FotiaLamp Review 2022: Is FotiaLamp Tactical flashlight Any Good?

FotiaLamp Review 2022– The simple nature of flashlights have made us not to put in so much of a thought into it when purchasing them, this leads us to purchasing inferior materials or even materials we wouldn’t end up using, hence the need to put in more research when purchasing things as common as flashlights, but if you’ve ever had to buy a brandnew flashlight like I did, just because yours fell, then this article is for you. 

Below is a detailed and impartial review of the FotiaLamp flashlight, which I suggest you read, and if at the end you are interested then you better get one for yourself.

What is the FotiaLamp Flashlight? ( FotiaLamp Review 2022 ) 

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FotiaLamp Review 2022

FotiaLamp Flashlight is a high resolution tactical flashlight that is equipped with the latest in modern technology. Ranging from its LED multiple flash-lights, to its aircraft-grade aluminium alloy which makes it tough and light at the same time than other flashlights, to its metal finish and powerful head that can serve both as a glass smasher and nut adjuster in case of emergencies, the FotiaLamp is a handy tool to have as it is suitable for everyone. 

The FotiaLamp has 2 flashlight patterns. One serves as a regular flashlight that has a reflector and can throw a beam of light for you to illuminate the distance; can be particularly good for walking, running or doing things that require you to look at a distance, while the other serves as a lamp that lightens the surrounding area and can be used for reading. 

FotiaLamp has very strong batteries powered by three AAA batteries. It produces 200 lumens of brightness. Gained more interest in this wonderful technology? Read through the rest of the review to find out more. 

Specifications of the FotiaLamp Flashlight (2022 update)

Device type: Flashlight.

Price Tag: $64.99 promo price ($108.32 Traditional price).

Beam throw/ Optical Zoom: Up to 2000× (upon testing).

Body Build: Industrial-grade Aluminum Alloy. 

Solar-powered: No

Battery Type: Yes-3 AAA removable batteries that fit into an adapter compartment. 

Power Button Type: Single Button. 

Bulb Type: Led (with brightness reaching 200 lumens).

Multiple Modes: Yes. (Low, High, Strobe & Lantern Modes).

Magnetic Mount: Yes

Extra Features: A COB Lantern and an emergency glass breaker head.

Features of the FotiaLamp Flashlight

FotiaLamp Review

1) Air Crafted Grade Aluminum Alloy: The body is made like this for durability. It is as resistant to damage as much as that of the body of a plane, but also lightweight in order for it to be handy. This alloy finish also makes it resistant to harsh weather, rust and cracks.

2) Depending on the occasion the FotiaLamp has a single button that supports many modes: With the FotiaLamp you can switch between low, high and strobe mode, this gives it a versatile nature and allows you to do a lot of things at the same time, such as reading, walking, or illuminating your surrounding area. All you need to do is to click on the power button multiple times to switch between this modes.

3) The FotiaLamp is powered by three removable AAA batteries: The 21st century has brought a lot of innovation to the battery of technology, making it stronger and more durable. One of technologies downfalls is that batteries aren’t removable. With the FotiaLamp, there is no worries because you can remove the 3 AAA sized batteries that slide into the battery compartment and replace it at will. This battery can also last for up to eight hours.

4) The FotiaLamp has a magnetic base: The magnetic base of the FotiaLamp makes it capable of being attached to any metal surface. You could also use it to magnet and find pins and other smaller dangerous materials.

Its Aluminum build is powerful, allowing it to withstand falls from great heights. Has your flashlight ever fallen from the stairs down and bumped as many times as possible, later for you to pick it up to attempt stitching it together? If that has happened to you, then you know that you need the FotiaLamp more than anything in the world.

5) 2000X Optical Zoom: It has a zoom capacity that allows you to control the light beam depending on whether you want it to be small or broad. The 2000 X optical zoom feature means that it has a telescopic zoom function that is used for long range sight, and allows the beam of light to either spread out to cover larger areas or become pin-pointed to stay more focused. This features are used by pulling in or out the shaft of the flashlight. You may zoom in on an area with the darkness present. 

6) Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Build: This flashlight is built with aircraft-grade aluminium alloy for strength and durability. This renders it resistant to hazards and damages. The aluminium body, while making it strong and sturdy, simultaneously makes it light weight.

7) COB Lantern: A technology used in the latest versions, helps you to light closed spaces without the narrow beam feature, by using 180-degree extremely bright LED light. 

8) Nice Grip: The grip of the FotiaLamp is firm enough that, even when wet, it offers the user a firm hold. It also has a belt grip, more things to hold on to.

Benefits of using the FotiaLamp Flashlight ( FotiaLamp Review 2022 )

FotiaLamp Review 2022

Using the FotiaLamp has the following benefits attached:

1) The FotiaLamp comes with a miniature item storage area: The FotiaLamp comes with a small storage area within the body to keep little items like pins, nails, razor blades, etc. However, it is only used to put small objects, but will do you a lot of good as the torch is sizable enough to be found compared to the small objects. Imagine a hiking session where you wouldn’t have to put your tiny objects somewhere and tie it but simply inside your torch? If they were fragile, then the powerful body would protect them.

2) It’s fun to use as you get to plan power outages beforehand: If you do not wish to get stuck in the dark wondering whether to move this way or that, or have to wait till the next day to carry on with work, then you have no choice but to invest in a backup plan.

