SonRex Anti snoring Mouthguard

Snorex Reviews : Is Snorex Anti Snoring mouthpiece Any Good?

Snorex Reviews : Is Snorex Anti Snoring Device Any Good?


Snorex replaces the annoying snoring sounds with a peaceful and comfortable sleep!

Do you have to deal with the uncomfortable snoring sounds of your sleep mate every night? People who snore may never know they do. And even if they know, putting an end to snoring can be a very challenging task.

It may interest you to know that nearly 50% of people snore at some point in their life. But we’re not talking of occasional snorers. The worry is habitual snorers who cannot find help with their condition. 

Now snoring may not be associated with a disease process or a very serious condition. It could be related to obesity for instance. However, whatever be the cause, it doesn’t disprove the fact that snoring can be very disturbing.

Do you wish to put an end to your snoring habits? Forget treatments that make high promises but provide no lasting solution. I bring you good news today because I am going to review a popular anti-snoring device called Snorex that reduces or completely clears out the annoying snoring sound and gives you a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

First, we introduce the Snorex, its unique features, and how it works. Then the benefits, pros and cons, where to buy this product if you eventually make up your mind, and other salient details.

Let’s begin!


What is a Snorex Anti-Snore Device?

Snorex is an anti-snore mouthpiece designed from medical-grade copolymer plastic. You should expect this gadget to last for a long time because of its high-quality material design. And it does. Snorex has an average lifespan of one and a half years!

Its durability is not the only selling point for Snorex, however. Customers also love this gadget because of its ergonomic design. You can’t get any anti-snore mouthpiece more comfortable to wear than Snorex. The product features an adjustable tray that makes it hassle-free to use by anybody.

Snorex is a customizable Mandibular Adjustment Device that you have to wear over your teeth to control snoring. Before you raise an eyebrow, that’s not where it works! Snorex is a sleek device that works in a fascinating way. 

In case you aren’t aware, a snoring sound is heard when the muscles of your throat become too relaxed. But look what Snorex does here.

When in place in your mouth, Snorex functions to move the lower jaw forward, opening the airway and tightening the muscles of your throat. This helps reduce the vibrations produced by your vocal cords – Snoring eliminated!

All sleeper types can rely on the revolutionary technology-technology Snorex to kiss goodbye to noisy nights. All materials used in the construction of this device are FDA-approved. So, you don’t have to worry because they are entirely safe for you.

Thanks to its Open front design, you can breathe effortlessly while wearing the Snorex mouthpiece. The ergonomic anti-snore mouthpiece is a top-of-the-line product designed to be efficient, customizable, and cost-effective.


How is Snorex Different from other Mandibular Adjustment Devices (MADs)?

Just by wearing this adjustable mouthpiece, you will notice how comfortable it is compared to other Mandibular Adjustment Devices. Snorex is designed to adjust the lower jaw by 1mm increments in order to open the airway and eliminate snoring.

But not everybody will be super comfortable with the 1mm adjustments. To accommodate these variations, Snorex is capable of further adjustments between 1mm and 6mm unlike most Mandibular Adjustment Devices on the market.

Another feature of Snorex worthy of praise is its breathable design. While wearing the mouthpiece, you will breathe as freely and naturally as possible. Snorex has an open front that allows free flow of air for unrestrained ventilation and breathing.

It is easy to clean which is important to keep the gadget free from bacteria. Use the approved toothpaste or spray to clean off bacteria and debris on Snorex before and after use. 

No challenge on your safety. Snorex is an FDA-approved product made from highly-durable copolymer plastic with harder outer pads and softer, customizable inner pads. This medical-grade mouthpiece is sure to keep your breath free.

Compared to competitors of similar performance, Snorex is a good choice for anyone who wants to reduce or eliminate snoring without having to break the bank.


How Does Snorex Work to Reduce snoring?

Snorex Reviews

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The innovative Snorex mouthpiece works with a fascinating technology. As you might have known, snoring is caused by the vibration of tissues in the back of the throat. This may occur because the airway is restricted. 

Snorex is a Mandibular Adjustment Device that works by gently moving the lower jaw forward. Moving the tongue and lower jaw forward can help open the airway and reduce snoring.

