Special Benefits and Key Features of Ionic Spa Shower

Ion Shower Spa Review 2022:  Shocking facts you never knew about shower heads

Ion Shower Spa Review 2022– When you use the bathroom, your expectation is to have the cleanest body ever.  You want to wash off all the dirt and be as clean as a whistle. Sometimes, however, this is impossible to achieve. You may have a sparkling bathroom and possibly the most expensive soap too but you just can’t get that feeling of neatness. 

The culprit in this case is likely your water source. Yes, you heard me right. If you’re lucky, your water purification system will remove most of the dirt. But the question is, how efficient is this? 

Unless you have an advanced-technology water filtration system, you’re necessarily going to have more than just water for your shower. You’ll have impurities too.

Luckily, there’s a solution. Today, I bring you Ion Shower Spa, a modern showerhead that can get rid of all the impurities in your water and give you the best shower experience.

Lots of 5-star reviews support Ion Shower Spa’s mission to make your water purer and safer. When I decided to review this product, I was shocked at what I found out. 

If you’ve been looking for honest reviews on the Ion Shower Spa, your search is finally over because this article contains all you need. You can do only one thing: follow me closely as I delve into the features of Ion Shower Spa, its construction, working mechanism, benefits, and pros and cons, and a host of other things about this product. 

Let’s get started.

Introducing the top-performing shower head – Ion Shower Spa

What is IOnic Spa
Ion Shower Spa Review 2022

Leaving the bathroom feeling sticky isn’t what anybody wants. And if your water contains a lot of minerals, you could have skin problems too. In a bid to provide the safest and purest water supply to people, an idea was born which today has materialized into the Ion Shower Spa. 

Ion Shower Spa is an advanced shower head that purifies your water, making it safe to use for bathing. It is a multifunction shower head that can remove the acidity and impurities from your water and also soften hard water.  

If you use water full of impurities, you’ll never get the satisfaction you desire. Worse still, you’re susceptible to skin problems. Dandruff, skin irritation, hair loss, and damaged scalp are some of the skin problems that could result if you don’t do anything about your water supply. 

Ion Shower Spa is here to change the narrative. This shower head gives you a healthier skin by filtering out toxic substances in water. You’ll be as clean as a whistle after using this product and you’ll never complain of itching of the skin again.

Ion Shower Spa is built with bioactive materials that use Eco-pure water filtration facility and negative ion technology to filter your water and remove unwanted materials. The water flowing out from this shower head will be purer, less acidic, and softer.

Despite its advanced functionality and sophisticated design, the Ion Shower Spa is affordable. You can install this product to your bathroom without breaking a bank.

After testing the Ion Shower Spa and comparing it with other similar products, I found a big difference. The water pressure Ion Shower Spa delivers is remarkable. Its water filtration property does not in any way compromise the water pressure. In fact, Ion Shower Spa has, by 35%, higher water pressure than most competitors. Several reviews support this claim.

Ion Shower Spa is so customizable to meet the needs of every user. The shower head operates in three modes that deliver different water however the user wants it. You don’t have to change your bathing habit. You only have to adjust the water pressure level of Ion Shower Spa.

Ion Shower Spa has a sleek design that’ll make your bathroom stand out. It is easy to install, has anti-rust properties, and features a 15-stage shower filter that purifies your water and gives you a healthy skin.

Ion Shower Spa – Product Details

  • Product name: Ion Shower Spa
  • Number of Spray holes: 288
  • Water pressure increased by 200%
  • Saves water by 30%
  • Removes 99% harmful substances from water
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 4.9 rating on a scale of 1.0-5.0

Construction/Design of ion shower spa

Special Benefits and Key Features of Ionic Spa Shower
Ion Shower Spa Review

Ion Shower Spa is built with bioactive materials in the form of balls or bearings. The most important of these materials include calcium sulphite, activated carbon, alkaline ceramic balls, and a copper-zinc alloy (KDF 55). These materials have a high efficiency in filtering materials off impurities, leaving purified, high-quality water behind. 

The skeleton of the Ion Shower Spa is made with anti-rust (anti-oxidant) materials. It contains stainless steel and high-grade-quality polycarbonate materials.  The materials for construction of the Ion Shower Spa were pretested in the labs. They are certified allergen-free and known to cause no side reactions. 

Features of ion Shower Spa – Ion Shower Spa Review 2022

Ion Shower Spa comes with many features that make it outstanding. If you’re wondering why you should have the Ion Shower Spa in your bathroom, the manufacturer has designed this shower head with properties never found in a regular shower head. 

  1. Hassle-free installation

Getting started with the Ion Shower Spa is probably one of the easiest things you’ll do in life. This product can be installed by anyone because the process is easy. You don’t need any expertise or the services of a technician to install Ion Shower Spa. Moreover, a user guide that walks you through comes with the package.

  1. 3-mode operation 

A customizable shower head with easily adjustable water supply would be the Ion Shower Spa. You can operate this product with any of 3 modes – Jetting, Rainfall, or Massage.

Choose the Jetting mode if you want high-pressure supply of water to a particular part of the body. You want to target a more localized body part and wash it as thoroughly as possible? The jetting mode will do that for you.

If you want a more diffuse supply as though you’re in the rain, adjust the settings to the rainfall mode. 

The massage mode is my favorite and works for many people as well. You can turn the Ion Shower Spa to massage mode and have a soothing relief to muscle aches especially after using the gym.

