SmartyDrone Reviews UK

SmartyDrone Reviews UK: SmartyDrone Consumers Report! Buying Guides And Pricing!! 

SmartyDrone Reviews UK: SmartyDrone Consumers Report! Buying Guides And Pricing!! 

With the advent of technology and artificial intelligence devices there have been so many improvements in the standard of living of man in so many ways which also includes photography, movies and video making. Gone are the days when pictures were taken with only a digital camera and the photographer had to change so many positions such as lying down climbing trees, and so on just to get a good shot of the moment or environment they wanted to capture. With the advent of drones and other technological devices taking pictures doesn’t have to be so hard. Drones are flying device that you have the ability to control with a device or remote control; they can be used as tracking object to follow a particular person, and to take pictures and record videos. There are so many different types of drones but the best drone currently developed is the Smarty drone. The Smarty drone is a unique drone with special features such as foldable, durable and lightweight, all these features and more makes the Smarty drone an easy to transport drone. The use of this drone is an added advantage to movie producers, photographers and videographers. It is a dynamic device that captures your best moments from different angles and this provides you with the best shot and capture with a clear camera, with technological advance features. One of the most recent entries on the mini drone market, the Smarty drone has been mentioned in a number of favourable online drone reviews. Mind you Smarty drone is easy to carry around, it can fly at a very good speed and travels high with long-lasting battery life and an easy to operate device. It is so easy to operate that you don’t need any form of technological knowledge to be able to operate the Smarty drone.

What is a Smarty drone? (Smarty Drone Reviews ) 

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SmartyDrone Reviews UK

Smarty drone is a new type of drone that was recently launched which is designed to fly and capture high definition images and video clips. It is a device with many benefits; you can zoom in on the environment you want to capture. It comes with a clear camera and a good audio recorder. The Smarty drone is a wonderful travel pack with which you can use to capture your journey better. The device is especially beneficial even for movie productions and video production. The drone is not so expensive and it does the most good to its users. The flight tool and usage of Smarty drone is simple to operate as it was created by specialists and with advanced technology. Bearing in mind that the drone is a small but effective device and it is perfect to capture your wild adventures and distance does not reduce the quality of pictures taken or even videos taken. The Smarty drone is a precision engineered drone which is specifically designed for easy flying. It has a setup time of less than 30 seconds and it is easy to use. It has elevated HD aerial photos and video clips. Smarty drones invest more in the quality of its build than the general image.


What are the features of Smarty drone? 

  • The battery life
  •  flight time,
  •  weight 

The Smarty drone can also be referred to as a quad copter because of its wonderful and technological advanced features, such as: lightweight, incredible flight speed of around 19m/s and a range of 4km. It comes with extra blades that can easily be changed if need be. It has a pre- installed and programmed camera including Asteroid K and Boomerang, allowing novice or beginners to shoot professionally and quickly too. It is important to read the manual that comes with this device to be able to effectively control the device direction and speed to avoid unnecessary accidents or collisions with objects, and people or buildings.

Smarty special features and specifications

  • Device type: is a drone, the smarty drone is an engineering design; it was built to go wherever you travel. With a six gyroscope system for smooth flight and fantastic picture quality and clear video, this device is easy for novice and beginners to operate.
  • Battery life: it has a long-lasting. Battery life of 3.7v 600 mAh lipo battery, that has an operating period of over 30 minutes to one hour, and it has a capacity to travel far and sustain the drone during the period of use
  • Flight time: smarty drone has the ability to fly to very high altitude above the ground. It has a smart flight mode that enables the drone to land safely, follow people and objects, maintain an altitude and even display a number of aerial tricks and Acrobatics while in the air.
  • Camera type: it has an HD1080p camera, which has high image resolution, this produces quality photos and clear and defined videos. With the HD camera of smarty drones you can take quality pictures and make clear movies.
  • Price: the price of a smarty drone is $99.00. With the quality and greatness of this drone the price is too low. It is not so expensive as compared to the features and benefits of the drone.
  • 3D flip function: the 3D feature enables the drone to automatically flip 360 degrees to release itself. With this flip feature you can have more fun flying the drone and also navigate the drone any way you want. 

Other items that come with Smarty drone package includes:

  • The Smarty drone itself
  • A rechargeable remote control
  • The battery(3.7v 600 mAh) 
  • The USB cable 
  • Screwdriver
  • Four rotors
  • Four protective covers
  • The operation manual.

Benefits of Smarty drone (Is Smarty drone any good?)

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SmartyDrone Reviews UK

This drone is a small quad copter with many advantages and benefits that can only be gotten from Smarty drone. It has high quality video and audio settings that help you provide a quality video or picture at HD levels here are a list of benefits that Smarty drone offers it users:

  1. Your mobile phone data can be used to enable the wifi application, wifi FPV of the drone (wifi remote person and Eco vision configuration). It can be controlled both with the remote control or mobile application on your phone or tablet. Once connected to a wifi or mobile data it can be controlled adequately..
  2. The Smarty drone has a special mode called the ‘headless mode’ with this mode the drone can move precisely in the direction of the controller when in headless mode. With conventional drones, making a drone face where you want it to face may be quite difficult, however with the Smarty drone, you can direct your drone to face wherever you want it to face.
  3. The Smarty drone has the capacity to reach great heights and capture amazing pictures, and videos from different angles, thereby making your captures more professional.
  4. This drone also has a ‘one key return’ feature whereby whenever your drone is lost and you press that particular key it can be found instead of you looking for it, it can be instructed to come to you with that special key
  5. The Smarty drone camera captures HD photos and videos and captures amazing moments with family and friends.
  6. One of the best features of Smarty drone is the ability to be easily manoeuvred, controlled, and directed. The ease of control makes it okay for non-professional to be able to control the device.
  7. The quad copter has a very fast flight time of 30 minutes to 1 hour and long-lasting battery life, which makes it a great device to use for long term videos or photoshoot.
  8. The Smarty drone is one that is easy to use and carry around without getting concerned about the burden of load; it is a good travel pack.
  9. It has a special 3D flip function, because while flying your drone they may be some difficult to navigate drone environments, probably because of the tree, buildings, structures or even mountains in the flight path. For this reason , the designers included a 3D flip feature that enables the drone to automatically flip 360 degree to release it self
  10. It is a very innovative and mind blowing device recommended by experts it is a world class state of the art drone with unusual possibilities.

