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Blaux Cleanse review 2022: 50% discount Today!!

Blaux Cleanse review 2022: On a daily basis, about 27,000 trees are felled worldwide just for the single purpose of toilet paper production, according to a research conducted by 89initiative organization. This roughly amounts to 10 million trees cut down every year. Yet the cost of toilet tissue is on the hike with no hope of coming down at least in the foreseeable future.

Not surprisingly, people have resorted  to hoarding or hiding toilet tissue just to save money. The question, however, is: “how long do they plan to do this?”. It is even more challenging to manage toilet paper where kids are around as it’d take lots of rolls to clean up their poop.

Furthermore, the level of hygeine conventional toilet papers give has become controversial, with some people wondering whether smearing the faecal matter around our butt provides the best toilet experience. These and a lot more inspired Blaux, a online retailer company, to launch her innovative toilet bidet, the Blaux Cleanse.

Blaux Cleanse toilet bidet has got the right footing into the western market since its production, with many homes striving to install one to their toilet facility.  By using a jet of cool, refreshing water, Blaux Cleanse has promised users a toilet experience better than they’d ever get with a toilet paper. 

How much can we trust Blaux Cleanse at keeping this promise? The following review which is made after series of research and testing of the product seeks to provide a deep insight into Blaux Cleanse and why this toilet bidet has become trendy. 

You’ll never know until you thoroughly go through this article to the end. 

Ladies and gentlemen, shall we?

What is Blaux Cleanse? – Blaux Cleanse review

Toilet bidets are not actually new in the market. Only the Blaux Cleanse brand is. And since then, it has revolutionalised the market of toiletries. 

Blaux Cleanse is a bidet that attaches easily to any toilet and uses jets of cool, refreshing, cleansing water to give your behind a thorough wash. It is one of the products of Blaux company, an online retailer company involved in the production of personal wellness products aimed at improving life at home. 

Blaux Cleanse’s extra feature, the two pipe-like structures, makes the bidet more particularly useful to the ladies. Its dual-action water jet directs clean water not only to your behind but also to the front, giving the most cleansing experience to your lady parts. Ladies don’t have to worry about that time of the month again in terms of hygiene or cost of toilet papers. Blaux Cleanse keeps you sparkling and healthy, free from infections.

Blaux Cleanse’s action has been described by many reviewers as giving your butt a mini-shower. And it is excellent at doing this. It creates a gentle spray of neat water to wash off the after-toilet dirt that gets merely smeared by conventional toilet papers. You’ll get a much better experience with the cool jets of water from the bidet and you’ll leave the toilet feeling ever sparkling and refreshed.

Earlier bidets found most use in the Europe and, to a lesser extent, in America. However, its installation had almost exclusively been seen in the toilet of classy homes and of posh individuals. By launching the much more affordable Blaux Cleanse toilet bidet, the company desires to give as many people as possible a healthy toilet experience. 

Blaux Cleanse remains an easy-to-install, simple-to-use toilet bidet that doesn’t require you to higher a plumber. Just a know-how of unscrewing and rescrewing may be your distance from getting an ever-clean wash with Blaux Cleanse.

Made from high-grade-quality materials, Blaux Cleans does not easily get broken by application of pressure. Morever, specific parts of the device which are going to constantly come in contact with the watery environment that is typical of toilets are equipped with anti-rust materials to safeguard them.

Blaux Cleanse connects to the same water line that fills up your toilet tank and uses firm but gentle steam of water to clean your bums to your satisfaction. When correctly used, minimal amount of water is used for washing and you end up saving so much money that you ever would with a toilet paper. This is another dimension to the eco-friendly environment offered by Blaux Cleanse.

All you have to do is sit and do your business after which you use adjustable water pressure to give your bums and, for ladies, crooter, a mini-bath. You’ll leave never feeling less clean.

If for any reason you’d link to return the Blaux Cleanse, the company offers a 30-day return period for the product. You get as much as 50% discount for purchase of Blaux Cleanse from the official website. Don’t you worry where that is as we have a direct link to Blaux Cleanse official website here.

Interesting features that make Blaux Cleanse stand out  – Blaux Cleans review

Toilet bidets have been in the market for a very long time. And so far there are various brands and models of such. Blaux Cleanse toilet bidet on the other hand is a relatively new product. Despite this, it has gained a good ground particularly in the Europe and America. 

