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Blaux Oxi level Review 2022: Work or Just hype?

Overview Of Blaux Oxi Level

Blaux Oxi Level is a medical device used to check the oxygen levels and the heart rate of an individual. The device is used to check and monitor the status of one’s vital organs. It does this by coming in contact with the individual’s body (using a clip to keep it in place). Blaux Oxi Level has a portable size to allow for easy carrying around thus it is also compact and lightweight. The tool is very easy to use, it has a clip that fits into one of the user’s fingers to allow for convenience and is suitable for both adults and children. This pulse oximeter is designed to help individuals stay aware of their health status and how their body is feeling, especially when the individual needs to have a constant check on their vitals. 

This handy tool can be used on the go; it has a touch screen user-friendly interface that displays the results of the analysis. The Blaux Oxi Level, which is suited for domestic use, is a virtual tool that supports multiple uses that is simple and painless to use, with an attractive yet simple design and quick results. The device is powered with batteries and works by measuring the level of oxygen saturation in one purple blood cell. It screens the level of oxygen in the human body and uses its LED lights with a photodiode and digital processor to access the human body. The tool is usually placed on a translucent part of the human body, preferably, the fingertip to offer a readout of the oxygen saturation stage. The device displays the individual’s heart rate bar, average heart rate, and blood oxygen saturation level.

One of the important functions of these tools is that it helps individuals detect these early signs and symptoms that for serious disease conditions. It does this by supporting the evaluation of the blood oxygen level. Oxygen is a crucial part of the functioning of a body system, Blaux Oxi Level helps individuals keep a proper check on the blood saturation level of oxygen. 

The Blaux Oxi Level is a contemporary FDA-approved oxygen monitor or pulse oximeter used for medical checks. The tool helps individuals to determine the status of their health and how to diagnose health-related issues. It gives the result of its checks in seconds and displays it via the LCD screen. It supports use when checking the pulse rate and the oxygen saturation level. It supports use in homes as well as in medical facilities.

This device can also be seen as a portable fingertip pulse oximeter that gives instant measurements of the blood oxygen levels.

Unique Features of the Blaux Oxi Level ( Blaux Oxi level Review 2022) 

Blaux Oxi level Review
  • Battery Powered:  This tool is powered with batteries, specifically AAA batteries. These batteries are easy to purchase, affordable, and very long-lasting. They are suited for durable use and are very safe to use. Despite being battery powered, the screen has a low power consumption OLED display that ensures the battery lasts for a long time. 
  • Clear display:  The device gives off a bright display of the result diagnosed. These readings are clear, instant, and accurate. It is very convenient for usage, allowing anyone to see the readings from the bright OLED screen. The tool offers a  variety of six dual-colour digital displays for users to choose from. Users can opt to form any of these that suit their preferences. 
  • Accuracy:  The device is suited for domestic use and thus has a high level of accuracy. Its accuracy is such that there could only be a difference of about +-2%. The device displays accurate results to enable the user to keep proper track of their health systems or conditions.
  • Speed: This device produces its results in less than a minute. It is reliably fast and simple to use. The speed helps users to save time and aids in its convenient usage as well.
  • Monitoring features:  The Blaux Oxi Level is designed to monitor heart rate. It does this by displaying this on the clear screen, alongside a heart bar graph, and the blood oxygen saturation level of the user. The device helps users monitor their vitals which is important for the well-being of an individual. Users who have respiratory illnesses can monitor this by using this oximeter.
  • Suitability for different persons: This device is suited for different kinds of people. Its features are modified such that it produces accurate results for kids, adults, and old persons. Users with underlying health conditions such as those anemia, pneumonia, and asthma. Pregnant women and those who want to monitor their breath can make use of this product.

How  to Use the Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter

The device is very easy to use. The tool is a clip-like device that functions when in contact with the index finger. It device checks the amount of oxygen in the blood of the user by passing light beams through the blood of the user’s finger. It measures the changes in the absorption of light by deoxygenated and oxygenated blood to determine this. This process is painless and is suited for all kinds of people. However, users must keep their hands steady and wait till they get their results before reminding their hands. This helps to ensure that accurate results are produced. Additionally, this process can be repeated to test the accuracy of the result.

Follow these simple steps to use the pulse oximeter;

  • Press down the other end of the device (this is the part without an opening)
  • Place the index, middle, or thumb in the open space of the oximeter
  • Ensure that the finger is placed firmly and steady
  • Let go of the other end of the device to ensure a firm grip on the user’s finger
  • Keep your fingers steady and wait till the results appear
  • Remove your fingers and check your results
  • The vital signs of the user would be displayed on the screen
  • Try out the process again to confirm its accuracy

How the Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter Works

The tool displays the heart rate of the user as well as the blood oxygen saturation level. The various display modes allow for easy reading of the results. The device works by accessing a translucent part of the body (the fingertip) using its LED, facing a photodiode in the fingertip and its electronic processor. This attachment to the translucent area measures how much oxygen is in the body as well as the pulse rate by sending two wavelengths from the areas of contact. This measurement is done by analysing the tip of the body part, making it red using a cold light source that shines through the fingertip. This focus on the brightened area from the light source that passes through the translucent area helps to determine the percentage of oxygen in the red blood cell.

