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Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews: Don’t buy until you read this review!

Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews – Finally, a high-precision fishing reel that promises to make fishing ridiculously easy!

How does it feel to lift up a Salmon or Tuna caught by your fishing hook? Awesome right? That could be the turning point of your vacation towards something memorable and fun. It is not just about the fish but, more importantly, the fishing – casting the line into water to make the big catch! 

When you do it with family, it’s a lot of fun. And when you have the right fishing reel, it’s much more fun. 

Perhaps you’d want to try out the fishing thing this vacation. You know you’ve got to have your fishing reel (and, of course, your fishing rod). So, you hit the web to find the best reel. Oops! Fishing reels are expensive?

There are two things to know: 

First, Fishing reels come in various models and brands and, necessarily, various prices. 

Second, while you could find cheap fishing reels, the pricier ones obviously perform better.

Vacation over? Not so soon! Because there’s good news for us.

A team of seasoned engineers, the Hajimari team, is committed to giving families the best vacation experience by producing a high-precision yet affordable fishing reel. This is the Hajimari Spinning Reel.

This fishing reel has indeed changed the fishing narrative. Despite being a relatively new product, it has several 5-star reviews from happy customers. 

This motivated me to review this product to validate/invalidate these claims. What I found? We’ll find out in this article.

This review is based on research and self-testing of Hajimari Spinning Reel. In it, we’ll take a detailed look at Hajimari Spinning Reel, its special features, working and how to use. We’ll also place side-by-side the upsides and downsides for you to weigh and make your choice. 

About Hajimari Spinning Reel (Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews)

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Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews 2022

Fishing is one way to spend quality time with family and friends. For this to be a pleasurable experience, however, your fishing reels should not be missing in the equation. Nobody loves to throw lines the entire day without making a catch. It comes with frustration and can ruin your vacation. No fish, no happiness. 

While success at making a catch depends partly on the skill and experience of the fisher, the fishing reel you have coupled to your fishing rod plays an important role as well. 

Hajimari Spinning Reel is the talk of the town. This is a highly-sophisticated, one-stop shop fishing reel that’ll add glamour to your fishing expedition. 

The most interest part is that Hajimari Spinning Reel does not require expertise for use. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, Hajimari works perfectly well. You can make a good catch even on your first ever attempt at fishing. 

Unlike traditional fishing reels for which you must make certain maneuvers to let you fling your line into the water, Hajimari Spinning Reel is ridiculously easy to use. Forget about untangling the fishing line because you won’t get such. 

Hajimari Spinning Reel is built for people who love to try out fishing but can’t afford custom fishing reels. Hajimari provides not just an affordable reel but an efficient one too with performance similar to custom reels.

Hajimari Spinning Reel has an ergonomic design. It is lightweight but strong. Built with anti-rust properties, this fishing reel can withstand oxidation and is therefore durable. 

If you wish to return Hajimari Spinning Reel, the manufacturer allows you do so within 30 days of purchase. You’ll be given a full refund as long as no damages are incurred from your end. 

Hajimari Spinning Reel Specifications (Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews)

  • Manufacturer – HAJIMARI
  • Brand Name –  HAJIMARI
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) –  (5.04 x 4.92 x 3.03) inches or (12.8 x 12.5 x 7.7 cm)
  • Package Weight – 295 mg
  • Item Weight – 244 g
  • Bearings: 2BB
  • Drag power: 8kg
  • Water resistant for fresh water only
  • Gear ratio: 5.2:1
  • Material – Nylon body
  • For who?  – Unisex
  • Number of Items – 1
  • Part Number – 30586
  • Sport Type – Fishing
  • Skill Level – Beginner
  • Fishing Line Type – Monofilament
  • Fishing Technique – Spinning, casting
  • Handle Material – Aluminum
  • Hand Orientation – Ambidextrous
  • Bearing material – Alloy steel

What makes Hajimari Spinning Reel so special? (Hajimari Spinning Reel reviews)

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Hajimari Spinning Reel Review

Hajimari Spinning Reel has several interest features that make it an excellent choice for fishing. 

One spectacular thing about this fishing reel is the built-in bearings. It comes with 2BB-type bearings and therefore supports a smooth reeling action. As a result, the fish stays hooked and you’ll just have to turn the handle to lift it out of the water. Fishing hasn’t been made easier. 