Several interesting features of Blaux Cleanse account for its high performance and demand and make it stand out. These features are discussed in this subheading.

Rotating/Power dial with adjustable water power feature

With the Blaux Cleanse bidet, you choose exactly what pressure you want for the water jet. The device has a cone-shaped rotating dial that sticks out to the side of the toilet after appropriate installation. It can be turned either to the right or left to increase the water pressure. You therefore don’t have to worry about water running too weakly that it doesn’t reach your body or having too much power that it splashes poop around your bums instead of washing it off. 

The facility makes for adjustable water pressure just to suit your needs. By sticking out to the side (typically right) of the toilet, you can easily reach the rotating dial to turn it the right direction.

Also, because of the watery environment of the toilet, metallic objects are prone to rusting. This is why the rotating dial is made of anti-rust material. Depending on the current setting of the dial, it could be used either for water pressure adjustment or for selecting which sprayer supplies water jets – the front- or rear-facing sprayer.

Double-sprayer system

A key component of the Blaux Cleanse toilet bidet is the two pipe-like structures which provide a double-sprayer system. One pipe, the front-facing sprayer, creates water jets to the front for the lady parts whereas the other, the rear-facing sprayer, delivers water to the back for the butt. 

Both sprayers together create a dual-action water jet. 

The closely-apposed pipes after appropriate installation are suspended in the toilet at an angle where they direct the water jet to the right areas of the body. They are however high enough so they don’t come in contact with toilet water and get contaminated. 

The angle of the pipes can be adjusted to exactly deliver water to the area of the body needed. You could say it’s super customizable. Having a white colour makes the pipe system almost invisible as it blends with the rest of the toilet. 

Built-in architecture

The Blaux Cleanse bidet is constructed so that it remains part of the toilet after installation. This eliminates the challenge and inconvenience of having to install the bidet everytime it is to be used. 

For this, the Blaux Cleanse has a toilet-friendly design. It blends with the toilet in terms of shape and colour. It is flat to its sides and therefore is placed to the toilet seat to which it is fastened. The bidet is almost white entirely so that it matches with the white colour of toilets.

Operated mechanically

To use the Blaux Cleanse bidet, simply open the knob by training the rotating dial either left or right. It is what you do yourself and with your hands. This eliminates the risk of electric shock from electrically operated gadgets. Remember the toilet environment always has water. Therefore the components of the bidet necessary come in contact with water.

Furthermore, since Blaux Cleanse is not operated by batteries, the cost of maintenance is low. You don’t have to buy batteries to use this mechanically powered gadget. This saves you money.

High-grade-quality materials

To ensure a highly durable product, Blaux company uses high-grade-quality materials to make the Blaux Cleanse bidet. As long as this bidet is not roughly handled, it can be used for years without damage. Breaks are common for most toilet facilities. Blaux takes cognizance of this in manufacturing the bidet which is made from strong ABC plastic and adequately resists breaks from blunt forces.

Specific details of Blaux Cleanse – Blaux Cleanse Review

  • Weight : 200g
  • Diameter: 30g
  • Components: Rotating dial, mounter, water jet, closely apposed metallic pipes
  • Colour: white, silver
  • Easy-to-clean ABS plastic construction
  • Installed between the base toilet seat and the toilet seat cover
  • US spec tube to connect water outlet and device 
  • Power relies on the water pressure of your outlet and how much of the knob your turn

Installation process – Blaux Cleanse review

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Blaux cleanse Reviews

Installation of the Blaux Cleanse bidet is exceptionally easy to do. In fact, so easy that you don’t really need the special service of a plumber to do so. With little know-how of the use of a screwdriver and maybe a wrench, you’re ready to get Blaux Cleanse up and running.

The installation of Blaux Cleanse is in two parts: application of the bidet to the toilet and connection of water supply.