Snorex can be adjusted in 1-millimeter increments to advance the jaw forward. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of sleepers.

Once the boil-and-bite custom fitting has been done, Snorex recommends wearing the mouthpiece at the 1 millimeter setting on the first night, then adjusting by 1 millimeter per night until the desired setting is reached. Most users find that their snoring is reduced with a setting of 3 millimeters to 5 millimeters.

You can adjust Snorex anywhere between 1mm at minimum and 6 mm at maximum.


Why Snorex Design Makes it Exceptional

The revolutionary Snorex mouthpiece is constructed to address the shortcomings of regular Mandibular Adjustment Devices. It is adjustable, breathable, and highly ergonomic thanks to the engineering behind its construction.

The medical-grade Snorex is designed from a highly durable copolymer plastic that gives the gadget a lifespan of one and a half years. Customers realize the pain of having to buy anti-snore devices every now and then. Luckily, they will use Snorex for a long.

Snorex has firm outer pads that are firm that greatly contribute to the hardness and rigidity of the mouthpiece. On the inner side, there are softer, customizable pads.  Air can freely flow bidirectionally through the mouthpiece thanks to the open front.


What are the Unique Features of Snorex?

Below are the unique features of Snorex anti snoring Mouthguard Device:


By default, Snorex advances the lower jaw by 1mm increments. This adjustment serves to open up the airway which otherwise is blocked to produce snoring sound. Different types of sleepers can rely on the Snorex for a comfortable night rest. 

Snorex can bring about increments between 1mm and 6mm to accommodate individual differences and provide effective anti-snoring functions. 



The breathable Snorex mouthpiece features an open front which serves to permit the free flow of air into and out of the mouth. You might expect sleeping with the mouthpiece to interfere with your breathing. Good news is that this doesn’t happen. 

Air can flow freely thanks to the Snorex’s unique V-flow design which features an open front that allows for total, unobstructed ventilation and breathing.



You can rest assured that Snorex is a safe product to use. All the materials that went into the construction of this mouthpiece are tested and approved by FDA. Snorex employs a medical-grade material in its construction, including durable copolymer plastic and firm and softer pads.  It is non-irritant and causes no problems to the gums and teeth.


Easy to Clean

Perhaps you’re wondering how possible it is to keep the mouthpiece clean and bacteria-free since it goes into the mouth every night. No doubt Snorex will be loaded with microbes by the next morning. Luckily, it is easy to clean and maintain the Snorex. 

The brand recommends brushing Snorex with toothbrush and toothpaste everyday to prevent the buildup of bacteria and keep the mouthpiece fresh. Alternatively, spray the mouthpiece with a mouthguard spray and gently brush with your toothbrush to have Snorex squeaky and bacteria-free.



Snorex is very comfortable to use. This gadget allows you self-test it to achieve a precise fit by the boil-and-bite fitting method. This involves a thermal matrix system that allows you create a personalized impression of your teeth on the mouthpiece.

Unlike a basic mouthguard, Snorex is designed to hold your upper and lower jaw in a set position relative to each other. Additionally, Snorex allows for full lateral adjustability for added comfort. The ergonomic Snorex is a customizable and adjustable Mandibular Adjustment Device.


Suitable for all sleeper types

Though best for side sleepers and stomach sleepers, the adjustable Snorex mouthpiece can be used for all sleeper types including back sleepers. Combination sleepers can also wear this device to sleep and reduce or eliminate snoring.


How to use Snorex Anti Snoring Device 

It is not rocket science! You don’t need anybody to assist you in the use of the Snorex mouthpiece. This process typically takes less than 5 minutes. 

Basically, you have to make custom impressions at home using the boil-and-bite method. To use the Snorex, follow the instructions below.

First, Snorex recommends bringing a cup of water to a full boil in the microwave. After this, submerge the mouthpiece using the attached handle for exactly 60 seconds. 

When you have removed the device from the boiling water by the handle, immediately dip it into a second container of cool water for a couple of seconds to remove any hot water. Then, center your teeth in the top and bottom grooves and bite down firmly for about 30 seconds to fit the mouthpiece to the teeth. Snorex Reviews

Once the impression has been made properly, dip the mouthpiece in cool water for about 5 minutes to set it. And boy, you’re good to go!