Again, Hajimari Spinning Reel has a gear ratio of 5:2:1. The advantage is that you have a significantly reduced torque and an increased reeling speed which is good for your fishing.

Hajimari Spinning Reel has an ambidextrous design. If your favorite hand is left or right, you’re not in any disadvantage. This fishing reel has convertible handle for left- or right-handed operator. 

Another interesting feature of Hajimari Spinning Reel is the line storage capacity. Too short lines make fishing ineffective as do excessively long ones. Hajimari Spinning Reel can store up to 280m line which is an optimal line length for the fishing gear.

How does Hajimari Spinning Reel work? (Hajimari Spinning Reel reviews)

The Hajimari Spinning Reel has several components some of which are a fixed spool, a handle, a bail, and an open face. The Fixed spool stays on place while casting, and the fishing line is unwrapping from it.

The fishing reel works so that when you rotate the handle, it transfers this rotating motion onto the spool in order to retrieve the fishing line

The bail guides your line while it rolls on and off the spool. It prevents knots and tangles. Another function is while casting. You must open it to cast and close it to retrieve.

Speed of the retrieve and the way the spool “releases” the line vary from type to type.

In addition, you have to mount the reel on a rod in a specific way, and you have to know the basic functions of a reel, like drag setting.

Fishing rods and reels need to have a balanced weight. A well-balanced gear makes line casting easier and more accurate; allows for more lengthy use with feeling fatigued; and increases the sensitivity of the rod tip.

How do I use the Hajimari Spinning Reel? (Hajimari Spinning Reel reviews)

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Hajimari Spinning Reel

Unlike custom fishing reels, the use of Hajimari Spinning Reel is ridiculously easy. You don’t need to be an expert or fishing pro to use the tool.

To use the Spinning reel, follow the steps:

  1. Hold the rod at about waist level. 
  2. The reel should be below the rod at this level, and the stem of the reel should feel natural between your fingers. The bait or lure should be hanging 10 to 18 inches below the end of the rod.
  3. With your forefinger, hook the line. Then open the bail, continuing to hold the line.
  4. Pull the rod tip back so the tip sweeps over your dominant shoulder. After this, bring it forward while swiftly pointing the rod tip at your target. 
  5. With the rod coming forward of your shoulder, release the line with your finger so the weight of the lure pulls line off the reel.
  6. With your hand close the bail, and you’re ready to reel using a retrieve technique.

Is Hajimari Spinning Reel Worth the buy? (Hajimari Spinning Reel review)

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Hajimari Spinning Reel

If you’re yet to make up your mind on whether to buy Hajimari Spinning Reel, consider looking at the following offers of Hajimari Spinning Reel.

  1. Sophisticated design

Being a product of advanced technology, Hajimari Spinning Reel is a high-precision instrument. This product has a sophisticated design and, as a result of such level of care, the performance is high-end.

  1. Ergonomic fishing reel

Hajimari Spinning reel is one of the best fishing reels from an ergonomic point of view. This product is easy-to-use and made with moderate weight. It is suitable for both left- and right-handed anglers and so you can cast your line with your favorite hand.

  1. Simple-to-use product

There is no expertise involved in the use of Hajimari Spinning Reel. Whether you’ve been fishing for the rest of your life or you just started out, this fishing reel aims to make your experience painless. We’re all aware of the complicated set of steps associated with the use of custom fishing reels. Tangling lines and all sorts of frustrating experiences. 

Using Hajimari will make you fall in love with fishing.

  1. Lightweight design

Making a catch doesn’t always come easily. You may need to throw the line several times before you stumble on luck. One thing you certainly wouldn’t want during fishing is a heavy arm. As a result, Hajimari Spinning Reel has a weight of less than 250g. 

Despite its lightweight design, the fishing reel is strong. You can drag nearly as much as 8kg of fish without damaging this reel. Its specifications say 17lb (8kg) drag power.

  1. Durable

You probably have heard of steel. This alloy forms the basic framework of this fishing Reel. Expectedly, the product is highly durable. You can use Hajimari Spinning Reel for several years of fishing without damage.

