Melzu foot peel mask Reviews

Melzu foot peel mask Reviews 2023: Does This Foot Meel Mask Work?

Melzu foot peel mask Reviews: Does This Foot Meel Mask Work?

Growing up as a child I had always wondered why older people had their heels torn or shredded slightly – most especially during the dry windy time of the year. As an inquisitive child, seeing such got me irritated and was an eyesore. I remember an elderly woman who always had these calluses on her heels. She wasn’t comfortable in her skin because of how her legs were.

Do you know what that means to her as a woman and what it does to her esteem? Body shaming individuals might have had a field day talking down on her and mightily bruised her ego. Oh how I wish I was already grown then and armed with the information I have now – I would have helped that pretty old mama by telling her about Melzu foot peel masks.

She could not flaunt her beautiful straight legs because her feet had blotches and that impacted her esteem. I noticed then that after a while she began to cover her feet with stockings and wore shoes so often. This scenario was replete back then – and is still prevalent now because many people aren’t aware that – there is a solution to their tiger skinned feet. This isn’t isolated to old people alone – because I have seen young people most – especially men who carry these blemishes on their feet about but the stigma of this issue can’t be said to be much on them because most men prefer to wear shoes that cover their feet, unlike the womenfolk that love to flaunt those sexy eye-catching feet.

Now take a moment to think how people must have felt back then when there was no remedy for calluses and corn on the foot, terrible right? People could take care of their faces and parts of the body with good face and body creams but not their legs or feet because trusted remedies were readily available – and the remedies that existed then weren’t cheap or handy at the time. So this is why the advent of the Melzu foot mask peel product brought relief to people around the world.

To have a first-hand experience of what a leg that suffers from calluses or corn looks like take a trip to the mountainous side of the country – and see what the rocky earth does to the feet of people – most especially those indigents of the society.  This caused diseases of the legs with calluses and corn legs prevalent then. Even years later to this age and time there are arguably more people on earth suffering more corn and callus issues the world over than before because of population growth and expansion – and this is exacerbated because many don’t know about the already existing remedy which is Melzu foot mask peel and how it is used and also the chemical components that aid in the exfoliation process.  These and more I will be talking about in this Melzu foot mask peel review and you regret reading through because it will be worth your time. For us to proceed we will be discussing the malady of the foot which necessitated the invention of the Melzu foot mask peel. 

What is Melzu foot mask peel?

Melzu foot peel mask Reviews
Melzu foot peel mask Reviews

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Melzu foot mask peel is a special home use product that exfoliates the foot and removes the dead layers of the skin (calluses and corns) by sloughing away dead skin layers on the foot gently through the help of an effective alternative of the product. The product requires only one-hour treatment on the feet and its magical effect will manifest. It softens and tenderizes the hard layers of the skin – and starts peeling away the dead and unwanted parts of the skin. This product is a game changer because it helps restore confidence and that ability to show off your beautiful and sassy legs without having to feel inferior as a result of corns and calluses on the feet. That’s your sure bet to calluses on feet.

That elder woman I mentioned earlier that had calluses on her feet while I was growing years ago – who obviously wasn’t confident in her skin didn’t have this opportunity back then – because if she had the knowledge of Melzu mask foot peel, an hour treatment would have ended the esteem killer callus on her feet.

Now the remedy is here  Melzu foot mask peel is and it is my obligatory duty to disseminate this information of hope to people and explain how this product works. Someone reading this piece might be wondering if I have preached about the wonders of this product; Melzu foot mask peel to my elder friend from years back. Well I can’t get ahold of her anymore – and so putting this out there is my way of reaching out to her to help.

Hey mam, get on your computer and read up my review on Melzu foot mask peel, that’s my duty to the society – so those beautiful legs and feet can be flaunted without shame. So get the best of the product it has be used the right way as prescribed by the manufacturer.


How does Melzu foot mask peel work/process?

Melzu foot peel mask Reviews
Melzu foot peel mask Reviews

The product has chemical extracts which are the main ingredients –and are naturally gotten from roots and herbs and it is these extracts that do the job of peeling dead skins off the feet. The Melzu foot mask peel comes with boot-like socks that are deliberately made to be oversized in make – and it has a total of 17 chemicals that exfoliates the skin.


What does the Gel in Melzu mask foot peels do?

They break loose the tightened dead layers of skin on your feet by tenderizing the feet. By doing so, the loosened layers of skin would in time begin to peel off the part of the feet that still has blood vessels flowing through because when blood stops reaching a part of the skin as a result of pressure and friction that layer of the skin begins to die of causing corns and calluses. Also this happens as a result of dryness in the skin.

