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OdorCrush Dryer Ball Reviews 2022: Is DryerBoost OdorCrush a waste of money?

OdorCrush Dryer Ball Reviews 2022: Over the years, technology has improved all the areas of life and in a bid to make things easier for man. In as much as technology has some little disadvantages, it’s advantages outweigh the latter in some many cases. Normally, before the washing machines came into play, we wash with our hands and not only is it tiring, it’s takes up a lot of time to do other things. With the new laundry services, doing laundry may seem like the most straightforward task in the world. Just like simply add your clothes to the washing machine and let it do the rest. But the question is, it really that easy? Not when you have issues such as wrinkles on the fabric/cloth, static, lint, pet hair, and more. Not only that, the clothes are not even as dry as you want them to be which beckons on the need for these dryer balls.

With all these above, laundry can become a very tedious task especially when your clothes are not as soft as you want them to be. This might lead to one to source for fabric softeners and dryer sheets to keep them soft, and surely, they work too. But in turn, they add unwanted chemicals to your clothes that can prove harmful in the long run (that’s a big challenge on its own). Besides, the fabric softeners and dryer sheets don’t altogether remove the static nor the lint in the real sense. So, even though your clothes are soft, the lint still clings on to them. This is why a new invention was made, the OdorCrush dryer balls; an eco-friendly final solution to all laundry problems or issues. Now here’s the interesting thing about this product, these dryer balls will not just make your clothes soft; they will also clean out the lint and pet hair. Your clothes will be clean and dry in no time with Odor Crush Dryer Balls.

About OdorCrush Dryer balls? (OdorCrush Dryer ball reviews 2022)

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OdorCrush Dryer Ball Reviews 2022

The OdorCrush Dryer balls are wool dryer booster balls that you have to add your clothes whenever you are doing laundry. These balls are compressed bundles of wool which help keep your clothes dry. These dryer balls are made using 100% premium quality felted organic wool from New Zealand that provide your clothes with a chemical-free experience hence it’s rated more than the dryer sheets that has chemical in it which leaves the cloth with pet hair and lint.

OdorCrush dryer balls give you a soft fabric while saving your time and energy. You do not have any toxic chemicals and, therefore, hence eco-friendly. Odor Crush Dryer Balls are long-lasting and can be reused for years. As the dryer balls move around in your dryer, they ensure that your clothes do not clump together and that’s another advantage of this product over the other dryer sheets.

The Odor Crush dryer balls are made using 100% premium quality felted organic wool from New Zealand that provide your clothes with a chemical-free experience.

If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 90 days of purchase for a full refund.

Features of Odor Crush Dryer Balls (Odor Crush Dryer balls reviews)

1) Versatility:  Unlike the other dryer sheets, OdorCrush Dryer balls are specially made to be used for different dryers and washing machines too and above that work very well with all kinds of machines that you can think about so not just restricted to one particular kind of washing machine.

2) Reusability: The OdorCrush Dryer balls are very much reusable and can last for thousands of drying cycles. This actually makes the product cost-effective/efficient and convenient.

3) User-friendly: these wool dryer balls are not so hard to work with as it doesn’t need a special kind of guide. You just have to put them into the dryer with your clothes. Super convenient!

Specifications/Product details of using OdorCrush dryer balls (OdorCrush Dryer ball reviews)

– Item weight: 272g

– Package dimension: 22.86 × 13.72 × 5.33 cm

– Net quantity: 6.00 count


– Manufacturer: Odor Crush

Why should I go for OdorCrush Dryer balls over the dryer sheets? (OdorCrush Dryer ball review)

The OdorCrush Dryer balls are highly effective in limiting static and lint and thus, they are great in grabbing pet hair as well. They are also best when it comes to separating the clothes in the machine than dryer sheets, as they allow the hot air to circulate evenly, easily and very much efficiently. Through this means, it helps in reducing the drying time make it more effective than the dryer sheets.

These laundry dryer balls are made of wool and are actually more absorbent than the sheets. They decrease drying time by up to 25%.

In addition, over-drying can damage the clothes and increase the static. The temperature settings can also be controlled with these wool dryer balls, which can reduce damage to the clothes.

Working mechanism for the OdorCrush Dryer balls (OdorCrush Dryer balls reviews)

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OdorCrush Dryer Ball Reviews 2022

Odor Crush Dryer Balls are created using felted wool. In the felting process, wool is first separated and then frayed. The natural wool fibers are then relocked and fused to themselves. This process makes the wool more solid and bulkier because of the use of warm water and this transforms them into the dryer balls.

This process allows the dryer balls to absorb more heat from the dryer. So, as the clothes in your machine begin to tumble, the dryer balls move with them. They spread the heat absorbed from the dryer on to your clothes. This even distribution of heat is why your clothes dry much faster, saving you time and, of course, power.

These wool balls also soak in excess moisture from your clothes, thus helping them dry quicker. Odor Crush Dryer Balls is a cost-effective way to keep dry your clothes, keeping them soft and free from chemicals.