  1. Anti-rust material

Because Hajimari Spinning reel is used for fishing, it’ll inevitable come in contact with water continually. To prevent rusting or metallic corrosion, this fishing reel is built with anti-rust material. The handle is made of Aluminium which does not rust.

  1. Affordable 

If you’re in search for a reasonably priced fishing reel that performs excellently well, your search is over. Hajimari Spinning Reel is what you’re looking for. 

In addition, the manufacturer is giving as much as 50% discount for a successful order of the product.

  1. 30-day return policy

As long as no damage is incurred from your end, you can return Hajimari Spinning reel within 30 days of purchase. The manufacturer will give you a full refund.

What do I benefit from using Hajimari Spinning Reel? (Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews)

Ever since it was produced, Hajimari Spinning Reel has received lots of positive customer feedbacks. The simple reason for this is due to the benefits users derive from the product. 

Hajimari Spinning Reel makes casting easy. Before now, handling of fishing reels used to be a thing of experts or anglers with years of experience. The custom reels always had a complicated set of steps to follow. This makes using the tool a daunting task.

Furthermore, with the coming of Hajimari Spinning Reel is the elimination of line tangling. Although tangling can occur with every reel, it is most commonly seen in traditional ones. Line tangling can crash your productivity for the day. Instead of making catches, you’ll be stuck untangling lines. It could be frustrating.

Again, Hajimari Spinning Reel is for everyone. Young and old, men and women. The product has a lightweight design and therefore children can carry it. 

There is limitless choice of fishing rods that is compatible with this fishing reel. If you already purchased a fishing rod or had one initially, Hajimari Spinning Reel is almost certainly a nice fit. The manufacturer recommends their collapsible fishing rod for Hajimari Spinning Reel, nevertheless.

What is the complete fishing gear? (Hajimari Spinning Reel reviews)

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Hajimari Spinning Reel Review

To make the most out of your fishing trip, you need a fishing kit. Hajimari Spinning Reel is an excellent choice for a fishing reel. There is more to this for a complete kit, however.

A complete fishing gear basically includes:

  • Fishing rod

Fishing rods usually come as slender poles made of flexible but durable material (the favorites are fiberglass or graphite). Such material is to allow you to throw your fishing line further and deeper into the water. 

Several types of fishing rods exist. The one to choose generally depends on the kind of fishing you’re going to do. 

Although Hajimari Spinning Reel fits any kind of rod, the manufacturer recommends the collapsible fishing rod which you can purchase from them.

  • Fishing reel

The fishing reel is the part attached to your rod to help you wind your line and draw in your catch. Fishing reels should be lightweight and easy-to-handle. Spinning reels, in particular, are quite versatile since they’re good for fishing from the shore, at a pier, or while on a boat.

An excellent fishing reel would be Hajimari Spinning Reel. It is a high-precision fishing reel that’ll make your fishing adventure worth it.

  • Fishing Lines

Your fishing line runs through the reel and rod (rod guides). Although new reels might already come with a roll or two, extra lines may pay off nicely.

Fishing lines tend to get tangled up or break, either because it got caught on logs or bitten by a particularly strong game fish. Fishing reels or rods can also contribute to line snapping if they’re old or not a good fit. 

Remember that you shouldn’t ever have less than 100 yards of line on your reel.

  • Fishing Hooks

In addition to lines, you’ll definitely need to stock up on an assortment of fish hooks to catch fish of different sizes. These hooks are used to catch fish by poking them in the mouth when they come in for a nibble, although in some cases they end up getting caught in the fish’s body.

  • Fishing Baits/Lures

Bait is what you attach to the end of your line to attract the fish. The best option is usually live bait. Most commonly, worms and minnows (small freshwater fish) serve as baits.

Fishing lures are basically artificial baits that are designed to mimic real fish in order to get the attention of a predator.

What are the advantages of Hajimari Spinning Reel? (Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews)

  • Suitable for both left- and right-handed individuals
  • Features an ergonomic design
  • Has a lightweight design
  • Advanced technology ensures higher performance
  • 50% discount for purchase
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 day
  • It brings together families and friends physically
  • Compatible with any fishing rod
  • Easy-to-use fishing rod
  • Durable product

What are the Disadvantages of Hajimari Spinning Reel? (Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews)

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Hajimari Spinning Reel
  • Only obtainable online from the official website
  • Shipping fees may apply
  • Limited in stock

Where do I Buy Hajimari Spinning Reel? (Hajimari Spinning Reel reviews)

To purchase Hajimari Spinning Reel, head over to the company’s website. You can place your order immediately by visiting the official website for Hajimari Spinning Reel. The company provides several payment options including Mastercard and Visa. 

