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LiveGuard 360 Alarm Camera Reviews: Is LiveGuard360 security camera Any Good?

LiveGuard 360 Alarm Camera Reviews: Is LiveGuard360 security camera Any Good?

It is one thing for one to lose a valuable item, then it’s more of a sad thing if the above item lost cannot be traced on where and how it got misplaced or stolen. This Live Guard 360 Alarm Camera review has been rated 4.8 out of 5 stars after it has been tested by expert reviewers who confirmed that this Live Guard 360 Alarm Camera is the best security surveillance you can have in your home. Read on to know why!

Security happens to be one of the most important things a person should lack as human and as part of a society. Since it ensures the protection of our lives, properties and finances. Now imagine what happens to an environment without security, all these listed above fail. 

Just like in a case of a burglary where thieves do away with all your valuables and you are almost ripped off all your life worth which could be in millions! That’s almost a complete trigger for one to commit suicide as you have no hints or footages to capture these burglars.

No restrictions and not yet a suitable solution to curb the security issue has caused an ever increasing rise in crime rate in the society which becomes a matter of concern to us now as we can’t lose all our properties and lives even to this cause. This alarming situation has called for us to protect our surroundings and family by the use of security cameras in our homes and everywhere else for easy crime detection. These security cameras are capable of remote directional and zoom control making it the best for apt monitoring and surveillance.

However, there are so many of these security cameras in the market today all fighting the same cause of curbing the high crime rate in the society. Most of the old security cameras come down with some limitations as new ones are invented although, most of the PTZ security cameras in the market now are very good and there’s a competition of which one is better off.  Anyways, we have one which is causing a lot of buzz everywhere today especially in the U.K and it’s considered one of the best surveillance cameras designed by the U.S/ China. The Lifeguard 360 Alarm Camera Security bulb.

Introducing Live Guard 360 Alarm Camera

Knowing that there’s a security camera in your home alone scares most burglars from coming close to your home. Although we are urge to be careful and always security conscious, you might not be so careful and mindful of making sure you have all your doors and windows closed when you are out or at night to avoid easy routes for these burglars in making their way into your home.

The good thing is that with LiveGuard 360 Alarm Camera, you can be able monitor every nook and cranny of your home and environment. This review is still going to buttress in detail how this camera works but just to note that it functions together with your smartphone. You have the app downloaded and connected to the internet. The high end features of this security camera gives it a huge edge above its counterparts especially its 360⁰ panoramic view which captures the surroundings in full view at any angle depending on where this camera is focused on.

Overviews of LiveGuard 360 Alarm Camera

LiveGuard 360 Alarm Camera Reviews.jpeg
LiveGuard 360 Alarm Camera Reviews

The LiveGuard 360 Alarm Camera is basically a video surveillance camera designed and powered by a light bulb to monitor your environment always in case of any irregularity. It serves a 2-in-1 function as it also serves as a source of light (LED light) and the camera function working both inside and outside of your home.

It works with a smartphone with a steady internet connection so you are able to view what’s going on in your home when you are not around with this LiveGuard app on your smartphone device.

The buzz over this gadget arises from its technicalities and high-end features. It works 24 hours giving you the full coverage you desire to supervise your environment. At night, it serves as a light source to the exterior surroundings even when there’s no light thus being able to still capture in detail whatever in the dark. With LiveGuard 360, you have full control over your home as you would be able to monitor both your children, nooks and crannies of your surroundings, and even your business just in case you have always been cheated on for long.

LiveGuard 360 Alarm Camera being a panoramic camera give it some certain edge over other cameras as it has a remote function that makes it possible for you to expand clearly or twist around to see what’s happening if you are not getting a wide coverage while on livestream on your phone app. It’s a simple installation process and as such you would have to destroy anything just to set this device up. 

LiveGuard Camera is being purchased online from the official website in case you would love to have one. I mean, you should obviously. Amongst other surveillance cameras in the market that are quite good, LiveGuard is still very much affordable and you still stand the chance of saving a lot of money by purchasing the packages of the tech gadget.

