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ExtendTecc WiFi Extender Reviews:

A reliable and strong internet connection is a necessity in today’s world. You can not overestimate the importance of a good WiFi connection, especially when watching a video, playing games, or scrolling through social media.  Having to wait while the video loads or uploads even spending a long time uploading a picture can be very tiring.  Sometimes, even getting a good WiFi connection in all parts of the house can be very difficult. There are some zones in the house often tagged “dead zones’ ‘ and are characterised by little to no internet connection. This is why a good WiFi Extender or Repeater is needed. There are different kinds of WiFi Extenders in the market today, but choosing the best is important to ensure that all dead zones are eliminated. There are some WiFi Extenders that do not have a far-reaching connection and this does not eliminate all dead zones. This can be hard to endure, especially in a case when it is urgent. It is sacrosanct to choose an extender that is easy to install and covers a larger area. 

ExtendTecc WiFi Extender is a wifi repeater that provides a more rapid and strong internet connection for users by boosting the signal. This product aims to improve the internet connection of users by expanding its reach, thereby eliminating any dead zone in your home or office. This extender is a simple-to-use device, easy to install and boosts the signal speed to 300Mbps to allow all family members, regardless of their location in the house, to use the internet connection without any issues. The connection from the ExtendTecc WiFi Extender is so strong that you can receive signals from even outside your home. One very fascinating feature of this device is that even if there are bulk of users connected to the device at a go, the internet connection does slow down nor does the quality of videos drop. It provides a stable connection to every part of the house, eliminating dead zones and improving internet connection for users. 

ExtendTecc Wifi Extender

ExtendTecc Wifi Extender Reviews
ExtendTecc WiFi Extender Reviews

ExtendTecc WiFi Extender is power-packed with excellent features that make it a durable yet affordable choice for families and offices. First off, the device is very compatible, it supports connection with older and newer models of devices as well as other standard routers. It can also be used to extend the Wifi range of your phone’s hotspot. Additionally, using the ExtendTecc WiFi Extender involves a seamless process.

This device created by tech entrepreneurs seeks to provide a cutting edge easy-to-use technology while also allowing for easy set-up and use. Users do not need to acquire any form of technical knowledge to make use of the device nor do they need to employ the services of an expert. This device is set to solve all of your internet problems while also cutting costs and improving money saving. 

Features of the ExtendTecc WiFi Extender 

Simple Design – The ExtendTecc WiFi Extender has a very portable and lightweight design that makes it easy to carry around. On the front part of the device, there are four indicators for power, SYS, extender, and Wifi; on the back of the device are the plug-ins for the external power source; on its sides are air vents and antennas. The simple and sleek design of the Extender allows it to be easily placed in almost any location. 

Good speed and Powerful Range – This ExtendTecc WiFi Extender provides high speed and a powerful range of connectivity for users. The location of where the device is installed and plugged in would determine the reach and accessibility of the WiFi. For example, if the router is installed in the parlour, the bar signal would be as high as five within the area, while a four-bar signal would be received on the adjacent floor. However, the signal may not be very powerful outside the house but it provides an internet connection strong enough for use. The device automatically helps to improve your connectivity after being switched on, eliminating all kinds of dead zones. You can improve signal strength and connection. The connection provided by this device passes through concrete walls

Works directly in a socket – The device is very easy to install and use. There are no difficult processes involved in setting up the repeater. All you need to do is to plug the device into a wall socket and turn it on the device. 

Multi Connectivity – There is no limit to the number of persons that can connect to this device at a go. All family members and even friends can connect to this repeater and still experience high internet speed and powerful signal. The signal can also reach the outdoor areas of your home and supports a high level of internet connectivity. This is a huge bonus as all people can stay connected at the same time and share experiences as well. 

Limitless Connections – The ExtendTecc WiFi Extender supports the connection of an unlimited number of users at a go without reducing the quality and strength of the connection. The connection of the extender is so powerful and thus eliminates all dead zones within and outside the house. The extender provides a full range of connections regardless of the activities carried out by users simultaneously. The device also supports connection on all kinds of devices such as mobile phones, tabs, iPad, laptops, and other computer devices. 

High Connectivity – One outstanding advantage of this device is that it supports connection with older devices, or better still the device can connect to any device as long as the device uses a wifi connection. This feature of the extender means that regardless of the kind of TV, phone, laptop, or computer you use, you can easily establish a connection with this device. 

WiFi Signal Indicator and 3D Antennas – The WiFi signal Indicator tells the user the strength of the connection and how to establish a better connection with the extender. The device also has 3D internal antennas that help to boost the WiFi signal by up to five times. Boosting the signal of the extender is important to build better connectivity among users. This antenna is unlike the flat PCB antennas used for other kinds of devices that are usually characterised by a weak and slow connection. 