Making further adjustments…

By default, Snorex advances the lower jaw by 1mm increments. However, some customers are better off with more increments than the preset. This is what they have to do.

  • Gently unhook the tray from the back-top tray
  • Squeeze the back of Snorex mouthpiece
  • Take your finger and push the lower portion forward to the suitable adjustment
  • Once you are comfortable with the setting, reattach the upper tray and put it in your mouth


Is Snorex Anti Snoring Device Safe To Use?

The one-of-a-kind Snorex mouthpiece is an FDA-approved adjustable Mandibular Adjustment Device. The materials have been tested and certified free from harmful or injurious agents to health. 

Using quality, professional, medical-grade materials means that Snorex is hypoallergenic and safe. It has no metal parts that could be abrasive and is composed of large pieces of material so there are no small parts that could be swallowed whilst you sleep.

Unlike some other mouthpieces, Snorex has a reassuringly large gap between the upper and lower trays. This allows you to comfortably breathe through your mouth at night


How Do I Clean My Snorex Anti Snoring Device?

Snorex recommends cleaning the mouthpiece daily by brushing it with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Regular cleaning helps prevent the buildup of bacteria.

Disinfecting the mouthpiece with a specially designed mouthguard spray is also advised. Allow the mouthpiece to dry fully after each cleaning.


Purchasers should avoid the use of harsh chemicals, denture tablets, and abrasive cleaners when caring for the Snorex Mouthpiece.


What are the benefits of Snorex over other mouthguards?

  • Allows you breath while the device is in your mouth

Unlike some other mouthpieces, Snorex features a reassuringly large gap between the upper and lower trays. This open front allows for free flow of air into and out of your mouth when wearing the device. You will feel so comfortable and used to the device that you may forget it’s ever there.

Air can flow freely thanks to the Snorex’s unique V-flow design which features an open front that allows for total, unobstructed ventilation and breathing.


  • Custom fit

Snorex uses a thermal matrix system that allows you to create a personalized impression of your teeth on the mouthpiece. Therefore, after purchasing this product, you can customize it so that using the product becomes a breeze.

The boil-and-bite method makes Snorex superior to most of its competitors. This gadget allows you to self-test it to achieve a precise fit.


  • Lasts longer

Aren’t you tired of purchasing anti-snoring devices month after month? Many of these are knock-offs and fail at eliminating snoring sounds. A few that reduce snores are lacking in the structural details that guarantee durability.

Snorex is a highly durable and adjustable anti-snoring gadget made from the best materials. The medical-grade mouthpiece is built from copolymer plastic and rigid pads. If you are in need of a sturdy anti-snoring mouthpiece that won’t make a hole through your pocket, Snorex is the direction you should be looking at.


  • Cost effective

From the standpoint of the value Snorex offers to customers, the device is a steal! Snorex mouthpiece comes at an affordable price. You won’t have to break the bank before you can be able to afford this product. 


  • Entirely safe for you and your household

Snorex is safe to use by anybody having sleeping problems. It is an FDA-approved product. Apart from children under the age of 18 and people who have a medical challenge and are undergoing treatments for snoring, Snorex is recommended for use by everyone.


  • Anti-snoring device for all sleeper types

Though best for side sleepers and stomach sleepers, the adjustable Snorex mouthpiece can be used for all sleeper types including back sleepers. Combination sleepers can also wear this device to sleep and reduce or eliminate snoring.


  • Promotional offer

You definitely don’t want to miss the revolutionary Snorex because it is cheaper now than ever! The provider of Snorex mouthpiece is making this product available at a promotional offer that allows you to purchase it for half the normal price. 

There is no information on how long this offer will last. But if you are in need of Snorex, don’t hesitate to place an order now. You can place your order on the official website through any of the links in this article.


  • Hassle-free returns

If you feel Snorex mouthpiece is not the product you are looking for after purchase, the provider allows you to return it within 30 days of purchase. You will be fully refunded in accordance with the 100% money-back guarantee terms.


Who is in need of Snorex?

