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MIRACLE SHEETs REVIEW 2022: Avoid scam miracle sheet USA!!

miracle sheets review 2022: Premium sheets made with all-natural silver that prevents 99.9% of bacteria!!

I never knew that my insomnia could be traced to my bedding!

As one with a very tight work schedule, I knew I needed a lot of rest and sleep to compliment the long work hours I usually have and to maximize productivity but I was not getting any adequate sleep. I started to think that it was a health disorder or just something that has to do with my body system not wanting to sleep all the time. 

I am clearly a workaholic! And a workaholic needs some sleep and rest not to burn out. 

Sleeping was a chore to me. Not because I didn’t want to sleep, but because I can’t sleep. I will lie in bed, in the serenity of my room, sometimes with a soft music and still found it hard falling asleep. I just concluded that my body was allergic to sleep, because how do you explain lying down for long hours and begging for sleep to come like a huge prayer that needed a lot of sacrifices to be answered?.

I had developed heavy eye bags and lethargy. 

I met with my doctors and even started seeing therapists. They recommended a lot of exercises such as meditating before sleeping, yoga and all and also some sleeping drugs. Oh! and I took lots of sleeping pills; with other energy drugs to help max my productivity. Sleeping to me was a chore. I associated sleeping to an irritating exercise, I mean why would I be subject myself to a thing that I had to take drugs to perform and clearly my body didn’t want to respond to? 

It was irritating; this whole process!

I would rather be doing some of my works at night or I would rather be up doing an activity and not anywhere close to bed at night.

In addition to my irritation to sleeping, I also developed body pains after sleeping at night. I would wake up with waist and back pains down to my spine that I frequented the spa or got massages from hubby. 

My sleeping problem got worse that it extended to serious health issues. There were signs of extreme insomnia and anxiety. Physically, my skin looked dry and chapped, I looked worn out during the day especially at work, my productivity was at the barest minimum and I started dozing off during work hours and a few times during board meetings. 

I disliked being tagged or seen as one who sleeps off at work or any important duty. This problem was seriously ruining my reputation at work and every other place. 

My career was clearly at stake! My boss called me different times to reprimand but also voiced his concern about my health. 

My four year old son was not left out. He hated sleeping on his bed. He either slept in his father’s arms or in the couch. Every attempt to make him sleep on his bed was met with a childish antagonism.

We tried all the reading stories before nap time, snuggling him to bed after he must have slept off on the couch, but all was futile.   

Till hubby changed the beddings!

So I came back came back from work this particular day, tired and worn out as usual and I met the entire household busy. Hubby was fitting in new beddings while my two other kids were pulling off the old ones. 

The new bed sheets looked so different and soft than the usual ones we have used. It fit into the bed perfectly and was so attractive that it seemed to cajole one to be laid on. 

I don’t remember how many hours I slept but I had the best sleep ever!

I slept that day before night came like my life depended on it. I woke up so late which have never happened in a very long time but I felt totally great about it. I woke up with this calm, lovely and refreshing feeling. I was so rejuvenated when I woke up, with a new surge of energy that I wanted to sleep more! 

I enjoyed my sleep so much that I had to call the office for a full day leave. My boss who has been concerned about my health and the whole sleeping thing did not hesitate to give me the day break. And I had the coziest, softest and relaxing sleep of my life. 

It was definitely something about the bedding all this while!

The new bedding that hubby bought he called it the “Miracle Sheet” which is actually the name of the new magic sheets. It felt so comfortable sleeping with. It felt like the Miracle sheets were always welcoming and calling me in for a nap at least and I looked forward to sleeping on them. Sometimes I had to use my break hours from work to come home for a nap: 

DAMN! Sleeping on the Miracle Sheets is therapeutic.

I never knew that sleeping could be this sweet and relaxing, I was really missing out. Now I sleep the whole medically recommended 7 hours without feeling like I was performing a chore. The whole irritation from sleeping was gone and pains after sleeping reduced which I think was also from the lack of sleeping though…

Not quite long after too, my four year old son forgot what being cajoled to bed felt like. He went to bed earlier than usual and he never sleeps on couches anymore neither did he want to be reminded to take his siestas and to go to bed early. It seemed like he finally found the perfect bedding. Everything just fell in place finally: easy parenting and a farewell to sleeping problems.

Thanks to the magic sheets, the Miracle Sheet I mean. 