  1. Application of Blaux Cleanse bidet to toilet

This is done in the following way:

  1. Get a screwdriver or wrench ready for unscrewing or loosening a knot
  2. Loosen the know holding the toilet seat cover to the toilet seat base
  3. Put aside the toilet seat cover
  4. Unbox the Blaux Cleanse
  5. Place the Blaux Cleanse on the toilet seat base and reposition so that the holes on the bidet align with the corresponding knot holes on the toilet base. In the correct alignment, the rotating dial should be by the side, typically right side
  6. Re-place the toilet seat cover and rescrew or tighten the knot back
  7. Now the Blaux Cleanse bidet gets locked in between the toilet seat base and toilet seat cover, almost unnoticeably
  8. Go on to connection of water supply
  1. Connection of water supply

The Blaux Cleanse bidet attaches to the same water line that fills up your toilet tank. This bidet can be connected to the water tank as follows:

  1. From its source, loosen the toilet pipe
  2. Join a short hose at one end to the source. Typically the hose has two ends and one intervening hole.
  3. Fix the toilet pipe back to the water source by attaching it to the other end of the hose
  4. Join a small connecting pipe to the intervening hole of the hose. The other end of the small connecting pipe is connected to a hole in the rotating dial
  5. Get ready to have the best toilet experience!

There’s a user guide that comes with the product. Consult it if you get confused at any point.  Installation of the Blaux Cleanse is one -off. You won’t have to install everytime you want to use the toilet.


How to Use the Blaux Cleanse – Blaux Cleanse review

The correct use of the Blaux Cleanse is important to achieve the best cleansing with the gadget and to avoid messing the whole toilet with water.

  1. Do your business 
  2. Sit comfortably on the toilet seat after doing your business
  3. Grab the rotating dial
  4. Turn it to the right or left for pressure adjustment or for spray selection, depending on the settings
  5. Place the dial back to the initial off position to turn it off
  6. Enjoy having the cleanest body 

How does the Blaux Cleanse work? – Blaux Cleanse review

The Blaux Cleanse is fixed to the toilet seat and connected to the same water line that fills up the toilet tank. The operations – including on and off positions – are essentially controlled by the rotating dial. Turning the dial left or right sends out jets of water that go up at an angle and hit the required area, washing them off. 

In order not the miss the target, the angle of the water jet can be adjusted by gently adjusting the angle of the metallic pipes sitting within the toilet. Ideally, the pipes are directed so that one is slightly in front of the other, so that one springs water forwards and the other, backwards. The two don’t work at the same time. Whichever one operates and with what power it sends out jets of water are controlled by the rotating dial.

The correct use of the Blaux Cleanse ensures maximal washing effect with minimal water use.

Benefits of Using Blaux Cleanse – Blaux Cleanse review

  1.  Easy to install and use

The Blaux Cleanse toilet bidet is one of the easiest gadgets to install. With just a screwdriver or a wrench, you’re good to go with the installation. You don’t need to spend money employing a plumber to do so for you. It requires no experience.

The use of the Blaux Cleanse is equally straightforward. Everything essentially lies on know how to operate the rotating dial. 

  1.  Better hygeine

Blaux Cleanse bidet provides a better sensation of cleanliness. It actually does clean better than conventional toilet papers. Try it out and see for yourself. By sending water jets to your bums or private parts, you have a mini-shower. Don’t smear faecal material with the toilet paper. Let the Blaux Cleanse do its job of making your sparkling clean.

Furthermore, it’s been said that the warm jets could help prevent the formation of piles by relieving pressure in the rectum and promoting blood flow to the area.

  1. Affordable

In the long run, the Blaux Cleanse is clearly seen to be far more cost-effective than toilet paper. The price of toilet paper keeps skyrocketing by the day, making life more difficult. Although a single Blaux Cleanse is  more expensive than a single toilet tissue roll, overtime buying toilet papers will become less cost-effective.

  1. Eco-friendly 

Millions of trees are sacrificed yearly for the sole purpose of toilet paper production. This places a big strain on the carbon cycle. Plants are the ultimate source of energy for life. Animals and humans depend directly or indirectly on plants for food and other benefits. With such rate of deforestation, especially when it is not accompanying by reforestation at the same rate, the plant population continues to go down. Mayhem for mankind in times to come!

By using water – a more readily available resource –, the need to fell trees is reduced, supporting a more stable ecological environment.

  1. Durability

Blaux Cleanse is constructed from high-grade-quality materials. The ABS plastic construction ensures the product stands the rest of time. The pipe system is made of metallic parts so it doesn’t get broken. The anti-rust material of the rotating dial which is the component we most frequently come in physical contact with prevents corrosion with water. Blaux Cleanse toilet bidet is meant to last for years before you think of replacement.

