Mhamo Freshness Extender Reviews

Mhamo Freshness Extender Reviews: Shocking Facts Revealed

You may think that the refrigerator is the most amazing gadget for food preservation but wait till you meet the Mhamo Freshness Extender. As small as it looks, this gadget can keep your food fresh all day while removing odor that is caused by bacterial action on food.

Like any other person, I’d do anything to keep my food well-preserved but this becomes a challenge when there is no contact electricity supply. The refrigerator won’t power itself obviously. It is bulky too to move around easily and I may not afford one to start with. 

Chemical preservatives too cannot be relied on. Several studies have shown that some of these agents become poisonous to us.

What it means is that I’ll continue throwing my hard-earned money into the drain from food spoilage. But not anymore.

The reviews on Mhamo Freshness Extender seemed too good to be true but I was desperate to own the device. And I ordered. What I found would shock you. 

I have used Mhamo Freshness Extender for more than a month and this is my honest take on the product without any bias.

If you are interested in preserving their food should not gloss over this Mhamo Freshness Extender review. 

What is Mhamo Freshness Extender?

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Mhamo Freshness Extender is the food preservation method of the future. Reasons why this is true will include among others the efficiency, portability, and easy usability of the product. 

In a fast-paced world as the one we live it, it is easy to leave your food at the mercy of bacterial action and contaminants while carrying out numerous daily tasks. Refrigerators are costly to maintain and their large size limits their availability for use at any time.

While the Mhamo Freshness Extender can be applied to the sides of a refrigerator, you can also use the gadget in a vegetable crisper and in compartments as well to keep your food fresh and free from foul odors 24/7.

The device works in a simple but effective way. It makes use of the ozone gas. Yes, the same ozone that forms a shield in the skies and protects us from the effects of harmful radiations.

Mhamo Freshness Extender creates ozone that serves as a powerful disinfect, sending bacteria and other microorganisms responsible for food spoilage to their early grave while removing odors that are caused by their actions.

Mhamo Freshness Extender was able to increase the shelf life of my food. With the app support I was able to track the expiration date of packaged foods too. It is a small-size gadget with massive efficiency.

Have you ever returned from a tiring journey only to meet the food you left few hours earlier get so sour from contaminants? I’m sure everybody has experienced that at least once in some time.

Mhamo Freshness Extender not only preserves your food from spoilage and reduce the cost of buying food it is ridiculously easy to use as all that’s required is simply to attach it to the inside of your fridge using the included sticky pad. It uses a rechargeable battery that can last several hours before needing a recharge.

Now, why is Mhamo Freshness Extender better than its competitors out there?

Why Mhamo Freshness Extender is the best in the competition

Right in your refrigerator Mhamo Freshness Extender releases ozone that prevents your food from spoilage. You can’t rely on the refrigerator alone because it is not cost effective to maintain and its size can be a problem it terms of portability.

Your best bet is the multi-feature Mhamo Freshness Extender that supports two operating modes. The max mode can last up to 30 days. Otherwise you’re good to go with the eco mode.

Many of Mhamo’s competitors lack an app support. The application needs to be installed to your smartphone and is compatible with both Android and iOS versions of it.

Once customers download the app and get connected, they are exposed to a host of features on ways to better preserve their food. One other thing you can get from the application is tracking the expiration date so you’re aware of the safety of the meal you take.

Stop adding chemical preservatives to your meal. Many studies have found the dangers of these substances which could be life-threatening. What you need is a safe method of preserving your food while maintaining its quality. Mhamo Freshness Extender has been tested to meet the requirements.

Apart from increasing the shelf life of food the device also removes odors. It is environmentally appealing as well since waste food will not find its way to the waters and other places where they could cause harm.

Ratings for Mhamo Freshness Extender range from 4.0 to 4.9 on a 1-5 scale. Its edge over the competitors has led to massive sales in the UK and Australia as well as other parts of the world.

Features: Mhamo Freshness Extender Reviews

Mhamo Freshness Extender Reviews
Mhamo Freshness Extender Reviews
  1. Rechargeable

The device features a rechargeable battery that can last several hours, providing a bacteria-free environment all through. There is a USB port on the device; through this you can charge up Mhamo from a power source.

