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Inductivv Headphone Reviews 2023: Does Inductivv Bone Conduction Headphones Work Or Scam?

Inductivv Headphone Reviews 2023: Does Inductivv Bone Conduction Headphones Work Or Scam?


Inductivv Headphone Reviews 2023 – Studies have shown that humans recently do a lot of listening in their day to day activities. These activities involve normal verbal communication with one another, listening to music, documentaries and so much more. Most of the time, due to background noise and alterations we tend to use our earphones in making and receiving our phone calls, and listening or watching our favourite shows. So the need for headphones becomes evidently relevant for easier convenience. 

We have carried out our research on the numerous headphones in the market today and we have found one that seems to be durable and efficient in function over the normal earphones. The Inductivv headphone review is rated over 4.8 out of 5 stars from a lot of users who have tested this product as it comes with this luxury look and in different quality designs.

Inductivv headphone review

Before the invention of headphones, earphones have always been the major source of sound output that’s plugged into the phone’s port transmitting sound to the ear drums. This has always been the usual norm and everyone has gotten used to jamming sounds from these earphones but it’s disadvantages seem to be quite disastrous. 

Statistics have shown that with the constant sound that goes directly into the eardrums from these earphones, more than 60% of people are most likely to come down with varying degrees of ear problems in the future. This doesn’t sound so nice but as such, most people can’t do without not having sounds jam in their ears and this put me and you at very much greater risk. We stuff things into our ears for hours in a bid to enjoy the serenity that comes with maybe the music but we end up interfering with our own hearing afterwards.

However, with the invention of technology comes a little bit of comfort and we are able to upgrade from the earphones to the headphones which are becoming rampant now. The outcome of these cases developed by earphones have been reduced to a minimum but there’s still a hunt for the best headphones that would be more suitable as there are many of them in the market today.


Why are headphones rated more over earphones? 

Inductivv Headphone Reviews 2023.jpeg
Inductivv Headphone Reviews 2023
Inductivv Headphone Reviews 2023

Earphones devices usually come along with their wires so you can connect from your phone’s earpiece outlet to your eardrum. Those wires are capable of getting tangled and this creates some level of inconvenience while using it. Moreover, most of the recent devices in use now do not support earphone wire connection but operates wirelessly through a Bluetooth device and this is a major setback to these earphones.  With today’s wireless technology process, most gadgets operate with an inbuilt Bluetooth device and this device just helps you to connect swiftly to other devices and you are free from wire tangling of earphones.

Are you still wondering why headphones are becoming a thing and causing a big buzz everywhere? Different headphones come along in their unique and comfy designs and has taken over from the earbuds. These headphones sit pretty under your ear or a little above it, with this you have gotten over jamming loud music directly inside your ear canal and getting lost with what’s happening around you. Headphones still make it possible for you to listen to your documentaries and still fully aware and responsive whenever someone calls you.

Some of these headphones have been found to be quite deficient in some aspects but we have researched on so many and have found one which seems to have all that you would desire in a headphone, that’s the Inductivv Bone Conduction headphones.

“Bone conduction” is what Inductivv greater than any other headphone as it uses it to bring whatever you are listening to in your mind while it sits below your ear. You don’t need to place anything in your ears again as there’s easy conduction of sound to the inner ear from the bones of the skull allowing the hearer to perceive audio content without blocking the ear canal. Isn’t that fascinating!

You definitely want to know how much more Inductivv headphones work and their amazing features and benefits. Then read through this review to catch all the gist about trending headphones in the United States, United Kingdom and a host of other countries.

What is the Inductivv headphone all about?

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Inductivv Headphone Reviews 2023

Inductivv Headphones are the latest bone conduction headphones designed to limit the shortcomings of regular wireless earphones. These headphones are wireless and connected to the phone through a Bluetooth device. It uses this Bluetooth technology to synchronize with other devices to make listening to audio privately smarter and more convenient without having to interfere directly into your eardrums. This offers you even better sound quality listening and with a sleek design and better convenience.

Several things limit the earbuds and earphones functionality. Tangling of the wires and poor sounds from low quality earphones, all these makes headphones much more ideal for you. Untangling wires comes with a lot of frustration and inconvenience. The wires could easily hook onto something and get damaged. It could easily slip off your ears too and all these can just be annoying. You can also lose your earphones easily unlike the headphones which come in very handy.