WHAT IS THE MIRACLE SHEET? (Miracle sheet review)

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miracle sheets review

The Miracle Sheet is a set of bedding products designed with the maximum comfort of the user in mind. Miracle Sheets are made of bamboo and cotton which makes them sensitive to the body temperature. This means that the Miracle Sheets will adapt to your body temperature keeping you cool during heat and warm during winter.

The Miracle Sheets includes bed sheets, duvets and pillows. Each of the Miracle Sheet products is designed to improve comfort in bed and promote sound sleep in all weather. 

You can imagine my surprise during the last Christmas that I didn’t have to bother about the cold and also did not get bothered by the heat after workdays. That was when I realized that the Miracle Sheets are designed to adapt to my body temperature. 


The kids absolutely love it! Since hubby got the Miracle Sheets, I never had to stress both I and our kids to take their siestas or remind them to go to bed early. Sleeping no longer became a chore for us. Before I’m back from work on the days that I don’t have to pick them from school, they are already snuggled in bed, sleeping. 

Beautiful and easy parenting I must say!

FEATURES OF THE MIRACLE SHEETS ( miracle sheets review 2022)

Every day with the Miracle Sheet was indeed a new discovery for me. You can imagine my surprise and excitement when I learnt that the Miracle Sheet has a feature that fights bacteria and fungi while you are asleep. WOW!

There was more to the Miracle Sheet that I had to research and read the manual.

You can imagine how elated I was when I learnt the features of the Miracle Sheet and what they are designed to do that I had to place orders for more of the Miracle Sheet products. You won’t understand unless you have used and learnt about the features of this amazing product.

Stay with me as we go through the features of the Miracle Sheets: the bedding products that I have absolutely loved using.

  • Bamboo and Cotton materials: The Miracle Sheet is produced with these two materials which helps adapt to ones’ body temperature while using the products. This means that if you are feeling cold, the Miracle Sheet adapts to your body temperature and keeps you warm, and when there is heat the Miracle Sheet keeps you cool. 

Lovely isn’t it? Now you get why I can’t stop talking about the Miracle Sheet.

  • Natural Silver material: In addition to its other amazing features, the Miracle Sheet products integrate silver to curb the growth of harmful bacteria in the bedding. 

This means that while you are asleep, the silver material in the Miracle Sheet is busy combating the harmful bacteria that may be found in sheets.

This is too good to be true! 

Here’s a background research on this feature, because I was skeptical too at first when I learnt this.

Ahad Arif, who was the founder of the Miracle Brand, knew how uncomfortable it can be using sheets and other cottons especially how dirty these products easily become and how hard it can be to wash them. He carried out a thorough research and after 18 years, Ahad Arif found a way to curb the bacteria and germs that grows in bed sheets and other materials. Now his brand; the Miracle Brand produced their own Supima cotton, blended with anti-bacterial silver to make their bed sheets and other materials. 

Thus, every Miracle Brand product ranging from bed sheets, duvets, bath towels, hand towels. Flat sheet, face cloths and more all have this free bacteria fighting feature. It’s rare to find a bedding that promotes good and sound sleep and also at the same time, fights germs and bacteria. 

Here’s where it gets interesting again, YOU DON’T NEED TO WASH THE MIRACLE PRODUCTS AS OFTEN AS OTHER MATERIALS. This is the baseline of anti-bacterial silver feature in the Miracle Sheet. This does not mean that you don’t get to wash the Miracle Sheet ever, this just means that you don’t get to wash it as often as the normal sheets and still be safe from germs. 

  • Luxurious Supima Cotton – The luxurious Supima cotton in the Miracle Sheet makes it sdurable and long lasting. This feature ensures that you do not sweat excessively while sleeping and ensures that the sheets do not retain dirt too.
  • Anti-Bacterial – The silver material that the Miracle Sheet is produced with has positive silver ions that attract bacteria and prevent them from multiplying, as well as killing them in the process. 
  • The Miracle Sheet comes in different sizes: I am so certain that the producers of the Miracle Sheet; the Miracle really thought well of their customers before going ball out to launch their product. 

In addition to being anti-bacterial, temperature regulating, comfortable and other awesome features, the Miracle Sheet is very affordable and has different sizes to accommodate different needs and bed sizes. 

