Lumeflame Reviews: Is Lumeflame solar light bulbs any Good? 

Lumeflame Reviews: 

No other light comes as close to cozy as warm lights. ?

Remember when you used to curl up near the fireplace, mesmerized by the soft and flickering flame? Lumeflame mimics that warm glow with its three unique lighting modes:

? flickering flame

? pulsing light

? steady light

It comes with a standard-size light bulb socket so you can transform your home easily and beautifully. 

Upgrade Any Space in Just a Few Minutes Without Buying New Light Fixtures

What is Lumeflame?  (Lumeflame light bulb Review)

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Lumeflame Reviews

LunarFlame is the latest light bulb breakthrough invention. It is the ultimate solution to transform your home into a beautiful space for a fraction of the cost. It uses super bright LED lights that simulate a highly-realistic flame to give your house a cozy, warm mood. They’re so bright your home will look amazing even from a distance. Lumeflame is a Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting. No batteries required, no wires, takes 5 minutes to install, no electrician needed, and makes your home look beautiful in minutes.

Again, Lumeflame is super easy to use. Just screw it into any standard size light bulb socket. No annoying wiring or paying an electrician hundreds of dollars to come and install them for you.

Specifications of Lumeflame light bulbs 

  • 3 Unique Lighting Modes
  • Super Bright LED Light
  • Works Indoors and Outdoors
  • QUANTITY: 2 Lumeflames 4 Lumeflames SAVE 5% 8 Lumeflames SAVE 10% 12 Lumeflames SAVE 15% 20 Lumeflames SAVE 20%    
  • Lighting Mode: 3 Flame Modes
  • Wattage: 5W
  • Flame Type: Realistic Flame
  • Certification: ETL Verified
  • Heat Dissipation: Longer Lifetime
  • Environmental Impact: Green Energy Saving
  • Long Life:40000 Hours
  • Power: 6W, Voltage:AC85-265V
  • Lumens:320lm, LEDs: 108PCS
  • Base Type: E26/E27, Light Angle: 320°
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz
  • Color temperature: 100000K
  • Light Source: high brightness 2835 led beads
  • Operating Temperature: -20℃-+48℃
  • Package Weight: 108g

What features does Lumeflame possess?

Lumeflame solar powered bulbs

Below are the features of Lumeflame brightology light bulb: 

Creates a Relaxing Mood: Lumeflame can transform any boring space into a calming mini-retreat. The warm LED light creates a stunning mood indoors and outdoors.

Easy Setup:  There’s no complicated wires to install. No expensive electrician to hire. Just screw it into any standard light bulb socket and enjoy the beautiful light show.

3 Unique Lighting Modes: If you want a steady light, or if you want a flickering flame, you can adjust it thanks to Lumeflame’s lighting patterns.

Realistic Flame Look: Most flame bulbs look like LED dots dancing around. This bulb looks so realistic people will think you have an old gas lamp!

Super Affordable: Unlike other lighting solutions, Lumeflame was specifically designed for homeowners that care about decorating their homes, but don’t want to spend all of their savings.

Trusted by Thousands of Americans: Thousands of Americans are breathing life and novelty into their homes thanks to Lumeflame!

How to use Lumeflame light bulbs

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  • STEP 1: Choose your location: Lumeflame bulbs will fit into any standard socket (indoor use only). Turn the fixture off before installing the bulb.
  • STEP 2:Choose flame mode: Turn on and off light fixtures to choose from flicker mode, warm glow, and gradual glow.
  • STEP 3:Enjoy realistic flickering flames: Lumeflame bulbs mimic the warm inviting glow of flames, without matches or supervision!

Benefits of Lumeflame ( Lumeflame Reviews) 

  • Upgrade Your Home for a Fraction of the Cost
  • Make Any Space Feel Relaxing & Calm
  • Fits Most light Fixtures
  • Electricity Saving LED Technology
  • Fills Your Home with Stunning Light
  • 3 Unique Lighting Modes
  • Works Indoors and Outdoors
  • Super Bright LED Light

Pros and cons of Lumeflame solar powered outdoor Lighting ( Lumeflame Review) 

Pros of Lumeflame 

  • Make “Cold” Boring Spaces Feel “Warm” and Inviting.
  • Works with Most Lighting Fixtures and Standard Light Bulb Sockets.
  • Installs in Minutes – No Wires, Batteries, or Professional Installation Needed
  • 3 Unique Lighting Modes: Flame, Solid and Fade

Cons of Lumeflame 

  • Unavailability of purchase in physical and retail stores
  • Limitation in stocks.

Customers Review ( Lumeflame Reviews) 

Wini C.

“At first I was afraid they wouldn’t be too bright, or they wouldn’t have that “fire look” I was looking for, but I was not disappointed. They make my porch look so much better, my wife and I love them”

Frequently asked questions (Lumeflame Review)

Will they work upside down?

Yes, Lumeflame bulb has a simple sensor inside that detects the direction and reverses the led pattern so the flame always flickers upwards

Do these look great from a distance?

Absolutely! Lumeflame bulbs are really bright, and the flame effect is super realistic, so your house will look amazing from afar.

How do I change the lighting modes?

It’s easy! Just flick the switch that triggers the Lumeflame on and off and it will change to the next mode.

How life-like are these flames? I’ve seen some that just look like flashing lights?

Lumeflame’s effect is so realistic, it looks like you were lighting up the house with old-timey gas lamps. The flame effect is random so its mimics the visual effects of a real fire.

Can you use these in a standard lamp?

Sure! Lumeflame fits any standard lamp so you can add some spice into any room.

How many days will it take for my Lumeflames to arrive?

Your Lumeflame will arrive in 3-8 days from our US Warehouse!

What is your return policy?

We have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, we want our customers happy! Please refer to our return policy at the bottom of the page for more details. Happy Shopping!

Finally verdict: Lumeflame light bulbs Review 

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Lumeflame Reviews

Bring glow to your home with Lumeflame light bulbs and Enjoy a warm and magical touch to your home anytime. Lumeflame creates an ultra-realistic flickering flame that glows just like a real fire.

This flameless bulb uses premium technology to create a sparkling flame effect that can be used in any standard socket. Plus, choose from 3 flickering modes, so you can personalize your warm glow any way you wish.

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