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TVShareMax Reviews 2022:  Is TVShareMax Any Good?

TVShareMax Reviews 2022:  Smart TVs have changed the technology of televisions drastically. Anyone who doesn’t have Smart TVs probably feels out of vogue as far as TVs are concerned. This is because the functionality of Smart TVs deals a fatal blow to regular TVs.

With Smart TVs, you won’t have to restrict yourself to the boring channels and movie series anymore. You have the option of accessing Netflix or Facebook right with your TV through internet connectivity.

Sadly, everyone cannot afford a Smart TV. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about a new TV now because you can turn your regular TV into a Smart TV!

No, I’m not talking about exchanging your regular TV for a Smart TV. Far from that. You can make your regular TV do what a Smart TV does with just a simple device, the TVShareMax.

Don’t jump the guns and do away with your TV when you can make it ‘Smart’. The TVShareMax helps you with this and, as reviews point out, this device works seamlessly at that.

Several 5.0-star ratings and lots of customer feedbacks are in support of the genuineness of the TVShareMax. But you can’t be too sure until you try it out, can you?

Luckily, you won’t have to get worked up because I self-tested TVShareMax and here’s a review for you.

About TVShareMax (TVShareMax reviews 2022)

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TVShareMax Reviews

TVShareMax is a new-generation, USB-powered gadget that turns your regular TV into a Smart TV. It provides the ability to configure your screen so that you won’t have a need to spend on a new TV.

Regular TVs are very limited in what they offer. You don’t have of apps and services like the Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Kayo, or Facebook — just the boring channels you have no control over what they broadcast. Worse still, you need a constant subscription to maintain these channels.

TVShareMax is a technology that provides you the ability to share screens with fully HD video. You can connect your screen, be it your smartphone or PC screen, to your regular TV and enjoy YouTube and Netflix videos on a bigger screen, just like what you see in the theatre.

TVShareMax provides an alternative to buying a new Smart TV. The gadget uses WiFi connection and HDMI/AV to share the screen of your device to your TV.

TVShareMax works like a projector of some sort in that it transfers your screen into a larger screen. In this case, the larger screen is your TV set. Unlike projectors in general, the video and audio output using the TVShareMax is top-notch. This gadget supports 1080P HD and 60 fps quality. You won’t have to compromise quality for size when using the TVShareMax. It gives you a higher screen and preserves your audio and video quality.

TVShareMax is compatible with virtually all smartphones and computers. It connects effortlessly to your Android and Apple phones and to your PC. 

Small-size and portable, the TVShareMax is easily mobile. With only a diameter of 2.28 inches and thickness of 0.47 inches, this gadget makes it easy to carry everywhere you go. Don’t worry about your friends anymore. Take the TVShareMax to their home and enjoy the services of a Smart TV.

TVShareMax comes as a sleek, black, discoid gadget with power button, USB cable port, HDMI port, and AV port. The gadget also has a mode switch and a LED power lights.

With a faster HDMI output and great sound quality, you’ll add more life to your TV experience. Additionally, the TVShareMax supports as constant streaming access access and map syncing. The gadget is easy to use and you can get it up and running in just few minutes.

TVShareMax Official website for more informations!!

TVShareMax Package List (TVShareMax reviews 2022)

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TVShareMax screen Caster
  • TVShareMax gadget (x1)
  • HDMI cable (x1)
  • USB power cable (x1)
  • AV cable (x1)
  • Instructional Manual (x1)

TVShareMax Technical details 

  • Product Name: TVShareMax
  • Thickness: 0.47 inches
  • Diameter: 2.28 inches
  • Quality: 1080P HD
  • Frame rate: 60 fps
  • Availability: Only Through The Official website
  • Different types of modes in this TVShareMax are available. Such as cross-system, mirroring, DLNA, Miracast, etc.
  • Perfect device for home cinema, presentation, or conferences.
  • With H .265 decoding you can run this TVShareMax gadget.
  • HDMI output is so great that speed processing will be faster.
  • This TVShareMax supports the version of Android 4.4+, iOS 9.0+. Also, for mac, if you are running macOS 10+ then you are ready to use this gadget.