How much does it cost? (Hajimari Spinning Reel reviews)

The price of Hajimari Spinning Reel is as below:-

  • 1 for $54.99
  • 2 for $109.99
  • 3 for $123.99
  • 4 for $164.99 

The company offers a 50 percent discount off the regular price.

What is your return policy?

The company’s Return Policy lasts 30 days and is effective when you receive your purchase. If more than 30 days have gone by since delivery of your purchase, unfortunately Hajimari team can’t offer you a refund, exchange or price equivalent in store credit. 

Assuming you return your purchase within 30 days from receipt:

  1. Product must be in brand new condition, unused/unworn and its original packaging. 
  2. Packaging must be intact and returned to us in an appropriate shipping container.
  3. Product must be returned to the return facility address provided by our customer service. 

Non-returnable items: Some products for reasons of health protection, sanitary and hygiene are not eligible for a return if the product has been opened or tried out (unless they are faulty). Only new, unused/unworn items – in their original packaging – qualify for a return.

What is the delivery time?

The company’s order processing and delivery for the vast majority of customers take 10- 15 days from the date you placed your order. Once your order has shipped you will receive an email with your tracking details. 

FAQs (Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews)

Can left-handed persons use Hajimari Spinning Reel?

Sure! The handle on the reel is convertible for left- or right-handed operation, so it can be used by both right and left-handed people with equal ease.

How much line does Hajimari Spinning Reel hold?

It depends on the thickness of the line. It will hold 280m of .2mm line, or 150m of thicker .3mm line.

Does this reel go with any fishing rod? (Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews)

Yes! It’s got a standard mounting brace so it is compatible with all brands of rods. We recommend using it in conjunction with the Hajimari collapsible carbon fiber rod for optimum results.

I’m new to fishing. Is this Hajimari reel hard to use?

No. Unlike other brands and styles of reels, Hajimari is extremely easy to cast with. It’s suitable for both starters and pros.

What kind of fish can I catch with the Hajimari?

The reel has a capacity of 8kg of drag, so unless you’re hooking a whale, there’s almost no limit to what fish you can catch!

How do I return my order?

If you are not 100% satisfied with your product you may return back to the company at your own shipping expense for a full refund of the product.

If you are looking to return your product, please reach out to the company through our Contact Form, see contact information below, and they will be able to provide you with the return instructions. For more details please visit our Terms & Conditions in the footer of the checkout page.


What are people saying about Hajimari Spinning Reel? ( Hajimari Spinning Reel Customer’s Report) 

Here’s What Customers Are Saying About The Hajimari Spinning Reel:

Brody J. Madison, WI

“I went fishing once when I was a kid, and got my line all tangled up. My dad had to spend an hour fixing it, and I was scared I might do it again. I got a Hajimari for my son, and he went the whole day without a single tangle. What a great reel– we had so much fun!”

Janet M. Akron, OH

“For years I’ve been wanting to go fishing. I went with my Grandpa as a kid—what great memories. I finally decided to go for it. I gone a Hajimari reel and rod and hit the lake. On my third cast I caught a small-mouthed bass! What fun! The reel worked great and the fish was delicious.”

Jimmy W. Kittanning, PA

“I never knew I would enjoy fishing so much. I’ve been taking my kids every weekend and they each have their own Hajimari reels. They love it, and I love how much they love it. The only thing better than the fish we catch is the smiles on their faces.”

Hajimari Spinning Reel Review:  Final Verdict and Recommendation

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Hajimari Spinning Reel Reviews

From the foregoing, Hajimari Spinning Reel is likely to dominate the market of fishing kits. This follows from its affordable price and high-performance level. 

Its ease of use and advanced technology have also attracted 5-star ratings and positive customer reviews. These customers attest to how useful the product has been to them.

What would your story be? Awesome I bet. To tell yours, the way to start is buying Hajimari Spinning Reel.

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