One interesting thing I noticed is that you don’t necessarily need a power socket. You can recharge the device from a power bank or from your PC.

  1. Application

You won’t get to appreciate the full package of Mhamo Freshness Extender until you know and use its application. The application is what you install on your smartphone. Afterwards, sign into your account and connect to the freshness extender through Bluetooth. The application provides the following:

  • Info on ways to preserve food
  • Tracking of expiration date
  1. Small size

Some people would love to eat in their workplace or at a friend’s place. But we can’t be sure of properly preserving our food at these other places outside home. That’s where the small size design of Mhamo Freshness Extender comes into play. 

The device measure 70mm by 70mm by 38mm and so it can fit into small compartments while preserving your food from damage.

It is also travel-friendly thanks to the small size. Mhamo will hardly take up any space in your traveling bag or knapsack while on vacation.

  1. 2 Operating Modes Mhamo Freshness Extender is customizable. It features 2 Operating modes users can alter to get their desired outcome. The max mode can last up to 30 days. For a shorter duration customers will have to go for the Eco mode. 
  1. Magnetic mount

Mhamo Freshness Extender creates a bacteria-free microspace. Your food needs to be in this space and therefore close to the device. Regular preservative devices will get displaced following slight pull and fall off. It isn’t the case with Mhamo Freshness Extender, fortunately. 

This is because the manufacturers equipped the gadget with magnetic mount that keeps it in place. There it creates ozone to protect your food and prevent foul odors from getting formed.

  1. Replaceable Air Filter

Mhamo Freshness Extender has an air filter that is removable and replaceable. The function of the air filter is to spread ozone throughout the space the device is located. Ozone then serves to kill bacteria responsible for food spoilage. 

Additionally, it remove odors and keeps your food safe for consumption. The manufacturer recommends customers replace the air filter every 30 – 60 days.

How it works – Mhamo Freshness Extender Produces Ozone 

Ozone is a chemical that protects us from harmful radiation from the sun. Additionally, it is strongly lethal to bacteria and other microorganisms.

The core of Mhamo Freshness Extender generates ozone that kills all bacteria and stop their action on your food. It will also prevent the production of foul smell. 

The antibacterial action of the preservative is rapid as it will stop degenerative actions on the food in a matter of few seconds. You don’t have to discard your food or spend money making another one thanks to Mhamo Freshness Extender.

The device also features an air filter. What this does is to remove odors by helping spread the ozone throughout the compartment the device is placed. The manufacturer recommends customers replace the air filter every 30 – 60 days. You can order new filters from the official website.

Track Expiration Date with Mhamo Freshness Extender

Knowing when food won’t be safe any longer for consumption is what every health conscious person has to be interested in. Unfortunately, many people take expired foods unknowingly. The dangers of food poisoning can be considerable and really life-threatening.

Thanks to Mhamo Freshness Extender, you won’t have to worry about taking expired food. Simply install the application on your smartphone and connect the device to it.

The application provides vital information that includes ways to track the expiration date of the meal. You also get to know several other ways you can preserve your food. Because the world is getting so fast-paced it is easy to forget the food we spent time making. Worse still we spend more money when they spoil.

Why you need the freshness Extender

Mhamo Freshness Extender Reviews
Mhamo Freshness Extender Reviews

If you aren’t yet convinced whether this device is the right one for you then here are the main benefits of it. 

  • To increase the shelf-life of food

The primary reason you’d order this product is to preserve your food by increasing its shelf-life. The main difference between Mhamo Freshness Extender and chemical preservatives is safety. The ozone produced does nothing to the food but keep the bacteria away unlike many chemicals that are poisonous.

You don’t need to have electricity supply to preserve your food unlike refrigerators. The powerful built-in battery will keep the device working for several hours. When you need to recharge it’s equally easy. Simply connect a power source to the USB port.