Order TVShareMax now!

Main Features of TVShareMax 

TVShareMax is a revolutionary USB-powered gadget that makes your dreams of having a Smart TV a reality.

TVShareMax features are multi-faceted, making the device a sought-after product.

  • HD mirroring 

TVShareMax is akin to a powerful projector that reproduces videos and audios in high-quality formats. This device supports 1080P HD video quality and frame rate of 60fps. With the TVShareMax, you won’t experience any blurs or pixelation. It preserves the quality of your content and gives you an unbeatable TV experience.

  • WiFi connection

To use the TVShareMax, you have to first connect to the WiFi network. Interestingly, this is easy and fast. You can connect to the WiFi network in a jiffy to have a constant steaming access with no interference. TVShareMax, through the WiFi network and cords, integrates your device with your TV.

  • Universal compatibility

TVShareMax is compatible with virtually all smartphones and computers. You can connect your Android smartphone (version 4.4 and higher), iOS device (version 9.0 and higher), and your PC (Windows 7 and higher) to your TV and catch some groove with your favourite movies and games.

Additionally, TVShareMax supports all videos and apps once they can be downloaded to your device. 

  • Hassle-free set up and easy to use

The TVShareMax can be set up in just few minutes without any troubles. In essence you have to connect to the WiFi network and plug in the power and HDMI/AV cables to get the TVShareMax up and running. Morever, the user guide in the package contains well-written information on how TVShareMax can be installed and used.

  • No subscription fees

TVShareMax is not a subscription service. You won’t have to worry about maintenance fees when using this gadget. You only have to spend on purchasing the TVShareMax and you won’t spend a dime on this product again. Hence, TVShareMax doesn’t only save you money from buying a new Smart TV, it allows you enjoy Smart TV services at no maintenance cost.

  • Constant Steaming Access

You can stream videos to your TV without lags thanks to TVShareMax. TVShareMax features a fractional delay time of 5 seconds or less, which ensures steady streaming of videos. 

With a fast WiFi connection, 60fps frame rate, and 1080P resolution, TVShareMax provides users an Amazon experience with video streaming. Don’t miss out any games or TV series; TVShareMax offers you Smart TV services in grand style.

  • Multiple, simple controls

To provide you with an amazing experience of screen sharing, TVShareMax comes with a variety of simple controls.

  • Power switch — This is located on top of the device and turns TVShareMax on/off with a single push
  • Mode Switch — Different types of modes in this TVShareMax are available. Such as cross-system, mirroring, DLNA, Miracast, etc.
  • USB port: TVShare Max runs on simply USB power. So, you don’t need to worry about an extra power outlet to connect it.
  • HDMI Connectivity: The mirroring device uses the most common connector in the current world, HDMI. It means pretty much every model of TV under the sun is compatible.
  • AV Outputs: HDMI is not the only output method for TVShare Max! It also has AV connectivity for slightly older TVs. But we recommend using it with HDMI for the best experience.
  • Several audio and video formats

The screencasting device supports all kinds of audio and video formats that exist today  So, you’re no longer limited by unique formats like MKV or MOV like in the past. 

  • Portable and small-size

TVShareMax allows you enjoy the services of a Smart TV anywhere you are. It is not a wall-installed gadget neither is it cumbersome or heavy. Rather, it is a portable, small-size gadget that can fit into your purse. When you need to travel, don’t leave the TVShareMax behind. You can also install this gadget on a friend’s home and connect to their regular TV.

Technology Behind the Working of TVShareMax (TVShareMax Reviews )

The basic idea behind the working TVShareMax is that the device establishes connections with multiple devices simultaneously. .  

TVShareMax uses HDMI and AV output to connect your phone to the TV. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and you can share your screen onto your television.

When you connect it and link the device to Wi-Fi so that the phone is connected to the TV. All you have to do is connect the HDMI through USB and the image will pop up onto the TV screen.

You may then connect it with your WiFi router upon which the visuals are shown in HD quality on a bigger screen. You can stream content from all kinds of multimedia platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Safari, etc.