  1. High water pressure

Ion Shower Spa purifies water but doesn’t cause a drop in pressure. This product is designed with spray holes that support an amplified water pressure. When you compare Ion Shower Spa with its competitors, you can find a pressure difference up to 35% in favor of Ion Shower Spa. You get to save as much as 30% water as well because of this increased pressure.

  1. Can be removed and washed

What happens when the holes of the shower head get plugged/reduced by dirt? No, you don’t have to dispose of it. Ion shower Spa is removable and washable. You can simply loosen out the device, clean with a brush or sponge, and replace it to get pure water once again.

  1. Antirust property

The bathroom will always have water – that’s the essential part of it. Materials prone to rust will tarnish with time. To prevent this, Ion Shower Spa was built with special materials that have antirust properties. 

  1. Sleek design

Ion Shower Spa does not only purify water, its sleek design suits the background of any bathroom.  Installing this shower head does not in any way make your bathroom less attractive.

  1. 15-stage Shower filter

To remove as much toxic substances as possible, the Ion Shower Spa is built to selectively remove unwanted materials from water in several stages. By the time the water flows out of this shower head, it is almost as pure as distilled water.

How does Ion Shower Spa work?

Ion Shower Spa is designed to efficiently remove toxins from water and make it pure and safe for use. It works on the principle of Eco-pure water filtration functionality and negative ion technology.

Ion Shower Spa’s core components are the bioactive materials which are designed into three sets of balls: Anion balls, mineral balls, and energy balls.

Anion balls – These split materials in water to smaller bits. 

Mineral balls – The mineral balls remove residual chloride ions, impurities, harmful metals, and bacteria in water.

Energy balls – These balls increase the pH of water by removing acidity, thus promoting healthier skin.

How do I install the Ion Shower Spa?

Installing the Ion Shower Spa is like a walk in the park. You don’t have to pay for the services of a technician because you don’t need one. To install this shower head, take the following steps:

Step one: Unbox the package

Step two: Place the hose gland on the hose connector. This is to prevent water leakage.

Step three: Screw the shower and hose to tighten them

Step four: Now you have the shower head installed on the base of the normal water and ready for use!

Are there any benefits of using the Ion Shower Spa?

Getting the Ion Shower Spa could change your shower experience in an amazingly great way. You stand to enjoy the following benefits with this shower head.

  • Healthier skin 

Dandruffs, itchy skin, hair loss, dryness of face and scalp are some of the harmful effects of impure and hard water on your skin. If you have any of these or you want to prevent them from happening, it’s time you considered the Ion Shower Spa. Ion Shower Spa removes impurities from water and makes your skin healthier.  

  • Saves you cost 

Because of the advanced-technology construction of the Ion Shower Spa and the customizable modes, you have just the right amount of pressure delivered to you. You will not waste water anymore. In other words, Ion Shower Spa will save you cost of buying or constantly pumping water.

  • Softens hard water

Water hardness is due to minerals (particularly calcium and magnesium) in water. Depending on your water source, you may never be free from these chemicals unless you use a modern filtration system. Now you’re in luck because Ion Shower Spa provides you with that. It softens hard water, making it suitable for bathing and washing purposes.

  • Affordable product

As a multifunction shower head with lots of incredible features, it is common to expect Ion Shower Spa to be of the high-end.  This is not the case, actually. Ion shower Spa comes as a high-performing yet affordable product anyone can purchase.

Ion Shower Spa Review 2022- Pros of Ion Shower Spa

  • Removes toxic substances in the shower water
  • Makes hard water soft
  • It is easy to use
  • Increased water pressure by 35%
  • Removable and washable
  • Saves water by 30% 
  • Customizable shower head
  • 3 operation modes – Jetting, Raining, and Massaging

Cons of Ion Shower Spa

  • Can only be purchased from the official website
  • Limited supply

Where do I buy Ion Shower Spa?

Head over to the official website if you want to buy this shower head. In the official website, there are several options for payment. You can pay via MasterCard or Visa, or via other methods. 

What is the Pricing of ion shower spa?

  • 3 x Ion Spa Shower + 2 FREE – $198.2


  • 2 x Ion Spa Shower + 1 FREE – $137.84
  • 1 x Ion Spa Shower – $79.48

Contact Details

Website: https://www.ionshowerspa.com

By Email: support@ionshowerspa.com

By Phone: +1-844-233-4348

Frequently Asked Questions About ion shower SPA

Is it necessary to buy this shower filter?

Yes.  The Ion Shower Spa removes toxic substances that made their way into water.

What is the Return Policy for this product?

You can return the Ion Shower Spa within 30 days of purchase

How does Ion Shower Spa soften my shower water?

Ion Shower Spa uses resin beads through a process called “Ion Exchange” to replace minerals that cause hardness with safer ones that don’t make water hard.


Conclusion on Ion Shower Spa

Ion Shower Spa Review 2022.jpeg
Ion Shower Spa Reviews

Shower water comes with several materials that make it impure and/or hard. Both impure and hard water reduce the efficiency of washing and can damage our skin, cause skin problems like itchy skin, dry scalp and so on.

The Ion Shower Spa is a product that uses advanced-technology system to filter out from water impurities, toxic substances, acids, and minerals that make water hard. 

Users of this product have given feedback on improved skin health and better shower experience. This product is rated high and recommended for anyone who wants safer and purer water and a healthier skin. 

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