  • Removes odors

When you perceive odors from your food it is due to bacterial action on it. The bacteria degrade the food to gases that give the foul odors. Thankfully, ozone from Mhamo Freshness Extender works on the bacteria to kills them all or keep their levels too low to cause any damage.

  • Environmentally appealing

Where do you think the spoiled food get disposed? Don’t expect a clean disposal from every case. Sometimes these wastes get to places they cause harm including waters. This puts aquatic life at risk. You won’t have to dispose your food if you prevented it from spoilage. Mhamo Freshness Extender is the ideal device to preserve your food from foul odor-causing bacteria.

  • Saves money

In the long run people realize that they spend a lot on food that eventually get spoiled. You can save a lot of money by preserving your food. Hurry now to get Mhamo Freshness Extender.

  • Improves Health

Cost of buying food isn’t the only thing to consider. What happens when you consume spoiled food unknowingly? The health implications of ingesting unhealthy food can be fatal. So you have to take extra care. Using the revolutionary Mhamo preservative protects you from taking spoiled, unhealthy food.

  • Easy to use

There is no fuss in the use of this product. The device is plug-and-play, needing no technical maneuver to function.

Getting the freshness that Mhamo offers is relatively easy. Once the user opens their Mhamo box, they remove the patch, stick it in their refrigerator, and attach the cover to the wall.


How dd I utilize Mhamo Freshness Extender

It’s not rocket science. Using the Mhamo Freshness Extender doesn’t need any technical expertise.  You can set up this small patch in their crisper compartments, but they can also put it in the central area of the fridge to get the benefits. 

No special stunts to pull in order for the ozone to release, and they just have to remember to change the filter on a consistent basis.

Take the following steps to use Mhamo Freshness Extender:

Step 1) Stick Mhamo to the inside of your refrigerator.

You can place Mhamo along the sides of your fridge or the top. You can also place it in your vegetable crisper or in other drawers of the fridge.

Step 2) Let Mhamo run 24/7 to eliminate odors and keep food fresh.

The scrubber emits ozone to reduce odor-causing bacteria and target bacteria that could spoil food.

Step 3) Enjoy long-lasting food, fresh produce, longer shelf lives, and tons of savings. 

Mhamo runs constantly to extend the shelf life of your fruits, vegetables, meats, leftovers, and all other perishable items in your fridge.

There is minimal setup involved with Mhamo, ensuring that users can quickly start experiencing the freshening of their fridge in no time.

What can I preserve with Mhamo Freshness Extender?

Mhamo Freshness Extender can be used to preserve all kinds of meals. The gadget will keep your fruit juice fresh for picnic and you’ll have all the fun. You can toggle between the 2 modes to select which is better for you.

Mhamo Freshness Extender will increase the shelf-life of packaged foods without any side effects on the user. It is uses safe ozone gas to decontaminate food and keep them fresh and odorless.

You can also keep vegetables fresh all day thanks to Mhamo Freshness Extender.

Does Mhamo Freshness Extender have any scientific backup? 

Well, the short answer is yes. 

Several studies have shown that ozone can help you keep food fresh. In fact, many industrial food processing facilities and professional kitchens use ozone for freshness.

In a study where the findings were published, researchers praised ozone for being an antimicrobial agent, making it easy to store, wash, and process foods without microbes or bacteria. 

Some use ozone scrubbers to spread ozone throughout the air for freshness. Others use ozone liquid to disinfect processing water and vegetable forms. In gaseous form, as is the form used in Mhamo, ozone “helps to sanitize and preserve vegetables during storage,” according to that study.

In another study, researchers found ozone works by inhibiting the accumulating of biological organisms on raw materials – like fruits and vegetables. Industrial produce companies may use ozone prior to transport, for example, to prevent bacteria growth and reduce food spoilage. 

In that study, researchers praised ozone as being “proven to be a highly effective sterilization technique” when used in both gaseous and liquid forms.

It’s also possible ozone can reduce odors. Many household air purifiers, in fact, generate ozone to eliminate odors. Some cleaners use industrial ozone generators for heavy-duty cleaning – like eliminating odors in hotel rooms. 