What are the Dryer balls made up of? (OdorCrush Dryer balls review)

The dryer balls are most commonly made of tightly compressed wool, but it can also be made of plastic and rubber. First of all, wool dryer balls must be made from 100% wool that has not been treated with chemicals to make it “super wash” or “machine washable for easy use. As a result, natural wool yarn will allow the dryer balls to become “felted” (covered with felt or a felt like material). Otherwise, they will just unwind and fall apart in the dryer. Felting is a process by which textile material that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing fibers together are made to rub against one another vigorously. Also because of this, the fibers become entangled creating a type of stable “fabric.”

These dryer balls are made to help prevent laundry from clumping together in the dryer by tumbling between layers and separating fabric. This action allows warm air to circulate better which can even help reduce drying time. The movement of the dryer balls against fabrics can also help fight wrinkles, prevent static and soften clothes.

It is worthy to note that our Odor Crush Dryer balls unlike dryer sheets, do not contain any added compounds or ions. They are chemical-free and work efficiently in reduce drying time, limit static cling, and soften clothes.

Types of Dryer balls commonly seen (OdorCrush Dryer balls reviews)

Some dryer balls are actually made of wool while some are made of plastic and rubber. These are what the different kinds of dryer balls look like:

1) Wool Dryer balls:

The wool dryer balls are quite natural, environmentally friendly and long lasting. Wool dryer balls can help absorb moisture from fabrics to improve drying time. It is also the quietest option when bouncing around in the dryer.

2) Rubber and Plastic Dryer balls:

The rubber and plastic dryer balls are durable options and a better choice for those wanting to avoid the possible shed of wool fibers and pilling that may result from wool dryer balls. The bumpy nodules or spikes on some plastic and rubber dryer balls can help open up clothes further, by moving and tugging the fabric to separate layers as they roll around.

How does the OdorCrush Dryer balls work? (DryerBoost OdorCrush reviews)

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DryerBoost OdorCrush Reviews

Our normal dryer machines actually work by tumbling clothes so to create separation between items so that hot air can circulate and dry the clothes. Because without that separation between clothing items, you would have a damp pile just sitting in a hot chamber, which would take a much longer time to dry.

Dryer balls work to reduce drying time by enhancing the effect of tumbling that dryers already create. As they bounce around in the dryer‘s chamber, they work their way between items creating even more separation allowing air to circulate easier and dry clothes faster.

The Dryer balls  tumble around in your dryer with your laundry and separate it, creating pockets of air to speed up the drying process. While they bounce around, they also fluff the laundry, soak up some of the water, reduce wrinkles, soften fabric, and reduce static cling.


Pros of OdorCrush Dryer balls (OdorCrush Dryer balls reviews)

– It is easy to use

– they are reusable

– It is eco-friendly

– it works very well in all washing machines.

– It saves much time, hence reduces drying time.

– They won’t leave residue on your clothe

– These dryer balls are highly effective in reducing lint and static on your fabric

– They are able to separate the clothes in the machine easily allowing hot air to circulate easily for rapid drying

– they make the cloth or fabric as soft as possible when they come out of the dryer.

– Fresh, clean scent for up to 6 weeks

Cons of OdorCrush Dryer balls (OdorCrush Dryer balls reviews)

– The product can only be purchased on the official website

– Due to its high demand, it normally runs out of stock.

Benefits of using DryerBoost OdorCrush balls (DryerBoost OdorCrush balls reviews)

1) Sustainability: Unlike the dryer sheets which can be used only once, OdorCrush Dryer balls can be used for a very long time and numerous times, up to one thousand loads before needing a replacement. So this is a very huge investment as it offers a fantastic value for your money.  It is not even so expensive and you still get to use it for long when you get one plus it’s durability is something worth investing in.

2) Effectiveness: The fact that a product works gives it away easily. OdorCrush Dryer balls remove both static and wrinkles from clothes while ensuring that your clothes are as soft as possible when they come out of the dryer.

3) Cost-effective:  Odor Crush Dryer Balls can save you loads of money. Because of the fact that you can reuse these dryer balls and it can last quite long, you don’t get to purchase the product all the time and you can replace your fabric softeners and dryer sheets with these dryer balls. Hence, it is exceptionally cost-effective.

4) Eco-friendly: Because they are reusable, and can be used for over 1000 laundry cycles. These wool balls will last you anywhere between 2-5 years, unlike dryer sheets, which can be used only once. Thus, you can save the environment and reduce your carbon footprint therefore they are eco-friendly.

5) Saves time: Odor Crush Dryer Balls is actually a smarter solution to the chemical-loaded dryer sheets. They can considerably reduce your drying time, saving you time and effort while giving you clean, dry clothes.  Above all, reduced dryer time also adds to power saving and, thus, cost-cutting, every time you use the washing machines.

6) Gentle and Soft: Odor Crush Dryer balls tumble with your clothes, keeping them soft and fluffy without the need for fabric softeners. They also absorb the static between your clothes, so your clothes don’t cling to each other. With these balls, you will have adequately dry clothes and reduced wrinkles in your clothes.