The Miracle Sheet comes in four different sizes- 

  • Queen size
  • Twin size
  • Full size and 
  • King/Cali King sizes



The anti-bacterial property in the Miracle Sheet protects the skin from bacteria and reduces the amount of acne that could have been accumulated from the sheets. The Miracle Sheet is made from high-grade cotton which enhances its softness on the skin and durability too.

 I observed that I didn’t suffer from breakouts in my face and skin as usual, when I started using the Miracle Sheet which of course was as a result of some dirt or bacteria accumulated from sheets. The anti-bacteria feature was real and working! There was also no form of irritation whatsoever as my sheet is always cozy and soft on my skin and the Miracle Sheet regulates temperature unlike the traditional bed sheets. Now I don’t think of changing bedding anymore, I’ll definitely be sticking with the Miracle Sheet for a very long time. 


With the Miracle Sheet I’m always assured to get the best sleep each time I use it. The Miracle Sheet is not only cozy and comfortable, also the materials and the temperature regulating qualities makes it very important for a good sleep. 

I can sleep in the Miracle Sheet both on hot days and the cold days and still get the same luxury of sleeping soundly. 


With the anti-bacterial feature in the Miracle Sheet, there was no need to wash it weekly or as often as I did with the traditional beddings we used before. The traditional beddings get dirty quickly and it accumulates a lot of germs easily which makes it require hours of countless washing as often as possible.

The Miracle Sheet is self-cleansing thanks to the silver material in it which has anti-bacterial abilities. Now you don’t need the stress of frequent laundering of sheets, and still not have to worry about the bacteria and germs on the Miracle Sheets. 


This is one of the best things I love about the Miracle Sheet. Imagine having to sleep on your sheet and it adapts to your body temperature. Now That Is Not a Sheet We See Every day! 

The Miracle Sheet has the ability to regulate the temperature to a degree when you sleep. As we know that the temperature of one’s surrounding has an effect on how long and how well we sleep; they are critical to effective sleeping and resting. The Miracle Sheet affords you the luxury of giving you the best and suitable cool temperature at the time you’re sleeping.  

  • AFFORDABILITY: The Miracle Sheet is such a luxury yet so affordable. The pricing is nothing compared to the features and what the Miracle Sheet gives.
  • SAVES MONEY: In addition to the Miracle Sheet affordability, it also saves time and money. With the Miracle Sheet’s self-cleaning abilities and the silver properties in it that fights bacteria and other germs, I don’t have to wash it often as the other traditional beddings and it saves both the time spent on washing and the money too spent in the process. 
  • THE MIRACLE SHEET WITH IT’S FEATURES ELIMINATES ODOUR: I discovered that alongside the anti-bacteria abilities of the Miracle Sheet, it also does not harbor odor like the other traditional sheets that we have used previously. 

Now here’s the thing, according to the scientific data, the silver ions in the Miracle Sheet naturally has a positive charge that connects bacteria like a magnet and prevents growth. This in the process keeps odor away from the beddings.

My Miracle Sheet is always clean, fresh and dirt free with no odor whatsoever, even after long usage, the Miracle Sheet still maintains its cleanliness.


The Miracle Sheet comes in different sizes, colors and fabrics:

The Sizes are in

  • King Sizes
  • Twin Size
  • Full Size
  • Queen Size

Here are size guides:



            For Fitted Sheet (W x L x D) – 39” x 75” x 18”

Flat Sheet (W x L) – 71” x 98”

Pillow Case (W x L) – 20” x 27”


For Fitted Sheet (W x L x D) – 60” x 80” x 18”

Flat Sheet (W x L) – 94” x 102”

Pillow Cases (W x L) – 20” x 27”


For Fitted Sheet (W x L x D) – 54” x 75” x 18”

Flat Sheet (W x L) – 86” x 98”

Pillow Cases (W x L) – 20” x 37”


For Fitted Sheet (W x L x D) – 137cm x 190cm x 46cm

Flat Sheet (W x L) – 129cm x 249cm

Pillow Cases (W x L) – 51cm x 69cm


For Fitted Sheet (W x L x D) – 99cm x 190cm x 46cm

Flat Sheet (W x L) – 180cm x 249cm

Pillow Cases (W x L) – 51cm x 69cm


For Fitted Sheet (W x L x D) – 193cm x 203cm x 46cm

Flat Sheet (W x L) – 284cm x 264cm

Pillow Cases (W x L) – 51cm x 94cm


For Fitted Sheet (W x L x D) – 152cm x 203cm x 46cm

Flat Sheet (W x L) – 239cm x 259cm

Pillow Cases (W x L) – 51cm x 69cm


The Miracle Sheet is very affordable compared to the luxury and its comfort ability it offers. The Miracle Sheet pricing differs according to its various sizes and the different fabrics. 