Now the gels reaction between the dead and rough patches of the skin causes that area of the skin to get tender – but the peeling and wearing off doesn’t start within the hour.  What happens is that – the melzu foot mask peel exfoliator permeates the skin within one hour and sticks – but the actual breaking down of the dead skins happens within 2 to 14 days. Some people who buy the product always want instant results – this is because they aren’t armed with the prerequisite information about the product. Also when the peeling starts some people will notice their feet looking like athlete’s feet – don’t fret because it is part of the process. The scales of the dead skins will start peeling and falling off. This process of peeling can last a week or so – and can’t be said to be the prettiest of processes but the end will give you the justification for money spent. You can use your fingers to remove the soft dead skin peels – but it should be noted that the dead layers of skin must be soft and peeled while at same time hanging before removing with the hand – and shouldn’t be forced to avoid injuring yourself and causing pain to the user.

The area of the feet where this exfoliation is most potent is under the sole, where the rough patches would gradually start peeling off – but on the toes that have hard lumps called corns the melzu foot mask peel softens it – loosening the strong dead skins and gradually peels it off.  The corns take more time than the calluses to wear off. 


How can I use Melzu foot peel mask and how easy is it?

To use Melzu foot peel mask is very easy and doesn’t require the services of a professional to administer. Follow these simple steps below:

  • Wash your feet and dry with a towel.
  • Open the melzu foot mask peel product container and bring out the mask – be gentle while doing this.
  • At this point wear the mask on both feet and make sure it covers the feet properly. Use paper stickers to stick the mask well at the ankle so it doesn’t flap. 
  • Then put on a pair of socks –to help the feet absorb the gel and for ease of moving around if you wish to.
  • Remove the mask after an hour.
  • Wash your feet with water or water and mild soap – you can also shower if you wish to.
  • Dry the feet gently with a towel.

Follow these simple steps above and get optimal effect from the Melzu foot mask peel.

What are the ingredients that make melzu foot mask peel active and powerful?

For such a product as Melzu foot mask peel to be this active and powerful some effective alternative ingredients that are not toxic to the body had to be used and still have it maintain their potency. These ingredients are active because they have effective alternative acids that undergo a chemical reaction with the dead patches on the feet. It is these acids that help to break the bond in the skin. 

The acids are Lactic acid and glycolic acid which are naturally found in the effective alternative active ingredients of the Melzu foot mask peel.

The ingredients used in making the exfoliating peel are Watercress, chamomile, camel grass, lemon and so on. It is advised that the use of Melzu foot mask peel shouldn’t be abused because the acid components of these effective alternative exfoliates can be harmful if abused. The product is safe and harmless generally but it is important to put a caveat here that abuse of substances and products is bad and shouldn’t be left in the reach of children.  


How safe is Melzu foot mask peel?

The product is safe and not harmful only when used by the right kind of people that are meant to use it. It’s not everyone qualifies to use this product because of the sensitivity of the skin when some people are in a certain health related state. Pregnant women and lactating mothers are not advised to use this product because of the hormonal imbalance consistent with these groups of people and how sensitive their skin can be.  You don’t want to see a pregnant mother have to experience skin irritation in addition to the discomfort she is already in as a result of the pregnancy.

Also diabetic patients are not meant to use the Melzu foot mask peel because diabetic patients often encounter skin related irritations –and the sensitivity of their skin most especially when the sugar level of the blood is in an alarming state.  Medical professionals took time to research this product in respect to this group of people that have these allergies and it is best advised to know your health state before using. To be on the safer side it is not out of place if you confer with your health care provider – get expert advice on how safe it is for you. 

If you have sores on your foot it is best you don’t use Melzu foot peel mask until it heals properly. A sore is an open area of the skin and so doesn’t need further aggravation. Many sores on the legs of people many times are diabetic sores and this is why diabetics are advised not to use this product. Some sores might just lacerations that looks simple on the surface –but as a diabetic patient you don’t assume and take things to chance to avoid unpleasant circumstances.

What are corns and calluses?

You must have heard about corns and calluses and have been wondering what it is all about right? 

Calluses and corns are thick and hard areas of the skin, sometimes soft too often found on the feet and are majorly painful – but sometimes painless and harmless caused by constant friction to that area of the skin. They are the dead layers of the skin that cause irritation and some discomfort to the individual having it.  Calluses are rough and sometimes large patches with different colorations on the skin.

Corns are the lumps that develop on the skin most especially on the knuckles and toes.


Where can you see corns and calluses on the body?

The discomforting corns and calluses are mainly seen on the hands, knuckles, feet, and toes and can be effectively treated with Melzu foot mask peel. Which is readily available on the manufacturer’s website for order.

What are the causes of calluses?

Calluses and corns are formed in the body parts as a result of certain things which are consequent on the pressure exerted on the part of the body due to friction which can be said to be excessive. Examples of this are:

Wearing shoes without stockings.

Lifting of heavy equipment – this is mostly on the hand.

Wearing of shoes that are of the wrong size causing discomfort, wearing of high heeled shoes, or uncomfortable foot gears.

To get rid of corns and calluses 

The best way to get rid of corns and calluses is to use Melzu foot peel mask, but in the absence of Melzu mask foot peel certain measures can be taken to avoid corns and calluses. 

  • Do not go about barefooted.
  • Do not wear high heels or pointed shoes for long – if you can avoid them do.
  • Do not walk long distances unnecessarily – and do not stand for long.
  • Avoid using objects to cut off corns and calluses – it is dangerous.
  • Learn to wear socks that are good for cushioning the feet thick ones preferably.
  • Moisturize your hands and feet to avoid dryness and friction.