7) Removes toxic smell from the fabric: Most of the times people also complain about toxic smells emitted from their fabric and cloth when out from the dryer. You don’t get to experience that with OdorCrush Dryer balls as they are made of wool and as such are free from all kinds of chemicals, so if you are prone to allergy, then this is an excellent solution to keep allergens from chemical softeners away from your body and would remove those toxic build-up on your fabric.

How to use the OdorCrush Dryer balls (OdorCrush Dryer balls reviews)

First of all, we recall how the laundry dryer balls work. They work in such a way that they bounce around in the dryer with your clothes and by that means help to separate them and let the warm air circulate more easily. This is because they need sufficient space and enough room to function properly. So, the implication is that the wool dryer balls can work only efficiently when there is a medium or small-sized laundry load.

Using them is also super easy and convenient. All you need to do is to place them straight into the dryer with your clothes — just like a dryer sheet. They not only eliminate static, but they also help your dryer to run more efficiently by retaining heat within the wool dryer balls and reducing drying time and this is the super advantage which the OdorCrush Dryer balls has over the other dryer sheets. Normally you can use 1-2 dryer boosts for small loads, 3-4 for medium size loads, and 5-6 for large loads. Most of the majority of dryer balls are being sold in packages of 3, which is the average amount needed for most loads of laundry, from small to large.

However, because the wool dryer balls usually come unscented, you can add a few drops of oils on the reusable dryer balls to have a bit of fragrance of your choice and wait for a few hours. When you use these dryer boosts to dry your clothes, the subtle fragrance from the wool dryer balls will pass on to your garments.

In order to eliminate the building up of static electricity, you can spray a little bit of water on the wool dryer balls before you put them into the dryer. The humidity level in the dryer gets elevated by this process and the static is removed. Attaching a safety pin to the dryer balls can also be helpful as the metal can diffuse the static.

Pricing for OdorCrush Dryer balls (Odor Crush Dryer balls reviews)

It is worthy to note that there are several dryer balls in the market but in order to get the OdorCrush Dryer balls, it can only be purchased on the official website only. One good thing about purchasing from the website is that it helps to get the product at a discounted price.

a) 1 OdorCrush Dryer ball – $21.90 with a shipping fee of $6.95.

(This pack comes with a 6XL sized balls)

b) To purchase 2 and get up to 15% off for $25.50.

(This pack comes with 12 dryer balls). No shipping fee attached to this offer.

c) To purchase 3, you will get up to 25% off for $33.75

(This comes with 18wool balls).

No shipping fee attached to this too.

Refund Policy (OdorCrush Dryer balls reviews)

We offer 90 days’ money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our product.

If you are not satisfied with your product, you can return it within 90 days of purchase for a full refund. Below are the contact details:

Contact us:

(877) 618-6804.

For customer service hours, you can place a call as from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday to Friday.


2200 Dunbarton Dr. Suite E

Chesapeake, VA 23325.

Email: support@odorcrushstore.com

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Frequently asked questions about OdorCrush Dryer balls (OdorCrush Dryer balls reviews)

How many times can one reuse the dryer balls and how long do they last?

They will you last for years. OdorCrush Dryer Balls are reusable for almost 1000+ per each ball. Most people will use them for 2 to 5 years depending on how much laundry they do.

How do one get the smell out of the wool dryer balls?

We do this by dropping a few drops of essential oils onto our Wool dryer balls, then we let them to dry for a moment, then throwing them in the dryer with our clothes or linens. One of the favorite essential oils to added to the special OdorCrush wool dryer balls are lavender and balsam fir.

How do OdorCrush Dryer balls speed drying? ( OdorCrush Dryer Ball Reviews 2022)

Wool dryer balls separate your clothes as they’re tossing around with the load, allowing the air to circulate more freely and dry more effetively. Shorter drying times translate to lower utility bills and that saves you time and money.

How economical are these dryer balls? (OdorCrush Dryer balls reviews 2022)

Dryer balls have a life span of approximately 1,000 loads of laundry. At two loads every week, that means they will last about two years. These dryer balls also eliminate the need for liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets, which are costly and are not reusable, so must be purchased over and over again.

How should one store the dryer balls after each use?

You can store them in a well ventilated area. Do not store them in plastic.

These Dryer Balls come in a charming and handy organic cotton gift bag that is also ideal to store them. Though you can leave the balls inside the dryer but it should be dry.

Is there any need for any kind of fabric softener or dryer sheets when using the dryer balls?

No, there’s no need for them again. With our OdorCrush Dryer balls, one can now be done with all those chemical loaded dryer sheets and fabric softener. These dryer balls will naturally and automatically soften your fabrics by gently tumbling with them in the dryer, giving you a naturally softer and fluffier laundry without the use of any harmful chemicals. Moreover, they will also help reduce drying time by 40%, making you save time, money, and energy!

DryerBoost OdorCrush Reviews: Final Verdict

At this point, one doesn’t have to worry about drying time during laundry or about chemical softeners or residues on your clothes. With OdorCrush Dryer balls, you will also save on money and power while

having clothes with reduced wrinkles. Finally, you are being offered such a product that you can reuse for up to 2-5 years. What more can one ask for if not these OdorCrush Dryer balls. The best dryer balls!

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