SleemPro Speaker Review

SleemPro Speaker Review: [Hidden Details] A must Read Buyers

SleemPro Speaker Review

The SleemPro Speaker is a thick portable lightweight speaker that is easy to take around. It has an FM radio function which allows Android users to take hands-free calls. Its brilliant sound quality and TWS Technology allows users to connect two SleemPro speakers to get a better sound than one connection.

The SleemPro Speakers can be utilized for a six-hour period with its 2000 mAh inbuilt fully rechargeable battery. Available in four different colours, the SleemPro Speakers modifies its sound depending on the surface you drop it on to provide you a unique and engaging sound.

Features of the SleemPro Speaker – SleemPro Speaker Review

SleemPro Speaker Review
SleemPro Speaker Review

1) It has a built in FM radio that saves up to 20 preset stations.

2) Built to defy various weather elements in accordance with IP67 standards.

3) It makes use of TWS Technology that allows users to connect devices twice the distance of devices connected by Bluetooth. TWS allows users to connect SleemPro speakers together to get better sound than just one connection. 

4) The SleemPro Speaker has a rechargeable battery that has a lasting life of up to twelve hours of playback.

5) It is compact and lightweight.

6) The SleemPro Speaker has LED lights that emits different kinds of colours. It has the flashing on/off (Blink), blinking quickly (Fade), dimming into one colour or another (Pulse), changing like a disco ball (Rainbow colour), colour spectrum, strobe lighting effect and the lighting effect that has the music rhythmically lighting up with the beats.

Pros of SleemPro Speaker

• It is available in different colours.

• Brilliant sound quality.

• Built-in FM radio.

• Dynamic enough to modify the sound effect depending on the surface you attach it to.

• Spare parts available inside pack.

• Has multiple suction cups so you can attach it to any object and turn it into a speakerphone.

• Thin and compact design.

• HD Sound. 

Cons of SleemPro Speaker

The SleemPro Speaker is only available on its official website. 

Benefits of Using the SleemPro Speaker

1) The SleemPro Speaker has a built-in FM radio so that you can listen to your favorite stations without having to use your phone. 

2) It is easy to use and comes with an easy to understand user manual.

SleemPro Speaker Pricing

1 SleemPro Speaker costs $89.95

2 SleemPro Speaker costs $149. Costs per unit is  $74.5.

3 SleemPro Speaker costs $195

How does the SleemPro Speaker Work?


The SleemPro Speaker can be used by first connecting it to the device via the Bluetooth or with a wire. It has an on/off switch that when switched on will emit light that rhythmically lights up in time with the beats.

The SleemPro Speaker has a built in rechargeable battery that helps you charge the device by connecting the USB cable packaged with the product to a wall adapter or computer. The LED light will turn red when it is charging and green when it is fully charged. 

The SleemPro Speaker can be connected to either Apple (iOS) and Android phones via Bluetooth connection or an AUX cable. The Bluetooth connection range is about 10 meters. 

What is the warranty for the SleemPro Speaker?

The warranty that comes with the SleemPro Speaker is a one or two years warranty which can be added at the time of purchase. You can replace or repair your speaker without any costs if something happens to it within that time frame.

Where to buy the SleemPro Speaker

The SleemPro Speaker can be purchased from its official website. Buying from the official website has advantages: You don’t get ripped off, you are sure that you are getting the genuine product you ordered, you get a 50% discount price when you make your purchase from the website and you get to enjoy free swift delivery and shipping to your doorstep.

Where to place the SleemPro Speaker

You can place the SleemPro Speaker on any surface to amplify the sound. Connect it to either one or more devices. Enjoy your favourite music.

SleemPro Speaker FAQs

What is the battery life of the SleemPro Speaker?

The battery life should last for about 10 hours, but this depends on how long you use the speaker. 

Can I connect more than one device to the speaker?

Yes. You can connect more than one device to the speaker to provide better sound quality with the help of the TWS technology.

What is the warranty of the SleemPro Speaker?

A one or two year warranty comes with the SleemPro Speaker from the time of purchase. 

Is the SleemPro Speaker easy to use?

Yes. The instructions for use are contained in the user manual that comes with the pack.

How much does the SleemPro Speaker weigh?

The SleemPro Speaker weighs less than 100 grams, and is easily carried around wherever you go.

Specifications/ content in package

• User manual 

• 3 extra thick stickers

• Portable lanyard

• 4 spare suction cups

• USB-C charger cable

• 1 sleempro speaker


How to use the SleemPro speaker 

Step 1: Choose a suitable surface for the device (preferably wooden surfaces).

Step 2: Turn on the power button. The LED indicator lights turn on and start blinking. 

Step 3: Connect your phone to the speaker through the Bluetooth and enjoy your music.


Final thoughts on the SleemPro Speaker

As stated above, the SleemPro Speaker is a wonderful return on investment for any buyer. The speaker has a beautiful appearance in four distinct colours and impressive features: an FM radio, an AUX cable, and the ability to connect two gadgets. The SleemPro Speaker has a rechargable battery and it’s light weight nature allows you to take it with you without having to charge it.

The SleemPro speaker is user friendly for people of all ages, and comes with a one or two years warranty. In conclusion, the SleemPro Speaker is a wonderful product and highly recommended for everyone. 

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