Mountain Hound Bungee Leash Reviews

Mountain Hound Bungee Leash Reviews: Customers Report!!

The Mountain Hound Bungee leash reviews is rated over 8.5 out of 10 stars for its use, benefits and quality in keeping our pets safe and close by to us always. 

The company, Mountain Hound, the creator of this Bungee leash, has proved to deliver high-quality products always and this Leash is no exception.

Pets, including dogs most especially, have proven to be very beneficial to man by the security services that they offer.

 Apparently, it might seems unfair that you just purchase them and leave them to work without adequately protecting and taking care of them. Just as you take for your own self, taking care of a dog has to be a major responsibility to you too as the dependence you have on it or any other pet is more or less equivalent to that which the pet has on you, the owner. 

The Trending Bungee Leash: Mountain Hound Bungee Leash Reviews

Mountain Hound Bungee Leash Reviews

I cannot overemphasize how important it is to provide for our dogs the basic requirements for survival and well-being — food, shelter and water.

Now I’ve said this, it is important to note that in as much as we see these pets (dogs) mostly as a protection aid to us, we should realize that to properly take care of any dog, there should also be given some amount of freedom and free space to walk around but definitely not outside your reach. 

In a bid to ensure this, you would need to get a suitable equipment that would make this possible.

Leashes happen to be one of the easiest ways that these dogs get to be close to the owners always especially during evening walkouts and stroll.

But now you may ask, given the overwhelming number of leashes on the market, “which is the original one?”

Another thing you have to consider is cost. Some of them in the market serve almost the same function but the unique features differ.

Now you don’t have to break your head over a dog leash.  Mountain Hound Bungee Leash is so distinctly different from other leashes and this would be widely exposed in the course of this review.

What is Mountain Hound Bungee Leash?

Mountain Hound Bungee leash is a modernized and equipped dog leash that makes hanging out with your pets during evening walkouts easier and safer with the dog being close to you.

The Bungee leash is designed in such a way that it’s able to absorb shock. The Leash is made from high-quality materials which give it the long-lasting durability it has. This leash also comes with a seatbelt clip for safe and secure car rides.

Some dogs are quite aggressive or rather bigger to handle and as such you would definitely require the Bungee Leash to be able to work these dogs out normally. While others use the Mountain Hound Bungee Leash for a comfortable dog walking experience with any dog.

There’s the Non-stop Dogwear Touring Bungee adjustable leash that is built to always hang on the dogs body especially on the neck but can be adjusted to a particular fitting so the dog doesn’t feel so much discomfort.

This versatile leash will fulfill most needs whether it’s a city walk or a hiking experience up the hills.

The adjustable Bungee leash has been built in a way to handle any situation that might fall out while walking with your dog.

It has a static handle that sits directly next to the carabiner, and gives total control in traffic or when encountering others. A short bungee helps soften your dog’s movements and provides comfort for you both without sacrificing contact. Finally, you have the adjustable Aluminium buckle at the leash that makes it easy to fit around your waist for hands-free walking, or your hand by tightening the loop. 

This technique would even help you tie your dog at any area when you are busy with something and wouldn’t have your mind on it.

Furthermore, the leash also comes with quality details such as 3M reflective materials, a neoprene in the handle, and a Twistlock carabiner, which prevents the dog from getting loose.

Interesting Benefits of using the Mountain Hound Bungee Leash

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From the foregoing, you can already see the benefits of having this pet accessory. Now I’ll tell you precisely why you shouldn’t look for a bungee leash elsewhere.

  1. Comfortable experience walking with your dog

Whether your dog is the aggressive kind or not, it’s way easier to have control over it especially when walking. 

Your dog won’t naturally move at same pace with you so you have to regularly adjust your steps. Having the Mountain Hound Bungee Leash makes the job easier. Simply fasten the bungee on the dog and gently pull along.

