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Best Wireless Security Bulb Camera 2022: Nomad Security Camera Reviews 

Best Wireless Security Bulb Camera 2022: Nomad Security Camera Reviews 

To know how it truly works, our review team subjected Nomad Security Camera to a 30-day testing. All details are contained in Our Nomad Security Reviews. What our expert reviewers discovered about the 4.7-star-rated Nomad Security Camera will shock you. Read on to find out!

At any given time, we must be at one place and not two. When you embark on a journey, or go for hiking, you can’t say for sure what’s happening in your house. Even when you have security personnel, 24-hour surveillance is still impossible. In that case, your only eye in the sky is a surveillance camera.

Since there are lots of surveillance cameras in the market, which one should you get? You certainly don’t want a security camera that produces hazy and blur footages neither do you want to sell a fortune in a bid to buy a surveillance camera.

If you’re at this crossroad, our review team has some good news for you: the Nomad Security Camera. 

We tested and extensively researched on Nomad Security Camera for 30 days to evaluate its performance. Now we’ll tell you why (or not) you should invest in Nomad Security Camera for your home surveillance.

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Quick Facts on Nomad Security Camera Reviews

  • Live video recordings
  • Easy control via Nomad Smart App
  • Detect motion and track objects in real time
  • Nomad pans via 360-deg angle
  • Universal light bulb socket compatibility
  • Night Vision support
  • Storage in either SD or cloud
  • Voice telecom for two-way audio 
  • Built-in Alarm system

What is Nomad Security Camera?

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Nomad Security Camera outdoor and indoor Camera

Nomad Security Camera is a light bulb camera that plugs into a regular light bulb socket and provides video surveillance 24/7. From the exterior, Nomad Security Camera looks like a regular light bulb but it is in fact a light bulb and a security camera.

People who know the importance of security invest heavily on it. However, you don’t have to break a bank to secure your home. A U.S.-based company has provided a cheap option for all homeowners in the form of a light bulb camera.

Our test result confirmed Nomad Security Camera’s Motion Detection feature. This security camera was able to detect positional changes and follow the object until it went out of the camera viewing angle. Once it detects motion, Nomad Security Camera sends a notification and the footage to your smartphone for viewing in real time.

Additionally, video recordings are stored by default to either an SD card (supports up to 64GB) or cloud storage, to be watched later. In either case, you won’t miss out on any activity that goes on in your home thanks to Nomad Security Camera.

Because it is a PTZ camera, Nomad shows 3D rotation. It pans 360o which is essential for its auto-tracking feature. Once auto-tracking mode is enabled from your smartphone, Nomad is able to turn and follow anything it sees and gives you live reports. Its built-in alarm system can send off loud notes to scare away intruders.

To install Nomad Security Camera, all that’s required is a light bulb socket. Interestingly, we’re talking of a regular E26/E27 light bulb socket. Nomad plugs right into it, wirelessly, and draws electric power directly from it, obviating the need for costly batteries.

There are 4 White LEDs for bright illumination at night which supplements the 4 IR lights important for night vision. Therefore, Nomad Security Camera is your eye in the middle of the night watching over your building.

Built with a speaker and a mouthpiece, Nomad supports voice intercom. Now you can communicate with your family or kids in school via Nomad’s two-way audio system.

The beauty of it all is that Nomad Security Camera is ridiculously easy to control. With this security camera connected to your smartphone via Wi-Fi, you can control Nomad Security Camera from a distance without ever coming into direct contact with the camera.

Common locations where you can install Nomad Security Camera

Nomad Security is meant not just for home surveillance, but all-round monitoring of other places as well. Because it plugs into the versatile E26/E27, it is possible to have Nomad Security at homes, Gas stations, malls, and so on.

The common locations where you can install Nomad Security Camera include:

  1. Home – Several areas provide relatively easy entry points for intruders and burglars into your home. In these strategic points should be installed surveillance cameras for day-to-day monitoring of your home.

These include your staircase, driveways and garage doors, off-street windows, back, front, and side doors, and your living room, master bedroom, and so on.

  1. Malls – Malls are common targets for burglars since they could make away with lots of valuable items. Shopping malls are usually equipped with several layers of security, however, this is never complete except in the presence of a panoramic camera like the Nomad Security Camera.
  1. Smaller shops – As a shopkeeper, whether you own a grocery or jewelry store, security should be of utmost importance to you. Luckily, you don’t have to look any further for a round-the-clock security camera because that’s exactly what Nomad Security Camera is built for.
  1. Gas Stations – In the present situation of high-priced gas and limited paychecks, gas station robberies are becoming commonplace. A conscious effort to prevent gas robberies and keep the employees of the gas station safe should entail installing a surveillance camera.
  1. Schools – Since student safety is a top priority for most, school staff and administrators have the responsibility of providing security. 

