PentagonFit watch

PentagonFit Watch, Fitness tracker smartwatch, Reviews and Opinions 

PentagonFit Watch, Fitness tracker smartwatch, Reviews and Opinions 



‘PentagonFit Watch’   – Keeping fit is very important for every individual as it helps to keep our body healthy. One way to keep an eye on our fitness level is by using fitness trackers. Fitness trackers are wearable devices that help you to track your fitness levels. Although the functions of these devices vary from one brand to another, they generally help to track your fitness progress, sleep patterns, heart rate, and steps taken and help you achieve your fitness goals.

Fitness trackers are important as they help to keep us personally accountable, especially as it regards our fitness journey which ranges from weight loss journey to sleep tracking and the like, motivating you and challenging others to meet their fitness goals. 

You may be wondering how important a fitness tracker is for your journey and how it can help improve your fitness activities. The answer to this is that research indicates that many people start their fitness journey relatively blind and thus, go about it with an uninformed approach and may that get the results their desire. But with a fitness tracker, you can get notifications when you’ve been sedentary for too long, track your sleep, and record your heart rate and the number of calories you’ve expended. This would not only help you achieve your fitness goals but also transform your lifestyle and workouts. 

With many fitness trackers in the market today, you might find it different to pick the right one for your fitness journey, so in this article, we shall discuss the important features and benefits of one of the most outstanding fitness trackers in the market today which is the PentagonFit Watch fitness tracker.

The PentagonFit Watch is a fitness tracker designed with the best fitness technology that helps you attain your desired fitness results. Whether it is to improve your health and lifestyle, gain muscle and strength, boost athletic performance, or get lean and lose weight, this fitness tracker is the one for you. It performs important fitness functions such as calorie counting, step tracking, heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, and so much more. This fitness tracker is to get started on the right track to staying healthy and fit. 

One of the core attributes of this fitness tracker is that it provides very accurate and reliable results unlike some of the fitness trackers on the market today. It is suitable for anyone as men, women and even children can use the watch to track their fitness so all members of the family can make use of the device at go. 

The tracker is designed like a watch worn around the wrists. It takes a record of all the activities done by an individual, creating plans tailored to meet your desired goals. The interface of the watch is easy to understand and operate to aid a better understanding of your fitness and wellness. Just wear the watch during your exercise and it would provide you with all the information you need to stay fit. Read on to find out more interesting features of the PentagonFit Watch.

PentagonFit Watch Official website 

Features of the PentagonFit Watch

PentagonFit watch
PentagonFit watch


  • Water Resistant and Dust Proof:

The PentagonFit Watch is designed to provide all-around tracking of your fitness progress even in the pool. This is why the watch is designed to be water-resistant. Sweat, dust, and other forms of water splashes cannot affect the functionality of the watch making it a reliable and durable choice for fitness tracking.

  • Mobile Connection:

 This fitness tracker supports connection to your mobile device. A connection can be established once the application is downloaded on your mobile phone. The application is available in both Apple and Playstore on iOS and Android devices. Once the app is downloaded, simply connect the watch to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and get an analysis of all the data on your mobile phone. Through the app, all the data of your fitness or workout session is transferred to your phone for analysis. Additionally, you can also get notifications of messages and calls from your smartphone on your watch once they are connected.

  • Heart Rate Analysis: 

During your workout routines, this fitness tracking helps to personalize the outcome. It does this by monitoring the heart rate of the user. Not only does it monitor the heart rate, but it also records the rate at which the body recovers after a workout session or physical activity to provide accurate data. 

    • Automatic Location Tracking:   Users of the PentagonFit Watch can locate the device even when it gets missing. This function is enabled by the location tracking feature of the watch. 
    • Automated Fitness Reminders: This watch sends fitness reminders automatically, especially when you have been inactive or sedentary for a while. It also sends these reminders when you are not keeping up with the planned course of action. These reminders are very important and are very helpful especially when a user loses track of their fitness schedule. Regardless of where you are, this watch helps you keep a tab on your fitness goals. This is a motivational feature of this watch to help users start training again and keep up with their goals until they achieve their desired results. 
  • Fitness Track Function: 

The PentagonFit Watch helps users to keep track of their entire well-being. The device comes with a calorimeter, thermometer, sleep tracker, pedometer, and calorie tracker. It tracks everything an individual does that affects their fitness and everyday health. It uses the hours of sleep a user has to determine the type of routine in the user’s schedule, thus creating a balance in all the activities carried out by the user. You can also customize the functions of the watch to suit your needs. 