Wireless Connection – This WiFi extender does not employ the use of wires or cords in boosting internet connection and signals. 


How To Use the ExtendTecc WiFi Extender

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ExtendTecc WiFi Extender Reviews

The device is very easy to install and use. All you need is the ExtendTecc WiFi Extender, a wifi router, and a mobile device. There are no hard and fast rules to using this device. The extender boosts your wifi signal, thereby increasing connectivity. It extends the range of your existing WiFi signal to ensure that all your internet connectivity problems are solved. 

Follow these steps to set up the ExtendTecc WiFi Extender a

  • Unbox the package delivered to you 
  • Extend the 3D internal antennas to the upward position. 
  • Use the information at the back of the extender; that is the last four digits of the MAC address and the SSID
  • Then plug the extender into an electrical outlet 
  • You can decide to place the extender in the same room as your router to increase signal and connectivity
  • After plugging in the extender, wait for the LED lights on “SYS” “WIFI” AND “Power” to turn on. 
  • Proceed to set up the network from your phone or computer 
  • Connect your router to the extender. To do this; press the WPS button on the extender and the wifi router

For computer setup;

  • Use the Last four digits of the MAC address and the SSID to connect to the extender’s signal. 
  • Open the web browser and type in ”″ and press enter it return
  • Enter “admin” as the username and enter the password. 
  • After scanning, select your existing WiFi network or router to be extended
  • Enter your name and password for the router and click on Next. 
  • On the next tab, you can decide to change the name and password or leave it as it is. 
  • Click on Next and press “Start Connect” 
  • The light on the platform extender would start blinking. Wait till it turns to a solid green colour. This shows that a strong connection has been established. 
  • Once all light on the extender turns green, a strong connection has been established. The orientation to connect your devices to the WiFi network. 
  • A solid green colour will pop up in the WPS LED when a strong connection has been established. However, if the connection is not strong, the WPS would show a red colour. Ensure you have a strong connection for seamless internet use. 
  • On your device, connect it to the WiFi extender by inputting the name and password on your device. 

For Phone Set-up;

  • Turn on your WiFi and select the WiFi network ” Wifi-0D88″
  • Input “ and press “ok”
  • Input the login password of the repeater 
  • After scanning, select the main router to be extended and input the password. Press “start to connect”
  • Then connect to the wifi extender from the list of wifi networks. 
  • You can enjoy more powerful internet connectivity with this extender. 

To troubleshoot the device;

  •  Simply use a paper clip or pin to reset the device. 
  • To do this, use the pin to press the reset button at the bottom of the extender. Do this until the lights begin flashing
  • Then you can restart the setup process. 

For a better connection ensure that;

  • The location of the router and wifi extender should be sufficiently close to boost connectivity. 
  • The power LED would light on; a green colour would show if the connection is strong or red if the connection is weak. If the connection is weak, plug the extent closer to the router. Choose an optimal location by using the bar signal on the extender to check if there’s high connectivity. 
  • Once an optimal location has been established with the router, You can now connect your device to the extender. 
  • Then check the Client Link LED to determine if there’s a strong connection with your device. If green or solid amber or green, a strong connection has been established. If not, move your device closer to the extender. 

ExtendTecc WiFi Extender Official Website

Benefits of Using the ExtendTecc WiFi Extender 

Rapid Speed improvement

The ExtendTecc WiFi Extender provides a maximum connection for users at home. It increases internet speed within the area where it is stationary as well as its environs. The speed provided by this device ranges from 300-359 Mbps throughout the entire home while also providing a speed of up to 300 Mbps outside the home. 

Supports Speedy Browsing and Email Delivery

When using the ExtendTecc WiFi Extender you can load web pages easily, download them easily, watch videos and carry out other browsing activities. You can easily send emails with this extender and receive emails easily too in a matter of seconds. This extender allows you to stream videos, shows, and movies without any interruptions from any part of the house. You can also watch other TV services in your living room and bedroom. ExtendTecc Wifi Extender Reviews

Gaming Services

Playing games online requires a higher amount of bandwidth and can be difficult for these kinds of extenders. This is an easy task for the ExtendTecc WiFi Extender. With this extender, lag is eliminated and you can play all kinds of games with this extender in any room of the house. 

Video and Voice Calls

The rapid and powerful internet connection provided by this repeater supports high-quality video and voice calls. The device supports high-quality video and voice calls without any dropouts regardless of the location of the callers. You can connect on video and voice calls with persons in different states and countries without any disruptions. Also, lags are eliminated with this extender. 

Social Media Connectivity

The ExtendTecc WiFi Extender allows you to connect with family and friends on all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and the likes. Video buffering, long-loading times, weak signal and weary connections are easily avoided with this repeater. You can chat better, makes posts faster, and view photos and videos of other easily and fast with this device. You can also stream your favourite movies, posts, and other videos on the platform without the fear of losing your internet connection or even a weak internet connection. 