  • You may benefit from an anti-snoring mouthpiece if you:
  • Snore worse when you lie on your back
  • Are overweight
  • Often wake with a sore throat and headache
  • Can still breathe clearly though your nose


Who Should Avoid It?

  • Sleepers with dental implants that have been inserted within the last 12 months
  • Those with loose teeth or gum disease
  • People with respiratory disorders, central sleep apnea, or a history of TMD
  • Children under the age of 18
  • Those with braces, dentures, or other oral appliances


General lifestyle and home remedies to reduce snoring

To prevent or quiet snoring, try these tips:

  1. If you’re overweight, lose weight. People who are overweight may have extra tissues in the throat that contribute to snoring. Losing weight can help reduce snoring.


  1. Sleep on your side. Lying on your back allows your tongue to fall backward into your throat, narrowing your airway and partially obstructing airflow. Try sleeping on your side. If you find that you always end up on your back in the middle of the night, try sewing a tennis ball in the back of your pajama top.


  1. Raise the head of your bed. Raising the head of your bed by about 4 inches may help.


  1. Nasal strips or an external nasal dilator. Adhesive strips applied to the bridge of the nose help many people increase the area of their nasal passage, enhancing their breathing. 


  1. Ask your doctor about a prescription steroid spray if you have chronic congestion. To correct a structural defect in your airway, such as a deviated septum, you may need surgery.


  1. Limit or avoid alcohol and sedatives. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages at least two hours before bedtime, and let your doctor know about your snoring before taking sedatives. Sedatives and alcohol depress your central nervous system, causing excessive relaxation of muscles, including the tissues in your throat.


  1. Quit smoking. Smoking cessation may reduce snoring, in addition to having numerous other health benefits.
  2. Get enough sleep. Adults should aim for at least seven hours of sleep per night. The recommended hours of sleep for children vary by age. Preschool-aged children should get 10 to 13 hours a day. School-age children need nine to 12 hours a day, and teens should have eight to 10 hours a day.


Snorex Pros and Cons (Snorex reviews 2023)


  • Custom fit – Set up, including the boil-and-bite tooth impression, is quick and easy
  • Jaw position is adjustable to 1 millimeter and locks into place
  • Air holes allow comfortable mouth breathing
  • Outlasts similar devices
  • Cost-effective
  •  FDA-approved



  • Somewhat larger design can be uncomfortable for smaller mouths
  • More time-consuming care and cleaning
  • Some sleepers report side effects like dry mouth, excess drooling, and initial soreness
  • Not best for people with crowns, bridges, or dentures


Price Options for Snorex

While the device is available in a universal size that fits most mouths, the Snorex is also customizable and adjustable. Buyers can purchase one Snorex for $59.99 or two for $99.98. 

Snorex is only available at the official website.


FAQs – Snorex Reviews 

Can I adjust the mouthpiece?

The Snorex mouthpiece is adjustable. The lower jaw portion can be adjusted incrementally and readjusted at any time. The fit is further customizable through the boil-and-bite fitting method.


How long will the mouthpiece last?

The Snorex Mouthpiece is expected to last up to a year and a half, making it more durable than other Mandibular Adjustment Devices. The device may need to be replaced sooner if you are prone to grinding or clenching your teeth, as this can wear down the plastic.


Does it require a prescription?

The Snorex Mouthpiece does not require a prescription, though the company advises that you let your dentist know that you are using it at your periodic examinations.


Is there a trial period?

When purchased directly through the Snorex website, the Snorex Mouthpiece comes with a 30-night sleep trial. In the event of a return, customers receive a refund of the product price.


My final Verdict on Snorex

As minor as it may appear, snoring can be a big source of disturbance particularly at night. While most snorers are unaware of this discomfort, their sleep mates are always at the receiving end. This article reviews an effective anti-snore solution that is trending in many parts of the world.

Snorex is a highly customizable mouthpiece that effectively reduces or eliminates snoring. It uses a revolutionary technology to advance the lower jaw and open the airway, reducing the snoring sound. 

Positive customer reviews clearly show that Snorex gives value for money invested in it. It is breathable thanks to its open front. Hurry now and purchase the ergonomic Snorex mouthpiece at 50% discount. 


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