Now the Miracle Sheet comes in either the Signature fabrics or the Extra Luxe fabrics. 

The Signature Fabrics are made with a percale weave while the Extra Luxe Set is made with a sateen weave and higher thread count. Both of the fabrics have the high-quality Supima cotton and the silver fiber technology infused in the both of them. 

The Miracle Sheet Set Signature costs $159 while the Miracle Sheet Set Extra Luxe costs $209. 

Both sets hold the OEKO TEX Standard 100 certification; this means that they are made without any harmful chemicals.  

The Signature Sheet Set purchase includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and two pillowcases while the Extra Luxe set contains the same items but with 500 thread count sateen sheet set. The Extra Luxe set costs more than the Signature Set. 

Here’s a full run down of the Miracle Sheet Pricing according to their prices:

SignatureExtra Luxe
California King$169$219

Other Beddings:

SignatureExtra Luxe
Pillowcases (x2)
Standard: $49
King: $55
Standard: $59
King: $65     
Duvet Cover (x1)
Not in Signature SetFull/Queen: $209
King/ Cal: $219

COLORS OF THE MIRACLE SHEET ( miracle sheet reviews)

The Signature Sheet Set an the Extra Luxe Set of the Miracle Sheet comes in three different colors. The Miracle Sheet does not have patterned designs. The two different sets of the Miracle Sheet comes in three shades: Stone, Sky Blue and White which can suit the color or theme of any bedroom.  


Where and How Do I Purchase the Miracle Sheet? ( miracle sheets review 2022)

The Miracle Sheets are sold in the company’s official website. You can make payments through any of the payment options enlisted in the website: PayPal, Master card, Visa Card, Debit/Credit cards. These are usually the payment options that can be found in the website to purchase your new Miracle Sheets. The manufacturer’s website is very secured so payment details in the website are always secure.  

 The Miracle Sheet Sets are also available in some physical stores in the United States and also available in international destinations where the Miracle Sheet products are sold. Visit the Miracle Sheet brand official website to find out the store closest to your location. The Signature and the Extra Luxe are also available in the brand’s official website. 

I Ordered Through Their Website, How Do They Ship The Products To Me?

For those in the United States, the Miracle Brand offers free domestic shipping to your address. The Miracle Sheets are shipped through delivery companies like UPS, FedEX or USPS. 

For shipping the Miracle Sheets to international destinations, deliveries are done through the DHL Express delivery, with specified cost of shipping attached. However, Canadian customers pay additional flat fee of $15. Shipments to international destinations differ depending on the exact location.

Most of the Miracle Sheet shipments arrive within 3 to 5 business days after leaving the company warehouse. Also note that delivery time may differ depending on the destination. 


The Miracle Brand offers a limited 5 years money back warranty. The warranty starts on the day of the purchase and applies to the damage that company deems as a qualifying defect. 

However, the Miracle Brand does not replace products that got damaged through normal wear and tear. This means that if the Miracle Sheets or any of their products that you purchase does not meet your expectations, you can change it within 5 years, but this does not apply when the product must have undergone the normal wear and tear.

In addition to this, you can return your Miracle Sheet Sets for a full refund after a 30-night sleep trial. Shoppers are allowed to return their sheets for a full refund within this 30 days after the day of purchase and get their full refund while the Miracle Brand covers shipping fees for all domestic orders.

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In as much as the Miracle Sheet is self-cleaning and can kill microbes on its own, the Miracle Sheet definitely needs washing from time to time, though not as often as the traditional bed sheets. The Miracle Sheet still needs washing and that’s a fact.

There’s definitely no big science to washing the luxurious Sheets, just use water and detergent and you are as good as done. 

But I’ll tell you how I do mine and what not to do while washing the Miracle Sheets; of course you would not want to hear stories or destroy your luxurious Miracle Sheets. 

Here’s my advice, use a detergent, the powdered ones preferably as it takes less time to dissolve in water. Now before washing or soaking it in water especially if you’re using a washing machine, do not soak with other colors that are not similar to the color of your Miracle Sheets. You do not want to discolor your sheets with other colors of fabrics. 