To have appropriate systems to protect students from everything from bullying, to vaping, to emergencies like natural disasters or active shooter situations, a surveillance camera like Nomad Security Camera should be in place.

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Features of Nomad Security Camera ( Nomad Security Camera Reviews)

Easy control via Nomad Smart App

Once you’re able to establish a Wi-Fi connection between the Nomad Security Camera and your smartphone, you can control this surveillance camera without coming close to it. This makes Nomad even easier to use. 

The process starts with downloading and installing the app from Google Play (for Android devices) or App Store (for iOS devices). 

With Nomad Smart app, you can control the alarm system, auto-tracking, and notifications; toggle on/off the camera rotation and tilt; and watch live or recorded and stored footages.

Detect motion and track objects in real time

Nomad Security Camera’s motion detection feature is activated whenever the camera senses change in potion. Unless you decide to turn off this feature, Nomad Security Camera sends notifications to your smartphone and automatically starts tracking the object until it goes out of view.

Nomad pans via 360-deg angle

 When we tested Nomad’s panning abilities, we found out the security camera is able to turn horizontally via 360-degree angle. 

Nomad Security Camera 360-degree panning is essential for its auto-tracking feature which is does excellently well. 

Universal light bulb socket compatibility

 Because Nomad Security Camera plugs into a regular E26/E27 socket, it is compatible with many light bulb sockets, and hence, can be used in many buildings and locations. 

It uses electricity from the socket. To install it, simply insert into the light bulb socket.

Night Vision

We found two types of LEDs in the Nomad Security bulb – 4 white LEDs and another 4 IR LEDs. The IR LEDs are essential for night vision and are automatically turned on at night. 

The White LEDs are what you find in regular bulbs. They’re important for providing brighter illumination responsible for producing clear images and footages and night, and with the 1080-P resolution camera, produces the best media output. 

Storage in either SD or cloud

To obviate the need for the monthly cloud storage purchases, the manufacturer of Nomad Security Camera made available an external card option. That is, you can insert an SD card into Nomad Security Camera to store data. Interestingly, Nomad can store up to 64 GB data via the SD card option.

Voice telecom for two-way audio

The integration of voice telecom into surveillance cameras now gives homeowners peace of mind. You can check in on elderly loved ones, children, and pets, or alert users and authorities of unwelcome intruders thanks to Nomad’s voice telecom. 

Alarm system

In addition to its motion detection and auto-tracking, Nomad Security Camera has a built-in alarm system that tips off upon sensing a potential intruder. 

Does Nomad Security Camera Bulb offer live recording?

With Nomad Security Camera connected via Wi-Fi to your smartphone, you can watch footages in real time. This allows you raise alarm on time to prevent an intrusion or potential burglary from proceeding. In addition, the security camera stores footages in the SD card or cloud storage for later viewing.

Technical details: Nomad Security Camera reviews

  • Product Name: Nomad
  • Color: White
  • Dimension: 15cm x 6.5cm
  • Recording range: 10-15 meters
  • Resolution: 1080P 
  • Voltage rating: 110V – 240 V
  • Product description: surveillance camera with built in LED 
  • Connectivity Technology: Wireless

What is the view range of Nomad Security Camera?

With Nomad security Camera, you can achieve an average view range of 10-15 meters which makes it ideal for identification of distant objects. You want to be concerned about your camera range of view not only in angular terms but also the distance.

That being said, the motion detection feature of Nomad Security camera is affected by distance of the object. While the camera is highly sensitive to objects within 5m radius, its motion detection and auto-tracking is diminished at farther distances.

How do I install Nomad Security Bulb Camera?

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Best indoor and outdoor camera

Installing Nomad Security Camera involves only 5-6 simple steps. Even your 10-year old can install this security camera without assistance. 

  • First step:  Turn Off the Power Before Installing the Camera.
  • Second step: Unpack Nomad security camera
  • Third step: Plug in the light bulb camera into the light bulb socket and screw it tight.
  • Fourth step: Connect to Nomad to your smartphone via Wi-Fi
  • Fifth step: Download and install the Nomad Security Camera app.  This will require scanning the QR code on the camera.
  • Sixth step: Now you can take photos and watch live recording. You can also watch the recorded videos stored in your SD card or cloud storage. 

Should I Buy Nomad Security Camera?

Our review of Nomad Security Camera proves this is an excellent choice for anyone who wants day-to-day surveillance of their space with a high-quality yet well-priced security camera.