Interestingly, the Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter also works when placed on other translucent parts of the body such as the earlobe. After accessing the area of the body, a display of the results indicating the current pulse rate and the percentage of blood from the heart would be displayed on the screen.

Why You Need a Pulse Oximeter ( Blaux Oxi level Review) 

Pulse Oximeter is essential for domestic use.  The tool helps users constantly monitor their blood levels and the amount of oxygen in the blood. It is designed to check the heart rate of the user and maintain a normal blood oxygen level. Even without facing any respiratory symptoms, the tool is important to ensure that a regular check is done on the vitals of individuals. The Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter helps users to detect respiratory viruses even when they are not experiencing any symptoms. Users can as well monitor their pulse and know when to see a doctor.

Benefits of using the Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter

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Blaux Oxi level Review 2022
  • Simplicity: The tool is designed very simple to use. It can be used by anyone and supported use on anyone. It is designed to allow for simple use. Users can easily interpret the results displayed on the LCD screen. Users do not need professional skills to make use of the device, the device does not require increased technical expertise abs the results can easily be interpreted by anyone. It is easy to read and simple to use
  •  It supports domestic use and can be used anywhere and at any time. One person can make use of the device, it does not require assistance by anyone to check the individual’s pulse or blood saturation level. 
  • Easy display of results:  The tool speedily displays the results of the check-up. This result does not require the interpretation of professionals.
  • Affordability and Portability: This pulse oximeter provides a cost-effective way to keep a constant check on the health of individuals. The device is very easy to maintain and can be bought by almost anyone. The tools are also portable and stored compactly. The tool is a pocket-sized device that can also be carried around easily and does not require high maintenance practices. The tool is very convenient to use and poses no difficulty to the user. It also helps to eliminate the manual way of checking the individual’s pulse rate. Not only does the tool eliminate inaccuracy, but it also helps the individual to solve the problems of emergencies, especially in hospitals when there are many patients to attend to.
  • Multipurpose Use: The tool can be used by anyone including kids, males, females, and old people. The product is also suitable for persons who work in a closed environment, visit the gym regularly, travel frequently, climbs mountains, love adventure, or are pregnant.
  • Users can conveniently check the temperature of their families when there is a fluctuation in the weather. This hastens and eases the procedure when seeking medical attention. Users can enjoy a high level of accuracy when using the Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter even when using it on kids and adults. This is unlike the inconsistent results provided by other pulse oximeters. 
  • Long-lasting: The Blaux Oxi Level Pulse oximeter is made of high-quality tools which makes it suited for durable use. The tool is designed to support years of use. Its durability sets it apart from similar devices. The device also has a long-lasting battery life with a low power consumption OLED screen. It is designed with the latest technology to help warn the user of potential viral respiratory symptoms.
  • Painless procedure: The use of the tool does not cause any form of paint. Users can enjoy a painless procedure when making use of the tool. Simply place the device on the index finger of the patient to carry out a check. 
  • Long battery life: The tool uses easy-to-find and long-lasting batteries. These batteries can be used for months and are completely safe. The low power consumption mode of the screen also contributes to the durability of the battery. 
  • High-quality: The Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter is manufactured with high-level procedures and techniques that guarantee its long-lasting usage. The tool can be used for a very long duration provides it is used according to instructions. The oximeter is sleek, has an attractive design, and is very compact. It is designed for convenient usage. 

Advantages of the Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter

  • The Blaux Oxi Level is a handy tool that helps individuals keep track of their vitals by monitoring their pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation level.
  • It is powered by a battery that is long-lasting and easy to find
  • It can be used by all persons, at any time, and anywhere
  • The pulse oximeter is durable and made with high-quality materials and procedures
  • It produces accurate and timely results and is easy to operate.
  • Blaux Oxi Level has a friendly interface and does not require the help of professionals to make use of the device. Users can understand the results on their own.
  • The device is very affordable, portable, and stored compactly.
  • It is suited for both domestic and office use.

Disadvantages of the Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter

Online Purchase: The product is only available for purchase online. It can’t be bought on the official website of the company. However, this is to ensure that the buyer gets the authentic product abs benefits from the discounts available online.

Limited Stock: The product is available in limited stock. This may affect the delivery time of the product. Buyers are advised to place their orders as quickly as possible.

Return and delivery policy ( Blaux Oxi pulse review)

The manufacturers of the Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter guarantee a full refund if users are not satisfied with the provisions of the product. They also facilitate hassle-free deliveries to the location of the users. This improves the convenience of the device and smooth purchase procedures. 