  • Colour Screen Display: 

The device features an intuitive and attractive colour screen display. The device is made with high-quality materials and has an attractive design with a colourful display. The panel LED screen is a 5 × 2 inches screen that contains all that the user needs to know about his fitness and wellness. 


Who is the PentagonFit Watch Designed For and Why You Need the PentagonFit Watch 

The PentagonFit Watch is suited for men, women, and children. It features an adjustable strap that adopts the one-size-fits-all design so you do not have to worry about buying the watch in different sizes for the members of your family. The PentagonFit Watch is designed for anyone that intends to keep track of their body and enhance their fitness level. It is important to restate that the watch is not just for athletes but for every individual. All you have to do after purchasing the watch is to put in the effort of increasing your daily “activeness” so that you can get the level of fitness you desire. Uses across different professions can make use of the device such as corporate workers, soldiers, fitness gurus, informal sectors, engineers, and other professions.

The product has military roots as it was originally designed to help military personnel keep track of all of their activities whether they are in stressful situations or camp. It is in this light that the product was designed. However, these activities are similar to one which helps us as individuals to keep fit which is why the watch is suitable for any person that intends to enhance their fitness. 

There are so many fitness watch trackers on the market today, but one of the most important qualities of this watch is its ability to provide so many functions with a go. Some of these functions are sending call and message notifications, heart rate analysis, supporting automatic location tracking, tracking sleep schedules, and using the quality of sleep to determine how active one should be. 

With this watch, you can take back control of your health, track the amount of oxygen in your blood, build a healthier heart, and track your body’s fitness and wellness goals. The device has been endorsed by doctors around the world as the go-to device for weight loss, energy building, and keeping track of your blood pressure. 

It does not matter if you are an adult or a child, as long as you have intentions of being as healthy and fit as you want then this watch is for you. Additionally, the watch performs key functions of a watch such as the ability to tell time. This smartwatch provides all these benefits at the glance at the wrists of the user. Simply make an order for your purchase today to benefit from the amazing features of this fitness tracker.

Specifications of the PentagonFit Watch

  • Brand Name: ODM
  • Product name: Smart Fitness Tracker 
  • Place of Origin: China 
  • App Support: Apple Store for iOS devices and Playstore for  Android devices
  • Screen Size: 0.96 inches
  • Screen: Full view coloured screen
  • Net weight: 21g
  • Model Number: 115 PLUS
  • Waterproofing: IP67 waterproofing 
  • Dimensions/ Size: 40mm × 20mm × 10mm
  • Supported Standby Battery Life: 5 – 7 days


How Does the PentagonFit Watch Fitness Tracker Work 

This watch is very easy to use. Just like the name implies, this watch is to be worn on the wrists like every other watch. Once it is worn, the watch tracks all your activities indicating how many steps you take, the amount of sleep you have gotten, the calories burnt, rate analysis and so much more. You can wear the watch at any time you want and in any place carrying out different activities even when you’re just running errands, spending time with family, during your workout sessions, or when you are not just doing anything in particular. The watch also tracks your desired goals over time, sends you active reminders especially when you’ve been sedentary for a long time, and tracks what you eat and your progress.

  • To make use of this watch, you must ensure that the device is fully charged. The device adopts a cordless charging system. 
  • Ensure you install the software application on your mobile device, the app is available on Apple stores and Play Store.
  • Once the app is downloaded, Install the app and connect your smartphone to the fitness watch via Bluetooth
  • You can use the app to get a detailed analysis of your fitness data and track your progress until you achieve your fitness goals.
  • You can make use of the watch for indoor and outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, hunting, camping, resistance training, cycling, swimming, jogging, and running. Simply strap it on your wrists and you are good to go. 