3) Security: We live in a world where anything can happen and you need to be quick in sorting out emergencies at the spur of the moment, so it is a smart move to use everything to your advantage in securing yourself. The FotiaLamp got you covered. Its strobe mode can be used to confuse an assiliant. Also, it has a teeth-like head that serves as a glass breaker on top of the head of the flashlight. Plus its something that is small, so you get to be secure whether inside the car or outside. Please don’t use this negatively to burgle peoples houses. Don’t worry about the screen of the flashlight, as it is designed to withstand such impacts. 

Pros: ( FotiaLamp Review 2022)

1) Broad range of lights: It has many uses. It can be used as a flashlight, lamp, and it has a strobe mode that allows it to be used as an SOS device.

2) Energy level: It can last for a long time because it uses very little energy to run. It also makes use of strong 3AAA batteries and a 18660 battery. 

3) Magnetic top: If you’re having trouble holding your light and working or holding it and illuminating your room or home then worry no more as the FotiaLamp has a magnetic top that makes you able to fix it somewhere.

4) Doesn’t generate heat: This is because of the aluminium build. 

5) Affordable: The FotiaLamp isn’t made for high class citizens alone but is affordable to everybody.

6) Money-back guarantee: It has a 30-days money back guarantee from the time of purchase.

7) Discounted sales: When you purchase the product you get discounted sales on every extra purchase. The more lamps you purchase the more the discount.  

Cons: ( FotiaLamp Review )

• Limited stock: As at the time of writing this review there is a little stock in store for this product.

• Shipping to your location may take longer than expected but efforts have been made to abate the situation. 

How to Use the FotiaLamp Flashlight ( FotiaLamp Review 2022 )

1) Use the triple mode button to switch between low, medium, or high power consumption and illumination.

2) It can be used for 10 to 12 hours.

3) Attach to the belt clip and don’t always carry it around on your hand.

4) Make use of the magnetic base by attaching it to a metallic surface.

5) It has a storage compartment for storing small objects.

FotiaLamp Flashlight modes and meaning

1) On (Dim) Mode: (Shows after pressing the power button once). The LED bulbs shines at half of its capacity.

2) On (Full) Mode: (Shows after pressing the power button twice). The LED bulbs shines at its brightest capacity. 

3) Lantern Mode: (Shows after pressing the power button thrice). The lantern mode is then activated. Extend your flashlight shaft to travel the 180-degree lantern bulbs.

4) Strobe Mode: (Shows after pressing the power button four times). Produces regular flashes of blinding light in short intervals. This can be used in emergency situations for escape.

FotiaLamp Review 2022-  Where to buy the FotiaLamp

There is no available hardware store where you can have the FotiaLamp except online. This is owing to the breakdown in interaction between people due to the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic. You can buy this product its official website here. Discounts are given based on the quantity of your order. There may be a 2-day delay in arrival.

Cost of the FotiaLamp Flashlight

FotiaLamp prices (2022):

One (1×) FotiaLamp is $69.99 + free shipping fee.

Two (2×) FotiaLamp is $139.99+ free shipping. The most popular order. 

Three (3×) FotiaLamp is $157.99+ free shipping * Best Value Order*.

There is also a thirty day money back warranty.

FQA (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the material the FotiaLamp is made of?

The FotiaLamp is made of ultra-durable hard anodized aircraft aluminum shell and a space age composite lens.

How long will the FotiaLamp battery last?

On a full charge, the FotiaLamp lasts between 10-12 hours. This depends on the length of its usage and the intensity of the light being used. 

How large is the storage compartment?

It is large enough to store small hardware or other small equipments. It can, however, be expanded with the help of the survival kit upgrade. The kit upgrade is available upon purchase of the FotiaLamp.

Is the FotiaLamp water resistant? 

The FotiaLamp has an IPx4 rating which makes it resistant to water splashes and spills, but take care not to submerge it in water for too long as it might damage everything. 

Is the FotiaLamp Heavy?

It is lightweight and portable, and you can take it anywhere you go. It has a clip that you can use to carry it on your belt.

Is the FotiaLamp solar-powered?

No. The FotiaLamp flashlight is powered by 3AAA batteries and one 18650 Li-ON rechargeable battery. There are usually no batteries inside the package when your order arrives, you will have to buy one yourself.

Final thoughts on the FotiaLamp Flashlight ( FotiaLamp Review 2022)

FotiaLamp Review 2022

From the above analysis, we have discovered that the importance of owning a flashlight cannot be overemphasized. Even though you don’t need it for hiking, hunting, or you don’t stay out late or walk around in the dark, then you will surely be needing a flashlight for emergency purposes.

My ratings on the FotiaLamp flashlight is a good five stars, as I have used many other flashlights that had other problems this one solved. Problems such as its brightness, number of light options, durability, and capacity of its battery, the FotiaLamp flashlight toped it all. Torchlights are graded based on the quality of light it gives, the user experience, and its extra factors. Plus its price tag is fair, considering all those features. 

Finally, don’t be skeptical about getting the flashlight as it has a 30-days moneyback guarantee, so if you don’t like what you see, you can always ask for a refund. This flashlight has a lot of features that serves the purposes of individuals, both in emergency and non-emergency situations. It’s limited edition offers end soon, so you better make your purchase now while you have seen the opportunity. Happy illumination ahead. 

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