Zero Dropouts

With this repeater, all forms of dropouts are eliminated are users can enjoy strong internet connection within their rooms and even in the outdoor area. Additionally, all dead zones are removed as the repeater is strong enough to provide a reliable data connection to users. 

Unmatched Customer Support

ExtendTecc ensures that all of its customers are satisfied and all hitches are resolved immediately. That is why it provides 24-hour support to all of its customers. Not all companies can provide this support but ExtendTecc provides a round-the-clock availability of its Services to customers. 

Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can always contact the customer care line and state your complaint. A full refund is available for all complaints made within 30 days of making the order. Refunds are only applicable to all orders made on the website. 


The ExtendTecc WiFi Extender solves all of one’s internet problems and still comes at an amazing price. The device supports connection to a different parts of the home and even in the outdoor area and is also portable. Asides from being affordable, the product equally cones at a discount. When purchased from the official website of the company, users can get access to a 50 per cent discount

Money saving 

One very important benefit of using ExtendTecc is that it saves you a whole lot of money. This repeater was developed with the sole purpose of reducing the cost internet companies charge customers for their services. Asides from being affordable, the device provides extended coverage and prevents you from paying high internet bills. Rather than purchasing the most expensive WiFi service to boost your connection, the ExtendTecc extender provides this for you. Hence, you can decide to purchase even the basic internet package and save the extra cost while also gaining far-reaching connectivity. The ExtendTecc extender is a one-time payment that provides you a lifetime of increased internet connectivity. This is a better money-saving technique than having to purchase higher internet services regularly. 

Easy to Set Up 

It is quite easy to set up the ExtendTecc WiFi Extender. All you have to do is to unbox the device, plug the extender into a wall and connect your device to the extender and enjoy the high connectivity that this device brings. You can decide to purchase more ExtendTecc extenders to boost connection in and around the house. 

Where to Purchase the ExtendTecc WiFi Extender 

The ExtendTecc WiFi Extender can be purchased from the official website of the company. The website currently offers discount rates on the sale of the product. A 50 per cent discount applies to a single purchase of the device, while discounts vary on the other number of products purchased. 

Interested customers must purchase the product from the official website to avoid purchasing a substandard or different extender. 

  • One ExtendTecc WiFi Repeater costs $49.95 per extender 
  • Two ExtendTecc WiFi Repeaters cost $47.45 per extender, a total of $94.91
  • Three ExtendTecc WiFi Repeaters cost $44.96 per extender, a total of $134.87 (Best Seller Package)
  • Four ExtendTecc WiFi Repeaters cost $42.46 per extender, a total of $169.83
  • Five ExtendTecc WiFi Repeaters cost $39.96 per extender, a total of $199.80


After selecting the number of products you intend to purchase, proceed to fill in your shipping details. Shipping is available to buyers in the United States of America and Canada. 

You can also include a warranty for your products, a warranty for one extender cost $9.99.  The warranty lasts up to three years. 

Shipping costs tajes approximately 3 to 5 business days and costs $9.95

A 30-day warranty for refunds and returns applies to all purchases made on the platform. You can also access the round-the-clock customer service available on the platform. 

Frequently asked Questions on the ExtendTecc WiFi Extender

Why is the LED light on the device showing orange and not green? 

This is because there is a weak connection from the router. To resolve this, establish a closer connection between the router and the extender 

The lights on the ExtendTecc WiFi Extender are blinking but not showing a steady green colour

This is because your password contains special characters, simply remove all special characters and try again. If the problem persists, try resetting the Extender. 

Is it normal for the extender to disconnect at intervals?

No. Always ensure that the router, extender, and device are within close range. This would prevent disconnection. You can also remove the obstruction to enhance connection.

How long does connection to the device take?

Connection is quick and easy. It takes approximately 3 minutes to set up the extender and connect it to your device. 

Can more than one extender be used in a house?

Yes. Using more than one extender boosts your range and signal. You can decide to purchase 2 or more extenders to boost your internet connection from any distance. 

Can the device be moved once it is set up?

Yes. You can easily move the device to any location of your choice once the set-up has been done. The device adopts a cordless and wireless operation that makes it easy for you to move it around. You can also travel with the extender due to its portability. 

Conclusion – Extendtecc Wifi  Extender Reviews 

The ExtendTecc WiFi Extender is a must-have in every home. The device boosts internet connectivity and signals around the area where it is set up. Simply make an order for the product on the official website of the company and follow the set-up process and enjoy a speedy internet connection. You can use this extender on all types of wifi enabled devices to carry out different activities such as watching videos, gaming, video and audio calls, streaming services, and so on. 

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