A 2005 study found ozone could eliminate odors in residential environments (albeit with some side effects on particular density of the air). Meanwhile, according to the EPA, ozone generators could interact with certain odor-causing molecules to remove odor and unpleasant smells from the air.

Overall, Mhamo uses a proven, ozone-based system to sterilize food, reduce odors, and increase the shelf life of anything in your fridge.

Who can benefit from the Freshness Extender?

Mhamo Freshness Extender is the ideal way to keep your food fresh and free from odor-causing bacteria. It is for everybody since we all eat. 

Specific set of people that can benefit greatly from the device include students. A number of students will not take the burden of purchasing food every time. And so the simple but revolutionary Mhamo Freshness Extender comes to their rescue.

Mhamo Freshness Extender is also suitable for tourists. Once recharged, the device will run several hours providing a bacteria-free microspace all through.

Reviews also show that Mhamo appeals to a number of restaurant managers who can store food for long times without spending a fortune.

What are the Pros of Mhamo Freshness Extender?

  • 2 Operating modes
  • Rechargeable battery
  • USB charging, and remote control.
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Travelers Friendly

What are the cons of Mhamo Freshness Extender?

  • The gadget can only be purchased online
  • Limited stock available

How much does the product cost?

The total cost of Mhamo typically is $67.98 to get just one device. 

The discounted prices are as follows:

  • One Mhamo Fresh device for $33.99
  • Two Mhamo Fresh devices for $67.99
  • Three Mhamo Fresh devices for $94.99
  •  Four Mhamo Fresh devices for $124.99

Returns and Refunds 

If the user finds this device isn’t suitable for their needs, they have up to 30 days to get a refund.

●    Email:

FAQs on Mhamo Freshness Extender

Q: How do consumers charge their Mhamo device?

A: The creators include a USB-C to USB-A charging cable connecting to its 5V1A USB power adaptor. Because of the powerful effects that Mhamo offers, it can only be connected with a 1A battery and higher. It should not be charged with a Type-C power source.

Q: How long does Mhamo need to stay connected to reach a full charge?

A: It should only take about 90 minutes of being plugged in to be fully charged. Users should disconnect the device from the charger to avoid damage to the battery.

Q: How big is Mhamo?

A: The whole point of Mhamo is to be compact and each to use, which is why it only measures 70 x 70 x 38 mm.

Q: How does Mhamo help to get rid of bacteria?

A: When Mhamo is activated, the device releases ozone, which can disrupt the structure of bacterial cells. In doing so, consumers can protect the food in their fridge from being a breeding ground for bacteria.

Q. Can I use Mhamo Fresh in the freezer too?

A. No, to maintain the integrity of the device we do not recommend you use Mhamo Fresh in the freezer.

Q: What comes with Mhamo?

A: Along with the primary device, consumers will receive their charging cable, two mounting stickers, an instruction manual, and a warranty card.

What company is in charge of delivering the product? (Mhamo Freshness Extender Reviews)

Mhamo is an ecommerce brand offering a single flagship product: the Mhamo Freshness Extender.

You can contact Mhamo and the company’s customer service team via the following:


Conclusion on Mhamo Freshness Extender Reviews 

Mhamo Freshness Extender Reviews
Mhamo Freshness Extender Reviews

Though its size is a little more than a fist, Mhamo Freshness Extender’s performance is markedly impressive. It’s features are not what you’d normally expect from a simple-looking device.

However, looks are deceptive. And this applies to Mhamo. The device is currently one of the bestselling gadgets for preserving food.

With attention brought closer to the dangers of chemical preservatives and to the cost of many other gadgets in its category, Mhamo Freshness Extender has earned itself the loyalty of several customers. You can see this from the tons of sales of the product in the US and many other countries particular in Europe.

Customers are amazed by the multiple features of Mhamo including that it’s rechargeable and comes with adjustable modes.

The app support extends the utility of the product, making it possible for users to tell the expiration date of foods and also get other information relevant to food preservation.

Mhamo Freshness Extender is available on the official website at a discount offer. The product is one of the few that has attracted hundreds of positive reviews from happy customers.




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