Important Of purchasing Blaux Oxi level 

The device helps users detect if they have potential viral symptoms through its checks on the blood oxygen level and pulse rates. Users can practice safer health routines and keep proper track of their heath. Users can receive early warnings of possible dangerous symptoms when using this tool and can visit their doctors to get proper treatment. 

The Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter is tested by the relevant authorities and suited for use. Though it is not a substitute for medical consultations, it is reliable means to help individuals keep track of their health and maintain desirable health status. 

Technical Specifications of the Blaux Oxi Level

 Average coronary heart rate

Heart bar graph

Blood oxygen saturation levels

AAA batteries

Six display modes

OLED display

How to Purchase the Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter

The tool can be purchased from individuals around the world regardless of their location. However, users are advised to purchase the tool from the official website of the company to ensure a more secure purchase and to benefit from the discounts available on the website. When purchased from the official website, user can also track their orders using a tracking code and access to readily available customer service.

How much does Blaux Oxi level cost?

The Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter is currently under a 50 per cent discount when purchased directly from the manufacturers. 

  • On the Self Monitoring Pack; Buyers can purchase one Blaux Oxi Level for $49.99 instead of $76.91. Users can save 35 per cent on this package.
  • On the Double Detection Pack; Buyers can purchase two Blaux Oxi Levels for $99.99 instead of $1.53.82. Users can save 35 per cent on this package.
  • On the Triple Check Pack; Buyers can purchase three Blaux Oxi Levels for $111.99 instead of $230.72. Users can save 51 per cent on this package.
  • On the Ultimate Oximeter Pack; Buyers can purchase four Blaux Oxi Levels for $136.99 instead of $3.07.63. Users can save 55 per cent on this package.

After selecting the purchase of the product. The buyer is directed to the payment section. The payment for the product validates the order. Payment through credit cards such as American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa cards are accepted. Orders for the payments that were not confirmed would not be processed for shipping. 

Shipping Policy

The buyers are required to pay for the cost of shipping. This cost is calculated at the time of purchase. However, shipping based on rushed orders or international locations may be increased. If there is any loss incurred in the process of transporting the goods to the customer, the shipping cost, as well as the cost of the product, would be refunded to the buyer. Nonetheless, the company takes reasonable steps to prevent any loss or damage. 

Return, Refund, and Cancellation Policy

The company offers a return policy for the product if users are not satisfied with its provisions. . For returns of the product, the buyers must contact the company within 30 days of receiving the product. The company can be contacted through their official customer account page on their website or their official email account. Other complaints can also be made to the emails. Cancellations of the order are only valid if done within 24 hours from the time of purchase. Once payment for the product has been processed, cancellations are invalid.

Frequently Asked Questions of the Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter Device

How can I check the oxygen level using the Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter?

The tool is very easy to use. To check the oxygen level, users can place their fingers in the open space of the device. To do this, press the tail end of the tool to open the other end, then insert your index finger. After this is done, the user should wait for a few seconds. The oxygen saturation abs pulse rate would be displayed on the LCD screen of the device. 

Is the Blaux Oxi level suited for everyone?

The device can be used by kids, adults, and even old persons. It is a versatile use that can be used anywhere and at anytime. Caregivers, mothers, and asthmatic patients can easily make use of this device to check their body temperature. The tool is suited for home identification of fever. Persons with or without any ailment can make use of the device. It is a crucial device suited for domestic use and helps to keep things under control and prevent unnecessary panicking.

Additionally, patients with emphysema, pulmonary fibrosis, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease who need constant monitoring of their oxygen levels can make use of this tool. Persons who also need to monitor their blood and oxygen rate when carrying out exercises or improve their performance can use this product. Individuals practising stress management or those with heart problems can use this tool. 

What is the standard reading of the oxygen level on this Blaux Oxi level?

The normal oxygen level of an individual is 95% and above when using the Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter. Persons who are under this level should be observed. For individuals who have chronic obstructive lung diseases or other background disease conditions, 90% is the normal oxygen level. Oxygen levels lower than this is abnormal, these persons are advised to see the doctor immediately.

What fingers can be used on the Blaux pulse oximeter?

User can place either their middle fingers, thumbs or index fingers on the device. This is because these fingers give the best results when checking for oximetry. Other translucent areas of the body such as the toe, earlobes, and nose can also be used with the oximeter. Only one finger or one translucent part of the body can be used at a time on the device.

Is Blaux Oxi level any good? 

Yes. The tool is worth its price. The tool is suited for individuals intending to maintain their health in an accurate, quick, and simple way.

It is possible to get an accurate result from the Blaux Oxi level?

This oximeter is designed to produce o accurate results. However, the device may not work properly for individuals who have dirty fingers, or artificial, long, or polished nails.

