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Shower Time Max Reviews 2021: Is it Legit or Scam

Shower time max Reviews is a good companion on shower and Kitchen. Waterproof and Anti-Fog: This Will does not affect the clarity of the phone screen. Sensitive Touchable Screen: Freely slide phone screen, watch the movies or listen to music.

Free Your Hands: shower time max is a good companion in your bathroom, toilet, bathtub, kitchen. You can listen to music when taking shower, or watching videos when you cooking. Doesn’t matter if it’s a splash, a spill, or total immersion, the Waterproof Shower time max was covered with trusted seal protection. At the same time, it does not affect the sound.Waterproof and Anti-Fog: You can freely adjust the screen of the Shower time max, adjust the volume, change the song, play games, scroll the news in the shower or bathtub, even if the fog is generated during the bath, it will not affect the clarity of the phone screen.NO-Trace Hanging: This wall-mounted phone organizer can be installed wherever it is needed. Shower time max reviews is quick and easy to install, has a punch-free design, has no damage to the wall, is easy to paste, is firm and stable, and can be pasted without marks.Under 6.8 inches: The universal size of the wall-mounted phone holder is suitable for all mobile phones under 6.8 inches. Compatible with almost all smartphones or remote controls.Scope of Application: Our wall-mounted mobile phone holder is suitable for one side of the desk/wall beside the bed/coffee shop/bathroom/dining room/places where children cannot reach. Designed to save space, carefully built, sturdy, and durable.

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Shower time max

ShowerTime Max Specifications:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: White, blue
  • Size: 28 mm*190 mm*105 mm/ 1.10 *7.48 *4.13 inch

Package Includes:
1 x Wall Mounted Phone CaseFree Your Hands: shower time max reviews a good companion on shower and Kitchen.Waterproof and Anti-Fog: Will not affect the clarity of the phone screen.Sensitive Touchable Screen: Freely slide phone screen, watch the movies or listen to music.NO-Trace Hanging: Punch-free design, damage free to the wall, easy to paste, firm and stable.Fits Most Phone Size: Universal size fits all mobile phones under 6.8 inches.

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shower time max Reviews

Shower time max reviews With an Anti-Fog Screen

Slide your phone in this secure holder that comes with a touch- and anti-fog screen. The adhesive mount is easy to install and does not damage the walls when removed. Keep your phone protected with this waterproof holder while you shower.

why should you buy shower time max

Shower time max is Easy Mount:

With this phone holder, you can easily mount your phone anywhere you want. It could be the kitchen, bathroom, or any other place you love to set it. Wherever you place it, it will remain stable and strong.

It has Touch Screen:

After placing your phone inside the phone holder, it completely seals from the outside. To operate the phone in that situation, it comes with a 0.25mm sensitive touch screen.


It doesn’t matter what type of phone you have. Once you place your phone inside the ShowerTime, it becomes completely waterproof. As a result, your phone gets protected from all kinds of water damage.

Shower time max has a good Clear View:

If you mount your shower time max phone holder inside your bathroom or kitchen, there is a possibility of producing fog. But the material of this phone holder is built with an anti-fog feature so you get the optimal clarity each and every time.

Fit with Most designs of Phones:

One of the great parts of this device is that, its support of almost all the latest phones. Any phone that is under 6.25 inch are perfectly fit in this phone holder.

FEATURES Of Shower time max Reviews 2021

  • Shower time max reviews is effective anti-splash, watch movies & listening to music & live match whilst having a shower or bath without worrying about water damage to your phone.
  • HD CLARITY – this device has Anti-fog high perspective window, even if the fog is generated during the bath, it will not affect the clarity of the phone screen.
  • SENSITIVE SCREEN–0.25mm flexible touches screen, freely touched from the inside of the shower or bath, adjust volume, change songs, play games, scroll through the news and listen to your favorite music.
  • EASY INSTALLATION – shower time max reviews is Punching free design, damage free to the wall, fast and easy to install. strong adhesive back glue, no need pin to the wall. not easy to peel off, resistant to compression and fall, not easy to deform.
  • COMPATIBLE for MOST PHONES: Universal size fits most mobile phones under 6.8 inches, gives the best protection.With Shower time max reviews you can Enjoy audio and video entertainment at all times in bathroom, toilet, kitchen, etc.
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shower time max reviews

NOTE : SHOWER TIME MAX sticks to the wall using strong adhesive squares instead of suction cups, which tend to slide around. Also, it can hold up to six pounds of weight, so it works with basically any phone or tablet.