Furthermore, Inductivv headphones stands out from other conventional headphones in that it effectively covers all the flaws that had limited earphones and earbuds but also easily adapted to the other unique features of those buds. Inductivv has a purer sound effect that are discreetly clear to the ear together with its comfy and sleek design which makes it everyone’s favourite. 

Another interesting thing to note is that it performs all these things for just a very minimal price. Most people still find it hard to believe that Inductivv headphones are affordable considering how good it is but numerous reviews of this product have attested to the credibility of Inductivv headphones. 

However, Inductivv headphones just like every other headphone have a unique charging port that offers you the opportunity to charge it up whenever it is down no matter where you are. These Bluetooth compatible wireless earphones can be connected to any kind of smart device, both android and iPhones, even tablets too using the Bluetooth connectivity. 

Moreover, Inductivv headphones are quite lightweight and flexible in use offering you a better comfort and stability to ensure that you are on with it while doing your routine workouts or any other activities. Almost all Inductivv products are selling off at a very fast rate and it’s becoming much more popular. Most persons have done away with their long-wired “annoying” earphones and moved over to the brighter side of using Inductivv headphones as a result of its unique qualities and features. With Inductivv, all the downsides of the conventional earphones have been evaded.

You can also try to get yours by just visiting the official website to make a purchase for your loved one or friends too as you can get this product without breaking the bank.



Inductivv Bone Conduction headphones specifications (Inductivv headphone review)

With the ever-increasing demand for Inductivv headphones all over places like Canada and the US, the manufacturers strive to develop more and upgrade the quality of this product.

  • It uses an advanced Bluetooth version 5.1
  • Charging case: 

            – Input DC 5V 300mA 

            – Output DC 5V 100mA

  • Headphone: Input DC 3.7V 40mA
  • A USB rechargeable battery
  • It is both IOS and Android, PC Compatible.
  • Comes in Black with smoke black transparent cover on charging case
  • Sweat and splash resistant to avoid damage from water
  • TWS Dual stereo wireless, Dual microphone call
  • Auto-pairing after initial connection
  • Battery capacity: 40 mAh
  • Full charge time: About 1 hour
  • Play time: 4.5 hours

What makes the Bone conduction Inductivv headphones special over other headphones?


Sleek Design 

Some people are always after looks. How is the headphone shaped? Does it have a glittering design? Inductivv headphones have a very comfortable anchor that holds the back of your ear and the headphone is semicircle shaped with appendages that bear the duet conducting pad being placed on top of the cheekbones and sends vibrations to the ear.

Water resistant

With Inductivv headphones, you are scared that you are now in the rainy period as it comes with IP55 water-resistant protection. So there’s no fear of it getting damaged as the headphone is also good for swimmers.

Long-lasting battery life

You have up to a duration of 6 hours of use before you require a charge up. Surprisingly, it takes just 1 hour to charge up this headphone that has a standby time of almost 2,000 hours. That’s a huge one! This is because of the battery capacity of the device. Choose Inductivv, to last as long as you have always desired while playing your favourite music.

What are the packages that come with Inductivv headphones?

– Inductivv headphone

– 1x Micro USB to USB-A charging cable

– User’s manual

Benefits of Inductivv headphones over other headphones.


Spectacular sound quality

Earphones suffered greatly from poor sound quality as it didn’t matter how sleek the earphone looked cause once it’s not producing sweet sound, the idea for the headphone is defeated. Inductivv produces very audible and clear sounds having dual microphones that gives the highest quality of filtered sound allowing its user to enjoy the best quality of whatever audio file that is been listened to.

Comfortable for all

Inductivv headphones are covered in silicon at all areas where it has a direct contact to your skin making it feel soft so you don’t feel any sort of pain when you have it on for a long time.

Where can you buy these Inductivv headphones from?

It is normally advisable to buy products like this from the manufacturer’s official website to avoid falling for the substandard ones at other sites which may be fake. You would equally gain the return policy right and discounts when you go through this official site.

Inductivv Headphone Pricing

Currently, Inductivv is going for an almost 50% discount on their website that is automatically applied on checkout.

1 Inductivv Headphone is now @ $59.99.

2 Inductivv Headphone @ $53.99 each

3 Inductivv Headphone @ $47.99each

4 Inductivv Headphone @ $41.99 each.

It’s advised you take advantage of this offer now that this product is on a discount as it could go back to normal due to the ever-increasing demand.

What you would love about Inductivv headphones

Inductivv offers a lot of incredible and cutting-edge features which makes it stand out from all other brands. These are what we love about Inductivv headphones;

– It is an easy and simple gadget to use

– Has a unique listening experience.