How to operate a Smarty drone?

Smarty drone is easy to fly and has a very simple design, with a very detailed manual that shows how the device can be operated and how it is assembled. It has a total wire free link and this device is capable of tracking its flight path and snap images from different angles, with the remote control buttons it ensures the safe landing and takeoff of the device after covering beautiful pictures and videos and there are two antennas that can help navigate the drone in the right direction. It also shows the function of each item found in the Smarty drone pack. You can operate the Smarty drone in two ways which are:

  • Through the remote control: the remote control comes with instructions that allows you to fly the drone with ease and take amazing shots at different levels or views. The remote control does not need previous knowledge to be able to operate it because the instruction on the remote control is straightforward and simple to understand, which makes it easy to operate.
  • Finally the Smarty drone is operated via the software APP on the smartphone or tablet. And the App will guide on setting up and accessing the use of the drone. Mind you the software application requires a wifi or internet connection available for you to be able to operate it.

The drone has four propeller blades that helps flight time and makes it easy to navigate the drone in different directions. The screwdriver in the pack can be used to tighten or loosen the blades as it deems fit. 

The device requires wireless network communication to be operated; the Smarty drone follows the flight pattern to take good coverage of pictures from different angles. The remote control allows the safe landing and departure of the device.

Price packages of the Smarty drone

A pack of Smarty drone is worth $99.00 each for a total of $106.95

  • Three units are $65.67 each for a total of $197.00
  • Five units are $59.40 each for a total of $297.00

For easy purchase and to get this drone at discount prices, it should be purchased directly from the official website of the Smarty drone. It is very cost effective and delivery is done without hassle or issues. This device can only be purchased from the official website.


Advantages of buying Smarty drone (Reasons Smarty drone is the most preferred drone)

  • The Smarty drone is easy to fly and control even for beginners
  • Smarty drone camera captures amazing pictures and videos with 4k resolution.
  • It offers professional and high quality recordings with little or no effort.
  • It offers the best features compared to other types of drone 
  • The battery life makes it easy to operate without frequent charging of the device, while working with it.
  • It comes in a sleek and portable design; it can fold portably to your hand and may fit neatly to your purse or handbag.
  • It has a gravity sensor, from which novices can film or take pictures and fly the drone like experts thanks to sensors and altitude holding.
  • It has 120 frames per second HD video recording and up to 12 megapixel capture.
  • Thanks to the 500 mAh battery life you can record videos for 30 minutes to 1 hour before returning to the ground to charge.
  • It has unique and great features like landing, one button auto return, and 360 roll.
  •  It is easy to direct and glide due to the two in built antennas, which helps navigate the device in the right direction.
  • It comes with a very detailed manual that educates users on how to use the device.

What are the disadvantages of buying the Smarty drone?

SmartyDrone Reviews Conclusion

Smarty drone is known as the best selling drone in 2022 because of its amazing features and benefits, coupled with the fact that the price of purchasing Smarty drone is not expensive compared to the benefits it offers its users. The Smarty drone is highly recommended for taking high quality photographs. The Smarty drones let you capture wide angle photographs no matter where you are. Because of its unique qualities, the Smarty drone is expected to be the most purchased product in 2022.

The operating and controlling of this drone is very simple and easy to use and understand even for novice and first time users and amateur users of the drone. The Smarty drone is highly recommended for professionals and everyone who wants to take amazing pictures and videos, especially for those in the movie and photo industry. It is a good device for movie producers to be able to capture all beautiful scenes with ease. It provides HD picture and video. It allows for wide angle and high quality image capture. You don’t have to jump through loopholes and climb great heights just to cover an event or video, because with Smarty drone as one of the best drone your stress is reduced and there is isn’t much editing left to do because your image is perfect already with the clear and high quality camera of Smarty drone.


Frequently asked questions About Smarty Drone

Is Smarty drone a scam or legit?

No, Smarty drone is not a scam it is 100% legit and has been proven equal to the task by experts and users of the device. It is a user-friendly device and highly productive for beautiful capture of images and pictures. 

Does Smarty drone have a guarantee?

Yes, they offer a 30 day money back guarantee if any need arise for you to return the drone. You can return it in its original packaging and receive full money back with 30 days of purchase.

How do I contact the Smarty drone company?

You can get in touch with Smarty drone through email at or by phone at +1(888)351-1680, available from 7am to 9am (PST) on Monday to Friday.

Does smarty drone support FPV (first person view)?

Yes, smarty drones support FPV. Enjoy the world view while taking pictures and films, with the Wifi real time transmission FPV system that you can easily link to your phone with the drone.

How long does charging a smarty drone take?

For a full charge, it takes between 60 to 70 minutes.

Can a smarty drone maintain its altitude?

With the pressure in the atmosphere one key set high, can allow you to conveniently lock the height and location, hover steadily, and shoot from any height of angle.


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