Does the device have to be plugged in to be used?

The device is powered by two AAA batteries, hence it does not need to be plugged in. 

What does a low blood oxygen saturation mean?

This is a problem associated with the difficulty of the body to distribute oxygen to the tissues and cells from the lungs. The Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter can help you detect this. Individuals may also show symptoms like chest pains, elevated heart rate, restlessness, confusion, shortness of breath, or headaches. 

How often can the Blaux oxi be used?

The device can be used as many times as possible. It is a battery-powered oximeter and the number of users cannot be exhausted. Users can purchase three AAA power batteries if the battery of the product is down. The batteries are very long-lasting and support months of use.

Is the product safe for use? ( Blaux Oxi level Review)

The Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter is guaranteed safe for use. It can be used by adults, kids, sick, and old persons. It is manufactured with strict production standards that ensure that the device can be used domestically. It does not emit any dangerous effects. 

WHY YOU NEED A BLOOD OXIMETER ( Blaux Oxi level Reviews) 

According to an interview with a Bellevue Hospital doctor, Dr. Richard Levitan, in NYC, medical professionals are recommending that those suspected of being ill should own an Oximeter.

Levitan told “CBS This Morning” that people could potentially detect viruses earlier by checking their oxygen levels at home with pulse oximeters.

Dr. Richard Levitan: “People were sick for days, and then they only came in with shortness of breath, like, the day they presented… And they would arrive with oxygen levels that basically were incredible to us. I mean, it’s almost unimaginable how people could be awake and alert and have oxygen levels that are half normal… Normally we hit 94% to 100% on these devices— these pulse oximeters measure how much oxygen we have in our blood. And people were showing up with oxygen levels of 50%. Now, this matches the level of oxygen that we’ve measured on the summit of Mt. Everest. And it’s amazing to me that patients could be sick for days, getting sicker, and not realizing it.”

If a person is in good health, their body usually maintains a certain level of Blood Oxygen that is considered “normal”.

But if you contract a respiratory virus, one of the parts of the body that gets infected can be the lungs.

If the infection progresses too much and the viral attack on the lungs continues, you eventually start to feel symptoms.

  • Tightness in the chest
  • Painful breathing
  • Hard to breathe
  • Feeling like you are not getting enough air
  • Weight on your chest
  • Coughing and wheezing

There are many other symptoms, like fever, aches, and pains.

But some people do not get any symptoms, yet the virus can be incubating in your body.

When you own the BLAUX OXI LEVEL you will always be able to monitor your blood oxygen.

You also will be able to check your pulse. While BLAUX OXI LEVEL is not a substitute for consulting with a doctor or getting medical attention, you can monitor your blood oxygen level constantly.

If you start to notice abnormally low Oxygen levels in your blood, then you know it should be time to:


The BLAUX OXI LEVEL pulse oximeter has been designed to measure the heart rate and blood oxygen saturation levels of both children and adults, making it a perfect solution for anyone monitoring both adult and pediatric patients.

With a dual color digital display, the readout of the digit pulse oximeter can be very easily read.

Finally thought: ( Blaux Oxi level Review) 

img 5c.jpg
Blaux Oximeter pulse

The Blaux Oxi Level is a pulse oximeter that helps the user to keep track of how their body functions. The tool helps to monitor the blood oxygen saturation level as well as the heart rate of the user. With this, users stop keeping track of their health systems and know when they have a virus. This product is suitable for all persons, including those who want to closely monitor their vitals, persons with anemia, pneumonia, or asthma. It can also be used to check if one’s medication is effective, by accessing their breathing patterns. It is a simple to use the device, that displays fast, accurate, and reliable results. The accuracy is such that it provides a +-2% accuracy. It has a user-friendly interface that displays the results of the user after the reading process. The product works by directing light toward a translucent part of the body such as the finger, accessing it, and getting readings from there.

The product is very easy to use. Users only need to place their fingers on the open space provided after pressing the other end of the device. After that, users must keep their hands steady to produce a reliable result. The result is displayed on the screen in accurate and clear readings. The tool is structured for consistent usage and is powered with the use of AAA batteries. These batteries are long-lasting, safe to use, and can easily be purchased in local stores.  The tool is very handy, can be placed in a pocket or purse and carried around and is suitable for all persons. Adults, kids, pregnant women, old persons, people who need to monitor their breathing consistently, and asthmatic persons can make use of this product. Additionally, anemic and pneumatic persons are eligible to use the product.  

The product can only be bought from the official website of the company at a discount price of 50% and shipped to the address of the buyers at an additional cost. Users who are not satisfied with the provisions of the product can return the product by contacting customer service via email within 30 days. The Blaux Oxi Level Pulse Oximeter is very affordable, sleek, and suitable for domestic and official use. It is designed for long-lasting use, very safe for use, and easy to use.

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