You can also use stain treatment products that are good at removing tough and stubborn stains from fabrics. This may come in powdered or liquid form. You can also improvise with vinegar, acetones or dish soaps; which are really good in removing stubborn stains on fabrics. 

One of the things you should not do with your Miracle Sheet is to leave it in a damp place after washing. It will not only breed bacteria but will it will also generate mildew smell or offensive odor. Use high temperatures to dry the clothes though you may need to check the instructions on the Sheet label. Preferably, dry outside using the natural sun, or the normal standard temperature setting of a dryer should be enough. 

After drying, you can fold the Miracle Sheet and tuck them away in a neat place; a closed drawer should be perfect for storage. Pay attention to the machine setting if you’ll be using a machine to wash the Miracle Sheet and make sure that the machine setting is compatible with the instructions on the Miracle Sheet label or manual.


If you have questions or further enquiries about the Miracle Sheet or any other of their products, you can easily reach out to the manufacturers through their official website. You get a response within a short period of time as their customer care is always active and responsive. 


Now I get this question a lot from my friends when I tell them about the features of the Miracle Sheet. The Miracle Sheet is completely safe. The Miracle Sheet does not contain any solid or toxic chemicals. The feature that the Miracle Sheet has does not make the Sheet harmful in any way. A lot of users have confirmed that there are no hazards that the usage of the Miracle Sheet begets. The Miracle Sheet is actually safe for the skin and good for a sound sleep and rest.


What’s so special about the Miracle Sheet?  Like what’s the deal with the Miracle Sheet? Why can’t I just use a normal traditional Sheet?

I get this question a lot of times, and you can never tell unless you have experienced the Miracle Sheet magic. It’s like how I never knew that good bedding like the Miracle Sheet could actually guarantee a sound sleep and rest. 

Here are the reasons why I will choose the Miracle Sheet over the traditional sheet:  

 The Miracle Sheet guarantees sound sleeping; the Miracle Sheets are soft, cozy and lavishly designed for comfort ability.  It’s just like when I realized that my insomnia could be solved by the right type of bedding after using and sleeping on the Miracle Sheet for the very first time. Now I look forward to resting and my siestas a lot and so do the kids.

Here’s another thing I discovered about the Miracle Sheet that I didn’t get to experience with the normal traditional Sheets I used. I found out that anytime I slept with the Miracle Sheet regardless of the weather or temperature, I was always sleeping soundly without being affected. This is what it turned out to be! The manufacturers of the Miracle Sheet took into consideration of the fact that temperatures really affect the quality of sleep one gets. The Miracle Sheet brand company ensured that the Miracle Sheet regulates ones surrounding temperature, of which a traditional sheet cannot do. The traditional Sheet just causes excessive sweating which makes sleeping unpleasant. 

It’s not every day that you find a sheet that considers of your skin, but the Miracle Sheet does. Now like I’ve been saying all this while, the Miracle Sheet self-cleaning microbe free features kills bacteria in the Miracle Sheet which contributes to having acne on the face and other breakouts on the skin. Thanks to the self-cleaning abilities of the Miracle Sheet, a glowing skin free from bacteria which is mostly gotten from beddings is guaranteed.   

The Miracle Sheet can stay clean for a long time and still be hygienic and clean, but a traditional Sheet cannot keep this feature. With the traditional Sheets comes constant cleaning and worrying about bacteria and all, but the Miracle Sheet takes care of that. The traditional Sheet turns dirty and filthy fast but the Miracle Sheet is self-cleaning with super anti-bacteria properties. 


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miracle sheets review 2022

The Signature Set and Extra Luxe Set are both fabrics of the Miracle Sheet Set. The Miracle Brand manufacture their sheet set in these two types of fabrics. The Signature Set and the Extra Luxe Set both are made using the same Supima cotton which is soft and cozy and also made of the silver material, the difference is in the thread count.

The weave of the Extra Luxe Set differs from the weave on the Signature Set; the Extra Luxe Set has more thread count than the Signature Set. The sateen weave that the Extra Luxe Sheet Set is made of is silkier than the one the Signature Set is made of. 

The Signature Set comprises of a blend of 350 thread count which is able to deliver a comfortable balance of softness and durability. 