How do I use the TVShareMax? (TVShareMax Review 2022)

TVShareMax is easy to use. Essentially, you only. need to do is connect it with your television screen

To use the TVShareMax, take the following simple steps.

  • Step 1: Press the round button on the TVShareMax to turn it on.
  • Step 2: Connect the TVShareMax to your TV where the HDMI port is.
  • Step 3: Turn on the wi-fi switch and connect with your device and with the TVShareMax. To do this, connect your WiFi to MONTOVIEW-2736FE, visit with your web browser, and select your network and connect
  • Step 4: Now, open the TV and your device will be connected through TVShareMax. Now, you can choose whatever content to watch from whatever device you want within minutes.

Why TVShareMax? 8 Benefits to consider! 

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TVShareMax review
  • Make your Regular TV a Smart TV! — The TVShareMax allows you enjoy the services of a Smart TV with a regular TV by connecting your smartphone and PC to your TV set.
  • Saves you money — You won’t have to worry about a new Smart TV because you don’t need one when you have this device. TVShareMax therefore saves you money from buying a new TV. Additionally, there are no maintenance services, making TVShareMax highly cost-effective
  • Enjoy unlimited TV services — With the TVShareMax, you won’t be stuck with your local channels again. You now have the options of Netflix, YouTube, Photo browsing, Apps (including Facebook), Games, and so on. This device can easily compete with all the streaming channels including HBO, amazon prime, and many more.
  • Faster HDMI output and great sound quality — TVShareMax doesn’t only share your screen, it preserves video and sound quality. You won’t have to sacrifice video or sound quality for size. 
  • Connects all your devices effortlessly — The TVShareMax is able to connect your smartphone (Android and iOS) and computer to your TV through WiFi.
  • Can be used by Anyone — There’s no hassle operation when it comes to the TVShareMax. You don’t need any technical knowledge to install or use up this gadget.
  • Affordable product — Compared to buying a new Smart TV, TVShareMax comes as a cost-effective option by far. Additionally, you get up to 50% off for this product.

Pros of TVShareMax (TVShareMax reviews 2022)

  • Compact
  • Supports up to 1080p
  • Supports up to 60 FPS
  • Universally compatible
  • Easy to use
  • Supports all video & audio formats
  • Portable
  • Affordable

Cons of TVShareMax (TVShareMax reviews 2022)

  • Not a smart TV
  • Only connects one device at a time
  • Requires internet connection

Rating TVShareMax

Affordability —10

HD quality — 10

Characteristics — 9

Total = 9.7

Where to Buy TVShareMax 

You can buy the TVShareMax from the official website.

Pricing of TVShareMax 

There are five options to choose from when it comes to TVShareMax’s pricing structure.

  • Price of 1 TVShareMax at $59
  • Price of 2 TVShareMax at $89 ($45 each) 
  • Price of 2 TVShareMax + Get 1 free at $109 ($36 each)
  • Price of 4 TVShareMax at $129 ($32 each)
  • Price of 3 TVShareMax + Get 2 free at $149 ($30 each) ng it yourself.

Return Policy

If you buy the adapter and don’t like it, you can return the device within 30 days. 

TVShareMax Reviews- FAQs

How far away from the device should I be to share my screen? 

The remote control can be anywhere within 30 feet of TVShareMax. However, if you have a thick or large wall in between the TVShareMax and the remote, then there may be a slight delay. 

Can I use TVShareMax with Apple TV? 

Yes! You can use TVShareMax to share your screen on television sets that do not have Apple TV installed or say have an outdated version. TVShareMax is the best alternative to Apple TV and is easy to operate as well.  

Does TVShareMax require any technical knowledge to set up? 

No! The instructions provided in the user manual are easy to follow and you can install TVShareMax just like you would install an app on your phone! So, no tech expertise is required at all! 

Final Verdict- TVShareMax Reviews

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TVShareMax Review

TVShareMax is a revolutionary USB-powered gadget that allows you enjoy the services of a Smart TV with a regular TV. This gadget saves you cost and gives you an unbeatable TV experience.

TVShareMax has an overall rating of  9.7 out of 10. Customer testimonials suggest how beneficial TVShareMax has been to the users.

Order TVShareMax now!


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