Pros of the PentagonFit Watch Fitness Tracker 

    • Simple To Use – The watch is extremely easy to use. There are no difficult rules to using this watch as no technical expertise is needed to make use of this fitness tracker. All you need to know about the functionality and usability of the watch is contained on the screen of the watch. Once a connection is established with your mobile device, you can begin your fitness tracking in the blink of an eye. 
  • Stylish Outlook – The watch is designed stylishly and can be used as a regular watch. The design makes it suited to be worn for different occasions, hence users do not need to worry about not wearing the watch when they have other occasions to attend. The 0.96 inches full-view colour screen and the dimensions make it a perfect fit for any outfit.  With this, buying this watch translates to purchasing an accessory and a fitness tracker. 
  • One-size-fits-all Design – The watch is suitable for both adults and kids and adopts a one-size-fits-all design due t the adoption of the adjustable straps. When buying the watch for you and your family, all you have to order is make an order for the watch, without any specifications for the size. Additionally, you do not have to worry about buying the right size, coz the straps are large enough to guy any wrist and at the same time feature enough adjustments to fit smaller wrists. 
  • All-round Fitness Tracker – This watch acts as a watch on the fitness level of the user. It performs different extraordinary functions, everything related to everyday health and well-being.  With this watch, all users can track their fitness levels through sleep and heart rate, check their blood pressure as well as their temperature, count their steps, calculate the number of calories burnt, and so much more.
  • Durability – The device is designed for long-lasting use. The watch is made with high-quality materials that prevent damage to it. Users can make use of the watch while doing almost anything such as swimming, hunting, camping, hiking, cycling, jogging, running, and the like without worrying about damaging the watch. The watch with its a rigid design and is suited for rigorous activities. It is designed for all workout situations and can be anywhere and at any time and can be regarded as one of the most reliable fitness and durable fitness bands in the market today.
  • Safety – The watch is very safe to use for all its users. The exterior is designed with safe and comfortable material that does not cause any damage to the skin of users. The exterior is made of a smooth and rubber-like material that prevents any kind of irritation to the human skin while also allowing the user to go about their daily activities without any inconvenience. 
  • Watch Function – Asides from being a fitness watch and tracking the fitness level of the user. This watch also performs the basic functions of a watch such as telling the time and displaying the date. It also incorporates the function of a smartwatch by connecting with your mobile devices via Bluetooth, supporting the display of notifications such as calls and messages. These features of the watch make it more suited for different kinds of activities as users do not need to check their mobile devices for notifications and calls as the watch displays them. 


Cons of the PentagonFit Watch

Online Availability

The PentagonFit Watch is only available online. You cannot purchase the fitness watch in local stores around you. This might be a limitation to users who are not familiar with online methods of purchase. Visit the official website of the product to make your purchase while stock is still available.

Limited Stock

Due to the high demand for the product, there are only a few pieces of the product left, that is the product would soon run out. Make your purchase while the fitness tracker is still available.


Where to Buy the PentagonFit Watch 

The product can be purchased from the official website of the company. Visit the official website to make your purchase while the product is still available. 

Payments are made through secure and safe channels.

Frequently Asked Questions on the PentagonFit Watch Fitness Tracker 

Does the PentagonFit Watch work?

Yes. As long as the device is worn on the wrists, users would get insight into important indicators that help them to achieve their fitness goals. 

Can this device be worn when sleeping?

Yes. The PentagonFit Watch fitness tracker is designed to track the amount of sleep a user gets to regulate their physical activity, thus the watch should be worn while sleeping. Wearing this watch at night while sleeping enables the watch to get accurate sleep data to analyze the quality of sleep that helps you achieve your goals.

What colours is the watch available in?

The watch is currently available in three colours. While making your order you can choose “Vibrant Green” “National Blue” or “Pentagon Black” based on your preference.

Can you access your fitness information via your mobile phone?

Yes. You can access your fitness information via the mobile phone connected to the watch and on the watch as well. The application installed on your smartphone provides ample information on how to access your fitness information.

What happens when the connection between my phone and fitness watch is lost?

When both devices are disconnected, all activities of your phone will not be accessible on the watch. Functions such as notifications from calls and messages would be unavailable as well as sharing of data between both devices.

Does the PentagonFit Watch support make and answering calls?

The PentagonFit Watch notifies the user of an incoming call and message on the smartphone but does not support making and answering calls nor sending and reading messages. However, you can shake your wrist to take a picture via the smartphone assistant feature available. 

How can the device be recharged?

This watch adopts a cordless system of recharging. To recharge it, connect the USB port on the watch to any USB outlet. You can connect it to outlets available on computer devices.

Is the screen display touchscreen?

Yes. The screen display is touch sensitive to enable users to access direct information on the watch without having to go through their phones all the time. 

How do I know if the battery of the watch is running low?

There is a battery indicator available on the screen of the watch. Tap the screen to access it. Ensure to charge the device before using it.


Final Word and Recommendations on Pentagonfit Watch Fitness 

The PentagonFit Watch is a fitness watch designed for both adults and kids. This military-style fitness smart device is designed to help you boost your fitness rapidly by monitoring all that is needed such as your heart rate, sleep schedule, steps taken, calories burnt and so much more to keep you fit and healthy. 

Unlike other fitness watches, the PentagonFit Watch also functions like a watch as it tells the time and date while also supporting a reliable and stable connection to your mobile device via Bluetooth to provide ample data on all you need to know about your fitness journey. You can track your fitness goals, build a healthier lifestyle, and engage in a more productive workout session. Simply visit the official website and make your purchase, especially if you desire to lose weight, build a healthier heart, and take back control of your health. 


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