Oftentimes, people are scared of trying out this device as there are scammers everywhere nowadays but not to worry, it comes from a legitimate background and as far as you are getting it directly from the manufacturer’s official website.

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What are the special features of the LiveGuard Camera?

2-way audio ability:

 This helps you to communicate and inform anyone in your home when you see or suspect an intruder around your house.

Night vision through infrared technology:

With LiveGuard 360, you are able to still catch criminals when they try to break into your homes at night through the LED & infrared technology!


You can uninstall the camera and take it to another location for safety or proper monitoring through the app. It is super easy to take with you as it’s lightweight. Anywhere you go, be safe!

HD quality coverage:

 Always capture even the tiniest of details with the LiveGuard Camera.

Panoramic view:

You are able to adjust the camera properly and check out any angle through its 360⁰ rotation feature.

Motion sensor detection:

You are alerted as soon as an intruder or a thief wants to break in as it senses movement and noise in real-time!

How does LiveGuard 360 Alarm Camera work?

The LiveGuard Camera functions by giving you a full HD picture or video coverage of the environment or site at which the camera is being mounted. Compared to other forms of surveillance cameras, you can be able to stream live events happening around you at any particular point in time as long as you have your LiveGuard app feature connected on your smartphone. This enables you to arrest a situation quickly when you find any irregularity of any sort since you have the video evidence with you.

One natural thing that this alarm camera also does is that it indirectly puts fear in the mind of people if they notice that there is a surveillance system around them. Fear, in the sense that they realize that the particular region where they are being a “no-go area” as whatever act that occurs is being recorded. So the device mounts fear on criminals.

In contrast, most of the cameras tend to hide the fact that they have a security system in them and when people look at them they think it is just one of those bulb light. This adherently captures some novice criminals.

How to Use LiveGuard 360 Alarm Camera?

The Camera is a very easy one to use. Just after you have received the product. It’s installation mustn’t require the aid of an electrician or one being tech-savvy to mount.

You screw up one of your lamp holders/sockets at the point where you want it to be mounted and insert it therein.

There’s a user manual comes with the package that would help you complete the installation process like downloading the LiveGuard360 App on your smartphones, and you get to start viewing the images caught by the camera in real-time and can be used to converse between those in the home from where the owner of the LiveGuard360 is currently with no additional cost.  The LiveGuard360 App works with both the iOS and Android devices.

LiveGuard 360 Alarm Camera Vs Other Security Cameras

There are a wide variety of options one could opt from when hunting for a good surveillance camera in their homes. But some of them might have come down with some limitations or have a complicated function while some could be quite costly. 

LiveGuard Camera is a smart gadget which works completely independently and is 100% cable free. You are sure that your kids, pets, and properties are safe even when you are very far away from home! 

Unfortunately for the intruder, the individual doesn’t realize that there’s a high surveillance camera in your home and this makes the camera more ideal as far as you have your footage to present to the FBI when in search to capture the person.

Being a Panoramic camera, it is able to capture the tiniest of details, any single move made within the environment once it’s placed at a very strategic site. Do you know what’s more interesting? It comes with a micro SD card that stores the footage when you are not on livestream.

Not all cameras are able to give a 360-degree view of what’s happening from wherever the camera is being mounted. It also rotates 90 degrees all in a bid to give you both the front and back view of whatever is going on within your home. Take charge of your environment with this reliable and affordable device, the LiveGuard 360 Camera. Just click the link below to make a purchase now.

The LiveGuard app feature

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LiveGuard 360 Alarm Camera Reviews

In some circumstances or occasions, you would want to stream what’s going on live to be able to take the necessary measures at that given point. This is why you need to install this app in your smartphone which is being connected to your camera. This app is compatible with any device, your computers and both iOS and Android devices.