Soft insoles and heel pads are recommended too.

Now from the above illustrations, we have been able to set the tone for the main crux of this essay which is the review of Melzu foot mask peel. To paint a clear picture of this product I will in a detailed way explain what the product is all about, the chemical composition, the exfoliation attributes of the product, how to use it, and where to get the Melzu foot mask peel.


Melzu foot mask peel Customers hilarious experience Review 

You know women are beautiful creatures and most often would want to look good and elegant all the time. So I have a female friend named Blessing –and she happened to be around when I was talking about the efficacy of the Melzu foot mask peel – you need to have seen how her eyes got lit up. She got so excited because she trusts my judgment when it comes to product reviews because I always do due diligence and test these products before putting out a review.

So she wasted no time –and ordered the product online – it didn’t take long until her Melzu foot mask peel was delivered, all excited she called me and I advised her to take the necessary precautions and steps written on the product before usage. She is witty and smart – so I didn’t bother babysitting her.

She washed her feet and dried them with a towel, then opened the product from its package. In excitement she slid them in on her feet (melzu foot mask peel socks), she was in her room when she did this and had to paste a paper sticker to hold the masks at the ankle. Then she wore her socks and began pressing her phone for about ten minutes.

The alarmed tossed –and immediately she remembered that she had a soap opera she had to catch up with at that hour – blessing did let out a yell because she almost forgot, by the way she is a movie freak and a foodie. Confidently she stood up to make her way to the sitting room and nearly slipped. She had to steady herself and thought for a while if she was ok. She made to move again and her feet felt slippery.

At that point she realized that she was going to laboriously walk to the sitting room. She had to slump back on the bed because it was of no use. Her siblings were in the sitting room watching the program and making noise – she called me and was yelling, “Always read the product labels before use” I retorted while laughing away. I was actually waiting for that outburst. 

So if you are going to use the Melzu foot mask peel –make sure that –the next 60 minutes is for staying put but if you can’t learn how to moonwalk – I mean walking like Neil Armstrong on the moon. You are going to become an astronaut on a moonwalk expedition. Blessing couldn’t do that walk but you might. The gel in the product that breaks down the dead parts of the feet is what makes the walking – unstable and a bit difficult. Also don’t expect an instant result of peeling within the hour like Blessing be patient – you might just start bathing and bang the magic happens.


Melzu Foot Peel Mask Prices

The prices of this product differ because of the number of socks in each package but I believe the qualities are still the same but the quantity differs.


4x foot peel masks

(16 socks) 


3x foot peel masks

 (12 socks)



2x foot peel masks

(8 socks)



1x foot peel masks

(4 socks)



Commonly asked questions ( melzu Review)

Will the Melzu Foot Mask work right away?

Ans: This amazing mask is worn for about 60 minutes, and full results are seen in as little as 6 to 10 days.

Will I need to use a file or pumice stone to smooth my feet?

Ans: No! The blend in the Melzu Foot Masks works efficiently to remove dead skin cells. No scrubbing or filing is needed.

I have a big event coming up; when should I use the Melzu Foot Mask?

Ans: Plan to use the Melzu Foot Mask 10 days before your event to ensure your feet are at their smoothest and prettiest.

Is Melzu reliable? Anything I should worry about?

Ans: There’s nothing to worry about! However, if you feel you have very sensitive skin, first apply the gel on a small area and wait for 24 hours. If your skin OKs the procedure, go ahead and mask your whole feet!

How do I know if the Melzu Masks have worked?

Ans: Sheets of dead skin will begin to fall from your feet within 6-10 days. Once the unnecessary dead skin is eliminated, you will behold your soft, fresh skin. You’re going to love it!

Are foot peel masks safe?

Ans: Melzu Foot Mask was made with your skin in mind. But we recommend you ask your doctor’s opinion before you use Melzu Foot Mask if you’re a nursing mother. Do not use Melzu Foot Mask if you have an open wound!

How often should I use Melzu Foot Mask?

Ans: Once a month is recommended if you’re very active or if your work requires you to stand for long hours. After the first use, you can wait 4-8 weeks till you use Melzu again.


Finally verdict: ( melzu Review) 

Melzu foot peel mask Reviews
Melzu foot peel mask Reviews

Melzu Foot Mask returns your feet to its former glory by removing the layers of unnecessary sheets of dead skin cells that are actually dangerous to your feet!

The mask contains a special gel that weakens the dead sheets of skin so that you can easily remove them! How does it work? When you put on the mask, the gel softens the dead cells till your epidermis… it attacks all the dead cells on your foot that cover your pristine skin underneath.

Next it breaks down the dead skin cells and causes them to fall off.

That’s why the dead skin starts peeling in a couple of days. When the peeling begins, you’ll be able to remove sheets of dead skin cells!

Many Melzu customers (including myself) found the process grossesse! But oddly satisfying as you behold your brand new foot!



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