Total View Binoculars Reviews

Total View Binoculars Reviews: Is Total View hands-free binoculars Any Good? 

Total View Binoculars is a hands-free  binoculars that provides you with innovative distance-viewing in any environment. Total View Binoculars work in both light and dim conditions giving you a clear view of objects within and out of range. Total View binoculars weigh approximately 0.15 pounds, which makes them extremely lightweight and also comes with a carrying case so you can keep them safe when you’re not using them.

How does the Total view binoculars work?

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The total view binoculars has googles that provides crisp and concise clarity for users even in low lighting conditions, silicone nose grips to keep them from sliding forward, and 300% optical zoom. The total view binoculars works without the help of your hand, and your input is only need to place it on your eyes, and adjust the scope to zoom in or out.

Features of the Total view binoculars 

1) Easier to use than heavy binoculars: The Total View Hands-Free Binoculars comes with a protective zippered case for you to take it with you wherever you go. They aren’t as heavy or awkward as the regular pair. Just wear it like you wear your sunglasses.

2) Crystal clear 300% optical zoom: The digital optical zoom allows zoom of up to 3X. The built-in 2.31 inch TFT widescreen display shows clear images.

3) Hands-Free Fun 300% Wearable Bionic Vision!: With the Total View Military-Grade Binoculars you can get a 300% magnification.

4) Lightweight and compact: You don’t need to carry the total view binoculars on your hands. All you need to do is wear it like sunglasses.  Total View Binoculars Reviews

Benefits of the Total View Wearable Bionic Vision

The total view binoculars is a portable lightweight device that has the following benefits for the user. 

1) Sports and Concert viewing.

2) Sightseeing events and city tours.

3) Nature walks and hikes.

4) Landscape viewing and stargazing.

5) Boating trips and fishing.

6) Wildlife viewing, birdwatching, and hunting.

Specifications of the Total View Hands-Free Binoculars

1) 300% Hands-Free Magnification: Each pair of the total view binoculars can deliver a 300% magnification while you have your hands free to engage in other activities. 

2) Clarity for long distance viewing: When going for your hiking activities or watching a soccer game, or any other sports then it’s best you have the Total View Hands-Free Binoculars to get the best experience of the game.

3) Military-Grade Quality: The binoculars has tough lenses with anti-scratch coating which helps improve their resistant to damage. 

4) Perfect Balance: With the total view binoculars you can track moving objects or walk with the binoculars and still have full control of your hands.

5) Great for stylish sightseeing: People looking at you using the binoculars will think that you are in regular glasses, thanks to its outstanding features. 

How to use the Total view binoculars

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To use the total view binoculars put them on the same way you would put on your sunglasses. The Total View binoculars has handy silicon nose grips that helps them stay on your nose. Each unit has an independent carry case and a lanyard for you to carry it around your neck 

Then bring your subjects into focus by turning the dails to improve clarity. Use it both indoor and outdoors. 

Pros of Total View Binoculars Reviews

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1) It is easy to carry and lightweight.

2) Military grade-lenses for quality viewing experience.

3) Comfortable design for pressure-free use.

4) Hands-free usage.

5) 60 day money back guarantee.

6) Perfect for a close-up view of targets up to 300 feet away.

Total View Binoculars Cons – Total View Binoculars Reviews

1) Only available in the Total View online store.

Pricelisting for the Total View Hands-free Binoculars

Pricelisting for the Total view binoculars

One Total View wearable is priced at $59.99. A 35% discount from the regular $92.29.

Two Total View wearables are priced at $105.98 ($52.99 each). A 43% discount from the regular $184.58.

Three Total View wearables are priced at $143.97 ($47.99 each). A 48% discount from the regular retail price of $276.88.

Four Total View wearables are priced at $183.96 ($45.99 each). A 50% discount from the regular price of $369.17.

Where to buy the total view binoculars

Total view binoculars can be gotten from its official online store.

What Satisfied Customers Have to Say About  Total View binoculars 

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Michael C. – Chicago, IL – I recently went on a deep-sea fishing trip with Total View Binoculars and wow did they ever exceed my expectations. It was easy to spot fish in the water. Even with the waves crashing around me, the non-slip nose pads kept the binoculars securely in place. I would highly recommend them to any angler looking to up their game on their next fishing trip! Yes, I recommend this product.

Rachel B. – Austin, TX – I am absolutely in love with them. The convenience of being hands-free while adjusting the focus is a game-changer. I no longer have to worry about holding the binoculars steady or fumbling around with knobs to get a clear view. I can easily see everything I want without any discomfort or strain on my hands. The clarity of the image is incredible! I would recommend these binoculars to anyone who wants to take their outdoor experience to the next level! – Yes, I recommend this product.

David P. – New York, NY – I recently purchased Total View Binoculars for my hunting trips. They are incredibly helpful for scouting out game without having to hold them steady. The hands-free design allows me to handle my equipment without missing a thing. The aspherical lenses provide a crystal clear image, and the scratch-resistant coating ensures that they stay in great condition. They’re the perfect binoculars for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. Yes, I recommend this product.

Total View Binoculars Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions About Total view binoculars

What are users saying about the Total view binoculars?

Total view binoculars official online store has over 10,000 5 star reviews from verified buyers. It is a hit among European and American buyers. 

Do I get a money back guarantee on my Total view binoculars?

Yes. Every total view binoculars has a 60-day money-back guarantee on your order. In case of a defect on your total view binoculars, send it back for a refund. You also get a two-month risk free trial of the binoculars in different environments.

Can the Total view binoculars be used indoors?

You can use the total view binoculars anywhere, not just outside. For a fun experience, you could go to a skyscraper and view things far away. People who see you would think you’re wearing glasses.

How do I focus the Total View Binoculars?

To focus your Total View Binoculars, simply use the central focus knob located in between the eyepieces. Turn the knob until the object you are viewing appears sharp and clear. You can also adjust the diopter on the right eyepiece to fine-tune the focus for your specific eyesight.

Will Total View  Binoculars hurt my nose if I wear them for a long time?

Total View hands-free binoculars are super lightweight and comfortable to wear for long periods. They’re also compact so you can store them in a bag or backpack easily. And they come with a handy lanyard so you can wear them around your neck while not in use.

Can Total View hands-free binoculars be used for stargazing? 

Yes, the high-definition lenses provide a clear view of the night sky, making them perfect for stargazing.

Can the Total View Binoculars be used in low light conditions? 

Yes, the binoculars are optimized for low light

Final verdict On Total View Binoculars (Total View Binoculars Reviews)

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The above features prove that total view binoculars are better than the regular models. It gives you details of images as if you are standing there, has a stabilized vision to see the tiniest details, 300% hands-free magnification, military-grade quality, lightweight and compact nature beats any binoculars you’ll see anywhere. I recommend the total free binoculars for short distance, long distance, indoor and outdoor viewing.

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