However, the price of the two types of the Miracle Sheet Set differs since their qualities are not the same. The Extra Luxe Set costs more than the Signature Set. Now this does not mean that any of them the Signature Set is of a low quality than the other one. The Signature Set and the Extra Luxe Set of the Miracle Sheet both have the same quality and of the does the same work. 

The choice to purchase either the Extra Sheet Set or the Signature Sheet Set highly depends on the type of luxury you want and cost too. The Extra Sheet Set whose thread count is higher than the Signature Set is more expensive. So it depends on what you want and what you can afford, but the both fabrics perform the same function and both are as effective as the other. 

These features difference of the Extra Sheet Set and the Signature Set is both applied to the other products of the Miracle Sheet ranging from their towels, duvets, sheets, pillow cases and the rest.


Official Website:

Contact: 1 88-683-4877 (USA) or 904-640-8231 (International)

Address: Cargo cove fulfillment c/o Miracle Brand 1501 Haines St-Jackosniville, FL 322206.


  • The Miracle Sheet is soft and comfortable and offers the best or premium sleep and rest. With the Miracle Sheet, you are guaranteed of a luxurious sound and long hours of sleep. 
  • The cotton feature of the Miracle Sheet makes it good for the skin and its anti-bacterial feature too ensures that the skin is healthy too thereby reducing the probabilities of having acne or other skin breakouts. 
  • The Luxurious Miracle Sheet is made of home grown Supima cotton which makes it stand out from the traditional bed sheets.
  • The Miracle Sheet is healthy and self-cleaning as it has anti-bacteria features with the help of its silver ion properties. So you don’t only need not to wash often, but you’re also assured of a glowing skin as your skin won’t always encounter germs and other bacteria. 
  • It saves you money, money and time spent on frequent washing like the traditional sheets.
  • There is a 30 days guarantee after purchase of the Miracle Sheet of which you can return and be fully refunded if you don’t like the Sheets.
  • The Miracle Sheet is highly affordable and can give you all the sleep and luxury that you need.


  • You can only purchase the Miracle Sheet from the manufacturers website although it is available I few physical stores but they are very few.
  • Shipping fees are required of which the cost differs from as a result of location. The number of days that the shipping takes also depends on the address or location of the buyer, it may take longer or fewer days. Some people may not be patient enough to wait for shipping days.


The Miracle Sheet has 70% five star rating, 15% four star rating and 4% one star rating on Amazon. Here are what some of them are saying:

Andrea M.Wake Forest, NC (Verified Buyer)

“LOVE! Best sheets ever. So luxurious. So soft. I was skeptical but they do what they say. 1 month in and still no odors.”

 Isa A.Denver, CO (Verified Buyer)

“So far, I am very happy with the Miracle sheets! It’s true, they don’t smell, and it’s true, I don’t have bed smell. I have long believed in silver for combating bacteria, and think the sheets are a perfect idea. They are cool to sleep on and feel soft and “silky”. I’m very pleased I purchased the Sateen Luxe sheets.”

 David G.New York, NY (Verified Buyer)

“I can’t get over these sheets. My morning stuffiness and allergy is gone.”

 Shari B.Derby, NY (Verified Buyer)

“Love my new miracle sheets. They do not slip off like my old sheets did. They are comfy and help keep you cool all night.”

 Matthew P.Phoenix, AZ (Verified Buyer) “My back and shoulder acne has gotten significantly better since using these sheets.”

 Andrea A.Dallas, TX ( Verified Buyer) 

“Well first of all I would like to say thank you I absolutely love my sheets you’re so comfortable soft and cool it keeps me cool at night I love them.”

FINAL VERDICT: Miracle sheet review 

Miracle sheets review 2022.jpeg
Miracle sheets review

The Miracle Sheet is one of the best investments I have made for my health, skin and family. Now I get to sleep in luxurious sheets as long as I want and be very comfortable. I don’t have to bother about the kids sleeping well or having to remind them to take their nap, they are definitely loving the Miracle Sheets. 

We have gone far as purchasing the other Miracle Brand products such as the bath towels, wash towels, duvets and the rest. We are really enjoying the Miracle Brand products. My skin is glowing and healthy. I get to sleep long and as soon as I sleep on the bed sheets. 

If you’ll love to experience such luxury and sleep comfortably, the Miracle Sheet is definitely what you’ll love to have and use. 

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