  1. Safe for everyone:

 The Mountain Hound Bungee Leash places all persons at the same level of comfort. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a senior or maybe you’re walking a dog that’s close to your weight. Mountain Hound Bungee Leash provides a pleasant experience. 

The Bungee Leash is highly secure, reducing the risk of breakage. It is also completely safe for dogs, allowing the dog to feel completely comfortable with whatever speed they walk.

  1. Multiple colour choices

If you’re a fan of colors, there’s good news for you. Your don’t have to go out of fashion just because you’re on a walk with your dog in a bungee leash. No. The Mountain Hound Bungee Leash comes in two color combinations that will suit your clothing: You can buy the Mountain Hound Bungee Leash in one of two trendy colors: black or grey.

  1. Lasts longer than regular leashes: 

Mountain Hound Bungee Leash is a high quality product with impressive durability and here’s why. It is built with triple-stitched for superior toughness, making it ideal for handling all types of dogs and environments without breaking down.

  1. Suitable for All Types of Dogs:

 The Mountain Hound Bungee Leash is ideal for all types and sizes of dogs – including small, medium, and large dogs. It’s strong enough for the largest breeds of dogs, but it’s ideal for all dogs.

  1. Affordable: 

The Mountain Hound Bungee Leash is the latest innovation from Mountain Hound, a US company with offices in Utah and Arizona. This is one of the most affordable options for you on the market. Moreover, the product is sold at 50% discount if you buy from the official website.

What are the Features of Mountain Hound Bungee Leash?

DSC 6715 jpg
  • Adaptable to pull: The Bungee Leash is perfect for dogs that pull. This is not to say you cannot use it on other dogs. If your dog gets super excited for a walk, you may need to ensure the bungee leash is well fitted to pull it out of danger.
  • Leash Clip: For you to enjoy the hands-free benefits of the Mountain Hound Bungee Leash, you have to pair it up with the funny pack from the same manufacturer. The fanny pack can hold dog treats and other gear while you walk, and the Mountain Hound Bungee Leash has an included clip designed specifically to connect to the fanny pack.
  • Adjustable Length:  Unlike regular bungee leashes that come like rigid ropes that can snap on moderate pull, the Mountain Hound Bungee Leash has an adjustable length between 4.5 and 5.5 feet. This keeps both the dog and dog owner comfortable as they take a walk.
  • Bungee Leash Handle: The Mountain Hound Bungee Leash has a special handle lined with neoprene for superior comfort. Instead of cutting into your hand when your dog pulls, the handle gently pushes against it.
  • High-quality Material with shock absorber properties: There is a small length of bungee material that stretches when pressured. This gives your dog balance because as the dog pulls, the bungee gives way slightly while still pulling pressure against the dog. The longer the bungee stretches, the more it pulls back on the dog.
  • Save Your Arms & Shoulders: Even a well-behaving dog can take off. Maybe there are nearby fireworks. Maybe there’s a rabbit or squirrel. When a dog takes off, it causes the ordinary leash to go tight immediately, which can hurt your arm and shoulder. With the Mountain Hound Bungee Leash, the bungee pulls back against the dog without suddenly snapping tightly, allowing you to enjoy a safer walking experience easier on your joints.
  • Traffic Handle: All Mountain Hound Bungee Leashes come with an included traffic handle. This traffic handle is closer to the connection with the dog’s collar, allowing you to more tightly control the dog when crossing a roadway or in a crowded place.
  • Locking Swivel Carabiner for a Secure Connection: Each Mountain Hound Bungee Leash has a locking, secure carabiner at the connection point. You attach the carabiner to the dog’s collar, and it stays attached as long as you need it.
  • Comfortable design: The Bungee leash is designed to absorb shock while still pulling back against the dog. This is a way better alternative than using choke chains or other devices to control the dog. Allow your dog safety control; you can achieve this with the Mountain Hound Bungee Leash’s non-choking design feature. 

How does the Mountain Hound Bungee Leash work?

The most innovative and interesting thing about the Mountain Hound Bungee Leash is its shock absorbing material feature. 