– It is very much affordable.

– Offers a 30-day money back guarantee on your purchase in case you want to apply for a refund.

– Sleek and comfy design.

– Operates wirelessly 

Offers up to a 50% discount.

– It’s comfortable for all day wear.

– Gives a crystal clear and precise audio sound.

What I don’t really like about Inductivv headphones

– These headphones can only be purchased online and from the manufacturer’s official website.

– Product is quite limited in stock sometimes due to its high demand.

The Bone Conduction technology (Inductivv headphone review)

Some people think of the Inductivv technology as a mere facade but to those who have really tested this device can attest greatly to its functionality. The Inductivv Headphones has an open ear design which offers a more comfortable fit and great sounds. You don’t need to put things into your ears every again although most people don’t have the knowledge of the downsides to jamming intensive loud music always and are now miss the sensation of having something stuck up inside their ear canals.

Who can make use of the Inductivv Headphones

Inductivv Headphones are designed for everybody unless individuals who are unfortunately disabled may have missing ears. But generally, athletes, joggers would enjoy this headphone as it is most convenient to listen to music with it while they train. It also makes them aware of their surroundings, even when they are completely isolated from them. Swimmers too can use this gadget as it is waterproof resistant and will allow them to have much fun.

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Return Policy (Inductivv headphone review)

if you are not completely satisfied with your inductivv- the company offers you a 30 days guarantee

Company Address:

Information about Suppliers

Company Address: 377 Valley Rd #1123, Clifton, NJ 07013


Phone: (United States and Canada): 833 708 9730.

FAQs (Inductivv headphone review)

How do you use Inductivv headphones?

Just like your earbuds, Inductivv is a very easy device to use. Just set up your Bluetooth device on your phone and connect it to the headphone. It is simply placed on the bone above your ear instead of inside your ear.

What distinguishes Inductivv headphones from other brands?

Having looked at the amazing features and benefits of this device, you can tell that no other brand comes close in giving you all these qualities at such a customer friendly price. Inductivv is very affordable.

Is Inductivv incompatible with any phone devices?

No, rather Inductivv is compatible with both your tablet, android and iOS devices.

Can Inductivv  Headphone be used with an iPhone?

Yes, these can be used with virtually any bluetooth compatible device

How does Bone Induction Tech work?

Bone Induction Technology: Now enjoy hours of music without damaging your earbuds. It features bone induction technology that creates vibrations to transmit sound through the bones of your face (jawlines and cheekbones) directly to the inner ear. The wrap-around-design makes it extremely lightweight, flexible and provides custom and secure fit.

Can I wear Inductivv Headphone with glasses?

Work with Glasses: Easy to wear when you are wearing glasses. Getting high-quality wireless headphones with great sound and a built-in microphone is a dream come true for any person who wears eyeglasses.

Can I wear Inductivv  Headphone while working out?

Unmatched Comfort and Stability: The ergonomic design provides ultimate comfort and makes sure that it stays put, no matter what. Whether you are doing an intense workout, hiking, running, climbing, skating, driving or more and USB powered which makes it perfect for every situation. Inductivv Headphone Reviews 2022

Is Inductivv  Headphone bluetooth compatible?

Bluetooth 5.0 Connection: Enjoy the hands-free experience. With up to 10m of range, you will never have to reach your device again and again. It effortlessly connects with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth enabled devices in no time.

Does Inductivv  Headphone have noise reduction technology?

Crystal Clear Calls: Never let any disturbance come into your way again. With advanced noise reduction microphone, it optimizes your call and reduces the background noise.

Can you pair multiple devices simultaneously with Inductivv Headphone?

Yes you can. You will have to re-discover which device you wish to use if all of your paired devices are on and within Bluetooth range, but it will keep it in memory.

Do these one size fits all?

Yes, because it wraps around your neck more than your head. These will loop your ear and ride on the nape of your neck making them a comfortable fit for almost anyone. DISCOUNT PRICE TODAY! -45% OFF


Conclusion – Inductivv Headphone Reviews 

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Inductivv Headphone Reviews 2023

We consider Inductivv the best headphone you can find in the market today. We are convinced because of its amazing features and qualities which has already been outlined. You don’t have to worry about developing an auditory impairment because of high musical sound entering your eardrum. Inductivv is very safe and moreover one of the cheapest you can find anywhere. You should place an order from the official website to purchase yours immediately.

Inductivv Bone Conduction headphones Review

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