You want to invest on Nomad Security Camera for the following reasons:

  1. Day-to-day surveillance of your home, gas station, school, warehouse, etc to ensure keep intrusion and burglary at bay 
  2. No maintenance fees, as you can now save money rather than spend on monthly or maintenance charges and fees unless you’re using the cloud storage option. 
  3. Lightweight and portable, which makes it easy to carry the camera around when you embark on journeys.
  4. For both indoor and outdoor surveillance. Now you can have your eyes both inside and outside of your home. 
  5. Nomad App feature, making it possible to quickly and easily control Nomad Security Camera with your smartphone without necessarily coming in contact with the camera.
  6. Voice telecom, making it easy to check up on family and kids and communicate with security personnel.

What to expect after ordering Nomad Security Camera

1 x Nomad Security Camera

1 x Screw

1 x Instructional manual

Nomad Security Camera Pros

  • 1080P high definition video recording
  • Auto tracking movement function
  • Cloud storage recording
  • Connection to phone or tablet 
  • Infrared and white LEDs for full color night vision
  • Motion Detection
  • Remotely view on the phone or table screen
  • SD card Support up to 64GB
  • Voice telecom
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity 

Nomad Security Camera Cons

  • 2.4GHz WiFi as against 5GHz
  • No computer support (only smartphone)
  • Supply is limited
  • Only Available on Official website

How much does Nomad Security Camera cost?

  • One Nomad Security Camera unit: $46 + $7.95 in S&H
  • Two Nomad Security Camera units: $46 + $7.95 in S&H
  • Three Nomad Security Camera units: $39 + Free S&H
  • Four Nomad Security Camera units: $39 + Free S&H
  • Five Nomad Security Camera units: $39 + Free S&H
  • Ten Nomad Security Camera units: $29 + Free S&H

You can purchase Nomad Security Camera from the official website.

Nomad Security Camera available now at a discounted price!

What is the return policy?

A 30-day money-back guarantee is in place for Nomad Security Camera. 

Questions or refunds processes can be handled by the customer service team, who can be reached 24/7 Mon-Fri, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm MST, at the following contact information:


Phone: 1 (855) 761 9424

Returns Department: 11551 E 45th Avenue, Unit C, Denver, CO 80239

What are people asking About Nomad Security Bulb Camera?

What is the resolution of Nomad Security Camera?

Nomad Security Camera’s resolution is 1080p.

Is Nomad Security Camera for only indoor use? 

No. Nomad Security Camera can be used indoors and outdoors. For outdoor use, you have to protect it from the rain.

Can customers share cameras with other members of their family or business owners?

Yes, the camera can be shared between devices, family members, business owners, and employees.

Can I use Nomad Security on tablet? 

Definitely. The Nomad Security Camera is compatible with all Android and iOS devices including tablets. 

Where can I download the Nomad Security Cam app? 

Nomad Security Cam App can be downloaded from Google play store (for Android) or App store (for iOS devices)

What happens to the Nomad Camera if the power goes out?

The Nomad only stops working when there is no power being fed to it. As soon as power is restored to your home or business, the Nomad will turn back on and resume its normal function and record any activity.

What kind of phone do you need to use the Nomad Security Camera?

Any iPhone or Android device can be used to set up and sync with your Nomad Security Camera. Each device comes with a QR code so just point the phone camera at the QR code, install the pre-loaded app and you’re essentially complete with the setup!

Can I use the Nomad camera indoors and outdoors?

Yes! You’ll want to make sure it doesn’t take direct exposure to rain but the Nomad Camera is designed to be used both inside and outside for all weather conditions.

Where do the nomad cam recordings get saved?

Unlike other devices where you have to pay cloud storage feeds, the Nomad Security Camera can store all activity onto a 64GB SD card.

Here’s What Others Had To Say About Their Nomad Security Camera

Ryan Marcus

Security for my Home and Office. Now I can enjoy the peace of mind that Nomad brings to my home and I can check up on my office anytime from the mobile app.

Aston Dorsey

Big fan of this product. I installed it in less than a minute and the phone app was very user friendly. I don’t live in the best of neighborhood so I can do my best to keep a lookout for any porch pirates that go around taking packages.

Kaden Wood

I rate this product 5 stars and I love the customer support from the Nomad Security Camera Team. As soon as I ordered, I was given an email confirmation with tracking information. I received my product in about 5 days from when I ordered it.

Victor Walters

Saw an advertisement for this product and thought it was too good to be true. The joke was on me because this product has gone above and beyond my expectations. Super easy to use. Love the Nomad!

Our Verdict on Nomad Security Camera

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Nomad Security Camera Reviews

In the course of our one-month testing of Nomad Security Camera, we evaluated the upsides and downsides of the security camera. Overall, we maintain the 4.7/5 rating of the gadget.

With the few downsides addressed, Nomad Security Camera could be the eye of homeowners, store keepers, school administrators, and so on, in the longest future. 

Already, this gadget has millions of purchases from customers who testify to how Nomad Security Camera has helped them keep burglary and intrusion at bay.

Nomad Security Camera available now at a discounted price! Order Now!


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