Unlike other standard dog leashes which has a fixed length, Mountain Hound Bungee Leash absorbs shocks, allowing you to walk even difficult dogs hands-free. 

It doesn’t limit movement to any part and this could come in handy in a case when the dogs might pull, the leash would help absorb some of the shock while it pulls back against the dog. The Bungee Leash basically gives your dog a better walking experience and full control over it by you.

Is it to be trusted? Mountain Hound Bungee Leash

Mountain Hound Bungee Leash is the product of a reputable US-based company that has produced many quality pet accessories. The bungee leash has been purchased by several thousand dog and pet owners.

Reviews suggest that these users are mostly happy with the product. Little wonder the customer rating is over 8.5 on a scale of 1-10.

You can purchase the Mountain Hound Bungee Leash from the official website to get a discount offer.

Pros: Mountain Hound Bungee Leash

  • Shock absorber leash
  • High-quality Material
  • Hands-free walking
  • Traffic handle
  • Adjustable Length (4.5-5.5 ft)
  • Discount offer
  • Neoprene-lined handle

Cons: Mountain Hound Bungee Leash

Available only on the official website

Not always available in stock


LOTS OF ROOM FOR MY STUFF  “I love it! I have a service dog, and this makes trips to the store SO MUCH BETTER. Holds my wallet, keys, etc plus makes the leash hands free! Plus customer service was absolutely fantastic. Couldn’t ask for better!” Francesca F. | Miami, FL

PAMPER YOUR POOCH “I’m borderline jealous of my pet, I don’t think I have quality items like these for me lol. Such a great find!! Obsessed with the Fanny pack and leash.” Marie W. | Boston, MA

INCREDIBLE QUALITY “Much better quality than I expected for the price. Love how well-designed this is. Tbh I think it might become my regular purse/bag. It’s that nice! Love how the leash attaches to it as well. Thanks” Amy C. | Spokane, WA

FAQs – Mountain Hound Bungee Leash reviews

Is the Mountain Hound Bungee Leash strong enough for a larger dog?

For sure, it works perfectly for all kinds of dogs as these leashes come in different sizes and have an adjustable fitting to it, it works for large dogs and dog owners can properly set up their pet properly without the risk of damage.

Is the Mountain Hound Bungee Leash necessary for every dog type?

Basically yes, since this Bungee Leash doesn’t just serve the purpose of hiking or strolling out with your dogs but can be used to hold it at a safe and particular position outside rather than always putting it in cage. This leash is equally meant for consumers who have dogs that like to pull or run as it is built to be strong and secure thus no fear of breakage while waking with it

Is there a Shipping cost?

The manufacturer gives a fee Shipping on orders Over $70+ Mountain Hound. Whether you buy the leash on its own or multiple Mountain Hound products, you can qualify for free shipping.

How much does Mountain Hound Bungee Leash cost?

The Mountain Hound Bungee Leash is priced at $24.99 per leash as part of 2023 promotion. The ordinary retail price is $38.45 per leash. You can save even more money by ordering multiple leashes.

  • 1 x Leash: $24.99
  • 2 x Leashes: $49.99
  • 3 x Leashes: $55.99
  • 4 x Leashes: $74.99

Mountain Hound Bungee Leash & Fanny Pack Bundle Conclusion 

Regular Bungee Leashes are mostly inextensible and therefore you can’t adjust them. The pull on the dog too strongly and make the dog owner uncomfortable too. Additionally, you can’t vouch for their durability.

As a lover of dogs I take mine along with me everywhere I go. Mountain Hound Bungee Leash has become my best because it’s made adjustable so that both you and the dog are comfortable. There’s also a seatbelt chip to ensure safety ride when you cruise with the dog. The multi-feature Mountain Hound Bungee Leash has earned it a rating of over 8.5 out of 10. Many customers are talking good about this product and you won’t regret buying it for your dog. Mountain Hound Bungee Leash Reviews

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