  1. Faster cleaning

In a few seconds, one is done with the Blaux Cleanse. The facility responds quickly to operation. The water jets are sent out with the right pressure (after adjustment) to bring about a time-effective cleansing. 

We all have an experience of diarrhoea or dysentery and how toilet papers don’t always effectively clean us off, at least in a short time. Women’s business at that time of the month also takes lots of time and rolls of toilet paper to get done. The cleansing action of Blaux Cleanse is top-notch in efficiency.

  1. Safe to use

Blaux Cleanse is entirely safe to use. It uses jets of cool, refreshing water to bring about a cleansing effect. Also, because the gadget is manually operated – as against electric operation – there is no risk of electric shock.

Pros of Blaux Cleanse – Blaux Cleanse review

  • You will end up spending less money because you won’t use toilet paper anymore.
  • Cleans better and is more sanitary than using toilet paper!
  • Environmentally responsible, reduces waste!
  • Easy DIY installation takes just minutes; installs on any toilet!
  • No electricity, and hence electric shock
  • One-touch operation
  • Very Affordable
  • You will feel much cleaner than using toilet paper.
  • Fully eco-friendly.
  • It won’t irritate your skin, even if it’s very sensitive.

Cons of Blaux Cleanse – Blaux Cleanse review

  • You will spend more water than usual by going to the bathroom.
  • Available only online
  • Limited in stocks.

How does Blaux Cleanse compare with toilet paper

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Blaux cleanse Review

Blaux Cleanse toilet bidet is produced to address the shortfalls of toilet paper. Blaux Cleanse completed with the toilet paper in the following way:

  1. Cost

A single Blaux Cleanse unit is surely costlier than a single toilet paper roll. However the gadget can be used for a long time so much so that the purchase of toilet paper becomes less cost effective. The fact that toilet papers are becoming hiked in price suggests that this will take lesser time to happen than one might expect. Single Blaux Cleanse uses water is more readily available. Moreover, the correct use of the bidet ensures maximal cleansing with minimal water usage.

  1.  Ecological balance

The large number of trees cut down to produce toilet paper places a threat to ecological balance every day. This is worsened by the little attempts made to plant trees in order to replenish what is lost. Since trees are central to survival of virtually all life forms on Earth, the dearth of trees spells down to survival.

Blaux Cleanse on the other hand uses only water to being about even more effective cleansing. There’s hardly a disturbance of ecological balance

  1. Comfort

The dryness of toilet paper is hard enough to work with for many people. The use of jets of water from the Blaux Cleanse in contrast provides more comfort.

  1.  Hygeine 

How much cleansing toilet papers provide has become debatable. The use of the paper could smear dirt around instead of cleaning it off. By using cool, refreshing water jets from the Blaux, you have a cleansing effect just as if you took a shower.

  1. Safety

Recent research has shown that some types of toilet paper could potentially impart some level of toxicity to the body through the anus and private parts. This has left some people wonder whether they have the right type of toilet paper. It is entirely safe to use the Blaux Cleanse bidet. There is no electrical wiring to bring about the danger of electric shock.

Blaux Cleanse Company Profile – Blaux Cleanse review

Blaux company is an online retailer that focuses on producing home and wellness products. 

Since its founding, the company has curated a lot of products in addition to Blaux Cleanse. This includes Person fan, wearable A.C. PLUX, Blaux Filter, Blaux Heater, In Home Charcoal Bags, Blaux Washlet and Heater Filter.

To make life easier while still being effective is the goal of this company which says:

“We believe in living an inspired life, and make products for people who feel the same”.

Where do I purchase Blaux Cleanse? – Blaux Cleanse review

Blaux Cleanse toilet bidet at the moment can only be purchased from the official website.