Simply download the device from Google or Apple store and after installation, refer back to the user’s manual in the package box to complete the remaining steps of connection to the camera to enjoy premium live streaming and supervise your home while you are not around.

LiveGuard Camera Benefits (LiveGuard Camera reviews)

  1. Crime detection and management:

This is one of the core benefits of mounting cameras in our homes. If everywhere were to be safe and our properties secured, there might not be a need to design surveillance systems in our homes.

LiveGuard Camera helps you to capture every single thing that happens in a video or picture format giving you a real-life account of what’s going on when you are or not around your home. It exposes the invader out rightly since he might not notice that he’s under a surveillance system or even though he or she does, they escape and avoid committing the crime in mind. However, it still gives you concrete evidence to present during a court case or report to the detectives.

2) Live Streamingp feature:

Compared to other cameras, not all can livestream. Once you are Wi-Fi connected to this camera, you get real-time streaming of whatever is going on where you are in a high HD quality surveillance. This is what makes it the best for crime management and it’s always up and working 24/7 only that you need to be connected always to livestream.

3) Protects your home from criminals and intruders:

Once you have installed the camera in your home, you may be able to see everything happening around you and you may be able to protect yourself. This is one of the major motives of security cameras, to be able to protect your house.

4) User-friendly and simple to install:

As earlier stated under “how to use the LiveGuard Camera”. You don’t need to be a tech man to install a camera in your home.  Just by following the manual, it’s a very simple process just as if you were fixing a bulb to its socket.


Advantages of using the LiveGuard Camera (LiveGuard Camera reviews)

– Wi-Fi Live Streaming app with a full HD recording

– Ability to stream clear videos at night through its infrared technology

– It’s Panoramic 360-degree rotation capability to get a close view of your environment at all angles.

– Installation on a normal bulb socket type – the E27 universal fit.

– Very affordable and durable.

– Works efficiently to produce quality images and videos.

– It is portable.

– It has a 2-way audio ability.

– You are 100% secured and safe.

Disadvantages of the LiveGuard Camera

– This device can only be purchased online from the official website.

– Limited in stock due to high demand.

Where can I buy the LiveGuard Camera from?

Purchase of the LiveGuard360 security camera from its official website. The camera is currently selling off fast at a whopping 50% discount. So, rush and get yours now!

How much is the LiveGuard Camera?

You can get the LiveGuard360 Alarm camera from the products official website at the following prices;

1 LiveGuard360 = $59.00 + Free Delivery.

2 LiveGuard360 @ $45.00 each = $90.00 + Free Delivery.

Special packages include;

Buy 2 LiveGuard360, Get 1 Free @ $36.00 each = + Free Delivery

Buy 3 LiveGuard360 + Get Two Free for $30 each + Free Delivery

4 LiveGuard360 for $32.00 each + Free Delivery

FAQs (LiveGuard Camera reviews)

Is the LiveGuard Camera worth my money?

A: LiveGuard Camera is almost unarguably the best indoor and outdoor camera you can have in your room. Besides, you really don’t want to imagine what it looks like to stay without having any security system around you. You would most likely be living in constant fear. So, yes this device is worth every penny you put together to purchase it.

How Safe is the LiveGuard 360 Camera?

A: The camera is safe itself. It has a way of scaring intruders away from your environment if they get to notice that there’s a surveillance system around your home. Through its motion sensors and infrared technology too, you are surely secured at night times.

Does the Camera support an SD card?

A: Yes, you can use an SD card with LiveGuard 360. It supports even up to 64GB for monitoring and recording. You can buy the card individually when you check out.

Final words (LiveGuard Camera reviews)

This LiveGuard 360 Alarm camera review has exposed everything you need to know about this camera. No other security camera comes close in function and security that this one here offers.

It’s 100% affordable, reliable, user-friendly with an easy installation process. And with its live streaming feature, you are surely secured 24/7 as you have a hold of whatever is going on around your environment even when you are out of home. What else are you waiting for if not to rush and get yours now that it’s on a discount!

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