dengue fever)
  • protects you from allergies cause by the flies
  • gives you peaceful sleep at night
  • helps you concentrate and be more productive in the day


Advantages of ZAP Ninja

Portable: simple to use and carry anywhere, allowing for simple cleaning on the go.

Long-lasting suction: delivers reliable, strong suction for efficient cleaning outcomes.

Enhanced cleaning effectiveness: With a strong turbine and fan blade, cleaning duties may be completed more quickly and efficiently.

Affordable with a discount offer: You can purchase this product for a few dollars only

Disadvantages of ZAP Ninja

Limited effectiveness: Depending on the nature and severity of the insect infestation, it may or may not be able to repel insects.

Limited Stock: The product may not always be available.

Particular use: Because it was mainly created as a mosquito repellent, it might not be as adaptable for routine cleaning duties.


Where to buy ZAP Ninja?

Simply go to the official website and place your order. Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express are all accepted as payment methods by the manufacturer. Customer data is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption on the website.


What’s the return policy?

The ZAP Ninja Insect Zapper also comes with a generous 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing anyone who isn’t pleased with its features to return it.

How much does ZAP Ninja cost?

The best part is that the launch was so successful the creators decided to make a big buzz with the global launch, giving away a product that would typically cost you $99.98 at a massive 50% discount and with free international shipping (Now just $49.99).

Does Zap Ninja worth my money?

So for starters, 300% more effective in attracting and killing mosquitoes and other pests is way more than we thought could actually be achieved by a mosquito zapper. Everything from flies to moths to gnats, ZAP Ninja zaps them all. Also safe, we checked.

And speaking of safety, the device. It’s a compact, portable device that emits a safe 365nm blue light, simulates the human atmosphere and attracts insects like a magnet. It does not use any chemicals or emits any harmful radiation. It is also very quiet and easy to clean. The days of spraying yourself with repellents or lighting candles that don’t really work are finally over.


And the main attraction is the battery. Watching it last for up to 5 hours on a single charge is actually impressive, considering how powerful it is. But that’s not what you care about. Yes. We tried to drain it. On purpose. We had two office members use it non-stop for five hours straight, and they still had some juice left. We charged it with a USB cable and it was ready to go again. We were utterly amazed. And if you don’t want to worry about the battery at all, you can also use it with the cord plugged in.


Truly the ZAP Ninja is here to start a revolution:

  • 300% more effective than similar devices that rely solely on blue light
  • Attracts and zaps mosquitoes, flies, fruit flies, moths, gnats, and other small flying insects
  • Rechargeable battery that can last up to 5 hours on a single charge
  • Stand it or hang it anywhere you want
  • Safe for humans and pets, as it does not use any chemicals or emit any harmful radiation
  • Very quiet and easy-to-clean that requires minimal maintenance

We honestly didn’t think it would live up to the hype, but it actually does. No home or outdoor space will be the same with one of these. Ours sure aren’t.


But now comes the best part. Mosquito zappers are, let’s face it, a must-have product. So to make as much of a buzz as possible, the company behind the ZAP Ninja has decided the global launch of the zapper will be accompanied by a massive 50% off sale and free international shipping!


If you were wondering if now is an excellent time to eliminate those annoying mosquitoes and pests… it is. ZAP Ninja passed all our quality tests with flying sparks, and we can see how it’s gotten so many satisfied customers already. Get it before the sale ends!


What are people asking on ZAP Ninja?

With children and pets around, can I use the ZAP Ninja?

ZAP Ninja contains no harmful chemicals and is also ideal for use with children and pets.

Is the ZAP Ninja driven by a wall outlet?

The ZAP Ninja is powered by a rechargeable battery that is charged via USB.

Do I need to be technologically sound before using ZAP Ninja?

Not at all! Take it out of the box, charge it with the provided USB cable, and you*I’m ready to go! You can stand it up or hang it almost anywhere. Cleaning is as simple as sweeping mosquitoes and debris from the electric coil with the included brush.

Zap Ninja Customer’s Reviews 

Below are what customers are saying about Zap Ninja: 

This product works amazingly. I had no idea I had this many small bugs in and around my house. This is the 4th ZAP Ninja I have bought. I have them placed in different areas of our house. It’s also very easy to clean. You will not be disappointed.”


Ever since I got this bug zapper and keep it with me, I haven’t gotten bitten. Not a single time. Love the fact thats its rechargeable! I loved the bug zapper so much that I bought one for my parents who struggle with both mosquitoes and flies!”


Its quite and easy to clean. It destroys mosquitos. The coolest part, in my opinion, is that you can hook this thing up and take it anywhere. I highly recommend.”


Bottom line on ZAP Ninja Reviews 

Zap Ninja Review 2023
Zap Ninja Review 2023

ZAP Ninja is a new-technology product that kills all bugs using high voltage electricity. It is more efficient and safer than most options available on the market, explaining why the gadget trends in many parts of the world.

In conclusion, ZAP Ninja receives tons of positive reviews from customers who are satisfied to use the product. 



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