What is the price of Blaux Cleanse? – Blaux Cleanse Review

The current prices are as follows:

  • One Blaux cleanse unit is $79.99 – 35% Savings! – Single Bathroom Pack
  • Two Blaux Cleanse units are $147.99 – 40% Savings! – Double Bathroom Pack
  • Three Blaux Cleanse units are$199.99 – 46% Savings! – Triple Cleaning Pack
  • Four Blaux Cleanse units are $255.99 – 48% Savings! – Large Household Pack

At the moment, you can buy it using PayPal or a credit card to pay for the goods. All transactions are encrypted, so no worries about your personal information leaking. Be aware that shipping fees may apply in some cases, especially if you don’t live in the United States

Return Policy – Blaux Cleanse Review

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to return an item for a full refund if you are dissatisfied with it. A 30-day money-back guarantee covers all additional purchases from Blaux Cleanse. Simply return the item(s) in its original, unopened packaging for a full refund or a replacement.

Submit a form to click


  • U.S. & Canada (toll-free): 1 (855) 756 5448
  • Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5672
  •  Kingdom & Ireland: 033081 80842

Frequently Asked Questions – Blaux Cleanse review

How to use Blaux Cleanse?

After installing Blaux Cleanse, individuals must take a seat and go about their business. Once done, there’s a knob to the side that should be twisted for a jet of refreshing water.

Does Blaux Cleanse make a lot of noise?

No, even if the settings are placed on maximum pressure, Blaux Cleanse is said to release sounds equivalent to whispers.

Is Blaux Cleanse restricted to a specific type of toilet?

The team at Blaux avows that Blaux Cleanse can be easily attached to any standard toilet, which is practically what 99% of the market currently offers.

Is Blaux Cleanse uncomfortable?

Given that Blaux Cleanse is meant to be gentle on our parts, discomfort is highly improbable.

How long will it take to receive Blaux Cleanse?

It may take anywhere between seven and ten business days to receive Blaux Cleanse. That said, should individuals fail to receive their units in the allotted time, complaints must be reported to the customer service team within 60 days from the order date so that a refund or a replacement is given.

Has a refund policy protected Blaux Cleanse?

Yes, Blaux Cleanse has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. To be eligible for a refund, individuals must ensure that each purchased unit is returned in brand new condition, unused/unworn, and in its original packaging. Before anything, it is essential to request a refund from customer service within 30 days from the date on the receipt. The latter can be achieved in one of the following ways:

Submit a form to click


  • U.S. & Canada (toll-free): 1 (855) 756 5448
  • Australia & New Zealand: (02) 5133 5672
  • United Kingdom & Ireland: 033081 80842

what customers are saying about Blaux cleanse

John P.

– Glendale, CA

I can’t believe I’ve used toilet paper all these years, the Blaux Cleanse is just a hundred times better! I’m NEVER going back to TP! It really gets you much cleaner than TP ever could.

– Albany, NY

Out with the old and in with the new! I never thought I’d like using a bidet until I tried out the Blaux Cleanse. It gets you so clean I’d never go back to just toilet paper. Who wants to walk around with a dirty behind like that?

– Rogue River, OR

As a senior citizen with arthritis, it can be really difficult for me to reach down there to wipe. My daughter got me the Blaux Cleanse, and I couldn’t be happier! It makes everything so much easier, and of course, I feel cleaner than I ever have before!

Final words – Blaux Cleanse review

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Blaux cleanse Review 2022

Blaux Cleanse is an innovative toilet bidet that provides an unbeatable cleansing experience after toilet use. By using jets of cool, refreshing water, it washes of poop from the behind. It also does a good job for the ladies who have an extra business at that time of every month. 

The construction of Blaux Cleanse makes it perform perfectly well the job it’s meant for. With an adjustable water pressure, you can efficiently wash yourself after doing your business. The front- and rear-facing sprayers make it compatible with both men and women. 

Toilet paper has become costly and promises to be costlier with the coming days. Lots of trees are felled daily to maintain the supply of this product, putting a strain to ecological balance. Furthermore, the cleansing action of toilet paper has been doubted. Blaux Cleanse bidet is becoming more appealing.

True, ‘half a bread is better than none’ as a popular saying goes. It is better to have the toilet paper than nothing at all. However, the installation of the Blaux Cleanse ensures a better cleansing experience which goes a long way to promoting overall health. The manufacturer of Blaux Cleanse has made the product affordable and also durable so you won’t have to buy it every month. 

Blaux Cleanse trends for obvious reasons. Anyone who wishes to have a good cleansing experience at little cost after toilet use should not miss this product.

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