Just be sure to install the Droplet onto a clean, dry, flat wall, and if you’re using the Droplet in the shower, position it on a part of the wall that doesn’t get splashed.

Pros of shower time max reviews

  • You Can Still Use Your Phone While Doing Your Daily Bathroom Routine. …
  • Prevent Your Mobile Devices From Getting Wet. …
  • You Can Still Make Calls Even If The Phone Is Inside The Holder Case. …
  • Prevent Your Phones From Accumulating Germs After Pooping.
Pros of shower time max review

Cons of shower time max reviews

1. this product is limited in quantity .

2. This new product is not available for purchase in retail stores. Only available for purchase online.

Can I listen to music or watch videos in the bath without getting my phone wet.

Yes,with shower time max Review. This is s very simple way to be able to use your phone in a bath. All you really need is to cover your whole phone with shower time max, so it doesn’t get wet while you’re showering. This device makes shower enjoyable. It gives your phone a perfect protection against damage or wet.

How Can I utilize ShowerTime max?

As a starter to this device, this is a very important question to arise in your mind. Well, let me describe to you how to utilize this device. You can use the device portably and attached it in a place permanently.

For portable use, you just need to open the phone holder and place your phone inside it and you are good to enjoy your shower.

How Can I Use ShowerTime

The shower time max phone holder is ready for use and you can take it comfortably anywhere you move, such as swimming pool, sea beach, bathing etc. You can aswell mount the phone holder anywhere you want as long as you want. For that, you just need to take off the adhesive and attach it to your selected place. Then open the slot of the holder and place your phone and your device is now protected from water.

Frequently Asked Questions About Shower Time Max Reviews

  1. Can i use my phone in the shower? Shower time max make it much easier for you to be able to use your phone in the shower without issues — place it in a showertime max.if your phone isn’t waterproof, you‘ll need a way to protect it.one of the best ways to protect your phone in the shower is with a shower time max.
  2. Can I use any type of phone with my shower time max reviews: shower time max lets you use ANY smartphone in the shower, pool, hot-tub, beach or wherever it needs to stay dry. Yes!!! With this device you can use your Smartphone in the shower, bathtub, pool, hot tub, beach or wherever your phone needs to stay dry. Finally! The ShowerCase is patent-pending, fits ANY phone, is Waterproof and is engineered for optimal screen clarity and high Sound quality. This means you can listen to music, watch a movie or even take phone calls in the shower straight from your phone! Just suction cup it to your shower wall and enjoy!.
  3. Is shower time max reviews worth my money: big yes! Because with shower timemax you can listen to music, watch a movie or even take phone calls in the shower straight from your phone without any fear of damage.
  4. Does shower time max reviews cost: comparing the price of shower time max with other shower phone holder from market, it is comparatively cheaper and has some more benefits more than other products. One ShowerTimeMax for $49.00 and two showertimemax for $69.00.
Showertime max reviews 2021

Benefit Of Shower Time Max

  • Easy To Mount Punch-Free Attachment Holder
  • Touch-Through Technology For Precise Touchscreen
  • Completely Waterproof And Safe For All Smartphones
  • Clear-View And Anti-Fog Properties Cover Layer
  • Easy Attach To All Shiny Surfaces In The Bathroom
  • Designed To Be Compatible With All Smartphone Sizes

where can I buy shower time max

If you desire to have this waterproof phone holder Gadget, I’ll advice you to get it from the ShowerTime official site. I had brought four of these phone holders for my personal use from its official site and all of them work perfectly. Besides that when you order the product from its official site, you’ll get the original product and other official benefits. Most of the time the producers gives some promo discount. At that time, you can have the product with a huge 50% discount. To help you in getting the original product down this section, just click here ^^ official website ^^ to purchase.

ShowerTime Max price?

We calculated the cost of ShowerTime Maxto be between $100 – $120. The average guess in the office was $120.

Incredibly the highly-rated ShowerTime Max is just $49 (with the 50% promo at the time of writing this reviews)

It’s an amazing deal as finding value in this market isn’t easy. So, for those who want all the latest features from a reliable brand, ShowerTime Max is ideal.

It provides more than you would expect to find from the expensive brands but is nowhere near as costly. It is also incredibly easy to use.

in summary: Showertime max Review is the best shower phone protector which is completely waterproof and suitable for all types of phone. This product is not hard to use.

Showertime max review

This device is suitable to any type of phone.

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Showertime max reviews

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